August 22, 2007

The Red Wine Diet

red-wine-diet.jpgWe've often heard about the health benefits of wine, with studies appearing in dribs and drabs about how the stuff helps keep everything from your heart to your brain healthy. But we've never been quite sure exactly how wine helps so much, and that's where the new book The Red Wine Dietcomes in. Sounds like an interesting read, with suggestions for which types of wine have the biggest benefits, recommendations for other foods that will accentuate the wine's good properties, and recipes to try out as well.

In a landmark study, Roger Corder revealed that compounds called procyanidins are the key components of wine for preventing illness. Now, in The Red Wine Diet, he argues that drinking the right kinds of red wine and eating procyanidin-rich foods such as dark chocolate, apples, and berries can help us live to a ripe old age-while enjoying all the pleasures of life.
You had us at "drink more wine."

The Red Wine Dietat Amazon

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August 16, 2007

Wine Clip: Fantastic or Fabulous Fiction?


Our sister site Cheap Fun Wines just put up an interesting post about a gizmo called the Wine Clip. Here's what they had to say: "(it's) a clip you put on the neck of your wine bottle, and the creators claim it uses the power of magnetism to break up the tannins into smaller tannins or something like that, and give you a smoother taste."

Our experience ends with the BeerClip, but does anybody out there have experience with this? Sounds like those copper bracelets people wear to stop arthritis or something...does it really work? We also wonder what would happen if you put it on the neck of some bottom shelf bottle of bourbon or something...

The Wine Clip [via Cheap Fun Wines]

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January 26, 2007

Bodum Double Wall Sake Glasses

bodum-sake.jpgThis is probably a post we should send over to our compatriots at Cheap Fun Wines, but we like Bodum glasses a lot and hey - we found it. Let 'em link to us. We saw these double walled Bodum sake glasses over at Josh Spear's site and we instantly developed a little crush. Whether you drink your sake hot or cold, the double wall will help keep it at the temperature you like, and they just look damned cool.

We found them over in a set of six at Amazonfor about $25; Josh found they're also available at Kitchen Universe for a couple bucks cheaper.

Amazon - Bodum Double Wall Sake Glasses Set of 6[via Josh Spear]

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November 13, 2006

Screwpull Lever Action Corkscrew

Screwpull Lever Action CorkscrewIf you had asked us 24 hours ago, we would have told you there's no reason to get a fancy schmancy corkscrew. We would have told you our four dollar plastic one works just fine. If you'd pressed us we would have asked you if an expensive lever-action screwpull would open a bottle quicker or otherwise enhance our drinking experience. Of course, that's before we tried out the LE CREUSET Lever Action Corkscrew (Amazon). Find out more after the jump.

ArrowContinue reading: "Screwpull Lever Action Corkscrew"

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October 19, 2006

Jay-Z Likes the Gold Bottle With the Ace of Spades

Jay-Z With ChampagneIt's no secret that Jay-Z has is boycotting Cristal champagne due to some unflattering comments the managing director of Cristal's parent company about the relationship between hip hop and his champagne. What you might not know is that Jay-Z isn't just sitting around with an empty glass - he's moved on to greener pastures.

Enter Armand de Brignac, a champagne in a chi-chi gold bottle with a big old ace of spades on the bottle. Is he making a little dig at Cristal and the comments he found to be racist with the spade thing? Maybe not, but it's damned shrewd if he is. Plus, from what we've read the champagne is out of sight - probably something we'll never experience unless we become rap moguls. We'll let you know how that works out.

Armand de Brignac; via Awake in Naptown - Jay-Z Shows Off New Champagne in New Video. Thanks for the tip MJ. Also, you can check out the video for Show Me What You Got, Jay-Z's video where he debuts the new bottle, at Youtube, at least until it's taken down for copyright infringement.

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October 2, 2006

Nights in Black Velvet

Guinness 'N WineIf you ask us (and we know no one did), stout, and Guinness in particular, is the single greatest beer ever created. Sliding Guinness sales aside it's the perfect beverage, fine to drink alone or alongside any meal from Bangers and Mash to ham and eggs. While we usually drink our stouts straight, there's a long history of combining this black gold with other liquids, from Bass beer in a Black and Tan to a shot of Chambord in a Black Fog.

The redoubtable Wine X Magazine has opened our eyes to another Guinness concoction - the Black Velvet. A combination of stout and sparkling wine, the Black Velvet has a reputation of transcendence. Or, it has that reputation in the few places the bartender has heard of it anyway. A lot of bars around us in the Boston area serve them, but we've never sampled - we're going to make sure to fix that mistake after all the praise being lavished on the drink. Learn more about the Black Velvet, including tips for good stouts to try and choosing the wine to pair it with at Wine X; we've also found some other stout recipes at DrinksMixer.

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September 6, 2006

Cheap Fun Wines on Fortified Wine

I'm Drunk! On Wine!We've been waiting for weeks, and those winos over at Cheap Fun Wines have finally stepped up to the mic and spit out something we want to hear. They've put up a story profiling five notorious fortified wines, including Cisco, Mad Dog and Thunderbird, and we think they're finally living up to their potential. Hopefully we'll see more stories like this from them in the future.

Some fortified wines can be classy - that would be your ports, your sherries, etc. But those aren't the ones we're talking about here today.

We're talking about the fetid liquids you think of when you think of winos - Cisco, Mad Dog 20/20, Night Train, Thunderbird, and Wild Irish Rose. We've had every single one of these wines, though not since college (or high school), but each has its own special kind of magic. Read on for pics of the bottles and full descriptions thanks to, along with notes about our own experiences with them, and feel free to chime in with your own.

via Cheap Fun Wines

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August 2, 2006

What Do You Remember About Sly Fox Wine?

Two Bottles, Please!We got an email from a gentleman named Terry who is looking for a for details for a brand of wine called "Sly Fox." We've got our compatriots over at Cheap Fun Wines doing some research, and we've been doing some digging of our own, but we thought we'd ask you, oh handsome and brilliant reader, if you know anything about it. Here's an excerpt from Terry's email:

I am looking for a product of growing up in the 60's and what a time/era it was. Back then we could get a wine called "Sly Fox" that was absolutely great!

In trying to relive the less harmful times of the 60's I started looking for it but I feel the company who made it is out of business. I have had a few Internet hits on it but it was mainly people who remember it like me but alas no product to find.

Do you know of Sly Fox and if it is available? If not do you know of a similar substitute? I guess it fell into a category of the Boons Farm,Thunderbird, Richardson "fortified wines".

We've found a site that calls it nasty stuff in a green glass bottle, a reference on another site called Bum wines, and even a poem that refers to it, but we can't find any particulars. If any of our loyal readers (or maybe your parents) know anything about Sly Fox wine and possible substitutes, please add a comment below or email us at news at

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July 28, 2006

Liquor Snob Interns Jump Ship, Become Winos

Spilled WineIf you're paying attention you might have noticed some changes going on over at our sister site, CheapFunWines. Turns out a couple of our Interns have gone rogue and decided they'd rather do wine reviews of their own than stay under the lash...we mean tutelage...of our esteemed Editor in Chief. We imagine they'll do well because we taught them everything they know, so all we can do is say goood bye and good riddance...we mean good luck.

All kidding aside, these kids know quite a bit about wine, especially finding good cheap stuff. Here's a note from their "Under New Management" post:

We plan to let you know about great wines you might not have heard of for under $20, give you some tasting notes and most of all let you know whether you're getting a good value for your hard-earned bucks. We'd love it if you'd drop us an email at news at, especially if you've got wine suggestions, know of good wineries to visit or even if you want to send us a bottle for review. You keep reading and we'll keep drinking wine. We thank you for your support.

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June 21, 2006

Wine Woot Brings You a New Wine Every Week

Abandon all mope, ye who drink winePerhaps you've heard of Woot, the online store that offers a different, often ridiculously cheap deal every day? We check it every once in a while, but we'll be hitting their servers with a little more regularity nowadays, since they've started a service that offers similar deals on wine at They're doing a wine per week instead of a deal per day, but who are we to complain about cheap hooch from the Infernets? This week's selection is a Chardonnay...can't wait to check 'em out next week.

Sidling up to regular Woot, which offers great bargains mainly on electronics and gadgets, Wine Woot focuses solely on fermented grape juice.

Taking it slower at 'one week, one wine', Wine Woot came about by popular demand. After offering a Rinfrescante wine for sale, regular Woot was deluged with requests for more wine offerings. Which didn't seem at all a bad idea. So Woot partnered up with Wine Country Connect, and a new sales channel for discounted wine was born.

As Woot explains, wine isn't all that different from electronic gadgets: "Gadgeteers and oenophiles alike have strong opinions, so we let them sound off in our community forums. And because winemakers make marketing predictions far in advance of product release – just like electronics manufacturers – wine inventory is equally subject to overstock, excess, and end-of-life opportunities." Makes sense! What's next?

via Springwise

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