December 2, 2008

Glogg Recipe, or "Let's Get Glogged"

snapsglogg.jpgLast weekend, we were introduced to Glogg (aka Gluvine, aka Gluwine, aka a heated cup o' heaven). When our hosts told us it was a Swedish mulled wine recipe we almost declined in favor of beer, because we've had some "mulled wine" in the past where it tasted like a cinnamon stick and a bottle of Mad Dog 20/20 had mated. We're glad we were feeling adventurous, though, because the Glogg we had was warm and fruity and had us full of holiday cheer in no time. Glogg is drank almost exclusively at Christmas in Sweden, and we can see why - if we had this stuff available all year 'round, we wouldn't get a thing done.

We don't have the exact recipe of the stuff we tried, but find the closest thing we could find online after the jump. If you're having a holiday party, it is a moral imperative that you make this for your guests. Because if you don't, they'll find out this stuff exists and that you didn't make it, and they'll never talk to you again.

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November 11, 2008

Keychain Corkscrew

keychain_corkscrew.jpgWe know it's not even Black Friday yet, but we're pretty sure we've already found the greatest stocking stuffer known to man. Do you know how many times we've had a bottle of wine and forgotten to bring a corkscrew? Many times. And whether you're on a picnic, in a motel room, or just about anywhere other than home, it can be a real pain in the ass to find one. We'll never have to push the cork into the bottle with a pen again, thanks to this little baby.

Key Ring Pocket Corkscrew Wine Bottle Opener

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October 30, 2008

Wal-Mart $3 Wine a Surprising Value

oak_leaf_wines.jpgWe're always on the lookout for the newest, best, cheapest wines that won't burn our nose hairs out or make us go blind. It probably comes from our days moonlighting over at Cheap Fun Wines, but our motto is "if it's under ten bucks we'll try it." But who'd have thought our next place to go find a good cheap wine was at...Wal-Mart? We thought they'd be way too busy censoring music and movies to have time to make wine, but we guess we were wrong, at least according to this article:

With more than two dozen comments about Wal-Mart's Oak Leaf Vineyards wines on The Dallas Morning News Eats blog, most of them positive, we knew we had to put them to the test. Could a $2.97 bottle of wine really taste better than swamp water? And would it "fool" experienced wine drinkers?

As it turns out, the wines are better than you might think. The chardonnay won a gold medal at both the 2008 San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition (chardonnays under $14.99) and the 2008 Florida State International Wine Competition. The Oak Leaf merlot and cabernet sauvignon earned bronze medals in the San Francisco contest.

If it's the same quality or better than good old Three Buck Chuck, we'd love to give it a try. Read the full article, including the results of the blind taste test, at Dallas News.

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August 6, 2008

Wine and Beer Glasses Made from Recycled Windshields

windshield-glasses.jpgThere seems to be some kind of attrition rule for beer and wine glasses in our house - we can never have more than a few of each. That's probably because the more people drink, the more likely they are to drop or knock over their glass. That's why we like the idea of these sturdy-looking beer and wine glasses made from recycled auto windshields. The bonus is they're thick and strong and made from safety glass; we just hope they washed all the bugs off 'em before they turned them into drinking vessels.

Uncommon Goods [via Uncrate]

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July 21, 2008

Wine in a Pop Top Can: Not Just for Hobos Anymore

wine_cans.jpgWe're all for booze-related innovations here at Liquor Snob, and we can see some real potential for drinking wine out of a can with a pop top. We could finally live our dream of shotgunning wine, and it would be much easier to sneak it into movie theaters - we won't tell you where we had to hide our corkscrew when we watched The Dark Knight this weekend.

The Wine Can [via DVice]

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April 10, 2008

Vacu Vin WineMaster Corkscrew

vacuvin_winemaster_corkscrew.jpgWe had to feature this product because we've never seen such a dire-looking corkscrew in our entire lives. It kind of reminds us of the Glaive from Krull meets the Road Warrior, in a way that would totally screw your corks, if you know what we mean. Who run Bartertown? Vacu Vin Winemaster Blaster run Bartertown!

Vacu Vin WineMaster Corkscrew

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April 7, 2008

Vinturi Wine Aerator

vinturi_wine_aerator.jpgWe don't cover a lot of wine accessories here, leaving that to our compatriots over at Cheap Fun Wines, but we saw this gadget and just had to write about it. You always hear people talking about letting wine breathe, to improve the flavor and open up the bouquet. But seriously, who has time for all that? That's why we like the Vinturi wine aerator, which is basically scuba gear for your wine. Just put it over the glass, pour the wine through, and it pumps the air right in. No muss, no fuss, no waiting. We likes.

Simply hold the aerator oven a glass or decanter and pour the wine through. The Vinturi draws in and mixes the proper amount of air for the right amount of time, allowing your wine to breathe instantly. You?ll notice a better bouquet, enhanced flavors and smoother finish. It?s that fast and simple. The Vinturi is made in the USA of FDA approved plastic and is dishwasher safe. It comes in a beautiful gift box and includes a stand and travel pouch.

Vinturi Wine Aerator

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March 26, 2008

Grape Eco-Friendly Wine Rack

grape_wine_rack.jpgWe're always on the prowl for cool new wine racks, considering our current wine storage method is buying it by the case and leaving it in the box it comes in. Definitely functional, but maybe not the most stylish way to present our bottles. We've found a cool-looking and eco-friendly wine rack in the form of The Grape. made of a very strongly, super-light material. There can be stored wine bottles, but also most champagne bottles will fit. There are many ways to pile up the Grape and can be made to a beautiful 'wall'. The Grape is packed in a nice carry trunk.
Greener Grass Design [via Intoxicated Zodiac]

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February 14, 2008

Happy V-Day, Suckers

Elit_Midnight_Millionaire.jpgValentine's Day is upon us once again, and once again, we're unprepared. Luckily, we've done a bit of research and we have the makings of a few great romantical cocktails around the house, so all we have to do is stop by the store and pick up some champagne. After all, what drink could have more romance in it than the bubbly?

For the great champagne cocktail recipes we found at, check out their last minute valentine cocktails and champagne & wine cocktails, and you're on your way to cuddly town. Or, if you really want to fast track things, figure out how to turn a Death in the Afternoon pink.

Absinthe plus Champagne equals Shazam!

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January 7, 2008

The 750ML Wine Glass - It Holds a Whole Bottle

full-bottle-wine-glass_18.jpgThere are times when you want to sit down and have a nice glass of wine, reseal the bottle, and get on with your day. There are other times, however, when you want to make your way through that entire bottle, and damn the consequences. For whenever you have that kind of day, we've found this wine glass that holds a full 750ML of wine so you don't have to keep getting up to refill, but you look slightly less like a drunk because you're not drinking directly out of the bottle.

We bought one of these as a Christmas present, and the lucky recipient loved it so much he ran out and got more to distribute to his friends. Behold the power of the whole bottle wine glass.

Jumbo Wine Glass

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