September 25, 2007

Corner Creek Bourbon Arrives for Review

We've been thinking lately it's been a while since we sunk our teeth into a bottle of bourbon, and lo and behold what should arrive on our doorstep? A bottle of Corner Creek, that's what. For those of you who, like us, hadn't previously heard of the stuff, it's an 8 year old reserve bottling that's bottled at 88 proof.

The funny thing is everyone who saw the bottle quickly thought it was wine, an easy mistake to make based on the slope-shouldered shape of the bottle. We pulled the cork and took a whiff and we can confirm it's definitely not vino, and we're really looking forward to tasting it.

Learn more at

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September 4, 2007

Raise Your Kentucky Spirits...on a Bike

If there are two things we love, they're drinking whiskey and riding bikes. Thinking about combining the two gets us giddy with anticipation...even if that combination involves a 90 mile ride through the Deep South.

If you're wondering what in tarnation we're talking about, see the details on the three-day bicycle tour of multiple Bourbon distilleries below...and don't forget to bring your helmet and padded britches.

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August 31, 2007

FECKiN Irish Whiskey

We can't think of a better name for a bottle of Irish Whiskey than Feckin. Ever since we stumbled across it on the Web, we can't stop saying "I could go for some Feckin' whiskey!" and the like. Makes us feel like we're in Ireland all over again.

It doesn't seem to be available here in the states, but next time you're on the Emerald Isle, make sure you ask for it by name.

at FECKiN Irish Whiskey

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July 5, 2007

Woodford Reserve Sonoma-Cutrer Finish Whiskey

You got your wine in my whiskey! You got your whiskey in my wine!Change is often a good thing, especially if it makes your whiskey taste better. We're not sure that saying will ever make it into common parlance, but we stand behind it. One of the latest changes that's supposed to do just that is Woodford Reserve's aging of its bourbon (which we really dig) in wine barrels. What won't they think of next? It's a limited edition release that will cost about three times the typical $30 price tag of WR, but we're intrigued enough to think it might be worth a try.

“We certainly believe this has a nice connection back to Woodford Reserve, and it would have interest to people who are involved in premium whiskeys,” said Wayne Rose, Woodford’s global brand director.

He added that it could stir wine drinkers to “think a little differently about bourbon.”

MSNBC [via Luxist]

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June 22, 2007

Bulleit Bourbon Review

We love bourbon, and although we’ve said it before, it’s worth another look (and taste).

First a bit of education and then we’ll get to the drinking since we are just as much about improvement for our minds as imbibement for our flesh.

Bourbon is the official spirit of the United States via Congress, as of 1964 when legislative types could be proud that they toss back some good ol’ frontier whisky. Bourbon is the most stringently dictated form of spirit out there. Although a common misconception is that all bourbon must come from Kentucky, actually bourbon can legally be made anywhere in America. However, it must be at least 51% corn and the rest of it wheat, rye or barley, plus it must be aged in new charred oak barrels. With all those restrictions you can see that bourbon is a very unique liquor.

So where does Bulleit Bourbon fit in to the Bourbon-osphere?

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June 12, 2007

On Japanese Whisky

We know little or nothing about Japanese whisky, but we've heard good things about Suntory and other brands. We've found a resource that claims Japan is the second biggest producer of single malt whisky in the world - who knew? What is this resource, you ask?

It's called Nonjatta and it's got a bunch of interesting info on single malts from the Land of the Rising Sun. Check 'em out - it looks like they were on hiatus for the last few years but have sprung back into activity over the past couple's hoping they keep it up.

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May 15, 2007

80 Strong Bourbon Review

80-strong-%20bourbon.jpgWe've always liked Bourbon for a lot of reasons, not the least of which is the fact that it doesn't have the hoity toity vibe people often attribute to things like Scotch. While there are some definite high end Bourbons that'll set you back a good chunk of your rent money, we've always liked the Good Ole Boy aspects of a quintessentially Southern drink.

80 Strong, the latest Bourbon we've gotten our paws on lives right up to that expectation, and it's got the hot-looking pinup girl on the label to prove it. Read on to find out if the flavor lives up to the packaging.

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March 15, 2007

Pre-St. Patrick's Day Irish Whiskey Tips

Most of our loyal readers know we're not the biggest St. Patrick's Day fans (it's a good thing our Irish family members don't read this site, eh?). It's nothing against the Saint Patrick, and his leading of the snakes out of Ireland and whatnot - well done, Pat. It's just that it turns out to be the biggest (or second biggest, if you count New Year's) amateur drinking night of the year. Not to be too Scroogey, but if we want to get overcharged for Guinness we'll just head into downtown Boston any night of the week.

But, just so you don't think we've forgotten about the holiday, we found an interesting roundup of what Irish Whiskey is all about, over at The Scotch Blog of all places. Kevin has some good things to say about the stuff, and drops some science on what Irish whiskey really means, below.

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December 20, 2006

Woodford Reserve Distillery Tour

Bourbon Barrels courtesy of About.comWe've always wanted to take a distillery tour - we've been to plenty of breweries and wineries, but there's something about seeing hard liquor distilled that seems like it would be one of those "check it off the life list" experiences. Alex over at the The Alex Blog just let us know he took a distillery tour, and on top of that it was the distillery of one of our favorite Bourbons, Woodford Reserve. We'll let him tell you about his experience, but let's just say we want to go and we want to go real bad.

In any case, walking around the facility you get the distinct impression that they value quality above quantity. Everything from the distillery, to the stone warehouse, to the “bottling line” (which is quite small, and only operated a couple of days per week), you get the impression of quality, and a more laid-back reflective life. Even if the reality of the south is different, as most of my friends work the same 50-70 hours a week that I do,– but suffice it to say that there’s at least the impression of a more quality life.
See the rest of the picture Alex paints at The Alex Blog

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December 6, 2006

Woodford Reserve Four Grain = Good Whiskey

woodfordfourgrain.jpgWe've been fans of Woodford Reserve Whiskey for a while now, and we got an email a little while back saying they won quite an award at WhiskyFest. Turns out their Four Grain variety has raked in the award for American Whiskey of the Year, which is no small feat. We haven't tried the Four Grain, but we have big love for their regular variety so we have to imagine that fourth grain is where it's at. Of course, for ninety bucks a bottle you kind of imagine it HAS to be good, eh?

A new twist on an old practice, Woodford Reserve Four Grain incorporates wheat into its mash bill. “Traditionally, Kentucky bourbon distillers rely on a three-grain mash bill with corn serving as the majority grain, malted barley necessary for natural starch-to-sugar conversion, and rye as the preferred grain for creating a spicy, fruity character,” Master Distiller Chris Morris said. “By adding a fourth grain – wheat – into our mash bill, we can also deliver a soft, nutty flavor influence.”
Learn more at Oh, and now might be a good time to start getting ready for WhiskyFest '07 - we know we are.

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