July 16, 2009

Win a Weekend in Vegas with Kid Rock

kid_rock_red_stag.pngOur more perceptive readers have probably gleaned by now that we're fans of Red Stag from Jim Beam. If you've been following the brand at all, you also probably know Red Stag is sponsoring Kid Rock for his latest tour. What you may not know is that there's currently a sweepstakes running where you can win a weekend in Vegas with the aforementioned Mr. Rock, or some other pretty sweet prizes.

We don't often cover sweepstakes (or "sweeps" as the kids may or may not call them) but this one tickled our fancy. A weekend in Vegas with Kid Rock? Sounds like the premise for The Hangover 2. Or maybe Joe Dirt 2. Either way...awesome. Here's the pitch:

Enter now for your chance to win a trip of a life time for you and three friends to Las Vegas to attend a private Kid Rock concert - plus other amazing prizes including signed display guitars, T-shirts and downloads.
Get the rest of the details below.

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July 2, 2009

I Survived the Drought of '09

empty_knob_creek.pngWe got a package in the mail yesterday that should have had booze in it. It said Knob Creek on the side, and that usually means we're going to be able to whet our whistles. But no. It contained a T-shirt that said "I Survived the Drought of '09" and a letter that started with "Thanks for nothing."

Yeah, exactly. Thanks for nothing to whichever one of you bastards who drank more than your share, because there's apparently no Knob Creek left for the year. Well, they're not exactly out, but they're expecting to run low this year because they didn't put enough whiskey aside for this year and demand has been higher than expected.

Some may think it's more marketing nudge than dire shortage, but we say if you're a big Knob Creek lover you may want to go lay some aside while the getting's good, just to be on the safe side.


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June 12, 2009

Red Stag Cocktail Recipes

red_manhattan.pngWe spent some time down in New York this week, and the main attraction of our whirlwind trip was sitting down with Bobby "G" Gleason, Master Mixologist for Beam Global, so he could trot us through some of his favorite Red Stag cocktails. In a masterly fashion, he mixed us a batch of cocktails that surprised us on multiple fronts, and most importantly, gave us a minor buzz at 10 AM.

We were fascinated by Bobby's patter about flavor profiles and his enthusiasm for experimentation (he told us of a bacon-flavored tequila he created), and we dug the drinks too.

We're including the recipes for our favorites - the Manhattan is one we'd drink with enough regularity to be worrisome, the Mating Call moved Red Stag from sweet to tart, and the addition of Tabasco to the Red Hot Stag worried us a bit, but turned out to be one of our favorites of the bunch. See the recipes and our take after the jump.

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June 11, 2009

Whiskey Stones for the Win

whiskey_stones_glass.jpgIf you're ready to really take your whiskey on the rocks, you might want to think about getting yourself some Whiskey Stones. It seems like years ago that we covered sippin' on the rocks, a snooty-seeming product from Scotland, but these newest whiskey rocks are from a bit closer to home - our native state of Vermont. Stick 'em in the freezer and plop 'em in your drink to get the chilling effect of ice without watering it down.

A win no matter how you tally it, and we're thinking Dad might want some for Father's Day.


(Thanks Tom and Christina)

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June 2, 2009

Canadian Club Classic 12 Arrives for Review

canadian_club_classic_12.jpgIt's no secret we love whiskey in all forms, but there is one variant of this many-backed beast we haven't dedicated much time to - Canadian whisky. Nothing against Canadians...we love many things about our neighbors to the North (actually, pretty much just Bob & Doug McKenzie and the bacon), but we just haven't ever delved too far into their booze. That's about the change - we're packing our passport and heading for the border!

Blended then aged for 12 years in oak barrels, our Master Distiller has created a full yet smooth character with hints of spice and vanilla. Canadian Club Classic's® quality is exemplified in the winning of a double-gold medal at the prestigious 2003 San Francisco World Spirits Competition. It is the perfect whisky to enjoy by itself or as part of a classic cocktail.
More at CanadianClubWhisky.com

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May 19, 2009

Jim Beam Red Stag Black Cherry Bourbon Review

red_stag_jim_beam_glasses.jpgWe got our bottle of Jim Beam's soon-to-be-released black cherry flavored bourbon, Red Stag, a couple weeks ago and now it's time to review it. We mentioned this before - we were hesitant to even try it at first, because full disclosure requires us to say right up front we're Jim Beam White Label men from way back, and we were a bit concerned about a syrupy Nyquil nightmare that would forever tarnish our sweet, sweet nectar.

So how did we fare? Surprisingly well, we must say

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April 27, 2009

Jim Beam Red Stag Arrives for Review

red-stag-by-jim-beam.jpgWhen we first heard Jim Beam was coming out with a cherry-flavored bourbon, we have to say we were a bit...skeptical. Once we read Rick's review of the stuff on Martini Groove our mood shifted to cautiously optimistic. When we received the bottle, popped the top, and took a swig, things shifted even more in the positive direction.

Full disclosure, we're Jim Beam guys for a decade and a half now. We will always take Beam over Jack when given the choice, and we were concerned about some syrupy glop closer to Nyquil than our old standby. You'll have to wait for the full tasting notes, but we have to say...our fears were not justified. Red Stag will get a wide release in June, so you have that to look forward to, and our review will be done well before then.

If you absolutely can't wait, keep refreshing the page on JimBeam.com until they announce it's been released. [Update: They've actually got their own site over at TheRedStag.com...that's where you want to fiendishly refresh]

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April 14, 2009

Guest Review: Michter's US 1 Whiskey

product_michters_whiskey.jpgWe haven't done a guest review in a while, so we're excited to drop this great review of Michter's. As usual, the only problem we have with this review is that we didn't get to drink it, but we've had the stuff before and thought it kicked some serious arse.

Thanks for the reivew, Carlos.

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March 5, 2009

(ri)1 Rye Whiskey Review

ri1_rye_whiskey.jpgNews flash: we love whiskey. Bourbon, rye, Canadian, we just can't get enough of it. We've always felt rye got a bad rap as most people like its sweeter cousins, but the rip roar of rye has its place, especially in a well-crafted cocktail. (ri)1(pronounce it with us, rye-one) is the ultra-premium rye offering from the Jim Beam family.

So how does this new top shelf whiskey hold up? Read on to find out.

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February 23, 2009

Bourbon at its Best

bourbon_at_its_best.jpgWe've been getting more and more interested in bourbon lately, and while we could just stick a nipple on a bottle of Maker's and be completely happy, we're always interested in trying different labels. That's why we have high hopes for Bourbon at its Best - we've seen the drink at its worst (and it's seen us that way too). This looks like a great book if you're interested in learning more about the history and creation of the sweet nectar, as well as information about particular brands.

Bourbon at its Best: The Lore and Allure of America's Finest Spirits

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