July 22, 2006

Isn't This Just Jello Shots for Grownups?

Vodka Red SquaresJust found a recipe for something called Vodka Red Squares over at Cocktail Times. Yeah, the recipe calls for things like strawberry gelatin instead of Jell-O and frou frou stuff like "lemon peel vodka" and mint and powdered sugar, but let's cut right to the chase. You can dress it up, you can serve it in a cocktail glass instead of a paper cup, but it's still a damned Jell-O shot. God love 'em.

Serve this one to you parents the next time you have them over for dinner and see how long it takes for them to be making out on the pile of coats in your bedroom. On second thought...don't do that. Read on for the recipe while we drink long and hard to get that image out of our heads.

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Altius Vodka Arrives for Review

Altius LogoWe told you about Altius Vodka a few weeks ago - it's the one that's made right in Colorado. We've heard good things, so we'll plan to get the review done ASAP. To tide you over, check out what some others have said about Altius:

...I wasn't itching to taste the stuff. Snob that I am, I couldn't conceive that any good liquor could come from Colorado Springs.

Imagine my surprise, then, when I sipped it next to both Chopin and Grey Goose and it effortlessly and flat-out whomped 'em. Altius was smoother, more refined and had the character of a truly world-class and established vodka -- and they'd only been making it for a few months.

via CSIndy.com

At least they've got the hometown vote going for them...we'll let you know what we think of it as soon as we can. Oh, and CSIndy - lay off the whole snob thing...that's our gig. Just kidding. Learn more about Altius at AltiusVodka.com.

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July 7, 2006

Vanilla Sunrise: Drink Recipe Friday

Vanilla Sunrise CocktailWe're testing out a new feature starting today - cocktail recipes every Friday. Because at the end of the day on Friday, there's nothing you need more than a nice, stiff drink.

Vanilla Sunrise

2 oz Skyy Vanilla Vodka
2 oz Orange Juice
Splash of Grenadine

Mix all ingredients in a cocktail shaker with ice. Strain the mixture into a chilled martini glass. Garnish with an orange peel.

From Cocktail Times

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June 21, 2006

Summer Drink Recipe: The Cuke

The CUKEGuess what, it's the first day of summer! Know what that means? All sorts of tasty cocktails, drunk outside on our porch instead of huddled around our computers like we do all winter, relying on the glow of our monitors for warmth.

We've stolen...errr, found...an interesting recipe for a drink called the Cuke from the New York Times. As an added bonus, it features our favorite gin on the planet - Hendrick's.

The Cuke
Time: 15 minutes, plus 30 minutes' chilling

6 limes, rinsed
1 cup packed mint leaves, no stems, plus 6 sprigs for garnish
3 unwaxed cucumbers
½ cup sugar
2 cups vodka or gin, preferably Hendrick's gin
Sparkling water.

1. Thinly slice 3 limes and place in a pitcher. Juice the rest and add juice to pitcher. Add mint leaves. Slice 2 cucumbers and add, then add sugar. Muddle ingredients. Add vodka or gin. Place in refrigerator to steep 30 minutes or longer.

2. Peel remaining cucumber and cut lengthwise into 6 spears.

3. Fill 6 highball or other large glasses with ice. Strain mixture from pitcher into each. Top with a splash of sparkling water, garnish each glass with a sprig of mint and a cucumber spear, and serve.

Yield: 6 servings.

Right, six servings...or one, if you play your cards right.

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June 14, 2006

44 Degrees North Vodka Review

44 Degrees North Vodka
Potato Vodka Flavored with Huckleberry
Distilled in Idaho
Typical Price: Around $30 for 750ml

I'm Your HuckleberryRemember how cool Val Kilmer was in Tombstone? His three musketeers mustache, his quick gun hand, his dapper manner? We might never be as cool as Doc Holliday [Editor's Note: We definitely won't], but thanks to 44 Degrees North, we can at least tap into our unnatural fondness for huckleberries. In fact, we've been wandering around the Liquor Snob offices for the last two days, coughing blood into a little lace handkerchief and saying "I'll be your huckleberry."

Note: We're so excited about reviewing a huckleberry vodka, we're peppering our review with quotes from Doc Holliday.

The Color: "Very cosmopolitan"
Is clear a color? Cuz that's what color it is.

The Nose: "In Vino Veritas"
44 Degrees North leads off with a berry nose, and we're not exactly sure what a huckleberry smells like, but we'll trust them that this is it. It reminded us of blueberries and didn't smell overly sweet, and there was definitely a nice, clean alcohol whiff on the back end.

The Taste: "And drunk the milk of Paradise"
This stuff was less sweet, with a more aggressive tang of alcohol than the Zygo we reviewed earlier this week. It's a more traditional vodka, and while it is sweetened with berries, they're not overpowering. Drunk straight we found it to be, for lack of a better term, brittle, but as soon as we chilled it or added ice it loosened right up. We enjoyed it as a mixer, but we found ourselves sipping this most often on the rocks where the candy-like flavor of the huckleberries was most apparent.

The Verdict: "You're a Daisy if you Do"
While Poland is the place we think of when someone says potato vodka, this is definitely a high-end entry, clean and tasty. We figure it'd make a great bottle to keep around in your ski house, so you can sip it with friends and family while wearing turtlenecks by the fire. Actually, that's not really our style - we're thinking we'll fill up our Coldpoles and enjoy a berry boost while we're on the mountain. Anyway, we definitely recommend it if you can get your hands on it - we liked it just as much or more as any other berry-flavored vodka we've sampled in our long and storied history.

Learn more and find out where to pick up a bottle at RockyMountainVodka.com.

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June 13, 2006

Zygo Energy Vodka Review

Zygo Peach-Flavored Vodka with Yerba Mate, Guarana, Taurine and D-Ribose
70 Proof (35% ABV)
Typical Price: $29.99 for 750ml

Zygo BottleWe've been walking on eggshells waiting for our bottle of Zygo vodka...jittery, on edge, a case of the shakes. We heard about the stuff a couple weeks ago, and it looked like the answer to our vodka prayers. A pre-mixed combination of vodka and caffeine, so we could mix it with whatever we wanted and not rely on energy drinks? Sign us up. Just add in the fact that that it's peach flavored, and it makes for an excellent addition to your breakfast regimen any day...or at least perfect for those nights when you need to stay up a few extra minutes before you pass out.

The Color: Bearable Lightness of Being
When we think of vodka, we think of a colorless, water-like liquid. Zygo offers more of a pale hue, kind of what you'd expect from a peach-flavored spirit - somewhere between the brightness of a liqueur and the clearness of vodka.

The Nose: Just Peachy
We knew going in that this stuff was flavored with peaches, but we weren't prepared for just how far into Georgia we'd be going. There was no alcoholic tang at all - straight up peaches, with a fruity smell that didn't strike us as too sweet.

The Taste: Real Peachez
When we drank it straight, it was a bit sweeter than we expected for a vodka, with a syrupy mouth feel. There was no alcohol taste to be found, really, and our first thought was that it would be great for shots, especially if chilled. That thought was reinforced when we tried it on ice, which took away some of the sweetness and made it completely sippable. All in all, the strong flavor reminded us of Orange V vodka - extremely fruity, but not overpowering, and damned tasty all around. [Editor's Note: There were a couple other flavors in there when we tasted it, but we couldn't quite place them - we've just been informed that Zygo contains "Mandarin Orange, Vanilla, and a touch of Juniper" on top of the peaches.]

The Verdict: Pretty Kickass
If we made it sound kind of wussy, with the talk of the peaches and light, don't take it wrong - we loved the stuff even though we tend toward liquors that make most people grimace (Jager anyone?). This is the kind of drink that's perfect for a long night of drinking, whether it's shots or mixing - just sweet enough for people who need it, just NOT sweet enough for everyone else. We recommend Zygo for benders that start at breakfast, rounds of shots while watching an extreme sporting event, or mixing a tasty cosmopolitan. Try to work it out so you can do all three at the same time - we imagine a fun game would be to drink half a bottle and see how long you can keep your eyes closed. OR - how about mixing peach vodka with SoCo, which is a peach bourbon? Thaaaat could make for a long night...

Check 'em out at FuelChange.com.

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June 12, 2006

Elevate Your Buzz with Altius Vodka

Altius VodkaWe're not sure what it is about high-elevation booze lately, but we've been seeing an influx of liquors from places we usually associate with skiing and riding. First, we found out about Stranahan's Colorado Whiskey, then we heard about some cool Idaho vodkas. The latest on the list is another premium spirit from the Rockies, Altius Vodka.

We don't know much about the stuff other than the fact that it's made in small batches, micro-distilled and hand crafted, and it's marketed as a luxury or ultra-premium vodka. In fact, according to the Altius site, "Altius Vodka is made in Colorado, by native Coloradoans, using only water and grain from Colorado. That is Colorado vodka. And
we’re damn proud of it."

That's the kind of product pride and jingoism we like to see from our spirits - plus, a good portion of our editorial staff once lived in Dillon, CO, so we have a bit of interest in Rocky Mountain booze anyway. Learn more about this mile high vodka at the Altius Website, and if you live in CO or in neighboring states, find out where you can pick it up.

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June 1, 2006

Zygo Vodka: Time to Change Your Fuel?

Zygo Vodka Shirt LogoLast week we put up a post about p.i.n.k. vodka, and we have to say we had some mixed feelings. Yeah, it was about vodka infused with caffeine, but we had some reservations about the name and the color associated with it, because we're not usually feeling too pink. That's why we were ecstatic when we got an email about Zygo Vodka, another caffeine-infused spirit that seemed to be closer to us in, well, spirit. Here's why:

  • Not only does Zygo contain guarana, just like p.i.n.k., it also has taurine, the stuff that gives Red Bull its wings.

  • Also included is mateine, the stuff that gives us such a great buzz when we drink Yerba Mate tea, the world's greatest hangover beverage.

  • There was a Bear vs Sharksong playing on their website when we logged on.

  • Their logo includes a hand giving the devil sign. Nuff said.
Now this stuff's up our alley. Find out more about Zygo at the website, Fuelchange.com, and you can also check out their blog, 70 Proof Regime to find out what's going on with the crazy bastards who make the stuff. We're going to get our hands on a bottle come hell or high water, so you can expect a review sooner than later.

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May 23, 2006

P.I.N.K. Vodka: A Rush Without Red Bull

p.i.n.k. vodkaIn a world where you can currently only get a liquor buzz and a head rush by mixing your vodka with an energy drink, things are about to change. We've just stumbled across p.i.n.k. vodka, an interesting-sounding spirit that comes pre-infused with caffeine and guarana. What does this mean? It means we can now drink our vodka straight out of the bottle and have a wide-awake drunk, with none of that energy drink BS.

Of course, the stuff has a strike against it - the fact that the name makes it seem like it's made specifically for fabulous androids. We don't mind, though - we're not exactly the target market so we'll just keep it in a brown paper bag as we chug it down. Or, we'll just pretend we're doing a physical challenge every time we drink it.

Read on for more details:

This month, p.i.n.k, the first 80-proof super-premium vodka flawlessly infused with caffeine and guarana hits the shelves, filling a void in the spirits category. Made from the finest handcrafted vodka from Holland, p.i.n.k. contains a flavorless caffeine and guarana formula that does not disrupt the vodka’s exceptional quality.

The brand concept for p.i.n.k. emerged from the growing trend of mixing alcohol with energy drinks. Consumers wanted a completely versatile vodka that provides the intensity without the unwanted flavor of popular energy drinks. David Mandell, president and CEO, High Energy Holdings, LLC created p.i.n.k. to fulfill the need.

via Happy Hours Press Release

You can get your hands on it for $40, but just think about all the cash you'll save on Red Bull. Learn more at the pink vodka site.

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March 27, 2006

Skorppio Vodka: Feel the Sting

Skorppio VodkaNormally, we don't like the idea of having some kind of critter floating in our liquor, but lately the idea has been growing on us. First, we stumbled across Scorpion Mezcal, and we were impressed by the addition of something as badass as a scorpion to something as awesome as Mezcal. Now, we've stumbled across Skorppio, a vodka manufacturer with the same idea.

It's produced and bottled in England, not a place we usually associate with the stingy creepy-crawlers, but we were intrigued by more than the arachnid in the bottle. This stuff is five times distilled from 100% single grain (wheat), and if you're curious about the scorpion:

These scorpions are farm raised, not wild. Their diet and environment is controlled to assure their good quality. The scorpions are processed for human consumption, according to high quality food preparation standards. The toxins that make the mild venom of these particular scorpions when alive, are broken down with a special process. The scorpions are subject to analysis certified by the Chamber of Commerce of Pismo Beach, CA., U.S.A., to confirm that no harmful substances are present. Distilled and bottled under license of Rodrigo Rodriguez.
We're glad the scorpions are farm-raised...we've run into nothing but problems with the free range kind. They're available in multiple states - find out where you can get a bottle at the Skorppio site.

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