August 7, 2007

267 Infusions Arrive for Review

We've said multiple times that infusions are the next step in the evolution of booze. Don't get us wrong - we like regular flavored liquors, but the idea of having the actual fruit that's affecting the flavor of our drinks gives us that warm, comforted feeling.

We've seen 267 Infusions in the liquor store multiple times, and we've often been just this side of intrigued enough to pick it up. The question of when we'd actually try it has just been answered, however, as a box containing four of their eight flavors (that's 50% of the line for you math wizzes) has just arrived on our doorstep. Expect a full review of the bottles we received (pineapple and mango rum, as well as lemon and cranberry vodka) ASAP.

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August 3, 2007

Cold River Vodka Review

It's time for us to review our second potato vodka in the last few weeks (the other being Zodiac) and we're excited for this one. Cold River Vodka is distilled in Maine from local potatoes by some local folks, and we've been sort of tracking its progress ever since its release a couple years ago.

We've heard some mixed anecdotal reviews about the stuff, but that's mostly from inexperienced drinkers who expect a robust potato vodka to taste like their wussy wheat ones. It's time for us to finally dig in and check out this starchy goodness for ourselves.

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July 24, 2007

Babicka Wormwood Vodka

babika.jpgWe've long maintained the buzz people get from absinthe comes not as much from the wormwood contained in the drink (and the reportedly psychoactive thujone contained therein), but from the absolute rocket fuel levels of alcohol in the liquor. We're talking 130, 140 proof in good bottles here.

The folks at Babicka Vodka are hoping to prove us wrong with their revival of a Czech witch's brew of vodka and wormwood.

The stuff was used as medicine, way back when, and we're hoping to get our hands on a bottle to cure our ills and test our theories.

at Babicka Vodka

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July 13, 2007

Domaine Charbay Green Tea Vodka

Charbay Green Tea Vodka

Liquors that contain antioxidants seem to be all the rage nowadays, as distillers make everything from pomegranate to acai liqueur. The latest contender we've heard about is Charbay Green Tea Vodka. See below for Uncrate's take on its health benefits, and head over to for more info on this and the many other vodka flavors in the Charbay line.
This crisp and refreshing flavored vodka took nearly five years to create, and it shows — the infusion of flavor from first-growth green tea from the Anhwei Province makes it about as smooth as any flavored booze out there. Plus, thanks to its antioxidants, you'll finally have an excuse to drink during the week.
From Uncrate

Charbay Green Tea Vodka is available at Internet Wines & Spirits

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June 13, 2007

VodkaFest (with Gin) Roundup - June '07


We hit the June VodkaFest this Sunday down in Manhattan, and it was great to hobnob (is that a word?) with some of the elite of independent spirits distributors. We had some drinks, had some laughs, but overall had to take it easy because after the event we had to drive four hours home. We were still able to taste just about everything that was on display, however - and we hope we didn't gross anyone out too much when we sipped and then spit it right back into the cup.

We've rounded up info on everyone we interacted with, along with some quick notes on the folks we haven't done full reviews on yet. Read on for our thoughts on each brand and our tastes of each, in more-or-less chronological order.

Also - we didn't run into any of the VodkaFest contest winners, probably because we skinned out a bit early, but we'd love to hear from you if you made it. You know who you are.

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June 7, 2007

Reyka Vodka Review

One thing we really like in our booze is personality. Of course, the real important thing is the taste and quality, but it's great to see a little blush of cool in your drink. We're big fans of the marketing campaign for Reyka Vodka - they've got some humor going for them, and we like the tongue-in-cheek things they're doing with their Iceland connection.

Check out some of the humor on their website (link below), and find out if the flavor of Iceland is everything we ever hoped it could be.

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June 5, 2007

Discount Code for VodkaFest (With Gin)

We told you last week about the VodkaFest (With Gin) that's happening in NYC this Sunday, and while our supply of free tickets has gone away we still want to see you there.

The organizers of the event have graciously offered Liquor Snob readers a $10 discount on the tickets - just register online and include the code "SNOB." Don't say we never did anything for ya.

Polished Palate - VodkaFest (With Gin)

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May 30, 2007

Zodiac Vodka Review

We don't spend much time reading our horoscope anymore. We've found if we want bland, overly generalized advice with little practical use, we'll watch Dr. Phil. One thing that's picked up our interest in all things horoscopical (we know - that's not a word), however, is Zodiac Vodka, a high end potato spirit made right here in the states.

Does Zodiac live up to its astrological trappings? Read on to find out.

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May 29, 2007

Free Tickets to VodkaFest (With Gin)


We have recently gotten our hands on a whole passel of free tickets to VodkaFest with Gin in NYC in June, and instead of scalping them on the streetcorner we're going to pass those savings on to you, our beloved readers. These VIP tickets are usually $60 each at the door, and we're giving them away in pairs to the first folks who email us at news [at]

Update: The free tix to VodkaFest were snapped up almost as quickly as we posted them. Guess that's what we call a "snooze you lose" situation, but we'll let you know if there's anything else we can do for you.

Whether you get free tickets or not, don't miss out on your chance to hob nob with vodka and gin luminaries from the world over (including our man Dave at Orange V), plus hang out with our Editor in Chief, who will be attending the event. The 'Fest is in a couple weekends (Sunday, June 10), and should be a great time. Check out the link below for more details, or email us if you need anything else.

The Polished Palate - VodkaFest (with Gin)

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May 17, 2007

Zyr Vodka Review

Back when we first found out about Zyr Vodka, we were pleasantly intrigued by their ballsy claim to be the best Russian vodka ever. There's nothing wrong with a little hubris when you're marketing a product, and we like how they went right for the top. Of course, when you make a claim like that you have to have some pretty serious chops, right?

Just think - in so many people's minds, Russia is the home of vodka. Hence, saying you're the best Russian vodka ever is some pretty heady stuff. Zyr relies on their 9:5:3 ratio (nine filtrations, five distillations, three tastings) for every batch to get to the level of quality they're trying to achieve.

Does Zyr live up to our drastically inflated hopes? Read on to find out.

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