August 25, 2008

Peureux Perfect 1864 Vodka

perfect_vodka_postcard.jpgLet's face it - with all the vodkas out there, it takes some sack to call your vodka "perfect." That's what the makers of Perfect 1864 did, and we hope they live up to their name, because...and don't hold this against us...we're getting a bit bored with vodka.

Perfect 1864 is an ultra-premium vodka distilled in France, which uses a unique certification process for each batch, as it strives for perfection. It is available here in the states in Connecticut, Delaware, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Rhode Island, South Carolina and Florida.

Learn more at

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August 11, 2008

Veev: Plotting the End of Vodka

veev.jpgWe spend some time in Brazil earlier this year, and we developed a taste for Acai, a local fruit attributed to have great healthy properties, even going so far as to be a "superfood." That's why we're excited to find out about Veev, a spirit made with the berries (they reminded us of blueberries that were a lot more tart). Its creators think their product is so good it'll kill the "vodka culture" we live in now, where vodka is our neutral spirit of choice.

Veev has some great things going for it - whether or not you believe it will retain its healthy properties in booze form.

In addition to great taste, a core part of the VeeV brand is sustainability. The company donates $1 for every bottle sold, which goes back to the rainforest where the acai berries used in their product are grown. Everyone in the company either drives a hybrid, or is carbon-neutral, and VeeV's distillery is the only one in the U.S. that gets at least 25% of their power through wind generation.
Healthy and green? We think they've got a winning proposition on their hands as long as it's tasty, so we're looking forward to getting our hands on a bottle.

More info at; for details on their plans for the demise of vodka (and to check out their humorous "vodka bots") go to

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July 16, 2008

Zach Galifianakis' Third Absolut Vodka Ad

Apparently, there's an Absolut ad in this video somewhere. We couldn't really find it, but luckily we love Zach and think everything he touches is comic gold. Watch the video below, and remember - he made cookies for three, not for five.

Find more videos like this on aspecialthing

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June 5, 2008

Three Olives Flavored Vodkas - Rootbeer, Espresso, and Tomato

The Three New Flavors Close-up.JPG

We've heard good things about all the flavored vodka from Three Olives, but when we heard about their new Tomato flavored vodka we almost ran outside with a pre-mixed Bloody Mary waiting for someone to pour in the Tomato vodka. Three Olives is dedicated to providing the biggest and boldest flavor possible – and with that, they've introduced Triple Shot Espresso, Root Beer, and Tomato.

We'll take all of them, and especially the Triple Shot Espresso..."INTERNS - FIRE UP THE ESPRESSO MAKER - LET'S GET THIS PARTY WIRED!" As you can tell, we're a little fired up for some new flavored vodkas, and we hope to sample some Three Olives vodkas very soon.

At Three Olives - New Flavors

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March 10, 2008

Absolut-ly Great Viral Video

OK, first things first, we apologize for that headline - though we can't promise such punnery will never happen again. Rick from Martini Groove has thrown out a funny YouTube video put together for Absolut vodka by a group of comedians, and we had to give it a shout out. Why do we like it, you ask? First, it features Zak Galifianakis, who made our favorite Kanye West video of all time. Second, it's about booze. Two points, and an extra one for reminding us of what Special Blend did with Blenderz Crucial Sports Hut (also very funny, but in a completely different way).

The guys from Tim & Eric Awesome Show and Tom Goes to the Mayor and a bunch of stuff on got free reign to do whatever they want for Absolut, as long as they mentioned the product. I wish more companies would be this liberal with their brand because a lot of good stuff would come out of it. Also, a lot of bad stuff, which could be good too.

via Martini Groove

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February 25, 2008

Black (Vodka) is the new Pink (Vodka)

blavod.gifWe can't believe we just wrote that headline. For one, we're not huge fans of snowclones. Well, actually, we didn't even know that's what they were called. For two, we discovered black vodka way before we discovered any of of the pink-ish ones on our radar (namely P.I.N.K. and X-Rated).

We did a little Blavod review a couple years ago and liked it - and apparently they continue cranking out their inky goodness. Here's what Rick over at Martini Lounge had to say about the rise of the dark spirit:

Most black vodkas are colored through some natural process, whether it be Blavod's black catechu (an extract from the Acacia shrub) or Fruko-Shulz's humines, a polymer that helps you get your RDA of polymers.

Now you're cool enough to make drinks like the Black Widow (Black vodka and Red Bull) and the Black & Blue (Blue Curacao with a Black Vodka float).

more at Martini Lounge; we think you should actually mix Blavod with a pink vodka to see if you can cause some kind of dimensional flux.

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January 29, 2008

Valentine's Day Cocktail: Cirrus Blossom

cirrusblossom.jpgWe're always on the lookout for a romantical (that's a word, right?) drink recipe to take the edge off Valentine's Day, and we've come across one that just might fit the bill. It was submitted to us by the folks who make Cirrus Vodka, a potato vodka we reviewed pretty darned favorably, and we like the drink they're recommending too. It's red, it's sweet, and it probably won't break your heart. What more can you ask?

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January 7, 2008

Death's Door Spirits Gin and Vodka - Go Into the Light

Looking to see a little further with your natural spirits than the world around you? A small company out of Wisconsin - Death's Door Spirits can help you see further. This company has created two products, a vodka and gin. Death's Door Spirits prides itself in supporting local agriculture and sustainability. Death's Door Vodka uses only organic wheat grown on Washington Island in Door County, Wisconsin. And the juniper berries for the gin are picked wild on Washington Island. Death's Door Spirits actively participates and supports local farmers and agriculture. Death's Door is company worth noting in the growing field of sustainability. The website provides info on infusions, recipes, cooking with spirits, and locations of where to purchase the product. Enjoy!

At Deaths' Door Spirits

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October 23, 2007

X-Rated Vodka and Fusion Liqueur Reviews

There was a time when a company wouldn't dream of marketing a product to the ladies and give it a name like "X-Rated". That time is long gone, however, and we're lucky enough to have two products with that adult name now - both an unflavored vodka and a fruity liqueur.

The question on everyone's lips, however, is - do they live up to their racy name? Let's just say we enjoyed ourselves enough during the tasting to be just this side of, as Borat would say, a "romance explosion".

ArrowContinue reading: "X-Rated Vodka and Fusion Liqueur Reviews"

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August 13, 2007

DETAILS Tells You What Vodka to Drink Now

DETAILS on Vodka

We don't remember the last time we read DETAILS magazine (link), but now we know they're dipping their toe in the booze pool we might just start again. The editors at said magazine have put together a list of their recommendations for six must-have vodkas, and we're intrigued since we haven't tried a couple of them.

One thing we do know is they included Tito's, one of our all-time favorites, so they must be doing something right. They've also included recommendations for what to eat with your vodka, including what appears to be a photoshopped picture of caviar on a potato chip. Far out. Click the image above to read the article, and you can pick up the September issue it's included in nationwide tomorrow, August 14 [subscribe].

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