October 11, 2005

Jessica Biel Pushes Vodka Molester

Jessica Beal, Vodka MolesterWe don't usually report on things from sources we don't recognize, but this story has a little bit of everything. Well, that's the case if you consider Jessic Biel and vodka to comprise "everything." We discovered the following via a site called Contact Music:

Actress JESSICA BIEL is desperate to introduce a new vodka drink she discovered while filming in Prague, Czech Republic, to America - because it's one of the best things she has ever tasted.

The sexy BLADE: TRINITY star tried her first Vodka Molester while she was shooting new film THE ILLUSIONIST this summer (05), and she's convinced it could become a bar staple in her native California.

She says, "It's a shot of vodka and a slice of orange and you take the orange and dip it on either side in coffee grinds and then you take the shot and you bite the orange.

"You get the instant rush of caffeine and sweet - it's a fantastic shot."

And, as for the name of the drink, Biel explains, "We were trying to come up with a great name and on set my friend started calling me Jess, and then Jester and then it ended up being Jester The Molester... It just rhymed."

We're not sure if this story has even a grain of truth, but come on...it contains the words "Jessica Biel" and "vodka molester." We're ready to go out and buy a bag of oranges and a can of coffee, and see if we can get ourselves arrested.

via Contact Music

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October 10, 2005

Tommy Guns Vodka Arrives for Review

Tommy Guns VodkaWe have to say, we were pretty excited when we first discovered Tommy Guns vodka. But now that our bottle has arrived for review, we've decided to act like the responsible, objective Web journalists that we are, and set that excitement aside.

Actually, who're we kidding? We've been chasing the interns around the office for the last 20 minutes now, pretending to shoot them and talking like gangsters. They're probably tired of pretending to die in a hail of gunfire, but what do we care? What good is having an intern if you can't make them re-enact scenes from The Untouchables?

A review will be coming soon, and don't forget to check out TommyGunsVodka.com for more gangster booze.

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Blavod Black Vodka Arrives For Review

Blavod Black VodkaPlease, don't be alarmed. There's nothing wrong with the color settings on your monitor. The vodka bottle you're seeing is completely black. Actually, it's not the bottle, it's the vodka itself. Yes, that's right...we've gotten our hands on a bottle of Blavod black vodka. It's black as night. Black as a goth kid's lipstick. Black as Johnny Cash's laundry basket.

Ever since we first discovered Blavod a couple weeks ago, we've been reading up on the stuff. According to a Bloomberg report we found, you can expect to see a lot more black vodka in your local bars and liquor stores, so you'll get a chance to try it out for yourself.

Blavod Black Vodka case sales increased approximately 137 percent in the July-September period, with U.S. sales jumping 284 percent and U.K. sales gaining more than 55 percent, the London- based company said in a Regulatory News Service statement today.
We'll be doing a review as soon as we can, and we'll let you know if it lives up to the hype. Plus, we'll give you some ideas for cocktail recipes that fit the new color scheme. Until then, you can learn more about Blavod at the Black Vodka website.

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October 8, 2005

Orange V Vodka Arrives For Review

Orange V VodkaWe just got in a review bottle of Orange V Vodka, a relatively new addition to the flavored vodka market. A couple things that make it stand out are the fact that they only use organic grain, and they use essential oils from three kinds of Florida oranges - mandarin, valencia and tangerine - to kick things up in the flavor department.

We're interested in these guys because they're the David in a market full of Goliaths...huge companies with names like Absolut, Gray Goose and Stoli. We'll be doing a full review of Orange V as soon as we can, and we'll see how organic ingredients and triple orange flavor measure up to some of the big guys.

Learn more about Orange V vodka at their site.

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October 7, 2005

Show Us Your Tito's

Tito And His Handmade VodkaWe know we've been covering a lot of vodka lately, but we were in the liquor store today and the clerk found out about Liquor Snob and what we do, and would not stop gushing about this vodka we'd never heard of. At first, we were skeptical, because the words "vodka" and "they make it in Texas" escaped his lips. But, snobs we may be, we're always open to hear about a new entrant in our spirits world.

The drink that had our liquor purveyor in such a tizzy was Tito's Handmade Vodka, and he was right...it's made in the Lone Star State. In Austin, to be exact. Last we checked, that's about as far from traditional vodka territory as you can get. But the more of Tito's story we read, the more we're convinced...it just might be as good as people say.

ArrowContinue reading: "Show Us Your Tito's"

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October 2, 2005

Violent Vodka: A New Trend?

Ever wish you could drink vodka out of a bottle shaped like a gun? No? Well, you should think about it, because we've stumbled across two brands you can set your sites on - Vodka Kalashnikov and Tommy Guns Vodka. We've rounded up the relevant information for you below, and there's part of us that's a little disappointed that neither one is marketed as "the vodka that will blow you away."

Vodka KalashnikovVodka Kalashnikov
80 Proof
This stuff comes in a bottle shaped like an AK-47, the famous Russian machine gun. According to their site, VodkaKalashnikov.com, "Vodka Kalashnikov is based on a select recipe approved by Mikhail T. Kalashnikov, designer of the AK-47 Rifle. It was the first vodka ever to be created by combining salt, sugar, vanillin and glycerin." We're not sure how all those ingredients will affect the taste, but who are we to argue with a guy who invented a machine gun?

Apparently they're not just relying on the cool bottling and name recognition, either...they've won quite a few awards in Russia, which is saying a lot because the Russians take their vodka very seriously. Plus, if you decide to grab a bottle, each one comes with a carrying strap and engraved dog tags.

Tommy Guns VodkaTommy Guns Vodka
80 Proof
From Russia to the Roaring '20s, Tommy Guns Vodka is a Polish vodka that comes in a bottle shaped, appropriately enough, like a tommy gun. The folks who make it also make a bunch of other prohibition-themed booze, including Speakeasy Scotch, Bootleg Bourbon, Bathtub Gin and a variety of beers. This stuff is apparently very tasty as well, but it's currently only available in limited areas - though you could probably get your hands on a bottle online.

According to Strange New Products, where we found out about Tommy Guns Vodka, "The gun shaped vodka product actually began selling as early as January of 2005, but only locally in the DeKalb and Sycamore areas of Illinois. Since then it has been selling in 5 states, 6 countries, and all Army and Air Force bases. The company plans to roll it out nationwide by 2008." We can't wait to get our hands on some and pull the trigger! Learn more about Tommy Guns Vodka at TommyGunsVodka.com.

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October 1, 2005

3 Vodka: World's First Non-Hippie Soy?

3 VodkaIn the Liquor Snob offices, the word "soy" conjures up pictures of crusty hippies in wool socks and Birkenstocks, snacking on tofu and jamming out to the Dead. Or at least, it did, until we discovered 3 Vodka, which claims to be "the only vodka in the world made smooth from soy."

We don't know if that means they're the only soy vodka in the world, or if all other soy vodkas are made rough from soy, but we're intrigued. Apparently so are others, because they've got celebrity pictures out the wazoo at the 3 Vodka site. Usher AND one of the Queer Eye guys? Be still our hearts.

Oh, and apparently it's low-carb and Atkins-friendly too, so we won't have to worry about adding to our already-expansive waistlines. So we've got that going for us, which is nice.

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September 27, 2005

Black Vodka? Why Were We Not Informed?

Black Vodka Seasonal RecipesJust in time for Halloween cocktails (and maybe some pre-Halloween drink tasting), we've discoved Blavod, the world's only black vodka...that we know of. If you're like us, you're asking just what's in Blavod that turns it such a distinctive color. We're glad you asked.

According to the Blavod site, the inky color is given to the vodka using a dye called Black Catechu, made from resin in the heartwood of the Acacia Catechu tree found in India and Burma. Black Catechu has been used as a dye for centuries, and gives the black vodka its ebony hue without affecting its odor or palate.

That all sounds good to us, but the thing that really bothers us is that we're just discovering it now. Just think of all the missed Halloween party cocktail opportunities, the truly spooky drinks we could have created, leaves us seeing red. Speaking of black vodka drink recipes, click the image to the right for some sable cocktail concoctions, and go to the Blavod Black Vodka site to find more Halloween drink ideas.

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September 24, 2005

Ed McMahon Vodka? You Are Correct Sir!

Ed McMahon Perfect VodkaHey-O! It's come to our attention that everyone's favorite late night sidekick has started his own brand of vodka called, appropriately enough, Ed McMahon Perfect Vodka. We're glad he can find time, in between giving away million-dollar checks for Publisher's Clearinghouse and shilling for those Easy Mobility wheelchairs, and we hope the stuff is as good as he claims it is..

From the McMahon Vodka site:
Meet the vodka that is redefining the perfect cocktail. We call it McMahon Perfect - the premium Russian imported spirit that satisfies the discerning tastes of true vodka connoisseurs with its pure clarity, smoothness and taste.

Preserving the original techniques and time-honored practices of the Russians, McMahon Perfect is distilled using a special four-time filtration process that allows for strict quality control. Combining this with only the highest quality raw materials and over 200 years of experience, results in a vodka that truly distinguishes itself from all others.

Upon opening the bottle, your senses are drawn to its fresh, invigorating aroma. Pouring a cocktail unwraps the essence of its depth and character. And finally with a sip, you'll marvel at the smooth, crisp finish.

Via Luxist
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September 19, 2005

Bong Vodka - Art Meets Liquor for Cultural Exchange

Bong Vodka
If you ask us, it's never a bad thing when booze helps push the boundaries of art. Don't believe us? Just look at Jackson Pollock, Ernest Hemingway and now, Bong Vodka. Bong Vodka is the latest entry in the art-meets-booze world, a designer vodka from Holland that brings new meaning to the term "dutch treat."

Recently approved for sale in the US, the controversial liquor has won government approval and will be landing in Florida in November. Rumors are already flying about a blowout planned in Miami's South Beach to celebrate the arrival of the vodka in December, and there's also talk of a series of events that will include national acts as well as up-and-coming artists and musicians. You can expect to see the vodka get a wider release in selected states in January 2006.

We checked out their website, bongvodka.com which doesn't seem to be quite finished yet, but even without a site offering more information they stand out because of the bottling. It doesn't look like your typical hard liquor container, but it is evocative...let's just say, even if they don't capture their modern hipster market, every stoner in the land is going to want to get their hands on a bottle.

Plus, they have a great profile on MySpace that shows they're anything but a bunch of stuffed shirts. Check out the blurb:

"Hi, I'm a designer vodka envisioned by a group of contemporary artists to fuse together a new wave of progressive fashion and designer attitude with an age-old Dutch product of exceptional quality. My artisanal formula has been handed down through five generations of master distillers and produced through a 150-year manual process, rich with traditional standards and superior craftsmanship. I'm here to unite those various lifestyles together in spirit, by way of expressionism and appreciation for ultramodern music, art, and culture. Won't you join me?"

Plus, in the "Who I'd Like to Meet" section, they add, "I'm a silky smooth sophisticated artisan from Holland, seeking ultramodern hipsters with great taste... for cultural exchange." We're pretty sure we're not ultramodern hipsters here at Liquor Snob, but that makes us want to meet a bottle in the darkened corner of our favorite bar.

Check out the full Bong Vodka MySpace profile to become friends online, and don't forget to keep your eye peeled in your local liquor store so you can meet in person and do a little vodka tasting of your own.

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