July 18, 2006

Beat the Heat with a Margarita Popsicle Recipe

She's Holding a Popsicle?We just had a smack yourself in the forehead moment over here. It's been mind-numbingly, temper-scorchingly hot here in the Northeast, and all we've been doing to combat it is dropping ice cubes in our jockey shorts and complaining intensely. Not our best plan, so how about we whip up a batch of these alcoholic popsicles instead? At least our undies will stay moderately dryer.

Note: The best part of the recipe is where it says you should leave out the tequila if you're making these for kids. Thanks for the tip, guys - for a second there we were going to double the hooch for the tykes. Read on for the recipe.

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July 11, 2006

Jose Cuervo Black Medallion

Black MedallionWe just got an email about Jose Cuervo Black Medallion, and it's quite possible the "black" stands for blackout because we remember seeing this stuff a while ago (in a store? on TV? on the Web? damn you hazy memory!) but have neglected to cover it. Luckily, the fine folks over at Luxist didn't forget, and they've added a nice little write-up for you:

The latest addition to the Jose Cuervo line of tequilas is Jose Cuervo Black Medallion, a super-premium Tequila that will be available in stores this month. Cuervo Black is an anejo tequila aged in charred oak barrels. The new brand is designed to appeal to Cuervo drinkers as they, and their palates, age and mature. Cuervo Black is aged at least 12 months and the charring process on the barrels is designed to remove impurities and give the tequila a deeper oaky flavor. The new tequila sells for around $20.
via Luxist

Twenty bucks a bottle? If we weren't blacked out before, we will be now. We'll see if we can throw together a review for you, or if you'll have to pick the facts out of our slurrings when we call you at 4 AM after finishing the bottle. Yeah, we have your number. Learn more about Black Medallion at Cuervo.com or buy it online at Internet Wines & Spirits.

Thanks Steve.

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June 28, 2006

Scorpion Silver Mezcal Review

Mezcal Blanco
Imported from Oaxaca, Mexico
80 Proof (40% ABV)
Typical Price: Around $35 for 750ml - Buy it at Internet Wines & Spirits
Website: ScorpionMezcal.com

Scorpion Silver MezcalWe've been excited about Scorpion Mezcal since the first time we heard about it, way back in January. We finally got our hands on it, and we weren't going to mess up the review - we put on our sombreros, mixed up some sangrita and sat down with the bottle.

In fact, we were so intent on doing a good review, we turned to outside help to make sure we examined the issue from all sides. We called in Intern Nicole, a well-known tequila enthusiast (and by enthusiast, we mean she's known to get into the tequila and start offering to buy rounds for everyone in the bar, from the band to the bouncer. Now that's an enthusiast!). She, along with interns Conor and Kathleen, settled down with us to pull our way through the bottle and see what we thought. Of course, the big question is "did we eat the scorpion?" Read on to find out.

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June 20, 2006

Scorpion Mezcal Arrives for Review

Down the HatchBack in the old days, if you wanted a drink with a creepy crawly in it, you had to settle for a plain old worm in your Mezcal...or wait for a cockroach to fall from your ceiling into your glass. Then, way back in January, we told you about Scorpion Mezcal, a spirit that has something way cooler than your run-of-the-mill scuttling arthropod. Yes, as you can probably guess from the name, every bottle of Scorpion Mezcal contains a scorpion...de-stingered and harmless of course, but cool nonetheless. After much heartache and some pretty hefty maneuvering (thanks, Barbara) we've finally got a bottle in our hands, and we have to say...it's just as badass as you might think.

We're itching to review this, mostly because we can't wait to see what a Mezcal-soaked scorpion tastes like, but we're going to have to wait until the weekend for this one. Color us excited, and if everything goes according to plan, if you see us on Sunday morning we'll be the ones with bits of exoskeleton in our teeth. Anyway, take some of the sting out of the wait (get it?) by checking out the Scorpion Mezcal site.

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June 2, 2006

$150,000 for a Bottle of Tequila?

Target MarketWe don't have anything against spending top dollar for a bottle of booze...after all, what nobler purchase is there than the nectar of the gods? Sometimes you need to reach for that top shelf, and grin and bear it when the cashier asks for your money. Of course, there are some folks who are going a little crazy with the high price tags on their booze - as we've said before, liquor should be drunk, not collected.

However, If you're on the market for a high-end tipple, you might want to think about the Pasion Azteca from Ley .925, a limited edition Tequila that's going to have a $150,000 price tag on it. Yes, we said $150,000. We've been daydreaming all morning about what we would do if we got our hands on a bottle, and while we'd like to think we'd make a margarita in a pimp cup, we'd probably put it under lock and key and guard it like Scrooge McDuck.

What's so special about this stuff to make it worth the exorbitant price? Well, it's an ultra-premium, 100% blue agave tequila that's been aged for six years. It comes in a bottle made of platinum and gold, which has been decorated with unique art. It's being marketed as "the most unique & expensive bottle of Tequila in all history," according to the marketing material. All we have to say is that we don't know how you can be the "most unique," but it better be damned tasty at that price point. The tequila will be released on July 21, so if you want a bottle you'd better start selling organs or robbing banks ASAP.

Learn more about the most expensive tequila we've ever heard of by reading the product page, plus you can read about the other tequila varieties made by this company at the Ley .925 site

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May 5, 2006

Happy Cinco de Mayo from Liquor Snob

Happy Cinco do MayoAs you know, we like any day where we don't have to make excuses to drink...err...find reasons to imbibe a cocktail or three. That's why we like big celebratory holidays where everyone else is sauced up too, and no one will notice that we're reeking of booze and pulling to the left when we try to walk.

To that end, welcome to Cinco de Mayo! Apparently it's a celebration of Mexico's victory in some battle against the French (is that something to brag about? Our interns could beat the French), but has turned into a reason to drink mas cerveza now that our fellow whiteys have discovered it.

Or, if you're not in a Corona kind of mood, maybe today is a day for tequila or some other agave-based liquor. See below for five great spots for tequila-based recipes so you can fritter away your day sipping margaritas. That's what we're going to do. Of course, that's what we do every Friday. And Thursday. And most Wednesdays...

If you're curious about what to buy, we've done a few tequila reviews to get you started, and don't forget about Mezcal, our other good friend from South of the Border. Our only word of advice - stay away from the worm. It'll seem like a great idea to eat it after a couple drinks, but any time we've tangled with it has only ended in heartache. Trust us...you'd be better off putting a scorpion in your mouth.

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February 16, 2006

Don Eduardo Silver Tequila Review

Don Eduardo TequilaTriple-distilled Premium Silver Tequila
Imported from Mexico (duh)
Alcohol By Volume: 40% (80 proof)
Typical Price: About $40 for 750ml

Historically, we haven't been big tequila drinkers. After a few typical "tequila moments" in college, ranging from blackouts to things much more sinister, we were pretty sure we'd never let the stuff pass our lips again, much less come to enjoy it. So here we are, years later, sitting down to review Don Eduardo Silver.

Our "lick it, slam it, suck it" days are far behind us (at least two Wednesdays ago), and this is tequila isn't meant to be put back that way anyway. So how does Don Eduardo measure up? Pull up a chair, we'll fill your glass, and let you know after the jump.

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January 20, 2006

Scorpion Mezcal: Worms Are For Wimps

Scorpion MezcalWe didn't make any friends among Mezcal enthusiasts last year when we did our Tequila 101 roundup and called the drink the "bastard cousin" of tequila. What can we say? That's what we get for sampling so much while we were writing the post. It turns out that Mezcal was around before Tequila, and is more like the grand daddy, or maybe the rich uncle.

We're now getting our facts straight about Mezcal - now we know Tequila is a variety of Mezcal, much like Bourbon is a variety of Whiskey. But before we put on our pointy scholar hats we only knew two things about the drink. Number one is that you'll probably throw up if you try to polish off an entire bottle in a sitting, but that goes for just about any kind of liquor. Number two is that Mezcal bottles often come with a worm inside - we should know...we've eaten enough of those little bastards. But not all Mezcal goes the worm route, and while you'll often find bottles of the stuff without any critters swimming around in them, we've found one brand that goes a step beyond. Ladies and gentlemen, we bring you Scorpion Mezcal.

That's right, instead of a grubby little worm floating around, you can drink from a bottle that has a SCORPION in it. And apparently, even though the scorpion is a certified attention-getter, the drink is no gimmicky bottle of lighter fluid - it's won awards left and right. The Scorpion Silver scored 94 points from the Beverage Tasting Institute, the Reposado won a silver medal from the same institution, and Scorpion Anejo won "Best Mezcal" from Food & Wine magazine...the list just goes on. Scorpion Mezcal also offers two reserva bottlings, aged at 5 and 7 years, which are rumored to be astonishingly good.

We plan to run a review as soon as we can get our hands on a couple bottles, so keep an eye out here on the site. If you're looking for more information about the stuff, or where to go to pick up a bottle of your own, go to ScorpionMezcal.com. Oh, and by the way, you're not really supposed to eat the scorpion when you get to the bottom of the bottle - it's just for decoration - but if you decide to, make sure you chew VERY thoroughly.

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January 11, 2006

Pepe Lopez and Don Eduardo Tequila Arrive

Don't be surprised if the site smells like salt and limes the next few times you log on, because we just got a couple bottles of tequila in the mail. So what kind of fermented agave juice will we be reviewing? We'll give you a hint...they're both silver. That's not enough for you? But we want to get to reviewing! Fine...find more information below, all of which we made up based on our impressions from each tequila's site and bottle.

Pepe Lopez TequilaPepe Lopez

If Pepe and Don were real guys, Pepe would be the hard-partying younger brother - the life of the party. He's the one you invite to an intimate gathering and suddenly he's brought 40 people he's doing forward flips off your roof into the pool. He's into mixers, especially margaritas, and he's definitely the shooter type. If you hang out with Pepe, we expect you and your Inner Bandito will end up wearing Mexican wrestling masks by the end of the evening.

Site: PepeLopez.com.

Don Eduardo TequilaDon Eduardo

Don Eduardo is the more sophisticated of the two brothers. Sure, he's up for a margarita every now and then, but he strikes as more of a sipping kind of guy. Classier, richer, and less prone to blackouts, Don Eduardo is the guy you invite along for a relaxed outing with friends, not when you're racking up shooters.

Site: DonEduardo.com

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December 13, 2005

JB Wagoner's Ultra-Premium 100% Blue Agave Spirits Review

JB Wagoner's Ultra-Premium 100% Blue Agave Spirits
100 proof ultra-premium tequila
Typical Price: About $60 for 750ml - Buy it at Internet Wines & Spirits
Availability: Currently California and Illinois, with Georgia, Texas and New Mexico on the way. Plus, some JB Wagoner retail locations will ship directly to you.

JB Wagoner's Blue Agave SpiritsInitial Thoughts: Not to get too metaphysical on you, but what makes a tequila a tequila? When you're taking a sip, does it matter to you whether it was distilled in the Jalisco region of Mexico, or do you just care about the taste? That was the question we asked ourselves when we sampled JB Wagoner's Ultra-Premium 100% Blue Agave Spirits, and the answer was "Damn, this is tasty!"

That's right, JB Wagoner's looks like tequila. It smells like tequila. And we'll be damned if it doesn't taste like some of the best tequila we've ever had! If you haven't been following the story, JB Wagoner is an American who decided to bottle his own spirit from Blue Agave and call it Temequila, a pun after his home town of Temecula, CA. Only problem was, Mexican tequila makers didn't see the humor in it, and have dogged his progress every step of the way, right down to banning and ejecting him from a local tequila festival. You can learn more in our tequila archives - you'll notice we didn't put it in the "100% Blue Agave Spirits archive...take THAT Mexico!

But enough of our politicizing...what does JB Wagoner's taste like? We were impressed with almost water-clear color, and the nose was just as appealing. The taste was as clear as the color, with citrus overtones and a crisp finish. This is definitely the best American tequila we've had (wink, wink), and it's in the running for the best tequila we've had this year.

Cocktail Recipes: We loved this stuff straight or on the rocks, but one of the first things we made with JB Wagoner's was a Bloody Maria, using some of good old Dave's Gourmet mix. We were surprised at how sweet and refreshing the resulting drink was, even considering the bite of the extra-spicy Mary mix. You can find other great recipe ideas on JB Wagoner's recipes page.

Finishing Thoughts: We have to say, all discussion about whether it should be called "tequila" aside, this is some of the best agave-based liquor we've had. And not only is it great booze, the packaging is cool too, with the American flag emblazoned right across the label. And one thing to note...between the price and the smooth taste, this ain't no shooting tequila. We recommend JB Wagoner's Ultra-Premium 100% Blue Agave Spirits for your adventurous, tequila-loving friends, but also for people who have had a bad experience with tequila and say they'll never have it again. Mix them up a Bloody Maria and they'll be on the Agave bandwagon for life.

Learn more about the liquor at the JB Wagoner's site, or stick it to the man by buying your own "Temequila" t-shirt from Temequila.com.

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