December 13, 2006

Cognac Davidoff Classic Review

Cognac Davidoff Classic
High Falutin' Brandy Imported from France
80 Proof (40% ABV)
Typical Price: Around $50
Davidoff at

Cognac Davidoff Classic: Image via Spirituosenworld.deWe're the first ones to admit we don't drink a lot of cognac. After all, we're not Uncle Pennybags or The Ladies Manright? Even so, we had a good time taste testing Davidoff Cognac...not to get too low-brow, don't be afraid of the 'gnac. The interns had a grand old time putting their pinkies up and giving it a swish, and everyone had positive things to say, which wasn't a big surprise.

Of course, that could be due to the fact that Davidoff is blended and bottled by another little name in Cognac - Hennessy. That's right, Zino Davidoff, already a big name in cigars and tobacco, put his head together with the folks at Hennessy to develop his product. Not a bad place to start, from everything we've heard. Read on for our notes about the fruits of their labor.

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December 11, 2006

O2 Sparkling Vodka Review

O2 Sparkling Vodka
Triple-Filtered Grain Vodka Imported from Britain
80 Proof (40% ABV)

o2-vodka-toast.jpgWe've been excited to review O2 Vodka since we got our grubby little hands on the bottle, and now is our time. We've motored through the entire bottle, formed some opinions, had some good times. Our only regret is that we weren't able to try any of the Tapastinis we mentioned in our initial O2 coverage...we'll try to remedy that when we review the second bottle we got, O2-945 which is the high test version of the stuff. Hell, maybe we'll try all of the tapastini recipes together in one monster drink...sushi-caviar-jelly bean-tini anyone? Anyway, until that magical day, read on for our thoughts on our first bottle of O2.

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November 9, 2006

Bulldog Gin Review

Bulldog Gin
London Dry Gin with Poppy, Dragon Eye and Citrus
80 Proof (40% ABV)
Typical Price: Around $30 for 750ml

Bulldog GinIt just sits there staring at you. Squat, grey, mean-looking, with that tough little studded collar giving it an extra air of menace. No, we're not talking about your neighbor's pit bull...we're talking about that bottle of Bulldog we got in last week, and the added bonus is that unlike your neighbor's dog the bottle is full of gin.

On the plus side before we even tasted it, we found out Bulldog has poppy in it (which they make heroin out of), and it has Dragon Eye (aka Longan, which is related to lychee, which they make Lichido out of). Find out how Bulldog measures up after the jump.

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November 6, 2006

P.I.N.K. Vodka Review

P.I.N.K. Vodka
Quintuple Distilled Vodka, Infused with Caffeine and Guarana
Imported from Holland
80 Proof (40% ABV)
Typical Price: Around $40
P.I.N.K. Website

P.I.N.K. VodkaSo it just dawned on us that we haven't done the full review of P.I.N.K. vodka yet, as we promised a couple weeks ago. We did try it on the air during our recent podcast appearance, but we haven't committed any of those thoughts down in written form. The overall consensus was that P.I.N.K. is good stuff, and if you listen to the 'cast you'll hear some off the cuff notes while we drank vodka at 10 AM. After all, P.I.N.K. is caffeinated and infused with guarana (reputed to crank up your metabolism, along with your sex drive), so what better time to drink it than when you're just shaking the cobwebs off whatever you drank last night?

Read on for tasting notes and more information.

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October 18, 2006

Fina Estampa Reposado Tequila Review

Fina Estampa Reposado
100% Agave Golden Tequila
Imported from Mexico
80 Proof (40% ABV)
Typical Price: $35-$40
Fina Estampa Website

Fina Estampa ReposadoIt's really tough not to make "stamp of approval" jokes about Fina Estampa - after all, our brush with their blanco was a joyful experience. But, as we look down the barrel of their reposado we're torn between concerns of a sophomore slump and worries that the guys at Fina Estampa have made tequila good enough to finally push us over the edge to full-blown alcoholics. Either way, we were approaching the Reposado with a little bit of nervousness, but that wasn't the only reason our hands were shaking as we poured our was also excitement.

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October 17, 2006

Fina Estampa Blanco Tequila Review

Fina Estampa Blanco
100% Agave Silver Tequila
Imported from Mexico
80 Proof (40% ABV)
Typical Price: $30-$35
Fina Estampa Website

Fina Estampa BlancoWe don't want to make you jealous, but have we ever told you how cool it is that part of our job is tasting tequila? Most people commute to work and listen to their loud mouth bosses all day, then shuffle some paper around. We commute to work, listen to our loud mouth boss, then drink tequila. We're not going to lie - we love it. Anyway, the latest Mexican import we've put on the chopping block is Fina Estampa Blanco.

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Fina Estampa Anejo Tequila Review

Fina Estampa Anejo
100% Agave Anejo Tequila
Imported from Mexico
80 Proof (40% ABV)
Typical Price: $40-$45
Fina Estampa Website

Fina Estampa AnejoWe've come to the third bottle in this week's Tequila Trilogy, and we're still going strong on Fina Estampa. We've been high all week on their presentation, their price point and most of all their liquor, so let's trudge on and see how their Anejo stacks up. For the uninitiated, Anejo tequila has typically been aged in oak barrels for a minimum of one to three years, and all we can say is it's a good thing we weren't around or we probably would have chewed through the wood to get at the lovely cactus juice inside. Do you think that means we have a problem?

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September 12, 2006

Octopus Beer Keg Tap Review

Octopus Tap
4 Port Keg Tap System
Price: $69.99 for basic tap
Other systems also available from Octopus Tap

Octopus TapWe've been singing the praises of the Octopus Tap for weeks now. Sadly, it was a one-note song, however, because even though we've had the tap we got in the mail for a healthy long time. That was because of a mixture of a crap summer and the fact that even we, the Liquor Snobs, need a special occasion to get a keg.

Well, we finally got our hands on a keg (a bachelor party - thanks for getting married Eddie), which gave us a chance to blow off some much-needed steam and review the Octopus Tap. We'll spoil some of the suspense and tell you we thought the Octopus Tap kicked ass in a normal drinking situation; but could it keep up the beer flow for seven thirsty dudes as they waded through a Power Hour? Read on to find out.

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September 6, 2006

Leblon Cachaca Review

Leblon Cachaca
Distilled in Brazil; Aged in France
80 Proof (40% ABV)
Typcial Price: About $30 for 750ml

Leblon Cachaca BottleWe've had our bottle of Leblon Cachaca for a couple weeks now, and it didn't really cross our mind to question what "Leblon" meant. A last name? An acronym? We weren't sure. But after digging around through their site for a while (a site that has an overabundance of mail nipples, if you ask us) we found out that Leblon is a "hip, upscale beach neighborhood adjacent to Ipanema in Rio de Janeiro."

Sounds like a cool place to be, but does Leblon live up to its hipster name? Read on to find out.

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August 30, 2006

Roll'em Show'em Drinking Game Review

Roll'em Show'emPicture this - you're sitting around in your living room having a few drinks and socializing with friends and acquaintances. It's a mixed crowd, and there are a few peeps there you wouldn't mind seeing at least partially naked, maybe kissing up on a little bit. It starts to get late and people are thinking about going home but you realize there's an electricity in the air that's unmistakable. Instead of letting them take off, you pull out a risque party game, dim the lights, and proceed to get frisky.

Sounds great, doesn't it?

Unfortunately, those are not the conditions we had for review Roll'em Show'em, a dice and card-based game that promises a shot at that very situation. What we had was a group of drunk, surly and (more or less) hetero male interns we'd conscripted for the sole purpose of road testing the game. What can we say? All the chicks bailed on us for some reason. So what did we think about Roll'em Show'em under these decidedly non-optimal conditions? Read on to find out.

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