June 23, 2008

Outdoor Pool Table, How We Love You

outdoor_pool_table.jpgWe were recently able to play pool on an outdoor table, and getting one of these tables has suddenly rocketed to the top of our "to-do" list. Not only do you get all the fun and physics-y goodness of playing billiards, you're outside where keeping a cooler of beer nearby doesn't draw strange looks, and your drunken trick shots have much less opportunity to do real damage.

One word of advice is to keep it covered when you're not using it, since it's not quite as much fun to play through wet felt, but hey...whatever works.

Mizerak Atlantic 7-Foot Outdoor Billiard Table

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May 27, 2008

Dear Diary Hip Flask in a Book

dear_diary.jpgOn the surface, it looks like a sweet little diary with a bunny rabbit on the cover. However, instead of your deep thoughts, crushes, and unicorn doodles, it contains a hip flask. That way, you can pretend to be all sensitive and emo, when in actuality you're getting plowed. Can it get any better?

Dear Diary Hip Flask In A Book

Of course, if you're short on money and long on time, you can always make your own hollow book to store any kind of flask you want.

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May 19, 2008

Sorry I Missed Your Party

Sorry I Missed Your PartyTo whom it may concern,

We are very, very sorry we missed your party. Luckily, thanks to the fine folks at Sorry I Missed Your Party, we will have the opportunity to see all the photo evidence you're kind enough to take. We won't be there, but at least we'll get to see you dancing like an idiot, ingesting legal and illegal substances, and generally making an ass of yourself.

The Liquor Snobs
[via Intoxicated Zodiac]

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April 17, 2008

Faberge Martini Shaker

faberge_cocktail_shaker.jpgWe know that tax refund you just put in for is burning a hole in your pocket, so what better way to celebrate than by buying a mysterious cocktail shaker made by Faberge. It looks like it might be made of silver of some kind. All we can say is, for the kind of money they're charging, it better make our drinks taste like Scrooge McDuck's vault.

Faberge Romanov Eagle Martini Shaker

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April 4, 2008

Cocktail Candles from Intoxicated Zodiac

zodiac_candles.jpgGwen from Intoxicated Zodiac just let us know about a cool project she put together including three things we have long thought belonged together - liquor, fire, and astrology. She has created 12 eco-friendly candles (soy wax, recycled glass, the whole nine), one for each astrological sign, and developed accompanying cocktail recipes to go with them and round out the whole experience.

Seems like a great gift, especially if you do the one-two punch of whipping up the cocktails that accompany the candle the first time you light it for the full experience. From Gemini's "Wicked Way" vanilla/tobacco sazerac to Capricorn's "Black Magic" Fennel Orange Espresso-tini, these are intriguing scent and drink combinations, no matter how you slice it.

Read more about each sign and its accompanying Celestial Cocktail Candle; if you need some more convincing before you pony up, read Gwen's How Do Cocktails Have Zodiac Signs? page.

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February 27, 2008

To Hookah, or not To Hookah

hookah.jpgSince our fearless leader can't drink right now, we're looking for a way to help him still have a vice. We were thinking about getting him one of these bad boys - for strict tobacco use only. We just want to keep him off the streets while he can't drink, not turn him into Amy Winehouse. We've tried some crazy flavored tobaccos through a hookah - anyone have any recommendations or tips?

Royal Hookah 19" 2 Hose

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December 3, 2007

Private Bar Needs - Open All Night Neon Sign

This will go perfectly in just about any bar you'd choose to put it in - especially your own. Just plug it in, pull the string, and your open for business.

At Neon Open Sign

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Belt Buckle Bottle Opener for the Endowed Holiday Gift Giver

Looking for an amazing gift in the belt buckle and bottle opener area? You may want to check out this opener/belt buckle that may get you in trouble with anyone you give it to. Part of the Felon Ladies collection, this belt buckle is made of hand-poured fine pewter, and there is a zippo style lighter included. Oh - and the part that might get you into a little trouble with your spouse? Juggs really do open bottles. Really they do.

At Felon Ladies Love Outlaws Lighter Belt Buckle with Bottle Opener Juggs

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November 16, 2007

Playboy: The Complete Centerfolds

We've been trying to class things up around here, and everyone knows the best way to do that is by adding leather and velvet. Oh, and boobs. To that end, we've discovered the greatest coffee table book in the universe, one which will make a great conversation piece at your next party. The book? Oh, it only contains over 700 pages and every single Playboy Playmate that ever existed. You are very welcome.

Playboy: The Complete Centerfolds [via Acquire]

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