February 11, 2006

'I Hate Valentine's Day' Contest Winner Announced

Happy Valentine's DayDon't get us wrong. We don't have anything against love. In fact, we LOVE love. Whenever we think about it we get all starry-eyed, with butterflies in our stomachs and unicorns frolicking in our heads. What we do have a problem with is factory-generated, candy-coated, pink-tinted, frilly-laced holidays that are manufactured by card and candy companies.

A couple weeks ago, we told you about the I Hate Valentine's Day contest sponsored by Amarula liqueur, and the contest results are in. So who won the trip to Chicago, the $500 in pocket money, and the prestige of being the biggest Cupid-hater since Romeo + Julietor Nick & Jessica?

We'll tell you now that the winner was Dea Boster - read her answer and the rest of the top 14 responses after the jump.

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February 7, 2006

Liquor Before Beer, NOT in the Clear?

Beer Before Liquor...We never put a lot of thought into the reasoning behind the old "liquor before beer..." saying, but apparently that doesn't matter because it isn't true anyway. What does that mean for our other sayings? Does a stitch in time not really save nine? Will or will not an apple a day keep the doctor away? Are a fool and his money soon parted? It's making our collective heads hurt enough that we need a drink to settle our nerves. The only question is whether we should start with liquor or beer?

Dear Yahoo!: Is the saying "Beer before liquor, never sicker, liquor before beer, never fear" physiologically accurate? Allyson Santa Barbara, California

Dear Allyson:

No. Portland's Willamette Week interviewed a nutrition expert and a pharmacologist; both nixed the theory. They astutely note that mixing different types of alcohol is generally a bad idea.

The reasoning behind the proverb is that it's easier on your body to absorb weaker alcoholic drinks, like beer, later in the evening. This probably holds some merit. It's also true that your body tends to process alcohol from carbonated drinks faster. But any piece of advice regarding alcohol consumption that contains the line "never fear" is obviously pretty suspect.

Read more via Ask Yahoo!

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January 30, 2006

The Liquor Snobs Are Going To Utah!

Squatters IPAActually, we're already out here - Park City to be exact. We got here just on the heels of the Sundance Film Festival, and crazy Utah liquor laws notwithstanding, we're having a great time. We're taking a little R&R and skiing, and doing a little work - we're field testing those Cold Pole flask ski poles we told you about so long ago. We'll be carrying on with our liquor reviews when we get back home, but we couldn't bring the bottles along without fear of landing in the clink, due to the aforementioned crazy laws.

We have discovered a new beer that we like a lot out here called Squatters IPA. Maybe it's the altitude, but we think it's one of the better IPA beers we've had in recent memory. You can learn more about it at Squatters.com, and we'll be keeping you posted about other good booze from the land of the Mormons. Also, if you're from Utah or have any insight to cool local beers or liquors, please shoot us an email at news AT liquorsnob DOT com. We just heard about Polygamy Porter (slogan - Bring some home to the wives) which we're dying to try, but we'd love to hear about more.

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January 25, 2006

Scientifical Proof That Beer Goggles Exist

Beer Goggles - Before and AfterBeer goggles. We've all had them. You spend an intoxicated evening drooling over a girl you're convinced looks like Tara Reid, and the next morning she looks like Terry Gilliam. Turns out it's not just a function of your lonely, attention-starved ego trying to give you a leg up - it's just your nucleus accumbens getting out of whack. We hate it when that happens.

It's no secret that excessive drinking leads to poor judgment behind the wheel. Well, it can also lead to poor judgment at your local pub. According to the aforementioned study, what constitutes "attractive" changes drastically after a few drinks. In other words, while you may think you're hitting on a 10, there's a chance you're actually picking up someone in the lower-single digits.

The reasons behind this phenomenon have to do with alcohol stimulating the nucleus accumbens, aka "the part of the brain which is used to determine facial attractiveness." In the 2002 study, male and female students were shown pictures of members of the opposite sex and asked to rate them on a scale of 1-7 (sounds cruel, we know). The more students drank, the higher they rated the photographs.

via Ask Yahoo!: Do Beer Goggles Really Exist?

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January 14, 2006

'I Hate Valentine's Day' Contest

I Hate ValentinesHow much do you hate Valentine's Day? Are you one of those people who complain that it's a commercialized holiday created by greeting card companies, but ends up buying a box of candy hearts for your sweetie anyway? Or do you hate it? Do you detest it with a virulent passion after your boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife/partner broke up with you/kicked you out of the house/left you at the altar on that miserable day? If you hate the holiday, you're not the only one, but don't despair...we might be able to help you make it a little bit more bearable.

If you fall into that latter category of abject hatred, we've found the contest for you. It's sponsored by Amarula Cream Liqueur, and the prize is sweeter than crushing that chubby little bastard Cupid's skull with a box of chocolates. The prize package includes a trip for two, including a two-night hotels stay and airfare, to Chicago, the location of the infamous St. Valentine's Day Massacre. What better place to celebrate your hatred for all things romantical? Oh yeah, and they'll throw in $500 for walking-around money too.

So what do you have to do to win? Just go to the Amarula site and tell them why you hate Valentine's Day. Oh, and make sure you do it by February 4, or you'll just be adding one more reason for hatred to your list.

Keep reading after the jump to see the full press release, which includes some facts and figures that will add fuel to your anti-Valentine's fire.

UPDATE: I Hate Valentine's Day contest winners have been announced!

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January 11, 2006

Saying Good Bye to Sidney Frank

Sidney Frank ObituarySidney Frank, we hardly knew ye. From Gray Goose to Jägermeister, we've been fans of Sidney Frank for a long time, but we just didn't know it. And now, after we've just discovered this liquor magnate, we've lost him. Mr. Frank died yesterday at age 86, of an apparent heart failure. The man was more than a liquor importer - he was a billionaire and a philanthropist who pulled himself up to the top of his industry from beginnings that apparently would have made Horatio Alger cringe.

So, we'll celebrate his life and let Forbes tell you about the liquor that first brought Mr. Frank to success.

Then came Jägermeister. In 1974, Frank stumbled on the obscure German liqueur in a New York bar. Tasting of root beer, black licorice and Vicks Formula 44, older Europeans had been drinking the stuff since 1935 for its medicinal purposes, rather than its strong buzz. At the time, Jägermeister was selling just 600 cases per year in the U.S. Seeing opportunity, Frank flew to Germany to meet then-Jäger Chief Executive Walter Sandvoss and came home with the rights to sell the drink from Maryland to Florida. Other suppliers faltered, and Frank picked up the rest of the country.

In 1986, Frank was struck with another obvious observation: "People love sex." He parlayed the drink's early success in southern college towns with the Jägerettes, a group of scantily clad girls who would flirt with male students and convince them to down shots of Jäger instead of Jack Daniels. Last year, sales grew to 2 million cases per year.

You can learn more about Mr. Frank's beginnings and end at Forbes.com, while we start our wake. We have a bottle in the freezer as we speak.

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December 11, 2005

The 2005 Liquor Snobby Awards

Drinking AwardWe know what you're thinking. You see that we're announcing the pre-game show for the 2005 Liquor Snobbies, and you think, "Here we go again with another freaking award show. A bunch of stars prancing their bloated egos around on the carpet, while Joan Rivers and her Demon Spawn fawn over them and verbally fellate whatever horrifying threads they're wearing." Well, that was the original plan, but we've decided to go in another direction with the Liquor Snobbies.

Over the last few months, we've been working our fingers (and livers) to the bone, letting you know about what we thought were the coolest liquors, the hottest news, the snazziest products. Now, it's your chance to let us know what you think. Over the next couple weeks, go through the site to find your favorite stories, from absinthe to whiskey and everything in between. Or, just head straight to the archives and give them a "how's your father."

Then, post a comment here in this story or drop us a line at the news/stories email address at the top of the page to let us know about your favorite(s). Once we get some responses, we'll start putting together the categories and give the awards based on a combination of your favorites and ours. We'll keep you posted on further details, but until then, vote early and vote often!

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December 6, 2005

Buzzing On Expensive Scotch, But At What Cost?

Barney BillionaireThere's been a lot of buzz out there lately about hugely expensive bottles and/or casks of Scotch that have become available. We should know...we covered Johnnie Walker's $27,000 bottle (or was it $28,000?) a while back. We're pretty sure we'll never be able to afford that level of high-end booze (it's OK...we're drinkers, not collectors anyway), but we didn't really think about what these bottles had to say about Scotch and the people who drink it. However, we just found a very thought-provoking piece from Kevin over at The Scotch Blog that puts these kinds of promotional bottles and their possible impact into light.

He mentions a bottle of $48,000 Glenfiddich, the $28,000 Johnnie Walker, bottles Dalmore 62 that went for $44-$55,000, and is concerned about the perspective it puts on Scotch drinkers on the whole and how Scotch is perceived.

While I understand that positive exposure and free press are a great thing, in this context, and in my estimation, it simply reinforces the widely held misconception that Scotch is for silly old rich men, Dot Com millionaires or Traders with expense accounts.

I wonder if there is a correlation between the release of the "most expensive" stories and a noticeable increase in sales? I also wonder if such stories have the effect of solidifying any "for the old & stodgy" perception that Scotch may have amongst the general public.

Read the full story, along with interviews of notable Scotch luminaries, at The Scotch Blog. While you're at it, we'll be plowing through a bottle of White Horse in protest.

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November 30, 2005

Don't Like My Vodka? You're Fired!

Need a ride home?The Donald is making the vodka. Yes, you heard right, even though we never thought we'd see the day where Mr. Trump would stoop to shamelessly attaching his name to a consumer product willy nilly, but apparently that day has come. Prepare your pedestrian taste buds for Trump: The World's Finest Super Premium Vodka...at least he's not letting it go to his head.

Trump isn't the first celebrity to dabble in high-end spirits - we've already covered Willie Nelson's whiskey and Ed McMahon's vodka - and we're sure he won't be the last. And hell, who says it isn't time for more celebrities to throw their weight around for the booze industry? We've already seen that chick from Sex and the City shilling for low calorie rum, and Billy Dee Williams was the MAN when he used to sell Colt 45.

Learn more about The Donald's vodka plans at the Globe and Mail.

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November 24, 2005

Presidential Yak-Milk Pong

Yak Milk for Everyone!Over the last couple months, we've been trying to find out if Bush is drinking again. Thanks to a tip from Brendan, one of our readers in the Great White North that is Vermont, we learned that Wonkette has found proof that the president has indeed fallen off the wagon. The site also offers an interesting theory that he is combining beer pong, one of our favorite pastimes, with fermented yak's milk, which we have yet to try.

The sad thing about Bush resorting to drinking yak's milk isn't that it's yak's milk, it's that it's only 3% alcohol. Look, we've gone all Kitty Dukakis at times as well but if you're going to sink, make it count. Hairspray, paint thinner... as a friend told us, "Dude, I've drank NyQuil when there was nothing else in the house. Actually, it blends pretty well with grapefruit juice." Surprisingly, so does yak's milk.

And look at the picture: Yak's milk pong.

See the full post at Wonkette.

Oh, and a note for our loyal readers - don't expect to see us reviewing yak's milk any time in the near future. There are some lines even we won't cross.

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