November 3, 2013

DripDrop ORS Hydration Powder - for Hangovers!

dripdropbox.jpgWe recently heard about a hydration solution called DripDrop that purports to be scientifically better for you than other hydration option (read: sports drinks, etc.). Of course, when you say "oral rehydration solution" to us, our brain automagically translates it into "potential hangover helper" so we bought a box.

We don't know much about the science - the website says something about "low osmolarity and more sodium" being the marks of "medical grade hydration." All we can tell you is that it tasted lemony without being too sweet and it cut through our post-Halloween hangover like a hot knife through butter. Thanks science!

Available at Amazon and DripDrop.com.

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March 7, 2011

Sloshed Reviews Last Round Hangover Support

last_round_hangover_support.jpgWe've heard about Last Round, a "hangover support" supplement that claims to take the edge off your Irish Flu, for a couple months now. We've heard good things, but our hands down favorite review probably comes from Sloshed!. We know from experience it can be tough to scientifically test a hangover remedy since there are so many factors that can add to them, but we think they did a damned fine job:

First, we thought of the worst possible combination of alcoholic beverages that would be sure to give us a legendary hangover, or at least induce hours of painful headaches: we consumed a bottle of wine, several beers (both craft and shitty adjunct lager), three cocktails, and because I'm a perfectionist, one shot of grain alcohol to top it off. We drank no water at all, had a very light dinner beforehand, and took no pain relievers or aspirin at any time. Then, after we were good and sauced, we each took a bottle of Last Round before bed.
Head on over to Sloshed! to see the results, let us just say - based on this we might just order a case.

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September 3, 2010

PreTOXX Hangover Supplement v2 Arrives

pretoxx2.jpgWe'll come out and say it - we know something about hangovers. We'll also say we've tried a few different pre-boozing hangover remedies in our time, including PreToxx.

When we tried it last time we found PreToxx did a pretty good job of staving off the most vicious aspects of a hangover (headache, nausea) by master blasting our systems with vitamins and good stuff to fight off the bad stuff. As an added bonus, it didn't give us the green apple splatters (look it up) like a certain other brand did.

But the folks at PreToxx aren't resting on their laurels - they've updated the formula and dropped the price, and sent us a fresh new bottle. So, we decided to do what we do best - test drive a few of the pills and pour some drinks on them. Like right now. Here's hoping that new prickly pear and a whole lot of vitamins B and C can help stave off the effects of what we plan to do to ourselves tonight. We'll keep you posted.

PreToxx (available at Amazon for $15/60 pills)

EDIT: We got curious about what prickly pear might do for us, and according to WebMD it can help reduce the nausea and dry mouth associated with drinking, but not the headache. Thanks, science!

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July 21, 2009

Pretoxx Pre-Hangover Supplement

pretoxx_bottle.jpgSome days, we think there is majesty in a hangover. It's the punctuation at the end of a bender, the price you pay for the good times, and a natural part of the circle of life. Then, there are other days...the days when we actually have a hangover. On those days, in between screaming oaths to Jebus that we'll never drink again if he'll only take the pain away, we wish for a pill that could magically make it all better.

The latest panacea on which we're hanging our hats is Pretoxx, a pill you take before you drink to minimize the impact of your decisions. We've tried items like Chasers before with mixed results, but Pretoxx has a few things going for it: a time-release formula so you don't have to keep taking it as you drink, a slew of 5 star reviews on Amazon, and a money-back guarantee. We're sold.

We've got 60 of these little silver bullets in our possession, and we'll be putting the pills through their paces in the coming weeks. We'll let you know (scientifically of course) how they work.

Pretoxx (available at Amazon)

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April 3, 2008

Boozer Hangover Remedy Review

boozer_can.jpgWe want to start off by saying we really threw ourselves into this Boozer hangover remedy review by getting ourselves seriously, seriously hung over. Many drinks were involved, of sundry types, all calculated to leach the moisture out of our cells and cause us to wake up feeling like we were hit by a truck. There was red wine. There was white wine. There was bourbon. There were sugary sweet cocktails. There was neverending vodka on the rocks. And the beers, oh sweet Jeebus the beers.

We're not telling you this to make you think drinking like that is cool - we just want you to know we're dedicated to our craft. Boozer's claim to fame is that its ingredients help you metabolize the poisons in the booze and replenish your vitamins, etc. Find out how it worked for us after the jump.

ArrowContinue reading: "Boozer Hangover Remedy Review"

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