October 10, 2013

Aviation Gin Arrives for Review

aviation-gin-bottle.jpgLast week we mentioned a cocktail recipe called Beer's Knees, which features hefeweizen and Aviation gin. Since then, the fine folks at Aviation have sent us along a bottle for review. You've probably heard of Aviation, but if you haven't it's batch-distilled gin from Portland, OR and it's probably a bit different from the gins you've had in the past.

This American gin still features juniper, but not as prominently as you might expect if your only experience is London Dry. Other botanicals include orange peel, cardamom, anise, lavender and sarsparilla, blended to make for a different drinking experience than you might expect. We plan to mix some cocktails and do a full review sometime soon, and if you're looking to pick some up it clocks in at 84 proof (42% ABV) and retails in the neighborhood of $30 for 750ML.

"Sip from the Bottle" Aviation Gin Review: The nose is more floral and citrusy without packing an over the top juniper punch. Our first sip was warming and mellow, with subtle hints of anise and a nice clean finish. A must-try for anyone looking to get into gin or expand their horizons.

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August 15, 2012

Aurora Jungle Juice: Black Light Punch

boozeAurora.jpgBack when we were in college (read: when the crust was still cooling on the earth) we were fascinated with "what glows under black lights." By "fascinated" we mean "we loved painting things with laundry detergent under a black light while drinking gin and tonics and wearing white clothes." Sue us - we were idiots.

If you're looking for something a little more adventurous, we recommend Aurora Jungle Juice, which apparently looks absolutely badass under said blacklights. We do, however, recommend you leave the laundry detergent out of it.


2 liters Gin or Vodka
9 Liters Tonic Water
3-4 Bottles Roses Mojito Passion, OR 3-4 Canisters of Pink-Lemonade Concentrate

Mix all ingredients together shortly before the party begins.
Add ice as late as possible before drinking.

Campus Companion (via BoingBoing)

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June 13, 2012

A Guide to Gin from Serious Eats

serious_eats_martini.jpgA Tuesday morning is a great time to learn about gin, the spirit once known as "Mother's Ruin" among other name. Luckily, Michael Dietsch from A Dash of Bitters has put together an excellent guide on all aspects of the spirit for Serious Eats.

You can learn the history, the varieties, the aromatics typically used to give it that gin-iness we all know and crave, and why we were born too late to have access to something as awesome as a gin vending machine. Learn more at The Serious Eats Guide to Gin.

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August 1, 2011

Nolet's Silver Dry Gin Review

feijoa-spirtz.jpgWe've waxed poetic before about Nolet's Dry gin, the new botanical spirit from the family that brings you Ketel One vodka, so we can probably just cut to the chase - it's good, and you should buy it if you have even the slightest taste for gin. It has a mild and floral scent, reminiscent of roses and lavender, berries and pitted fruits, with a hint of juniper. When we tasted it we were struck by the smooth flavor, the long finish, and the delicate warmth.

Here's what Nolet's have to say on their website:

This floral and fruit-forward gin is bottled at 47.6 % Alc./Vol. (95.2 Proof) and expresses the essence of three coveted ingredients: Turkish rose, white peach and raspberry.

Nolet Silver is a nice alternative for folks who like a certain Scottish gin, and want to expand their horizons. It's not cheap, weighing in somewhere in the neighborhood of $50, but it's worth the money if you're looking to put that little something special in a cocktail.

We were sent some excellent recipes to use Nolet's in along with the sample bottle provided to us by their representatives, and we wanted to share those with you as well...they call for some exotic ingredients but offer substitutions if you can't get your hands on them. Find the recipes after the jump.

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June 23, 2011

Nolet's Silver Dry Gin Arrives for Review

nolets_silver_dry_gin.jpgLast October we made a sojourn out to Las Vegas to cover the release of Harlem Liqueur, and while we were there we were treated to a few sips (ok, more than a got us) of Nolet's Silver Dry Gin. It was love at first taste, and ever since we've been burning incense and chanting to the spirit world hoping to get a crack at a review bottle. That day has finally arrived, and we'll do our best to post the review sometime before the next presidential election (at the rate we're going lately anyway).

Learn more at We shamelessly stole the above image from Thirsty in LA - he was with us in Vegas when we first tried the stuff so see what he has to say about it.

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March 15, 2011

Ransom Old Tom Gin

ransom_old_tom_gin.jpgIf you're not familiar with Old Tom gin, it's somewhat of a "missing link" between London Dry and the sweeter Dutch-style gins. What does that mean? According to YumSugar, it might mean everything, depending on your palate:

Ransom is an authentic Old Tom gin, which means it's made from malted barley and corn, much like a whiskey. Then, it's aged in oak wine barrels for a few months.

The result is a spirit somewhere between gin and whiskey, and unlike anything I've ever tasted. The barrel aging gives the gin a woody, herbaceous flavor, but it still retains gin's signature juniper and citrus flavors.

Sounds like just what the doctor ordered if you're looking to experience the flavors of both your classic "white" and "brown" liquors - ebony and ivory writ large in a cocktail glass.

Ransom Spirits [via YumSugar]

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January 21, 2011

Beefeater Winter Edition Gin

beefeater_winter_edition.jpgWe covered Beefeater's limited Summer Edition gin this past summer (seems like a good time for it) and we just got wind of a winter edition, which will also be released in limited quantities. It will come in around $20 and is only available in select markets. It's worth scoping out though, apparently - we loved the summer version, and the folks at Drink Spirits have plenty of nice things to say about the wintry one.

The orange from the nose presents itself solidly on the palate as more of an orange peel, accompanied by the pine from the juniper, which again is much softer and easier. The coriander from the nose is also very present on the palate, supported by cinnamon, vanilla, and a hint of lemon and nutmeg. The finish is cool and clean, with juniper and a very subtle cinnamon that slightly lingers.

They go on to say its mellow nature will appeal to those who don't usually like gin, which we also found in the summer expression.

Learn more at

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July 26, 2010

Beefeater Summer Edition Gin Review

beefeater_summer_resized.jpgIt's just dawned on us that we might be at risk of letting the summer slide by without posting our review of the Beefeater Summer Gin the company sent along to us a couple weeks ago, so please allow us to rectify this situation. So, without further ado we'd like to unveil our new 4-B reviewing method (Bottle, Bouquet, Bite & Bottom Line) and apply it to Beefeater's summery London Dry gin.

The bottle has the same profile we've come to expect from Beefeater, but the label features less of the yeoman warders of the brand's namesake in favor of something airy, floral, and summery. The bouquet is similar to what we'd expect from a London Dry, with a juniper smell, but it's rounded at the edges by the elderflower, currants, and hibiscus flowers that join it in the botanicals.

The bite is softer and smoother than you might expect, and we were pleasantly surprised by how well the summer-oriented botanicals mixed with a dry gin, allowing the juniper to take more of a back seat. Part of this smoothness comes from the fact the Summer Edition is a bit underproof compared to regular Beefeater (80 proof, or 40% ABV, instead of 94 proof), but the delicate summer botanicals add a sweetness you might not often find.

So what's the bottom line? We didn't detect an enormous difference between the Summer Edition and standard Beefeater, but the lower proof, floral notes, and mellower flavor profile make it a winner for any summer party or backyard barbecue. The materials we got with our bottle suggested cranberry juice or tonic water as excellent mixers, and we agree with that - we also had great success making perfect martinis (with or without a drop of rose water), and it was equally delicious mixed with lemonade.

Beefeater Summer Edition retails for about $20 for 750ML; keep an eye out in your local liquor store if you want to pick up a bottle.

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July 2, 2010

Beefeater Summer Gin Arrives for Review

beefeater_summer_resized.jpgIf there's a particular time of the year that we really, really like to drink gin, it's the summer. There's something about a gin and tonic on a warm summer night that just seems so right, you know? In fact, sometimes it seems a bit too right.

In the spirit of summer gin, we just got in a bottle of Beefeater Summer, a london dry gin with elderflower, black currant, and hibiscus flowers. We haven't tasted it yet (it's only nine in the morning, and we like to wait until at least eleven before we have liquor breath), but a quick sniff tells us it's light and fruity, and could be extra dangerous on those aforementioned summer nights.

Luckily, it's slightly lower test than regular Beefeater, clocking in at 80 proof instead of the standard 94, which might just save our bacon. It'll retail for about $20 per 750ML bottle, so look for it in your local liquor store, and we'll get our review up ASAP for this limited-run spirit.

More at Pernod Ricard

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October 28, 2009

Beefeater 24 Gin Arrives for Review

beefeater_24_gin.jpgToday was a good day at the Liquor Snob offices, as shown by the fact the FedEx guy showed up with a bottle of Beefeater 24 gin. We've heard many a good thing about this spirit, with its 24 hour marriage of gin and various exotic teas. It also boasts multiple citruses, licorice, and your standard juniper, but we're focused on the tea, something we've never had before. Seems to work well, at least according to these reviews we found. We'll add our tasting notes to the mix as soon as we can.

Oh Gosh!

A Dash of Bitters

Spirits Review

Drink Hacker

About Cocktails

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August 19, 2009

Juliet & Romeo Cocktail Recipe

juliet_romeo.jpgWe're on a bit of a gin kick right now, and we recently got an email from a good friend highly recommending the following drink recipe he found at Chicago's Violet Hour. It's an amazing mixture of some great ingredients, but of course, you don't have to take our word for it - GQ rated it as one of the Top 20 Cocktails in America.

If you can't make it to Chicago to check it out, try whipping one up for yourself - think gin, lime, mint, rose water, and cucumber...a perfect mix for a steamy day. Our advice if you mix it yourself? Use a delicate hand with your muddler or you could make it too bitter.

Recipe after the jump.

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Bols Genever & Martin Miller's Gin Arrive

bols_genever_cropped.jpgLadies and gentlemen, welcome to Gin Town. That's what we're calling the Liquor Snob offices these days, now that we've received packages containing both Bols Genever and Martin Miller gins. They're two very different spirits, and we're equally looking forward to trying them both out.

Bols Genever
Sweeter and more aromatic than your typical London Dry, Genever is a very different taste and experience than most gins you've probably had. Bols Genever is an award-winning expression of the type, and could even entice non-gin drinkers into the botanical fold.

Bols Genever

Martin Miller's Gin
Looking for a sophisticated spirit at a price that won't break the bank? We've heard extremely good things about Miller's Gin, and you can bet we'll be stirring up some martinis as soon as we get a chance. If you're looking for a London Dry, rumor has it you can't do much better than this one - especially if you're looking to impress your friends with something a bit different.

Martin Miller's London Dry Gin

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July 28, 2009

Square One Botanical

0330_botanicalcocktail-ppt.jpgFor those of you familiar with Square One Organic Vodka (and those who aren't, of course), the company just released a new organic spirit called Square One Botanical. According to the website, it's a "bold organic rye spirit, infused with a striking blend of 8 organic botanicals - pear, rose, chamomile, lemon verbena, lavender, rosemary, coriander and citrus peel." Sounds like a nice new organic gin to us, but they never actually use the term, so we guess we won't.

We're very much intrigued by the mix of botanicals in there, and we like the feeling of drinking organic booze, so we're sure we'll pick up a bottle ASAP.

More at Square One Vodka

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July 27, 2009

Tub Gin: Not From a Bathtub (Anymore)

tub-gin.jpgLegend has it that Tub Gin started out being made in a bath tub. Legend continues that said bath tub was shot by Tub Gin's creators, which was tragic (though they were able to save the gin). The moral? Drink and shoot responsibly.

On a slightly different note, Tub Gin clocks in at almost $35 a bottle, and rumor has it it's a good bit smoother than its rough and tumble backstory. Decide for yourself, and visit

[via Uncrate]

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