September 15, 2006

How to Build a Kegerator

Pre-Kegerator FridgeYou know you've dreamed it, at least once. You know you've stood around that bucket on your porch, watching the keg lolling there in the icy water, thinking "Ye gods, if only I had a refrigerator mechanism to keep the beer cold so I wouldn't have to drink it all right now!" OK, so maybe you didn't start with "Ye gods" and you probably weren't looking for an excuse not to drink beer.

That's all beside the point, however...the most important thing is that you need a kegerator and you need it bad. We've found instructions for how to make one over at, outlining everything you need from refrigerator specs to power tools. Of course, they're also assuming you're building your kegerator out of parts you bought from them, but that's not the end of the world is it? If you need more info, we've also found a "How to Build a Kegerator" FAQ.

Or, if that's too much trouble, you can buy a kegerator pre-made - you lazy bastard.

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September 12, 2006

Octopus Beer Keg Tap Review

Octopus Tap
4 Port Keg Tap System
Price: $69.99 for basic tap
Other systems also available from Octopus Tap

Octopus TapWe've been singing the praises of the Octopus Tap for weeks now. Sadly, it was a one-note song, however, because even though we've had the tap we got in the mail for a healthy long time. That was because of a mixture of a crap summer and the fact that even we, the Liquor Snobs, need a special occasion to get a keg.

Well, we finally got our hands on a keg (a bachelor party - thanks for getting married Eddie), which gave us a chance to blow off some much-needed steam and review the Octopus Tap. We'll spoil some of the suspense and tell you we thought the Octopus Tap kicked ass in a normal drinking situation; but could it keep up the beer flow for seven thirsty dudes as they waded through a Power Hour? Read on to find out.

ArrowContinue reading: "Octopus Beer Keg Tap Review"

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August 8, 2006

Riedel Vinum Single Malt Whiskey Glasses

Riedel Whiskey GlassesDon't look now, but it might be time to stop sipping your whiskey out of an old paint can - it'll help the flavor immensely. All kidding aside, we tend to drink our whiskey (and whisky, for that matter) out of rocks or wine glasses, but we really like the look of these whiskey tasting glasses.

Product Description

Crafted with the help of master distillers in Scotland, this pair of glasses maximizes the sipping pleasures of top-quality single malt whiskey, malt whiskey, and whiskey. The shape is both charming and purposeful, with a squat stem and an elongated body, and the lip turns outward to allow for the best perception of sweetness and cream in the liquor. With a 7-ounce full capacity, each glass is 4-1/2 inches high. Washing by hand is recommended.

Available at Amazon

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August 7, 2006

Grey Goose Liquor Lamp - Blue Shade

Grey Goose LampThe only thing that would make this lamp better would be if you could drink the Gray Goose before the bottle was turned into a lamp. Hey, that gives us an idea. If you don't hear from us over the next few days, it's probably because we've been electrocuted.

Product Description

Grey Goose Liquor Lamp Liquor Lamps are the newest functional & decorative lamps made from your favorite liquor, wine, or beer bottle. Liquor Lamps are the ideal decor to show off your choice liquor in your dorm, apartment, home, and commercial bar. Each Liquor Lamp is hand made.Usually ships within 2 business days.Product Features:Uses a 40 watt bulb (not included)Plugs into the wall like a regular lampMeasurements depends on bottleEach bottle is filled with a unique crystal-fill Made from the actual brand liquor bottle.

Available at Amazon

Also available: Jose Cuervo Liquor Lamp

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August 5, 2006

Alcoholica Esoterica

Alcoholica EsotericaAre you that guy who likes to spout facts and figures when he's drunk? You take a few drinks and all of a sudden you're a font of knowledge who makes sure everyone around him knows it? C'mon, admit it. It's OK. All we recommend is you read Alcoholica Esoterica so next time, your facts and figures are interesting - and by interesting we mean related to booze.

Did you know...
• that the word bar is short for barrier? Yes, that’s right—to keep the customers from getting at all the booze.
• that Winston Churchill’s mother supposedly invented the Manhattan?
• that the Pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock because the sailors on the Mayflower were running low on beer and were tired of sharing?
• that you have a higher chance of being killed by a flying Champagne cork than by a poisonous spider?
• that the Code of Hammurabi mandated that brewers of low-quality beer be drowned in it?
• that beer was so popular with medieval priests and monks that in the thirteenth century they stopped baptizing babies with holy water and started using beer?
Learn all this and more! Available at Amazon.

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Big Shots: The Men Behind the Booze

Big Shots CoverDon't be surprised if you start gazing at your bottles of Jack Daniels and Bacardi a little bit differently after you read Big Shots. It's OK - it's just because you'll know them a whole lot better. This is one of the funnier and better-written booze books we've read, but it's also well-researched and chock full of interesting facts about the liquors and their creators, as well as bonus general info on cocktails and boozes.

Product Description

You may consider Jack Daniel an old friend, Jose Cuervo a long-respected adversary, and Captain Morgan a trusted companion on many a foggy yet unforgettable adventure. But, as with so many drinking buddies, you probably don't know a thing about who they really are. Now, A.J. Baime, articles editor for Playboy magazine, offers a crash course on the men behind our favorite labels, including: Jim Beam * Jack Daniel * Jose Cuervo * Johnnie Walker * Baileys Smirnoff * Bacardi * Seagram * Captain Morgan * Dom Perignon Beefeater * Hennessy

Available at Amazon

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August 4, 2006

Cocktail Gear for Camping Out

Vortex Crank BlenderWe're all about hunkering down on the weekends, glued to the couch with the bottle of our choice. But, to quote Tenacious D, "Sometimes you gotta leave your zone of safety. You have to manufacture Inspirado. You gotta get out of the apartment. You've got to run with the wolves. You've got to dive into the ocean and fight with the sharks. Or just treat yourself to a delicious hot fudge sundae. With nuts." We feel the same way, if by "hot fudge sundae" you mean "cocktails." A good way to do that is to get your ass out there and go camping, but just because you're outside doesn't mean you can't have the comforts of home - namely, your bar tools.

GSI Outdoors makes all kinds of camp cookware and well, bar accessories for campers, and provides a link to peak62 where you can buy the products, often for less than the retail price, online. So you can find that margarita glass in stainless steel for $8.95, while plastic costs $4.95.

Of course, if you like frozen margaritas, you'll need a blender. GSI lists a hand-crank model called the Vortex that crushes the ice in your cooler to the right consistency for margaritas and other frozen drinks. It'll set you back $69.95 at peak62. For $34.95, you can get a small table that clamps to your trailer hitch, and holds your blender while you crank.

via; Vortex Blender is pictured

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Octopus Tap Arrives for Review

Octopus TapDon't be surprised if we seem four times as happy this weekend (or at least four times as drunk). Our Octopus Tap has arrived in the mail, and we'll be putting all four beer lines to use as often as possible for as long as possible. We're trying to figure out how we can pull off four keg stands at a time, and we may try to separate off into teams of four to play a version of that game where you squirt water in the clown's mouth.

Anyway, get the full scoop on this multi-tap monster at

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August 2, 2006

Sexual Bottle Opener is Way Hot

Sexual Bottle OpenerTwo things that have always gone hand in hand are drinking and sex. Well, that's what we hear anyway. We're usually too focused on the drinking part. We just got a note about a bottle opener that seems to be at least somewhat sexy...and reading it made us feel like we'd been drinking.

Anyway, the bottle opener is shaped like a lady, see, and you can guess where the cap of the bottle goes, and...hell, why bother? We'll just let the email itself do the talking.


Oh yes. You can see it's a very sexual and beautiful women!

AND she can open beer bottle for you!! Can you see how she open the bottle for you? So funny! Right?

I know you can not believe that she can moan!!!
Every time you open bottle by she. She will moan louder and louder. Like you make she come.

It can be used in beer bar and coffee bar and hotel and home.
It's a so good promotion gift if your customer is young man.

Awesome. We were able to dig up a Web page for it here; anyone want to pitch in so we can afford the minimum order of 2,000?

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July 31, 2006

Booze on the Go with Built Bottle Totes

Built Bottle ToteWe just got a hot tip about some cool-looking neoprene bottle totes, and while our first thought was to send it on over to our sister site Cheap Fun Wines, we decided not to. Why, you ask? Well, first we realized that if these totes will hold a wine bottle they'll hold most liquor bottles (grenade-shaped liqueuer and tequila bottles notwithstanding). And second - let those winos find their own stories.

The three bottle model (pictured) will run you $29.99 at Built NY, and they offer single, double and other totes as well. Just imagine toting around three well-chilled bottles of vodka straight from the freezer - we can, and we have a feeling we're going to get into some trouble.

The virtues of BYOB need no elaboration, but the perils do: cold liquids heating up, or, worse, bottles sweating through a paper sack and shattering on the concrete as smug onlookers jeer. To avoid these and other apocalypses, check out Built NY's line of wine bottle totes.

Built's totes are especially useful this summer when no AC means an agonizing, 3rd World death. Made from neoprene (the same stuff as wetsuits), they keep chilled liquids chilled, and, thanks to the miracle of handles, are easy to carry.

via Thrillist - by the by, we just checked out Thrillist; they send out a daily email of dude-related stuff including "gadgets, gear, bars and restaurants." Bars, eh? We're joining up right now.

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