November 21, 2006

Prepackaged Liquor Gift Sets

The Original Holiday ShopperWhen the holidays come, you're supposed to be all full of perky and full of cheer. You're supposed to lovingly handpick gifts that mean something to those in your life that you cherish. You're supposed to tie up your love in a bow and hand it over with a smile. But dammit, sometimes even the prospect of facing the ruckus of holiday shopping makes you just want to get drunk. Actually, we usually want to get drunk - and help our friends tie one on too.

That's why we've found prepackaged liquor gift sets over at Internet Wines and Spirits - y'know, those things you see at the liquor store that contain flasks or glasses and whatnot? Now you can help your friends get that buzz they want for the holidays, all without leaving the comfort of your own home. Prices start at $12.48, plus you can make gift baskets out of them for a few more bucks - check out our favorites after the jump.

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November 16, 2006

Liquor Snob Holiday Gift Guide 2006

liquor_snob_blogad_gg.jpgThe holidays are coming, and it's time to stop thinking about your quest for the eternal buzz long enough to love your fellow humans long enough to get them drunk. That's why we've put together our recommendations for our favorite holiday gifts for the boozer in your life.

Whether they're a classy Scotch enthusiast in need of the right glass or a college-age binge drinker who totally wants a beer pong table, we've got exactly what you need to give them a holiday season to remember...until they black it out.

Find our recommendations after the jump and don't forget to keep checking back - we'll add more items as the holidays approach.

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November 14, 2006

Magnetic Bar Tool Set

Screwpull Magnetic Bar ToolsYesterday we waxed a bit poetic about the Screwpull lever corkscrew, and today we're taking a look at a bar tool set by the same folks. We dug the look of the thing right out of the box, all modern and sleek looking. There are a bunch of great tools in there, all high quality stainless steel - a bar knife, strainer, double-ended bar spoon (slotted and solid), a lemon zester, and ice tongs. The fact that they're steel is important, because the coolest thing about the bar set is that it's magnetic.

After you use a tool all you have to do to put it away is get it somewhere near the base and let go - it'll swing on in and stick. This is pretty crucial after you've used the tools to craft a couple rounds of drinks - you probably won't be too concerned with where your bar tools end up, but at least through the power of magnetism you'll have a chance to get them where they need to be. We thought the magnets were plenty strong, and while we couldn't get the spoon and tongs to magnetize to the side we were able to drop the spoon in the center of the console and hang the tongs off the side.

All in all we're happy with our bar tool set and we're looking forward to mixing up a whole lot of drinks with it. The tools are comfortable in our hands, and we're also secretly hoping the magnetic waves will also exude into our drinks and give us some kind of superpowers. Here's hoping. Learn more at Le Creuset and head over to Amazon to get a Screwpull Club Brushed Stainless-Steel 6-piece Magnetic Bar-Tool Setfor yourself or for a gift.

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November 7, 2006

Flabongo = Flamingo + Beer Bong

Flabongo!They say necessity is the mother of invention. Let's say you're at a party, desperately in need of a funnel (aka beer bong), but the only problem is you're semi-passed out in the yard. You fix your bleary eyes on a lawn ornament nearby and suddenly you're hit with a blinding flash of inspiration. You stumble back inside the party clutching a lawn flamingo and a dream, and you have become a hero.

We have no proof that the Flabongo was created in this manner (in fact, we're pretty sure it wasn't) but it makes a nice story doesn't it? All we know is some genius out there figured out how to make a beer bong out of a lawn flamingo. And we also know that we'll be able to live our lifelong dream of drinking beer out of a waterfowl. Learn more at

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October 25, 2006

Riedel H2O Whiskey Glasses

Riedel h20 whiskey glassIf you know anything about us, you know we're all about making our drinks doubles. Might as're pouring it anyway. What, does it strain your wrist to dump out an eight count instead of a four count? Poor baby. These Riedel H20 double old fashoned whiskey glasses are just what the doctor ordered, made of lead-free glass with lots of space for lots of booze, plus you even have plenty of room for ice, if you're one of those people who likes to minimize their grimacing by chilling their drink.

Amazon: Riedel H2O Whiskey/Double-Old Fashioned Glass, Set of 2

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October 18, 2006

Got 7 Thirsty Friends? Time for an Octabong

Octabong in OctauseWhen we first saw the Octabong, we passed on it as a silly gimmicky beer funnel. Who in their right mind would buy a segmented beer bong when you can get a big old funnel for short money at the hardware store? We should have known better - 2006 seems to be the Year of the Octopus after our experience with the Octopus Tap. Once we got it, we really got it, and we understood the demonic simplicity of the idea and we were sold.

Normally if you're having a funnel race one of two things happen - you get multiple funnels or you add more hoses to one funnel. In the first example you're adding to the overall complexity of the act, which isn't a good idea with a few beer bongs in you; in the second there's no way to tell how much of the beer someone actually drank. The Octabong has eight segmented chambers inside the funnel so you can fill them up individually and everyone can race at the same time without the fear of having to drink someone else's beer. Simple and efficient, plus it'll look like everyone's nursing from the udder of a giant beer cow, which will be great for the party pictures.

Speaking of pictures, we realize the fact that the picture above shows eight women in bikinis using the Octabong. That might be a bit disingenuous since our experience shows you'll probably be more likely to use it with a crew of sweaty drunk guys, but it dovetails nicely with our rich fantasy life. Read more at - they even come in multiple colors so you can set up color coded teams.

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October 3, 2006

Coldpole Unveils Flask Ski Pole for '06/'07

Coldpole '06

Remember the Coldpole, the combination ski pole/liquor flask we told you about last year? We've gotten word that the company has released its newest version of the Coldpole for the 2006/2007 season. Stronger and lighter? That's great, but you had us at "ski poles you can fill with liquor." Check out the press release we got below, which contains the details you need to get one for the skier in your life - the Coldpole is $74.95 for a pair and comes with a cleaning kit and instructions.
Coldpole has unveiled its hot new 2006/2007 model “Black Gold” series of Coldpole Liquid Reservoir Ski Poles. The improvements to this innovative snow skiing product include decreased weight, increased strength, and bold new graphics highlighting gold lettering on jet black poles. Best of all, each Coldpole can still hold up to 8 oz. of the skier’s favorite beverage!

Each and every set of Coldpoles now comes with its own Cleaning Brush and Filling Funnel, plus instructions on how to use and operate this ingenious product. Coldpoles are the perfect gift for skiers in your life this holiday season, and can be purchased at or contact via email at or toll free 1-877-633-2102.

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September 29, 2006

Novelty Liquor Dispensers

We'll probably be laughed right out the door of next week's Alcoholics Unanimous meeting for posting about this, but we just stumbled across some novelty liquor dispensers we thought would make great gifts. After all, Chrismukkah is right around the corner. Anyway, we know most of our readers like to drink directly out of the bottle, but who wouldn't want one of these crystal and silver conversation pieces around?

Fire Hydrant Liquor DispenserLiquor Fire Hydrant

Perfect for the fireman (or firebug) in your life, this contraption will let you pump flammable materials out of something that usually puts out fires. Alternately, you and your friends can set it flowing and run through it like inner city kids on a hot day. What fun! (at Amazon)

Gas Pump Liquor DispenserLiquor Gas Pump

Perfect for auto enthusiasts or any drunk on the go, this contraption lets you fuel up in style. But remember - don't smoke cigarettes or operate cell phones within ten feet of the pump. Oh, and don't give into your initial thought to mount this on the dashboard of your car - good idea on paper, bad in practice. (at Amazon)

Slot Machine Liquor DispenserLiquor Slot Machine

This has to be the best slot machine in the universe because every time you pull this old one armed bandit, you get a hot. Luck be a lady tonight - we're getting tipsy! (at Amazon)

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September 26, 2006

Pewter Star Wars Bar Set

Star Wars Pewter Bar SetAttention all fellow geeks...why the hell were we not informed?

Enjoy a slice of inter-galactic opulence with the Star Wars Pewter Bar Set. You get all four pieces: Darth Vader (corkscrew), Yoda (wine stopper), C-3PO (foil cutter), and R2-D2 (bottle opener). This bar set is solid pewter, and sturdy enough to withstand even a Wookie wedding celebration.
via ThinkGeek

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September 20, 2006

Violin Bottle Carrier

violin-bottle-carrier.jpgThere are some days when you just want to get all gangster. And no, we're not talking gangster like wear a bandana, slap on some bling, hold your gun sideways while you shoot gangster. We're talking pin stripe suits, cigars clenched in teeth, carry your tommy gun around in a violin case.

Or, maybe you just want to smuggle a bottle of Southern Comfort into band practice. Either way, check out the violin bottle carrier we've found that will live up to either need.

** LIQUOR NOT INCLUDED ** Holds one bottle in a beautifully flocked velvet lined interior. The outside of the bar is covered in black leather with nickel metal fittings. It is complete with handle. This is a conversational piece with real utility. Available in black only.
Pick one up at Internet Wines.

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