March 1, 2007

The USB Absinthe Spoon

USB Absinthe Spoon

We're not sure if this is an elaborate prank or the coolest advancement in drinking technology since lips, but either way, ladies and gentlemen, we present to you The Absinthe Spoon. Details are sketchy, including why you might need to plug your absinthe spoon into your computer, but apparently they're looking to give them away for free so people can test them out.

See below for the actual text on the site, which is cryptic as hell, and head on over there to peruse the comments that have been left - some of them are actually pretty damned funny. Our favorite was "How else could I wean my PC off the methadone?"

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February 28, 2007

Red Devil Flask at Archie McPhee

Red Devil Flask SetLooking to have a Hell of a Happy Hour, but sick of having to wipe your fellow demons' slobber off the mouth of your flask? It might be time to pick up the Red Devil Flask set.

It holds 8 oz of liquor and comes with three cups, which means you can fill each cup with 2 oz apiece, then chug the rest right out of the flask. Or, at least, that's what we'd do.

from Archie McPhee

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February 27, 2007

Thongs 'N Beer Bongs

Girl Chugging BeerWe're diligently working on our review of the BongXedo beer bong right now after our strenuous testing this weekend. Well, actually, if by "working on our review" you mean "digging up pictures of girls chugging beer," then yes. We've found an excellent page of just that...nothing but girls doing beer bongs. Good God we love our job.

For the record, our headline might be a bit misleading - there aren't any whale tails evident in these pics...but that doesn't mean they're not there.

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February 21, 2007

BongXedo Arrives for Review

bongxedo.jpgWe've gotten our hands on the mythical creature known as the BongXedo, and we're oh-so excited to try it out to see if it has the mystical powers of other creatures of legend. It definitely has the physical aspect of myth - the drinking nozzle reminds us of a unicorn horn, the funnels rise above your shoulders like the wings of Pegasus, and the defoamer tubes drape over your shoulders like the hair of Medusa.

Wow, either we've been watching too much Clash of the Titanslately, or we've gotten a bit too deep in our absinthe reviews. Either way, expect a full review of this gadget coming soon, and check them out for yourself at

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Drink & Draw Social Club Vol. 1

Drinkin' and Drawin'We have a confession to make. We're sure you picture us as suave Carey Grant types with a cigarette holder in one hand, a bottle of liquor in the other, dictating our stories to the lovely assistant sitting on our knee. (We actually tried to set that up, but we got tired of being slapped by potential assistants.) In actuality, we're much more down to earth, and if you must know, we're great big comic books geeks...errr, fans.

This week we found a book that brings together our two greatest passions, boozing and comics, in Drink And Draw Volume 1- read more about it after the jump.

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January 18, 2007

BongXedo Wearable Beer Bong

bongxedo.jpgThere is so much we could say about the BongXedo wearable beer bong from BestBongs, but there's so little we can add. They've done all the work for us - they've made a beer bong you can wear like a harness. Double funnels? Check. Crazy "DeFoamer" technology? You betcha. Big old hose that sticks out of your bathing suit area when you wear it for some titillating times when someone's funneling? Done and done.

The BongXedo holds three beers and you can hang it up when you get sick of making people chug beer out of your crotch region. It's part of a line of high tech funnels including the Little Easy, the Racer, and the Jammitron, all designed to get beer into you at an aggressive rate of speed with a minimum of foam. How can you go wrong? Learn about all different beer bongs they make (and why they claim to be the best) at

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January 5, 2007

Kronik Chill

Kronik ChillWe see a whole lot of products out there designed to help people keep their drinks cold. From coozies to Beer Hugs, everyone seems to be trying to come up with a way to avoid losing the chill in your cocktail. To be honest, we don't have a lot of problems with keeping our drinks icy - they're usually inside us long before they have time to warm up.

We did learn about an interesting product recently called Kronik Chill, however, that made us sit up and take some notice. As far as we can tell they're lined styrofoam cups that you keep in the freezer, and they're different than anything else we've seen. For one, they market themselves as "reusable and disposable" which means you can wash them if you're up for it but they're cheap enough (a case of 24 for $24) to toss if you want after the party's done. For two, according to the test on their site, they keep the chill much better than a regular old keg cup.

We like the concept that styrofoam will keep your hand from getting cold, the fact that you can stack 'em in the freezer, and that you can toss 'em when you're done (environment? what environment?) so we're thinking about getting our hands on some for our next office margarita party. You can check them out and pick up a case of cups at

Update: After concerns were raised in the comments of this story about the shipping price for Kronik Chill, the company lowered its shipping price from $10 for 2 dozen cups to a $5.99 flat rate. That works out at less than a quarter per cup for shipping - not too shabby! Viva la revolucion!

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December 26, 2006

Shotgun Party On at Spencer Gifts

Shotgun Key Retail PackageTalk about a day late and a dollar short - we kind of missed the holiday season on this one but we figured we should let you know. Remember the Shotgun Key from last year, the beer shotgunning device that was worthy of a Liquor Snobby award? You used to only be able to get them online, but they're now available in the real world - at Spencer Gifts in fact. We couldn't find them on the Spencer's website but we know they're available in their store locations - y'know, that place you always see in the mall?

Just think, you'll have a fistful of cash on you from returning that Huxtable sweater your Grandma got you, and they're only $7 for a set of two. Plus, there's a quote on the back of the package from yours truly, so you'll be able to hang up that framed bit of Liquor Snob memorabilia you've always wanted. Sounds like a win/win/win to us. Learn more about these bad boys at

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November 30, 2006

Liquor Rack with 6 Shot Glasses

Liquor Rack with Shot GlassesHere's a nifty little item that should have you and your family buzzed nice and toasty this holiday season. It's a rack for one bottle of liquor that also contains six multicolored shot glasses. That's enough to bring holiday cheer to you, Mom, Dad, Sis, Bro, and Grandma (or however your family, nuclear or non, shakes out) in good measure.

Amazon - Liquor Rack with 6 Shooters By Godinger

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November 29, 2006

Flabongo Beer Bong Review

Image Courtesy of Flabongo.comDo you know how a lot of birds feed their young? The adult eats the food and partially digests it, then goes to its offspring and gently spits the food into each baby bird's beak. It's a fascinating way to take care of the kids, and we plan to do the same thing with our own critters someday. In preparation for that day, the Liquor Snob offices were host to a similar ritual this weekend, with a flamingo. The only difference is that we're not baby flamingos, and the nourishment we were taking was in the form of beer.

Confused? Our regular readers will remember our initial Flabongo coverage and how excited we were to drink from a waterfowl. We got our Flabongo in the mail on Friday, and we spent the afternoon testing it out on a few of the interns. After they got over the idea of sucking on a bird's head to get at their beer, we gave the Flabongo quite the test - find out more after the jump.

Note - We, of course, forgot to break out the camera during our testing, so the above image is courtesy of, which is incidentally where you go to pick up your own Flabongo.

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