September 21, 2007

Papa Bert's World Famous Sippin' Seat

Football season is upon us, which means you're once again under the oppressive thumb of stadium drink prices. If your combo of a Beerbelly and flask doesn't quite get you juiced up enough for the fourth quarter, it's definitely time to start thinking about a Sippin' Seat.

The Sippin' Seat is an ingenious combination of seat cushion and booze smuggling device, with a bladder and hose hidden inside that holds three beers or a bottle of wine. We can't see how you'd go wrong, it'll help you avoid those 'rrhoids you usually get from the cold stadium seating. It's a win win!

Learn more at

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September 13, 2007

Simpsons Flask and Shot Glass Set


What do you get when you mix The Simpsons with drinking? Well, you get pretty much our entire college experience, but if you're lucky it can also take the form of this cool Simpsons hip flask set. It comes with a flask and four shot glasses, for when you're drinking with Grimey, Tibor, and Stuart the Duck.

Simpsons Flask Set [via uberreview]

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September 11, 2007

Liquor Flask: 16 Ounces of Stainless Steel Fury

We've been looking for a quality flask lately, but the ones we find tend to hold only 8 ounces of liquor. Now, four shots might be enough for breakfast or to help you muscle through an episode of Rock of Love, but it's not enough for everyday use. Of course, we could always go with the giant Orvis flask, but that might not be quite as portable as we'd like.

Luckily, we've found the perfect compromise - a quality flask that holds 16 ounces and won't give you a hernia when you try to lift it when it's full. Go ye forth and drink like a private eye.

Stainless Steel 16 oz Mirror Finish Liquor Flask

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August 20, 2007

Hello, G3 Beer Server

We've got some close friends who've been riding us to make the switch to Mac for years. We've always resisted, mostly because we're not interested in computers that are "cute" or "pastel colored." Turns out we've finally discovered something that could turn our fortunes around on the Mac front in the form of the G3 Beer Server.

Yeah, we know it's just a case mod...we've covered a few booze-related mods so we're not new to them, but there's something about a computer that serves you beer while you surf porn work on your blog that's really appealing. Just don't try to get us to use f@cking iTunes and we might be ready to convert.

Geekstir [via Gizmodo]

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August 17, 2007

Gelaskins Rough Night Out iPod Cover

Rough nights out - we've all had 'em, and sometimes we want to wear 'em on our sleeves. In our experience, everyone wants the cachet that comes from telling stories like "So the night started at the Littlest Bar in Boston...and then I woke up in jail in Tijuana," but not everyone wants to live it. Tell a similar story with your iPod by putting a Rough Night cover on it - you can let Mario and Luigi take the heat for you.

So we're thinking about occasionally going a bit more lifestyle-y with Liquor Snob content - basically giving you the things you need with you when you're planning to go out or throw a party. Don't worry, we're still going to give you the same liquor-related news and content, but we're toying with the idea. This is our first such post - please let us know what you think and give us other ideas by posting in the comments or hitting us up at news [at] liquorsnob [dot] com.

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August 10, 2007

Giant Jellyfish Beer Bong Review

giantjellyfish8.jpg[Update: Looks like the Beersudz folks were upgrading their shopping cart and there was a little SNAFU that caused the site to say there was no shipping available in most areas. It's all fixed now, so you can head on over and snap one up.]

This just in - the Giant Jellyfish is big. Like, real big. When we first pulled it out of the packaging, we had no idea what we were in for, because we'd seen and used the regular sized Jellyfish beer bong (review). Before being inflated, the Giant didn't look too much different - it had a little more girth, yeah, and there were three tubes coming out of the bottom instead of one, but it didn't seem that far off. One Intern even commented that its inventors should have come up with a way for people to easily clip off one or two tubes to make it easier for less people to use it. After all, you weren't always going to have three people around who wanted to funnel, right?

Then we blew it up.

ArrowContinue reading: "Giant Jellyfish Beer Bong Review"

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July 31, 2007

Giant Jellyfish 3-Tube Beer Bong

Q: What's better than a portable, inflatable beer bong?
A: A GIANT portable, inflatable beer bong with three tubes.

A while back we reviewed the Jellyfish, a nifty little contraption designed to let you take your beer chugging habit wherever you go. If being able to chug two beers out of a plastic tube isn't enough, those mad geniuses at Beersudz LLC have come out with the Giant Jellyfish, a three-tube monstrosity capable of holding more beer and allowing more people to nurse at the beer teat.

This thing is enormous, the Megalodon to the original's Great White (oops, we might be mixing nautical metaphors here) and we're excited to give it a try this weekend.

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July 23, 2007

Diamond Ring Shot Glass...Y'know, for Bachelorettes


When most guys think of bachelorette parties, they probably think of the shrieking cacophony they often turn into. We, on the other hand, love the things - if you get in good with the bachelorette and crew, they can be a neverending supply of free drinks. Seriously, just make friends in a non-sketchy way, offer to get in the way of the Night at the Roxbury dudes trying to dance their way over, and suddenly you'll have all the booze you can suck down.

A good way to get the bride's attention is to offer her this giant Diamond Ring Shot Glass - she'll either love the idea or think you're creepy, but that was going to happen anyway.

at Bachelorette Superstore [via Nerd Approved]

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July 19, 2007

Enormous Orvis Liquor Flask

Giant Liquor Flask

After years of complaining, someone has developed a liquor flask big enough for our tastes. Finally! Now we just have to save up a couple hundred bucks to get it...

at Orvis [via Acquire]

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June 26, 2007

Poketo! Mood Bottle Openers

Sometimes you need a bottle opener to fit your mood. Maybe you're feeling melancholy. Maybe you're feeling piquant. Maybe you're feeling gassy. None of those frames of mind are captured by the Mood Bottle Openers at Poketo, but if you're feeling shocked, crazy, or happy you're in luck.

You can buy just one (if you're permanently trapped in a single emotion), or buy a set of all three.

at Poketo

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