July 9, 2009

Bottle Throttle Review

bottle_throttle.jpgWelcome to our fully full-on review of the Bottle Throttle, our latest gadget designed to get beer into us at the speed of light. We were excited (and a bit nervous) to try it after its creator told us of its 2-3 second delivery time, and when we couldn't browbeat any of the interns into stepping up to the plate, our fearless leader himself was the first to try it.

That's right - Editor in Chief vs Bottle Throttle in a fight to the drunk.

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July 6, 2009

Timbuk2 Dolores Messenger Chiller/Cooler

dolores-chiller.jpgWe're not sure if you could actually ride a bike wearing the Dolores Chiller from Timbuk2, but this messenger bag cooler is sharp-enough looking to make us want to try. Important features include the insulated interior, the included metal bottle opener, the ballistic nylon construction, and the waterproof lining. Oh, and the space - there's enough room in here for you to shove in at least a twelve pack with ice. We think we're in love, even though the price tag is just north of a C-note.

Timbuk2 Dolores Cooler [via Uncrate]

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June 19, 2009

Bottle Throttle for Shotgunning Arrives for Review

bottle_throttle.jpgDuring our long and storied career here at Liquor Snob, we've dedicated some serious time to technology dedicated to filling you up with beer really, really quickly. From the Bottle Blaster to the Shotgun Key, from Flabongo to Bongxedo, we've done considerable damage to our collective livers in the pursuit of the best way to shotgun beer.

A gentleman from Calgary claims our search is over. Clint Franklin, creator of the Bottle Throttle, claims his doodad is better than all those other doodads out there. Does the Bottle Throttle get you from zero to twelve ounces as quickly as he claims (averaging about three seconds)? There's only one way to find out...testing, testing, testing. And he sent us two for racing purposes!

You can pick up your own Throttle for about ten bucks; we'll hit you with a full review once we've put it through its paces.

@Bottle Throttle

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March 11, 2009

Fashion Flasks That Don't Break the Bank

fashion_flask.jpgNowadays, with things being what they are, most people we know want to do two things: get wasted, and save money. In our experience, one of the best ways to do both is to get your hands on a reasonably-priced flask and bring your booze with you. From movie theaters to piano recitals to that "quick word" your boss wants to have tomorrow, nothing takes the sting out of economical boozing like a good, solid flask.

Oh, but you want a flask that's good looking, you say? Maybe with snake skin wrapping, or included cups, or a little compartment to put your 420 in, all for twenty bucks or less? Look no further, friends.

at Fashion Flasks

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March 10, 2009

Ice Booze Luge Arrives for Review

iceboozedriptray2.jpgYou know that feeling you get, when the FedEx guy shows up with a giant box, and you know that box contains an ice luge mold? OK, maybe you don't, but we do because our very own Ice Booze ice luge and lighted drip tray have arrived. We've begun the phases of freezing, and our review should be live soonly. See? We're so excited to drink booze out of ice we can't even use correct grammar.

Oh, and by the by, if you're itching to pick one up, there's an Ice Booze special right now where you save $20 if you pick up the luge and the stand, and they'll throw in free shipping. Holla, but it's for a limited time, of course.

Learn more at Ice Booze

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March 3, 2009

Ice Booze Vertical Ice Luge Mold

ice_booze_luge.jpgWe have to say, some days we want to drink our liquor out of a fancy glass. Then again, some days we want to drink our liquor out of a giant, carved out chunk of ice. For those days, we think we might just have found our huckleberry. Introducing Ice Booze, a different take on the ice luge where you pour your liquor right through a chunk of ice instead of dribbling it along the top.

As far as we can tell, it's kind of like an iron maiden, but inside instead of spikes and pain, there's tubes and ice and boozy goodness. All we can say is, think we'll get ours by St. Patrick's Day? We'd sure like to run the interns through their luging paces - we've already got the tiny sleds and skintight outfits picked out.

at Ice Booze

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February 25, 2009

Edible Shot Cups: Chocolate Lined for Her Pleasure

edible_shot_cups.jpgA couple years ago, after a stint of covering every single Jell-O shot recipe we could find, we decided post about pudding shot recipes. We did it as a lark, a complete joke. But it turns out you, our readers, are really interested in pudding shots. That story gets all kinds of comments and seems to make people really happy.

So what could make you happier? How about some edible shot cups to eat them out of? Yeah, we thought so. It's like a little chocolate-lined wafer cone for all your pudding shot, slippery nipple, and Bailey's-pounding needs. Seems like the best way to enter a diabetic coma we've ever heard of.

Chocolate Lined Wafer Shot Cups [via Kegworks Blog]

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February 24, 2009

Dublin Your Pleasure Hoodie with Beer Pouch

dublin_pleasure_hoodie.jpgSt. Patrick's Day is coming, and what better way to pronounce that you're a complete feckin' amateur Irishman than by wearing a sweatshirt that says "Dublin' Your Pleasure"? HOWEVER, this hoodie does redeem itself by including, in addition to a standard kangaroo pocket, a pocket specifically to hold your beer. This is great because it will leave your hands free to hold your other two beers.

via Shop Irish (also available at Amazon)

(Thanks for the tip, Kathy)

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February 8, 2009

Flask Plus Cards Equals Perfect Gift

flask_with_cards.jpgWe were never Boy Scouts (we're sure you're shocked about that), but we're pretty certain their motto is "Always Be Prepared." We've decided to make a slight variation on that motto; ours is most likely going to be "Never Go Anywhere Without Flask and Cards." Or something like that. And lo and behold, here's a setup that will let us get our drinking and gaming merit badge!

Uncommon Goods [via ProductDose]

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December 12, 2008

I Buy/You Buy Dice

jsdice.jpgFinally, for the person who needs a bar bill-paying randomizer beyond good old credit card roulette, and is willing to pay fifty bucks for it. Ladies and gentlemen, we present you...these dice that say "I Buy" and "You Buy."

Jack Spade [via Acquire]

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