July 27, 2006

Swivel Liqueur Glasses

Swivel Liquor GlassesJust found this post about swiveling liquor glasses over at The Sporting Life...they seem pretty cool but we have enough trouble with keeping our regular old standup glasses in on piece. Can't imagine how we'd do with a free range glass that looks like a top, especially after a few pops, and even moreso at $45 a glass. Might be a good gift for grandpa, though.

I’m not quite dead from the heat yet, but an improperly served brandy could push me over the edge. Why take the chance when you can grab one of these Swivel Liqueur Glasses that swivel around, swishing the liquid, to let you enjoy the aroma before you gulp it down like a man dying from heat exhaustion. Wait, that’s not right.
via The Sporting Life (get your own from Charles & Marie)

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July 25, 2006

Nux Vomica: Best Hangover Remedy EVER

Nux VomicaWe had an accidental run-in with some heavy duty margaritas last weekend - seemed like a typical weekend with some minor blackouts and whatnot. We're not prone to bad hangovers here since we spend so many hours in training, but we woke up feeling bad. As in BAD. We're talking headache, nausea, sour stomach, general malaise. We thought we were down for the count but a friend of ours suggested we give Nux Vomica a try.

We weren't sure what it was, but we were ready to try anything. He said it was a homeopathic remedy and shook out 2 little tablets from a bottle that looked like a chapstick and told us to hold them under our tongue. Skeptical to say the least, we tried it. We were amazed to find that we were feeling ship shape in about 20 minutes, and we vowed to always have a tube of the little suckers around.

You'll want to be careful and don't overdo it (the full name does contain the word "strychnine"), but all we can say is you can buy it at Amazon and we're about to. Read on for more information about Nux Vomica as a hangover remedy.

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Octopus Tap Edges Closer to Namesake

Octopus 4 TapperWe remember a million times in college when we'd be at a house party waiting in line for a beer and we'd think "Man, there's got to be a quicker way to get the beer out of this damn keg!" Actually, that's a bit of a lie. We'd usually wait in line and try to make eye contact with pretty girls, get Shaq'd and drink away our sorrows. But if we hadn't been so distracted we probably would have been coming up with clever ways to up the line speed.

The gents over at Octopus Tap have beat us to the punch by adding more lines to your tap, so you can have up to four people serving beer at once and minimizing the wait by - quick math here - four fold. Our original Octopus Tap coverage last September was in the dark ages when they only had three lines on there...we look back on those days and just laugh. Just think...four more arms and it'll be a true Octopus...or you could just buy two we suppose. Maybe soon we'll have beer kegs with hundreds or thousands of taps and we'll be beer gods! Or, maybe not - either way you can read on for more info about the Octopus Tap from their press release.

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July 23, 2006

Ultimate Beer Cozy Experiment

All the Food GroupsThere are a lot of things that can make your beer drinking experience better. One thing that's fairly popular, at least according to what we've seen in truck stops and convenience stores across the nation, is beer cozies. Apparently, they keep your beer cool for longer. All we can say is, what the hell are you doing with your time if you need a little piece of foam rubber around your beer to keep it from getting all room temperature-y?

Anyway, if you really need a beer cozy we recommend trying out some of the ones manufactured by those bored geniuses over at MyScienceProject. They experimented with all sorts of cozies to find out what worked best, from Legos to styrofoam to...Rice Krispy treats? That's what we call paying attention to all the food groups.

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July 13, 2006

Cocktail Vibe Cocktail Glasses Review

Drinking in the Name of ScienceWe've been seriously stress-testing the Cocktail Vibe glasses that arrived at the Liquor Snob offices last week. The interns have been scurrying around like ants as we sequestered ourselves near the liquor cabinet...err, in the testing lab...bringing us the crushed ice and limes we needed to perform our strict diagnostics.

So do Cocktail Vibe glasses live up to our expectations, and make it worth it to cash in on the 10% discount or free shipping offers they're currently running? Read on to find out.

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Pioneer PureMalt Whiskey-Soaked Speakers

Whiskey SpeakersWe're from the school of thought that a splash of whiskey makes everything better, from baked beans to making love (as long as by "making love" you mean "pushing rope"). Pioneer seems to have had the same thought - they're making the cabinets for their new set of speakers out of the barrels used to age whiskey. Seems like a great idea to us...we're no audiophiles but we do have a theory.

When we drink enough whiskey our worldview skews a bit, people around us become incredibly attractive and we feel like the handsomest guys on the planet. So wouldn't it make sense that whiskey-soaked speakers might play the same trick on our ears and make any old crap from Aguilera to Shakira sound like gold?

...check the latest rev of the "PureMalt" speaker line-up from Pioneer made from the 100 year old oak used to barrel-age whiskey (or is that whisky?) before retiring in your bookshelf HiFi. As to the specs, well, if this is the kind of marketing ploy that appeals to you, then do you really care about the inclusion of Pioneer's Technical Audio Devices (TAD) technology usually found in their professional speakers? Didn't think so.
via Engadget

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July 9, 2006

Cocktail Vibe Glasses Arrive for Review

Metropolitan Martini GlassThere is a giant box sitting on the editor-in-chief's desk right now, and he's tearing into it like a kid at Chrismukkah. What did he get, you ask? No, it's not an Official Red Ryder Carbine-Action Two-Hundred-Shot Range Model Air Rifle with a Compass in the Stock and This Thing that Tells Time, but he's nearly as excited. It's our package from Cocktail Vibe, and it's full of glasses. Y'know, the kind you drink booze out of.

We're getting ready to put them through their paces, and you'd better believe we will. And around the same time we got the package we got an email about free shipping on Cocktail Vibe orders, and if you don't order enough to be eligble for that, you've always got your Liquor Snob discount. Read on for more details.

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July 4, 2006

America's Birthday, You Get a Present

Fireworks and DrinkingHappy Fourth of July, everybody. We're sure you're out somewhere right now engaging in nature's perfect holiday, combining explosives and alcohol. But when you get back, we've got a little something something lined up for you. Go ahead...drink and blow things up...we'll wait. You'll just have to wait to learn how to get a discount on killer barware and glasses.

Oh, still here? Cool. Remember a few weeks ago when we told you about Cocktail Vibe, the classy drinking gear we found? We're impressed with these guys, and we've struck up a deal with them so you can make some classy additions to your home bar and save some dough at the same time. That's the kind of guys we are.

Cocktail Vibe is offering a 10% discount to on all their swanky bar ware, from classic or stemless martini glasses to killer shot glasses, for Liquor Snob readers. Plus, as an added bonus, you can get your hands on some sweet cocktail stirrers in the bargain.

All you have to do is load up your shopping cart and enter the code "web2snob" during checkout. This discount only applies on your first order, so you might as well just order the whole catalog. Well, maybe not, but definitely head on over to Cocktail Vibe and check 'em out...we're sure you'll find some things you'll dig.

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July 3, 2006

Breathalyzer Cell Phone Features Anti-Drunk Dial

Cell Phone ChatterDon't look now, but if you're a chronically embarrassed drunk dialer, the LG cell phone company might have the answer for you. Check out this post we found on Gizmodo:

Just when we thought the LG Breathalyzer cellphone couldn’t be more useless, they go an introduce this anti-drunk dialing feature. The phone can be set to block certain people in the book, say, your ex, your boss, and your pastor, from being dialed when the phone detects booze on your breath.

The LG LP4100 is going to be released later this year, and has already sold 200,000 phones in Korea. We’re still waiting for them to add an anti-ugly-drunken-hookup mode.

via Gizmodo

Of course, when we originally reported on the breathalyzer phone back in October we called for the anti-drunk dialing feature, so we're taking all the credit...errr, blame.

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July 2, 2006

10 Piece Flask and Shaker Set

Flask and Shaker SetWe love finding tools of the trade for drunks on the go, and one of our favorites was the portable bar set we discovered last year on Amazon. We've uncovered another brilliant idea for the boozer on the move, a 10 piece flask and shaker set that's already got our hands shaking and our mouths watering.

Check out the product description from Amazon below:

Like your vodka martini gently shaken, not stirred? We've got you covered. This key-lockable travel martini kit features an expandable leather box with two 8oz. flasks, one 1oz. flask,one 7oz. shaker, two stainless steel retractable cups, one ice tong & one metal funnel. Imported.
We're planning to buy one, and it seems like a great gift idea too.

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