May 27, 2009

Transformers Drinking Games: Our 4 Favorites

tron_man_reclined.jpgWe've had drinking games on the brain lately, and we're also rekindling an old obsession - Transformers. We used to watch the cartoon when we were kids, and we're interested in the new Transformers flick that's coming out, even if only to see if we hate it as much as the one that came out a couple years ago. The main impetus, of course, is the sister sites What Would Optimus Do? and What Would Megatron Do?, where your favorite good and evil robots give the advice Dear Abby should, each answering the same question in his own unique way.

To commemorate this great day, we're including our favorite Transformers drinking games below, as well as why we like them. Find it after the jump - hopefully you'll find a game that lets you find your inner child and transform into an incoherent drunk.

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May 20, 2009

Firefly/Serenity Drinking Game

nathan_and_morena.jpgWe've been a little obsessed with nerdy drinking games lately. After our post about science fiction drinking games a couple weeks ago, we had a nagging feeling there was something missing. What was it? It was keeping us nights, then we figured it out.

It was Firefly that was missing. Joss Whedon's science fiction Western masterwork was not included in the list of games. We've been on a Firefly and Serenity jag lately, and we're really enjoying seeing it again.

We've also been known to wax poetic about Morena Baccarin (and underpants tea), the second reason we watch the show. We're not afraid to admit - the first reason is our rugged hetero man-crush on Nathan Fillion. Anyway check out our favorite Firefly drinking game rules after the jump.

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April 29, 2009

Science Fiction Drinking Games: Get Your Geek On

kirk-brandy.jpgCall us geeks (we're used to it) but we were just over at IO9, reading up on the prospect of a Gremlins 3 movie, when when a story title caught our eye and piqued our interest. A Dozen Science Fiction Drinking Games? We don't even know where to start with that title in terms of sheer awesomeness.

We love a good TV oriented drinking game any day of the week, but when they're science fiction-related, you've dialed our number. From Dr. Who to Battlestar Galactica to Stargate, you'll find a drinking game to tickle your nerd bone and pickle your liver in no time.

We do take issue with classifying some of these things as science fiction (the 1960s Batman movie? 300?), but beggars can't be choosers.

via IO9

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February 8, 2009

Flask Plus Cards Equals Perfect Gift

flask_with_cards.jpgWe were never Boy Scouts (we're sure you're shocked about that), but we're pretty certain their motto is "Always Be Prepared." We've decided to make a slight variation on that motto; ours is most likely going to be "Never Go Anywhere Without Flask and Cards." Or something like that. And lo and behold, here's a setup that will let us get our drinking and gaming merit badge!

Uncommon Goods [via ProductDose]

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January 28, 2009

Beer Pong Coupons for All

bpc banner .jpgWe can't tell you how many times we've thrown our hands in the air over the prospect of paying retail for a beer pong table. It's something that has to come up, like, twice a day. "I'd love a new beer pong table, but I can't justify paying retail!" That's where Beer Pong Coupons comes in - right now they've got discounts of up to $35 off portable beirut tables. So what're you waiting for?

at Beer Pong Coupons

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October 17, 2008

Pick Your Poison Drinking Game

pick_your_poison_drinking_game.jpgHalloween is approaching fast, and we are all about getting ready to throw the perfect Halloween party. Whether you're having a bender or doing one of those more intimate gatherings, Pick Your Poison is a great game to get you socially lubricated enough to climb into the Raggedy Andy costume your girlfriend is making you wear. The game itself is simple - just fill the included 2 oz. shot glasses, then push the spider to make lights flash under each glass. At the end, one glass will have a light still under it, and the person closest has to drink the shot. Simple enough, and just for the record - we checked the rules and you don't have to include actual poison in any of the glasses.

Pick Your Poison Drinking Game

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September 16, 2008

Inflatapong Inflatable Beer Pong Table

inflatapong.jpgFor most of us here on the east coast, pool season is over, but that doesn't stop us from getting excited about Inflatapong, the newest swimming pool-centric beer pong game on the block. For a while there, the Portopong was the only inflatable floating beer pong game in town, but these guys have brought some interesting new ideas to the concept.

Click on the image above to see a YouTube video of their informational video explaining how Inflatapong works, and you can get one of your own for eighty bucks at their website. For the record, our favorite features are the eight foot size and the center board for bouncing - plus they also feature N-Ice Rack on their site if you want to use them for simpler (and chillier) racking.


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September 11, 2008

Play Flip Cup, Win a 7 Day Vacation

flip_cup_tournament.jpgWe told you about the Flip Cup Guys a while back, the gentlemen who host ongoing tournaments in the sport of kings that is their namesake. We've found out today they're outdoing themselves with the flip cup tournament of flip cup tournaments. We're talking a record-breaking 64 teams, making it the world's largest flip cup tourney ever, and a prize to make it all worthwhile - a VIP trip for the winning team members to Jamaica.

Sounds easy doesn't it? Well, if you're doing it you'd better bring all your skillz, as the kidz say (Or maybe they used to say that. Or maybe they never did. We don't really care), because that's a whole lot of teams.

The games begin on October 11, so get to registerin' at, and read on to see the Guys' own words about what to expect from the event and the prize package.

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July 11, 2008

Physical Challenge: TEGWAR Drinking Game

AngryMobFunRun_1024.jpgIt's been a while since we've done a physical challenge, so we think it's high time we give you another idea for something stupid to do this weekend. TEGWAR is a drinking game we used to play in college, and we'll give you a hint: it's really only fun for the people who are in on the joke.

What you need:

  • A co-conspirator
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Gullible friend (s)
Other things that are helpful:
  • Any other gaming-related items you have at hand (dice, cards, paper & scissors, hats, whatever)
  • A knowledge of other drinking games you can pillage from
  • A background in theater
  • Wit, guile, and nerves of steel. Lacking that, you should have your running-away shoes on
To boil things down, you and your co-conspirator tell your group of friends that you have a great game to play, but one of the rules is that you can't tell them the rules. The ostensible goal of the game is for your dupes friends to figure out the rules. The true objective is to see how weird you and your ally can make things before anyone figures out that you're just making shit up.

If anyone plays this, please let us know the results down to the last contusion. See the more full description of how to play below.

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July 9, 2008

Flip Cup Guys Host World's Largest Flip Cup Tournament

FCG_OfficialLogo_static.jpgAhhhh, flip cup, the sport of kings. For too long, this game has been the overlooked drinking game, or what you play when you have cups for Beirut but no ping pong balls. We just got an email from some folks, appropriately named "The Flip Cup Guys," looking to change that by organizing the world's largest Flip Cup Tournament. We're hoping they can do for FC what the World Series did for beer pong.

Keep reading for more information.

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