January 22, 2008

What Alcoholic Drink Are You Quiz

cocktail-costume.jpgOK, so we don't often fall for online quizzes, but this one was right up our alley. Turns out the Liquor Snob team, collectively, is Tequila.

When you drink, you're serious about getting drunk!
You'll take any shot that's offered up to you...
Even if it tastes like sock sweat!
And you're never afraid of eating the worm.

Man, that sounds oddly right. If you want a glimpse into our twisted psyches, our answers were: B - Puking all over the bar, B - Strong, C - Hardcore, G - Chips and salsa, D - You take what you can get, A - Quarters, C - Whiskey Sour.

Take the quiz at Blogthings

(Image courtesy of Oriental Trading - y'know, in case you want to get one of those costumes for yourself or a loved one.)

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January 9, 2008

How to Drink Absinthe (not for Dummies)

absinthe_greenfairy_oliva.jpgWe were originally going to call this post "Absinthe for Dummies," but then we remembered two things. One was that we freaking hate the whole "for Dummies" thing. Two was that absinthe is definitely NOT for dummies - it's a varsity drink, to say the least. (You know - JV drinkers are the ones who only go on benders on St. Patrick's day and their bachelor party. Varsity drinkers are something else entirely. You know who you are.)

Anyway, Rick over at Martini Groove put together some nice links on how to drink absinthe and really enjoy it, including how to pick the right bottle, avoid the nasty shite, and decide which ritual you like to do. We say try 'em all, but our note from watching someone else do it on a fateful night - don't drink it from the bottle.

How to Drink Absinthe and Absinthe FAQ [via Martini Groove]

Note: We kifed the above image (which we really like a lot) from this page on epicurious

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January 8, 2008

How to Stock Your Home Bar

who needs to go out to a bar?Whether you want to throw a great party, or just want to practice your mixology in the comfort of your underwear, there are some distinct advantages to having a well-stocked home bar. Plus, let's face it - bars are great, but sometimes you want to to drink at home. We're always asked about how to go about stocking said home bar, and we usually start off with one piece of advice...figure out your angle.

Do you want a Tiki theme? Are you going to be hitting up the crazy, cutting-edge, fresh ingredient end of things, or are you happy with pre-made mixers and a "well drinks only" kind of environment?

Take some time, figure out what you want your bar to say about you, set a reasonable budget, and get cracking with the tips below.

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January 3, 2008

No Booze for 6 Months? A Revolting Resolution

the-scream.jpgWe've received some unfortunate news here at the Liquor Snob offices. We're not sure how to put it, so we'll just spit it out...it seems our Editor in Chief and Grand High Muckety Muck has developed an allergy to alcohol*. Well, not alcohol so much as the yeasts and sugars used to make it. Turns out the red face and Irish Flu really were caused by his WC Fields lifestyle - just not for the reason he thought.

He's been told by his doctor that he has a chance to get over it, but he has to stay off the sauce for six months. We'll repeat that - Mr. Liquor Snob himself can't drink for half of 2008. He put off his abstinence until after New Year's, his personal national holiday, but now he's committed to the idea.

Not that you have to worry - while he has to get used to things like mornings and finding out what orange juice tastes like without vodka, the interns here will continue to grind out great content about their favorite pastime, and make sure you get your daily shot.

Please feel free to shout out with any advice, catcalls, or mocktail recipes in the comments below, and we'll keep you posted on his willpower.

* Apparently, allergies can be caused by repeated exposure to the allergen. Big shocker, eh?

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December 31, 2007

Happy New Year's 2007 from Liquor Snob

nyeve.jpgAnother year has come and gone, and it's time to start Auld Lang Syne-ing and prepping for your party. It's time to reflect on this past year and think ahead to next year. Or, at the very least, it's time to get out your hollow Champagne leg and stock up on hangover remedies to help you weather tomorrow.

While you're idling away the time until you can start drinking with a clean conscience, we've found an interesting article that rounds up the 20 top trends in liquor, beer, and wine. From powdered alcohol to breast-enhancing beer, this is a great roundup of some of the major booze happenings in 2007, and possibly a glimpse of what you'll see in the future.

via TrendHunter

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December 11, 2007

Buy Your Friend a Drink


We've had plenty of head-slapping, "I should've thought of that" moments since we started writing for Liquor Snob, but this may be the biggest. We'll keep the suspense to a minimum and just lay it on you here - it's a service where you can buy your friends a drink a drink online. And just what is this stupendous service called you ask? Well, it's called Buy Your Friend a Drink (or as we like to call it, BYFaD).

Don't you see? This could be the greatest boon to gift givers since the invention of the Internet. Tell Rachael Ray she can shut up about her Dunkin' Donuts gift cards. You can give your friends the gift they really want - the gift of being loaded. Well, that's assuming they live near the participating bars in NYC or Boston, of course, but there are over 120 bars in the network and they're adding more all the time.

For more information check out what they had to say about the service at CNET's Crave, or head straight to the BYFaD site. And don't forget, Liquor Snob is located in Boston, so if you're having trouble thinking of what to get us...

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December 10, 2007

Deep Drinks at Deep Ellum


We got a phone call last week from Harold Joyce from WyattZier. He said he had a few surprises he wanted to show us, and asked if we could meet up. The name might not mean anything to you, but this is the man who introduced us to Zygo, 44 North, and Compass Box (Eleuthera, Asyla, and Peat Monster), so we knew we were in for a treat. He said he knew of a really cool bar near us, and we agreed to meet, and that cool bar was almost his undoing. ArrowContinue reading: "Deep Drinks at Deep Ellum"

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Imbibe! and the Story of "Professor" Jerry Thomas

blue-blazer.jpgA friend of ours sent us a link a while back to a New York Times story (subscription may be required) about Jerry Thomas, a bartender from the 1800s who was considered a god at his craft. So what did we do? We got busy and forgot all about it, of course. But as luck would have it we found another reference to the book and decided to cover it.

Thomas was the inventor of the Blue Blazer, the drink depicted in the picture to the right, and one that very few bartenders would have the stones to try (mostly because they'd probably get fired for it). The man also is credited with developing or inventing hundreds of other drinks, which was recently chronicled in the book Imbibe!, which includes anecdotes and cocktail recipes. But don't take our word for it...check out this write up from Publisher's Weekly:

cofounder of the Museum of the American Cocktail, Wondrich delivers a well-researched chronicle of Professor Jerry Thomas's life and times as late 19th-century bartender extraordinaire. From gold rush saloons in San Francisco to last calls in lower Manhattan, Thomas collected material for The Bartender's Guide, the seminal 1862 collection of cocktail recipes. Wondrich offers up 100 classic cocktails from Thomas's guide and other period sources, along with 16 new drinks that recall those golden days. Old-time tools, ingredients and measurements are conveniently converted to their contemporary equivalents, as julep strainers and toddy sticks are hard to come by. Fortunately, many of the concoctions transcend time in their simplicity. General Harrison's Egg Nogg, for example, calls for hard cider, sugar, an egg and some lumps of ice. For the newly minted offerings, Julie Reiner of New York's Flatiron Lounge conjures up a Cherry Smash that includes brandied cherries, cognac and Orange CuraƧao, and Wondrich weighs in with a glass of rye, simple syrup and Angostura bitters, which he calls a Tombstone. The result is a lovely homage to Thomas's indomitable spirits.

PS - We love the full title of this book, which is truly reminiscent of books from the 1800s but not conducive to a bloggers sense of keeping the post short. Screw it - the full name is Imbibe!: From Absinthe Cocktail to Whiskey Smash, a Salute in Stories and Drinks to Professor Jerry Thomas, Pioneer of the American Bar. Whew, that's long...we're going to shoot for something like that when we write our book.

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November 27, 2007

Best Consoles for Video Game Partying

Ron Jeremy as Super MarioThere are some who think video games are strictly for geeks, but we can tell you from personal experience that's just not the case. Sometimes, the best memories can be made with a few friends, a few beers, and the right video game console. Some of our favorite times involved Link saving the princess, Mario saving the princess, Metroid turning out to be a chick...we just wish we were old enough to drink during all that.

These days, the video games are better and you're old enough to party, but which video game console should you choose for your next get-together? We've rounded up some ideas to help you wade through the Wiis, examine the Xboxes, or pick the right Playstation. Read our thoughts and let us know what you think after the jump.

ArrowContinue reading: "Best Consoles for Video Game Partying"

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November 15, 2007

Fix Hangover Remedy Strips

With the holiday season coming up we're guessing you'll be finding all sorts of reasons to party. Not that we'd ever recommend drinking irresponsibly, but if you do find yourself a bit green in the gills after a night out you might want to try Fix Hangover strips. Available in three flavors (Vanilla Berry, Grape, and Orange), these suckers are packed with electrolytes, caffeine, and vitamins designed to get you back up and on your feet with a quickness.

at StripUp.com [via Thrillist]

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