December 19, 2008

Michael Collins Golf Flask Set

michael_collins_golf_flask_set.jpgIt's funny that Kevin over at The Scotch Blog decided to feature this Michael Collins Golf Flask gift set during his Twelve Days of Scotchmas series today, because we saw this thing in the liquor store yesterday and it took every ounce of willpower we had not to buy it for ourselves. If you're looking for that last-minute gift for the golfer/Irish whiskey drinker on your list, pop into your local liquor store and see if they have these on hand.

The set includes a 750ml bottle of Michael Collins Blended Irish Whiskey, a gorgeous stainless steel Michael Collins flask, and a genuine leather flask holder that is perfect for golfers. The handsome leather holder includes four golf tees, two ball markers and a divot repair tool. Delicious Michael Collins cocktail recipes are printed on the back of the box.
More at The Scotch Blog
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December 16, 2008

Best Video Games to Play While Drinking

golden_tee01.jpgWe've made no secret of the fact we're gamers here at the Liquor Snob offices, but it dawned on us today that we've never given enough love to our gaming readers, or games in general. We found a great article about the best games to play while you're drinking or drunk, and we thought their criteria were pretty dead-on. After all, we tend toward RPGs when we play, but who wants to end up like this guy?

Let's start with our target audience. They're not going to be able to focus for extended periods of time, so you need something that only demands brief bursts of coordination followed by plenty of downtime. That's key, because they're going to need a chance to sip from their drink. Hopefully they're not drinking alone, so downtime also gives them a chance to shift their attention back to the conversation, or, failing that, give them the opportunity to start one. Finally, their reflexes are generally going to be utter crap. People don't like to lose, particularly when they're drunk, so we need to plan for that as well. Our target player wants something that enhances the drinking experience without overriding it.
Full story at The Escapist

Also, for your convenience, we've pulled out some of their recommended games, along with the reasons why they're awesome to play when you're sauced.

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December 5, 2008

Repeal Day Roundup

goodolddays.jpgAs you know, today is the 75th Anniversary of Repeal Day. And as you also know, Repeal Day was the day the 21st Amendment went into effect, repealing the 18th and letting people drink sweet, sweet booze that wasn't made in a bathtub. So lift up a glass to the repeal, to your God given right to drink without going moonshine blind, and to liquor in general.

* Also where we borrowed the image from

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November 14, 2008

Liquor Snob Holiday Gift Guide 2008

liquor_snob_blogad_gg.jpgThe holiday season is upon us again, and this year we decided to prepare for it. We picked up a cup and some football pads for braving the Black Friday sales, and we have multiple flasks to help dull the pain of dealing with the thronging hordes. Then we remembered (just like every year) that we could just shop online and get stuff that's just as good without all the hassle, so we decided to comb our archives for the best products we featured this year. That way we can shop for everything from a remote-controlled beer cooler to the greatest video game setup we've ever seen, all from the comfort of our own home.

We've compiled a list of our top 10 favorites (in no particular order) here; find everything else after the jump.

1. Big, Bad Breathalyzer Roundup

2. Cool, Cooler, Coolest

3. Jager Tap Machine

4. Keychain Corkscrew

5. R2D2 Ice Bucket

6. Full-Bottle Wine Glass

7. Mad Science Bartending Set

8. 6 Gallon Beverage Dispenser

9. Faberge Martini Shaker

10. Headmaster Electric Keg Pump

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November 10, 2008

Cooking With Booze

cooking_with_booze.jpgWith the holidays coming, we've been looking for interesting ways to spruce up our menus. We don't have to look any longer, because we found what looks to be the ultimate cookbook that's right up our alley - and it's called Cooking With Booze. We've had a copy of the out-of-print Cooking and Eating With Beer for a decade now, and we love how cooking with beer can add such subtle flavors to our meals. We can only imagine the new vistas we'll reach once we can fire up the grill or oven with hard liquor too.

Cooking with Booze [via Drink of the Week]

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November 4, 2008

Election Night Drinking Game

wonkette-flochart.gifWish we'd found this to post it earlier. Thanks Wonkette.

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October 2, 2008

Falling Down the Pub

dfens.jpgYou know what your life has been missing? Reviews of London Pubs, as written by famous ficitonal characters, that's what. Thankfully, we can steer you in the direction of Falling Down the Pub, a British website run by DFens, the main character of the feel good hit Falling Down.

Check out a few of our favorite reviews by:

Arnold from Diff'rent Strokes

Bashful the Dwarf from Snow White

R2D2 and C3PO from Star Wars

We like the site because it keeps washed up characters off the streets, and gives us info on bars we'll never visit. A win/win.

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September 25, 2008

Handy Guide for Drinking at Work

uffa-poster-1.jpgWe thought we'd take a break from watching SFW Porn (which really is safe for work unless you work for nuns, and even they might laugh) to tell you about another of our favorite work pastimes - drinking. It's not like we do it all the time, or even regularly, but there's a feeling of satisfaction when you at least sneak in a few beers at work without your coworkers getting wise. Unless they were at the bar next to you, of course.

If you're thinking about doing a little liquoring on the lowdown tomorrow, we've gone to the well of true knowledge on the subject - the Modern Drunkard.

Why Drink on the Job?
Because most jobs suck. If you love your job, if the workday just flies by and you have to be dragged away from your desk at the end of the day, you don't need alcohol. You need a psychiatrist. If you dread going to work, if the workday drags along like a crippled slug crawling across sandpaper, if clocking out feels like a jail door springing open, then a little booze can go a long way toward making a nightmarish death march of a shift seem a hop, skip and sip through a field of flowers.
Full story and advice at Modern Drunkard

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September 17, 2008

Think Twice Before You Let Celebrities in your Liquor Cabinet

07_danny_lgl.jpgWhen we're talking about celebrities invading your liquor cabinet, we're not talking about letting Lindsay Lohan lick your Laphraoig, or Hasslehoff hog your Hennessy. We're talking about celebrity-sponsored, -endorsed, or -created liquors, spirits, etc. For every Billy Dee Williams (who used to pimp the magical Colt 45) there's a Danny DeVito Limoncello (no joke). Jason Wilson lets you know which ones to try and which ones to fear at the Washington Post.

In the past, Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre have proven to be relatively credible arbiters of spirits. After all, they could have name-dropped any old gin in the 1994 hit "Gin and Juice," but they chose to call for Tanqueray (rhyming it, in fact, into cultural consciousness). It remains an excellent choice for nearly every gin cocktail.

Most other celebrities, however, I would not take drinking advice from.

Find out who gets slammed and who gets a passing grade at the Washington Post.

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August 22, 2008

LiquorSnob Presents: America's Best Dive Bars, Volume 1

ehkatie.jpgThis summer we sent our interns on the road to bring us liquor news from around the country. We knew we should've put LoJacks on them, because they disappeared for the first three weeks, then surfaced with this report out of the South.

Seems they've decided to focus their research on the best dive bars in America. You know the type of place. Cheap drinks, shit plastered all over the walls, a water stained pool table, and a damn good jukebox. Plus, we finally got to realize our dream of using the words "insufferable douche" on the site.

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