October 13, 2005

Coldpole Liquor Reservoir Ski Poles

Black Diamond Series ColdpoleExpert Series ColdpoleYou can keep your SMS and your PSP and your iPod (unless it's got iPod Bartender installed that is). We've finally found an invention that actually DOES something. Introducing the Coldpole, the world's first ski pole with an inner reservoir.

We're sure you're thinking about all the hot chocolate and steaming soup you could keep in each pole's 8 oz. reservoir, but quit kidding yourself. If you've ever been skiing before you know this is the perfect vehicle to chill your booze for when you come off the mountain. Imagine - the end of the day, everybody's packing into the bar jostling for an overpriced drink.

Meanwhile, elsewhere in the lodge, you unscrew the handle on your ski pole and shake up the perfect martini. Think the ladies won't be flocking around your table?

Here's what the Coldpole folks have to say:

The Coldpole ski pole shaft is manufactured by a top U.S. ski pole manufacturer in your choice of Black Diamond Series or Expert Series. These shafts are lightweight, strong, and durable.

The secret is in the handle. It is designed to have the look, feel, and comfort of a typical ski-pole handle, but it opens to provide access to the natural storage capability of the pole.

During the manufacturing process, the pole reservoir is thoroughly cleaned before the handle and tip are attached, and while a thorough rinsing with soap and hot water is all that is needed for future cleaning, a cleaning brush is available.

The Expert Series comes in sizes 44"-52" and comes with a cleaning brush for $74.95. The Black Diamond Series comes in sizes 44"-54" and retails for $54.95. Both come with a plastic funnel for filling.

To learn more, and for ordering information, go to Coldpole.com.

-Special thanks go to The Snow Junkies for letting us know about these.

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October 6, 2005

Drink Wear: Beethoven's Fifth Tee

Beethoven's Fifth T-ShirtWe're all about the witty t-shirts here in the Liquor Snob offices, because they allow us to be funny without having to do any work. Our favorite new tee is the Beethoven's Fifth shirt from Busted Tees, which we discovered thanks to our friends over at Shirt Snob. Not only is it funny, it's brand new, so you can be the first on your block to own one. Plus, it's $18, which is less than a lot of fifths you'll get your hands on.

But don't take our word for it...we're experts on tipples, not t-shirts. Head on over to Shirt Snob and learn from the experts.

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September 28, 2005

Ring Beer Bottle Opener: Handy and Portable

Ring Beer Bottle OpenerWe have a friend who opens his beer bottles with his wedding ring. He claims it does no damage to the ring, and it certainly makes for a cool party trick if you're hurting for an opener. We have our doubts that your typical gold ring should be put under such strain, and we don't feel like sleeping on the couch again, so we've dug up a ring bottle opener designed for the purpose. If nothing else, it'll go with your handy bottle opening belt buckle and sandals.

From the Amazon product description:

Be the life of the party with the bottle opener you wear! No more forcing open bottle tops with lighters or on the side of a table, just slip the ring on your middle finger, hook the ring on the bottle top and lift your wrist...Pssssshhhh. The bottle opens with ease!. Select from six sizes. To measure your ring size, place the thickest part of your middle finger (usually the middle joint) against a ruler, measure it and match against the closest size listed on the drop down menu. The ring works best when fitted snugly on your finger.

Buy your own ring bottle opener at Amazon, and stay out of trouble with your wife the next time you want to show off the beer-opening strength of your ring finger. It comes in two sizes.

We also found a similar product from ThinkGeek, via Gizmodo.

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September 21, 2005

Reef Bottle Opener Sandals Make Feet, Mouths Happy

Reef Sandal: FanningHere at Liquor Snob, we dream of a world where every single item on our body can be used to open a beer. We've succeeded with lighters, wedding rings and even belt buckle bottle openers, but our feet have always been tragically underutilized. We don't know if you've ever tried to open a beer with your typical flip-flop, but it isn't pretty. That's a problem no more, because the fine folks at Reef have developed sandals with a bottle opener built right in, so you can pop the top on your beer or soda and barely break stride.

They're a bit spendy, with a price point around $40, but just ask yourself...is it worth it so you can be the first guy on your block to kick off a shoe and open a lady's beer? If so, buy your Reef Fanning sandalsand make sure to brush the dirt off the sole before you pop the top.

Learn more at the Reef site.

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Bottle Opener Belt Buckles: Fun and Functional

Belt Buckle Bottle OpenerWe've had our eye on these bottle opener belt buckles from Body Candy for a while. At first we were nervous...we don't usually go for clothes that have slogans like "Got Beer?" and "Rock Star" emblazoned across them. You might feel the same way, but just like us, you'd be missing the big picture - you can amaze your friends with your foresight and open a bottle anytime, anywhere.

We love our opener belt. Plus, it's worth the price of admission to see the nervous look on your friends' faces as you offer to open their beer and move it toward your crotch. Believe us, the look of relief on their faces is priceless when you stop at the belt buckle, pop the top and hand it back.

We like our classic style belt buckle (pictured), but you can browse the full line and buy a belt buckle bottle opener in your own style.

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