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March 9, 2011

Kegworks Beer Pocket Hoodie

beer_pouch_hoodie_kegworks.jpgWe've covered beer pouch hoodies before, but we're re-inspired to wear beer-friendly outerwear ever since we discovered the Columbia Koozie jacket., the greatest addition to clothing since the invention of the tube top.

We like this Kegworks beer pouch hoodie on its own with its beer pouch that replaces the traditional kangaroo pouch, but if you wear this with the Koozie you'll be a brew force to be reckoned with. One beer in the sweatshirt pouch, two in the Koozie pockets, one in each hand, and one in your belly - that makes a six-pack much easier to transport, doesn't it?

KegWorks Beer Pouch Hoodie Sweatshirt: Large

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January 27, 2011

Game On Coozie Glove

game_on_glove.pngWhether you want to keep your drink cold or protect your hands when you rail somebody in the face, any hockey fan worth his salt should get a Game On Glove, a hockey glove-shaped coozie, to hold his drinks. The most important question, of course, is whether you can beat the stuffing out of somebody WITHOUT spilling your drink. That's a varsity move, right there.

We're not huge hockey fans, so we'll probably just get a Hellboy Right Hand of Doom Glove and hollow it out enough to fit a beer.

Get your own hand of doom Game On Glove [via Thrillist]

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October 6, 2010

Shot Bandolier: 36 Shots Oughta Do It

shot-bandolier.jpgFor all the times you wished you could have 36 shots of liquor on your person at any given time, we present to you - the Shot Bandolier. Similar to the Beer Bandolier will allow you to carry 36 one-ounce shots via crossing chest straps and an adjustable belt. What won't they think of next? Plus, it's only 10 bucks.

Get yours at Amazon or BudK [via Foolish Gadgets]

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July 14, 2010

Robot Bottle Opener Shirt

robot_bottle_opener_shirt.jpgThis is a shirt that features a beer bottle-opening robot. We are going to get this shirt, and we will call it our Robottle Opener. In between opening beers, we will reprogram the robot to help us take over the world. That's going to take a lot of beers.

Get yours for $20 at ThinkGeek [via Gizmodo]

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June 28, 2010

My Bootlegger Makes Liquor Smuggling Easy

my_bootlegger.pngOur friends over at the fine publication Music Festival Junkies recently featured us in a piece they did on the best methods for smuggling drinks into festivals, and we have to say we wish we'd known about My Bootlegger in time for their article. What is it you ask? Basically, it's an ankle holster that holds six mini bottles of booze, which has more applications than you can shake a stick at.

Let's face it, when the guy at the gates pats you down, he's probably not going to check your cankles, are we right? The only downside we see is that this wouldn't work well with shorts, our usual music festival attire - also, the jury's out on whether it makes you walk as bowlegged as a hooker during fleet week.

Pick up your My Bootlegger for $9.99, or save a buck by buying two. How can you go wrong?

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November 24, 2009

Vice Mitt: Mittens Meet Koozie

burton_vice_grips.jpgWe're going to go on the record and say we're not exactly sure why you would need a mitten with a koozie in it. We're pretty sure the mitten itself keeps your hand warm against the chilliness of your drink (and the elements) and the cold air that necessitates the mittens would keep your drink cold enough that you don't need to worry about it.

We've always thought of the mitten as nature's McDLT, keeping the cool side cool and the hot side hot, without all that planet-choking styrofoam. However, if you can see a reason why a koozie mitten would be necessary, such a thing exists and it is made by Burton. Thanks, Burton! (And thanks for the tip, JoJo)

at Burton.com [via Urban Daddy]

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September 21, 2009

WoW Brewfest T-Shirt

We dabble in dorkiness here at Liquor Snob, but we've never really played World of Warcraft. Hence, we've never heard of Brewfest, but we get the notion it's an Azerothian version of Oktoberfest. Still, a chance for the Horde and Alliance to put aside their differences and put down some brews? We're behind it 100%. However, that doesn't mean we understand a single word of what's being said here:

While you're stumbling from keg to keg, be sure to try your hand at ram racing, and keep an eye out for that dastardly Direbrew and his Dark Iron dweebs, who'd like nothing better than to blunt your bender. And remember: the pink elekks are not real, not matter what the pandaren tells you.

Available at Jinx [via The Awesomer]


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April 29, 2008

Drunken Astronauts Shirt

drunken_astronauts.gifHa! Drunken astronauts! This t-shirt design tickles our fancy, but to be honest we're bigger fans of Where My Knickers At and Shockra (8 in the Sacral, 4 in the Root). This one made us laugh too, though.

at Torso Pants

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November 29, 2007

Sailor Jerry Schwag Sale for the Holidays

sailor-jerry-nov07.jpgAs you may or may not know, we're longtime fans of Sailor Jerry Rum, but what you probably don't know is our enjoyment of their brand doesn't stop at the booze. We're also big fans of the tattoo-chic clothing line they've put out, which is all inspired by the flash created by the real Sailor Jerry in the days of yore. We're not quite hipster enough to wear it all, but we do like to accessorize.

We're on the company's monthly mailing list, and we just got the heads up they're currently offering 10% off everything in their store; just use the code "10percent" when you're checking out, and make sure you order before December 17 to get your items in time for the holidays.

Sailor Jerry Store

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November 21, 2007

Welcome the WineRack

Ever since we first covered the BeerBelly, we've heard rumblings of a new product coming out from the same folks, targeted at women. It was called the WineRack, and it would accentuate some of the more...prominent features on the women who wore them and give them an alternative to the 'Belly, because in our experience the typical lady doesn't want to make herself look chubbier.

Our wait is over, and the WineRack is here in all of its splendor, just in time for Christmas. It's priced very reasonably at $29.95, and they're also running a special right now - order by December 3 and add "hookmeup" to the coupon code box, and you'll knock 25% off your entire order.

Just think - WineRacks and BeerBellies for everyone on your list!

at TheBeerBelly.com

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November 5, 2007

Got Rum Shirt


We don't really have to tell you how what a great shirt this is. You could wear it anywhere, really - work, court, parent/teacher conferences...it's truly versatile. We highly recommend you pick one up for yourself, and maybe get grandma one too.

Got Rum? Adult Cotton Tee Shirt

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October 9, 2007

BeerTees.com: They Sell Beer Tees

beer-tees-logo.jpgHave you been laying awake nights, wondering where in Hell you're going to get your hands on a pair of Jim Beam boxer shorts or some Red Stripe flip flops? We've found where you can get them. How about a Colt .45 tank top or some XXX Tequila undies? We found those too. Where is this mystical land where you can get all these snappy clothes?

OK, we'll let you know, but we're trusting you not to buy the Guinness sweatshirt we've got our eye on.


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October 3, 2007

Periodic Table of Booze Shirt

Here's a little shirt that tickles our funny bone and our nerd ligaments - plus it's all about drinking! Someone over at Threadless has taken the time to create a periodic table of drinking, from element Al (alcohol) to Gd (grenadine) to Wh (whiskey). If we had this we would wear it every day. In fact, we're thinking about getting both a t-shirt and the accompanying hoody. That's how awesome we think it is.

see it and buy it at Threadless

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April 25, 2007

Quick Draw Booze Belt

File this under "yet another thing we totally need but we never knew it." We've covered the beer belt in the past, a contraption designed for keeping a six pack close at hand, but we've had our breath taken away by this belt that lets you keep liquor, mixers, and shot glasses within easy reach. Rest assured, if we get our hands on one to review, we're going to end up faster on the draw than the Waco Kid from Blazing Saddles.

After5Catalog [via Gizmodo]

Thanks Russ! Glad you stopped shaving long enough to send this over.

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