July 20, 2010

Gulf Spill Cocktail Recipe

gulf-spill.jpgIt's pretty rare that we go topical, but it's kind of hard to ignore something as big as the BP oil spill, and we'd feel remiss if we didn't chime in. Our natural tendency is to ass off about the state of things, but you've got that pretty well covered.

Instead, we present to you the Gulf Spill, a cocktail from Gwen over at Intoxicated Zodiac. Our plan for a similar theme was to just start pouring Jagermeister into our mouth and not stop for three months or so...hers sounds like a better (and probably more delicious) alternative.

Grab the recipe after the jump.

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June 30, 2010

Bacardi 60 Second Cocktails & Donations for Troops

60_second_cocktails.pngThis just in - Bacardi has pledged to donate up to $100,000 to the USO to benefit US troops through a Facebook promotion. You're familiar with Facebook right? The place where you hang out when you're supposed to be working?

Bacardi has pledged $75K to start, and you have the ability to up that to the $100K just by clicking a button. That's right, just head to their page and get to clicking in between playing farmville and posting about what your cat had for breakfast, and they'll take care of the rest.

In conjunction, Bacardi has also put up a "60 Second Cocktails" offer on the Facebook page as well, and it's one we think will interest our readers. They're offering a free PDF download of a 24-page booklet of entertaining and party decoration tips, as well as more cocktail and food recipes you can shake a stick at. The cocktails are designed to be made relatively quickly when you're entertaining, and the meals feature that mainstay of summer entertaining, the backyard grill.

So what are we saying exactly? That you have the opportunity, nay the responsibility, to support our troops and throw a self-congratulating party. That's right. And if anyone questions you, tell them Liquor Snob says it's OK. Oh, and while you're over in Facebooktown, feel free to follow us as well - our page is the one that smells like stale bourbon.

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May 18, 2010

Bacardi True Originals: The Apothecary

We've been following the Bacardi True Originals video series with some interest, as we see various bartending styles and their different ways of approaching the craft. This latest, The Apothecary (below), focuses on bartenders who are willing to experiment and break conventional drinks to rebuild them in a more delicious way.

To go along with this idea, the company is having a contest right now where you can put your own distinctive twist on the classic mojito recipe for a chance to win a first edition copy of the Savoy Cocktail Book, signed by Harry Craddock, Yarai seamless mixing glass from Japan and Japanese bar spoon. Learn more and submit your twist on the mojito at the True Originals Facebook page; no word on a contest deadline but the sooner the better, right?

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May 5, 2010

10 Flaming Cocktail Recipes

flamebottle.jpgOne of our friends just sent along this cool article about 10 great drinks you can light on fire, and we've had some excellent times drinking Flaming Dr. Peppers and other flamey drinks over the years. We do have one word of advice for all you would-be drink flamers: by the time it seems like a good idea to be lighting your drinks on fire, you're probably drunk enough that you shouldn't be lighting ANYTHING on fire. Please let a bartender, a sober friend, or just about anybody but your bleary ass put the actual flame to the actual alcohol. Trust us on this one - otherwise you stand a good chance of becoming a:

Flaming Asshole (from Super Cocktails)
¼ Grenadine
¼ Green Crème de Menthe
¼ Crème de Banana
¼ 151 rum

This one is as bizarre as some of the most out-there drinks. Layer in a shot glass in this order: Grenadine, Crème de Menthe, Crème de Banana, Rum. Light the rum and then suck it down with a straw.

See all 10 flaming drinks at Matador. (Thanks for the link, Sarah)

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May 4, 2010

16 Mexican Drinks for Cinco de Mayo (or Anytime)

grapefruit_margarita.jpgAs we were surfing our favorite booze-related websites today, we noticed that Liqurious had featured a story about "16 Mexican Drinks." Not only did this catch our attention because tomorrow happens to be Cinco de Mayo, it also inspired us because our Editor in Chief will be down in Mexico next week.

So in honor of Cinco de Mayo (and our valiant EiC, heading to the land of tequila), we thought we'd let you know about these delicious-sounding recipes. You'll find anything from new takes on your favorite drinks (pictured above is the Grapefruit Margarita) to things you may not have tried before (we're interested in the Mango-Mint Agua Fresca)

Check out all the recipes at Sunset (via Liqurious)

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March 11, 2010

Pickle Back Rears its Head Again

pickleback.jpgA little bit ago we told you about the Jameson's Pickle Back, and expressed our nervousness about the shot. We have been overwhelmed by reader response since the story ran, telling us we need to sack up and give it a try. We will, but we'll plan on still waiting until St. Patrick's Day before we take our Pickle Back virginity, so to speak. What pushed us over the edge to wanting to try it, you might ask?

It was partially the parade of drunks who emailed us with sentiments along the lines of "DUDE IT'S AWESOME!!1!" but the real convincer was the article we found today from Jason Wilson at the Washington Post. He included all sorts of great info about Irish whiskey, but here was the kicker for us about the Pickle Back:

As a pairing, that might sound less than promising, but here's the surprise: A Pickleback is simply awesome. Brine and whiskey make one of those mysteriously wonderful combinations, and it doesn't hurt that pickle juice is second to none in preventing dehydration (thus helping to stave off the post-St. Paddy's Day hangover).
Avoiding hangovers FTW!

Washington Post [via Liqurious]

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February 17, 2010

Pickle Back Shot: Jameson's and Pickle Juice

jameson_pickle_back.jpgThere are some moments in your life that you will always remember. Your first kiss? Hopefully. The birth of your first child? Probably. The first time you drink a shot of whiskey with a chaser of pickle juice? Most definitely. Or at least we imagine so, because we haven't actually done it.

You see, drinking a Pickle Back, as it's called by those who actually drink it, seems like a red pill/blue pill moment - a choice that will change your life forever. The shot was described to us using Jameson, a perennial Liquor Snob favorite, and we can only imagine sitting there at the bar, looking at those glasses full of golden and green liquids, knowing that nothing will ever be the same again. Plus, if you drink enough of them, we're pretty sure you'll decide you know Kung Fu, just like Neo.

The folks who told us about this shot claim that "Jameson's smooth taste complements the bitterness of the pickle juice nicely." That remains to be seen. We challenge our readers to send us their Pickle Back comments pictures, videos, haiku, whatever, to jake [at] liquorsnob [dot] com. We will also be accepting recommendations for the best pickle juice to use, as long as it's available.

If you convince us, we'll try our very first one on St. Patrick's Day, and we'll find out for ourselves how deep this rabbit hole goes.

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February 9, 2010

Valentine's Day Cocktail Recipe Roundup 2010

pomodish_cocktail.jpgAs you can imagine, every holiday season, the Liquor Snob office gets a lot of emails about holiday-themed cocktail recipes. Valentine's Day is no different, with just about every liquor company, PR agency, and sodden drunk coming up with some way to romantically ingest alcohol. In the spirit of a new decade, we're trying to be better about giving those recipes a forum these days, so we're putting together a roundup of all the Valentine's-themed recipes we receive between now and February 14.

We're putting them in there in the order they come in, so come one, come all, and send us your romantical recipes, and we'll do our best to get them posted. We accept no responsibility for the luvvy wuvvy names some of them have, and hey - viva la romance, or barring that, viva la buzz!

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January 14, 2010

Detox Cocktail is Just What the Doctor Ordered

detox_cocktail.jpgA while back we told you about our dream of creating a prune-based laxative cocktail and calling it the "Pootini." We haven't done that yet, but we've found a cocktail that recalls the Master Cleanse, a two-week juice fast we tried once on a dare. We spent the entire time drinking cayenne lemonade, wondering why we weren't hungry, and looking into the toilet saying "I don't recall eating that."

This detox cocktail is the best of all worlds - similar ingredients to the Master Cleanse lemonade, without the commitment, and you can get a buzz out of it. Sounds like we know what we're doing this weekend.

The Detox
3 oz vodka (I used Martin Ryan)
2 oz fresh lemon juice
1 oz honey-rosemary syrup (see recipe near bottom of this post)
dash cayenne pepper
For the rim: cayenne, puebla chile powder, and date sugar (recipe below)

Glass: cocktail glass
Tools: shaker, strainer

Rub a lemon slice along the outer rim of the cocktail glass and dip it in the chile and date sugar mixture. Pour the other ingredients in a cocktail shaker filled with ice and shake until well chilled. Strain, enjoy, and repeat until your system is fully cleansed.

To make the rim mixture simply blend together 3-4 tbsp date sugar (found at most health food stores) with 1 tsp puebla chile powder and 1/4 tsp cayenne pepper. If you're spice averse you can exclude the cayenne pepper on the rim, since there'll already be a dash of it in the cocktail.
umamimart (via Liqurious)
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December 8, 2009

Three Holiday Punch Recipes

punch_bowl.jpgWe were talking about holiday punch yesterday, and how we were looking for an alternative to the typical punch bowl. Almost like magic, we got an email right afterward including all kinds of recipes we could use to fill said alternative. These are interesting punches, a little different than your typical mulled wine, and definitely looking like they'll put you in the holiday mood. With no further ado, here are the recipes for Honey Spiced Punch, Old Sidney-Town Punch, and Champagne Holiday Punch.

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