December 23, 2008

Did Somebody Pee in Your Beer?

beer_3.jpg12 myths about beer debunked. One for each of the 12 days of Christmas!

There are a number of persistent myths and urban legends about beer that are passed around that unfairly distort the facts and confuse beer drinkers.

At, we'd like to set the record straight and explode 12 of the most common beer myths, for once and for all. So take a read of these myths and the truth behind them and start spreading the good beer news!

from Legends of Beer [via Chow]

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December 12, 2008

300 Beers to Try Before You Die

300_beers.jpgHere's something we can get behind - a listing of 300 beers that are interesting, tasty, or otherwise awesome? Wait, all beer is awesome. But apparently these beers are EXTRA awesome.

300 Beers to Try Before You Die!

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October 28, 2008

Pep Up Your Pumpkin Beer with a Rimmed Glass

brown_sugar.jpgWe wrote an article a little while ago about pumpkin beers, and ever since we've been crazy for the stuff. We were at the British Beer Company (the kids call it the BBC) near us a couple days ago, and we had our doors blown off when it comes to drinking pumpkin beers and ales. How did they wow us? By rimming the glass of our pumpkin beer with pumpkin spices, that's how.

All it took was a mixture of brown sugar, cinnamon, and nutmeg, rimmed on the glass to blow our minds. The waitress thought our enthusiasm was pretty funny, and she told us she's done something similar that included ground pumpkin seeds or rolled oats as well. Talk about a full pumpkin pie.

We recommend giving it a try, kids. Make it happen, whether you can make it to Massachusetts to get it at the BBC or if you have to whip up the rimming spices on your own.

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October 22, 2008

Top 5 Pumpkin Ales

drunk_jackolanterns.jpgThere was a time when we wouldn't drink pumpkin beer, for an irrational fear of finding seeds or some of those gloppy pumpkin guts in there. Imagine our surprise and relief when we found out pumpkin beers and ales are spiced to taste like pumpkin pie. Since that discovery it's been game over - we've been salivating for their release every Fall.

The fine folks over at the Kegworks blog have done a roundup of their five favorite pumpkin beers. We love Shipyard's Pumpkinhead, and we've heard very good things about Dogfish Head Punkin' Ale. With the other three (Post Road, Southern Tier, and Weyerbacher Imperial) you're on your own.

Top 5 Pumpkin Ales at Kegworks Blog

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October 10, 2008

Boozebelly Arrives for Review

booze_belly.jpgWe just got a package in the mail, and we were pretty excited about what was inside - our very own BoozeBelly! The BoozeBelly is a stealth drinking device that you wrap around your already-prodigious gut to smuggle beer and other consumables into place like concerts, movie theaters, sporting events, etc.

The BoozeBelly reminded us of another stealth drinking device that will remain nameless, but after we thought about it a bit we think we might already like this one better. For one thing, with only a belt to go around your waist it's simpler, without a crazy harness and truss to put on. For the second thing, it's a fraction of the price of its competitor - we were always slightly hesitant to recommend the other device because we pictured some overzealous security guard impounding it and you losing your $50 investment.

Expect to see a review coming up; if you're anxious head on over to to pick one up for less than fifteen bucks.

Note: We took the image above from Tailgating Ideas; head over there to see a full video demo of the product.

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September 24, 2008

Church Key Bottle Opener by Suck UK

church_key_bottle_opener.jpgNowadays, everybody's got some kind of bottle opener hanging from their key ring, but they're usually chintzy little plastic things that aren't all that exciting. Plus, don't you have enough non-key crap hanging off your keychain right now? Why not pick up a bottle opener that actually looks like a key, so it blends right in until you need it? Of course, this key might not blend in with your others unless you're the caretaker of a cemetery or the keymaster for Zuul, but hey - at least it looks badass.

Church Key Bottle Opener

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September 22, 2008

Multiple Wall-Mounted Bottle Opener Set

multi_bottle_opener_set.jpgWe don't want much out of life. All we ask, really, is to have a wall-mounted bottle opener in every single room of our house. Ask and ye shall receive - one each of bottle openers sporting logos for Guinness (kitchen), Brooklyn Brewery (back porch), Miller High Life (master bedroom, of course - it's champagne after all), Honey Brown (living room), and Coors (bathroom - hey, you never know).

Beer Brand Bottle Openers

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September 15, 2008

Guinness Imperial Pint Glasses

guinness_imperial_pint_glasses.jpgWe did a story recently about the disturbing trend towards smaller pint glasses - and the fact that bars are charging just as much for glasses with less beer in them. One way you can always be sure you'll get a full, honest-to-Shane-MacGowan pint is to pour your own, so we found these full Imperial pint glasses featuring a 20 ounce capacity and the Guinness logo to get you started.

You could also try bringing these glasses down to the local short-pint-pouring watering hole and say "fill 'er up," but we can't guarantee results.

Guinness Imperial Pint Glasses

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August 20, 2008

Jessica Simpson to Promote Dallas Stampede Beer

jessica_simpson_smile_7_big.jpgWe just got word that Jessica Simpson, aka the reason Daisy Dukes were invented (sorry, Catherine Bach) has been tapped to market a Texas beer called Dallas Stampede. We're not marketers per se, but here are our ideas for the campaign:

  • Market their beer as the Chicken of the Desert

  • Make a life-size cutout of her for each liquor store, and remove a small piece of clothing for every case that is sold in that location (yeah, we know they did that in Major League)

  • Advertise that they drop a pair of her underpants into every fifth batch of Dallas Stampede beer, but don't tell anyone which batch is which
Yeah, we know - we're marketing geniuses. Let us know if you want us on your corporate team.

via Dallas News (Thanks for the tip, Travis)

Image via Hollywood Tuna

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August 15, 2008

Bierstick Review: My Beer is Bigger than Yours

IMG_1387.JPG"There's no freaking way I'm drinking beer out of that."

You'd be surprised how often we hear those words or some variation in our line of work. It's not like we ask our friends, family, and interns to drink beer out of human skulls or anything, but sometimes people are afraid of what they don't understand. That was the reaction last weekend when we pulled out the Bierstick at a barbecue to try to get some other folks to try it out.

They were nervous about the syringe-y ness of it, they were reluctant to drink beer out of something that looked like it would jet beer directly at their gag button, and some of the guys balked at the phallus-like shape. But of course, that was before people started drinking. We're not sure if you know this, but copious amounts of beer tends to lower people's inhibitions. Read on to find out how our extensive testing of the Bierstick went.

ArrowContinue reading: "Bierstick Review: My Beer is Bigger than Yours"

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