August 23, 2010

Power Hour Kanye West Parody

What happens if you take Kanye West's SUPER SERIOUS "Power" video, and get it drunk? You get "Power Hour" by Destorm Power, and it goes from SRSLY to LOLZ in less time than it takes this guy to drink a beer. [via The Awesomer]

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July 30, 2010

Teddy Bear vs The End of History

real_end_of_history.jpgYes, we know this title sounds like some Neil Gaiman fever dream, but it's really about beer. Very strong beer, in fact. Basically, you can stop sending us emails telling us about the 110 proof Scottish beer called The End of History. Yes, we have heard of this (formerly*) strongest beer in the world. We didn't post it because drinking out of a dead critter gives us the heebie jeebies (plus the whole roadkill decanter thing has been done before).

Also, we're much more interested in the Internet's response to this big-proof beer. One certain response actually - Tom Scott's attempt to help the brewer market a lower-cost version of beer served in an animal. He has shoved a can of cheap beer up the ass of a teddy bear and mailed it off to the brewery to help them offer a budget version of their hoity toity beer. Now THAT'S something we can get behind. Check out the whole saga at Tom's website. [Link via b3ta]

* Did we say formerly? Oh, right, because some Dutch guy just made a 120 proof beer called Start the Future. Boosh. [Thanks for the link, Doug]

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July 14, 2010

Robot Bottle Opener Shirt

robot_bottle_opener_shirt.jpgThis is a shirt that features a beer bottle-opening robot. We are going to get this shirt, and we will call it our Robottle Opener. In between opening beers, we will reprogram the robot to help us take over the world. That's going to take a lot of beers.

Get yours for $20 at ThinkGeek [via Gizmodo]

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June 17, 2010

Beer Bandolier: Two Please

beer_bandolier.gifAah, the bandolier. An amazing accessory, and the only one (that we know of) associated with both Banditos and Wookiees, but up until now it hasn't been very functional unless you have bullets or bowcaster bolts to lug around. Thanks to the Beer Bandolier, however, we're pretty sure it's going to replace the flip flop as the most crucial tailgating accessory of choice.

The Beer Bandolier, as you might expect, is a bandolier for holding cans of beer:

The Beer Bandolier is constructed of high test industrial strength 2'' wide nylon webbing to support a full clip of canned beverages. Six collapsible koozies provide maximum storage and chilling capabilities, collapsing out of your way when empty. The beer bandolier is available in nearly all colors in order to properly match your tailgating uniform.
All we can say is - finally! We couldn't find pricing on the website but we added one to our cart and found out it's just under twenty bucks, and they're not kidding about all the colors you can get. Pick one up at

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June 11, 2010

The Beer Trials Book

beer_trials_cover.jpgWe just opened our mailbox to find an unexpected package, and when we opened it we found a copy of The Beer Trials: The Essential Guide to the World's Most Popular Beers. Compiled by Seamus Campbell and Robin Goldstein, this book is a ratings guide features over 250 beer reviews. One of our usual concerns with a book like this is that they focus on tiny microbrews we'll never get to taste without some kind of pilgrimage, but this book does a nice job of featuring both micro- and macro-varieties of beer, all rated on a 10 point scale with notes.

It's not every day you'll find a book with ratings of Aventinus Weizenbock (9) cozied up near Big Sky Moose Drool (6) and Icehouse (4). After leafing through this book we have to say we warmed up to it immediately, and we've made it a personal goal to attempt to sample all the beers that got good ratings, if not all the beers period.

The Beer Trials is available at Amazon, and if you swing that way, the same folks also made a similar book called The Wine Trials 2010.

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May 19, 2010

Cooper Cooler Rapid Blitz Chiller

rapid_beer_chiller.jpgTake your beer from pee warm to an icy cold 33 degrees Farenheit in just four minutes (for cans - a bit slower for bottles) with the Cooper Rapid Blitz Chiller. There's really not that much more to say about the thing is there? No. So get your ass down to Bed, Bath & Beyond to pick one up for forty bucks!

(Or you can get it through Amazon if you're down with the 1-2 month wait time, but seriously...what part of RAPID did you not understand?)

Blitz Chiller [via I Just Want to Fit In]

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May 6, 2010

EdgeStar KC2000 Kegerator on Sale at

edgestar_kc2000_kegerator.jpgWe've been on the lookout for a kegerator lately for the Liquor Snob offices (even we have to take a break from the hard stuff we're sick of wading through the bottles), and we just stumbled across a deal we might not be able to refuse. is offering the EdgeStar KC2000 kegerator which usually retails for close to $700, for $449 with free shipping through May 9.

In order to get the sale price and free shipping, just enter the promo code BACKINBLACK when you place your order. A quick search found the same kegerator for a few bucks cheaper at Amazon, but with no free shipping, so this looks like a pretty damned good deal.

EdgeStar Kegerator KC2000 at [via the blog]

We're also including a YouTube video runthrough of this particular kegerator's features so you can get a feel for whether it will work for you, after the jump. (Just don't blame us when Drowning Pool starts playing through your speakers when you start the vid).

ArrowContinue reading: "EdgeStar KC2000 Kegerator on Sale at"

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May 3, 2010

Romulan Corkscrew Not Just for Blood Wine

romulan_corkscrew_bottle.jpgBehold, the greatest corkscrew in the universe! Why is it the greatest? Because it's shaped like, well...a ship from Star Trek. We're not ones to call out ThinkGeek on matters, well, geeky, but they say on their page that this little guy is shaped like a Klingon Bird of Prey. We think it looks more like a Romulan Raptor, but we've been wrong before, and hey - if it opens your bottle, do you really care?

Pick it up at ThinkGeek.

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March 31, 2010

Keg Stool Makes Butts Happy

kegstool.pngDo you live in a house that is chock-a-block with empty kegs, but short on seating space? Sounds like a nice problem to have, but if so the Keg Stool might be the answer to your prayers. Keg Stool is a DIY kit that lets you add a seat and footrest to any empty keg, giving style and panache to your kitchen island, home bar, or formal dining area.

They offer two products - a partial kit where you supply your own keg for a hundred bucks, or you can pay an extra hundred for a full-blown kit where they supply the keg. Not for nothing, but as your Internet attorneys we suggest you drain the keg yourself before slapping a chair on it...y'know, for the sense of accomplishment.

More information at

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January 19, 2010

Tsingtao Beer: Lager and Pure Draft Arrive

tsingtao_pure_draft.jpgWe don't know much about Asian beers here at Liquor Snob, other than the fact we usually get Sapporo when we're having Japanese, Singha with our Pad Thai, and Tsingtao with our local Chines buffet. We got in two bottles of Tsingtao today (one of their Lager, and the other of their Pure Draft), something to do with the fact that Chinese New Year is coming up. We don't usually celebrate this holiday, but one thing in the press release caught our eye - Tsingtao is working with Martin Yan from Yan Can Cook to create recipes with their beer.

We used to watch Yan Can Cook daily when we were younger, and we figured if they could get an endorsement from someone of his stature, we should give their beer a try post haste. We sampled both bottles this afternoon and formed some thoughts - one thing that you should know is both beers come in green bottles, so if you don't like the distinctive "green bottle" taste, these are probably not your thing.

Tsingtao Pure Draft: The more flavorful of the two beers, this one reminded us of our beloved Molson Golden, light and hoppy, with that distinctive green bottle bite.

Tsingtao Lager: The lager was reminiscent of a light beer to us, and if we had to equate it to a domestic we'd have to say Rolling Rock. Definitely very drinkable, especially with the big flavors of most Chinese food, and it felt like we could put a few away without feeling too full.

Like we said, we don't drink a ton of Asian beers, but we'd drink motor oil if Martin Yan told us to. You know why? Because if Yan can't, then neither can we. More about their partnership with him, along with recipes, at the Tsingtao Website.

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