December 13, 2010

Nice Beer Lake Pint Glasses

nice_beer_lake.jpgIf there is one thing we want out of life, it's a nice place to settle down and forget all of life's cares. Sounds to us like Nice Beer Lake might be that place:

Nice Beer Lake is a well-lubricated wonderland, nestled on the foamy shores of a lake filled with pure artesian spring beer. Drink your worries away alongside magical brew-filled balloons, drunk whales, belligerent clouds, and a chorus of orphan drops of beer that only know the theme song from Laverne & Shirley.
You might not be able to go to Nice Beer Lake anytime soon, but you can get a memento (or give one as a gift) with this set of 4 pint glasses and two coasters.

Available at Aesthetic Apparatus [via Liqurious]

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December 1, 2010

World Series of Beer Pong: 10 Reasons to Attend

world_series_of_beer_pong.jpgBeer pong is one of those games people seem to either love or hate. In our experience, you either think it's an exciting game of daring and skill, or a ridiculous time-waster that forces you to pick fur out of your beer after the ball rolls under the radiator. If you fall anywhere close to the former category, you might just want to think about a January trip to the World Series of Beer Pong (affectionately known as the WSOBP) in Vegas.

You have until December 10 to buy in and be eligible for a $50,000 grand prize, as well as over $60,000 in additional payouts. You can find out more about the specifics at the WSOBP page, but what's going to convince you to pull the trigger? If you need convincing, head on over to the Bpong blog to see all 10 reasons to enter, from the fact it happens in frickin' Vegas (which should be reason enough), to a look at the big personalities on the competition and the big...assets...of the sponsor babes.

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Top Canned Craft Beers, Chosen by Backpacker Magazine

craft_beer_445.jpgWhen most people think of canned beer, they think of mass market favorites like Bud, Coors, Miller. There are options out there, however, for canned craft beers, and the folks at Backpacker Magazine took on the thankless job of plowing through 23 varieties and identifying their favorites.

This means, of course, that good beer just became that much more portable, and you don't have to resort to "college beers" like PBR or the Beast if you're going somewhere that makes hauling a bunch of glass impractical. We haven't tried too many of the listed varieties, but we have had Dale's Pale Ale in a can and found it quite delicious. (Thanks for the tip, Fred)

At the moment there are almost 80 craft breweries with at least one beer being produced in a can, a number that is set to reach 100 by 2011. Many of these breweries are very small and don't distribute beyond their neighborhood, so to speak, so if you don't see your favorite brew from back home listed here (like Upslope Brewing and Half Acre Beer Company), it's not because we don't love it too, but searched for canned craft beers available to a minimum of three states.
See the short list at

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November 29, 2010

20% Off Beer Pong Gifts for Cyber Monday

table_large.jpgIf you're looking for Cyber Monday deals for the beer pong (ahem - Beirut) player in your life, look no further than a 20% discount from beer pong equipment purveyors Bombed. You can get the 20% deal on tables, gear, balls, cups - even clothing, posters or a beer pong book. Just use the code PONGMONDAY at checkout and remember - the deal is only valid today.

Shop Bombed.

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October 27, 2010

Epic Beer Slingshot Fail is Epic

I had to watch this video twice to see exactly what happened, and I'm still not sure how the guy managed to pull this off. Hope that's not his writing hand. Or his drinking hand. Or his romance hand, if you know what we mean.

[via FailBlog; submitted by Rick]

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October 4, 2010

ScrewPop Bottle Opener Keychain Tool

screwpop_bottle_opener_tool.jpgWhen we first discovered Screwpop we weren't sure whether to cover this ourselves or send it over to our compatriots over at Tool Snob. Then we realized they'd probably spend all their time gushing over the tool aspect of it - the flathead, Phillips and 1/4" hex nut driver.

Yeah, those are handy but here's the thing - you can open beers with the Screwpop too, and it all fits on your keychain. Plus, you can use the sharp(ish) end of the tool to fend off anyone who tries to get near your beers!

Check out an external video review after the jump, and grab yours for five bucks (seems like a great stocking stuffer to us) at

ArrowContinue reading: "ScrewPop Bottle Opener Keychain Tool"

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September 29, 2010

It's BEAR Pong, Not BEER Pong

bearpong_players.jpgIf you're anything like us, your eyes went to the picture above and all you could think of was how awesome those giant beer pong cups are. No, you're not watching the filming of an adult-oriented episode of The Littles - those are actually Bear Pong cups, a bucket-sized twist on everybody's favorite game of Beirut. There's no table necessary, and no, you don't fill the buckets with beer to play...though we suppose it would be pretty awesome if you did. Probably wouldn't get too many games in, though.

We like the fact you can play it just about anywhere without the need for a flat surface, and we feel like the oversized rubber balls would be a lot more fun to whip at an opponent's head than a ping pong ball - making the game doubly awesome.

You can get your own set at the Bear Pong Shop for sixty bucks (includes 12 buckets, 2 balls and a carrying case) or spring an extra fiver for the deluxe set, which comes with a pump and an extra ball.

If you're still not convinced, check out the video below of the game in action and tell us you don't want to play at your next bbq, beach outing or tailgate party. We dare you.

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September 24, 2010

The Very Many Varieties of Beer

beer_rap_charts.pngAs you are well aware, there are many, many different styles of beers out there. What you may not have known is there is a poster cataloging those beer types, and offering sample brands for each various type. That description is pretty dry, but in execution the thing is frickin beautiful from brown ales to gueuze to weissbier.

Check it out in readable form here; you can also buy it in poster form for $25 at Pop Chart Lab; according to the site posters are on their way too.

If you're wondering about the other poster in the above picture, it's the Grand Taxonomy of Rap Names - not quite on topic for this site but massively appealing as wall art as well. Check out the big pic here, and you can buy it at the above link for $20 at the time of this posting. From Bobby Digital to Biz Markie (categorized as "digitality" and "markies", respectively - and yes there are multiple markies) it's also a must-have.

[via World Famous Design Junkies]

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September 22, 2010

Corona Light Wants You to Like It

CL_Like.jpgToday we got an email from someone named Rubes. Rubes wants you to like Corona Light. And we're not talking about about "like" in some nebulous terms, like "do you like Corona Light or do you like like Corona Light." Rubes wants you to like the beer on Facebook.

This is because Corona Light has a noble goal (as far as beers can have goals) - to become the "most liked" beer on Facebook. So if you like to put Corona Light in your mouth, go like it on Facebook.

Plus, to make you feel even better about this public display of affection, you can win something for your efforts - a Corona Light t-shirt. All you have to do is let us know after you click that little "like" button by emailing us at jake [at] liquorsnob [dot] com. If you win the shirt we'll let you know by email and Corona will ship it to you. We hope you like the shirt.

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September 9, 2010

World's Oldest Beer Found Underwater

baltic_champagne.jpgWe're only like a week late with this one - the story was submitted last Friday by Liquor Snob reader Andrew (thanks man - you're an officially unofficial intern now), and we just sat on it. Why? Because the beer's already 200 years old...what's another week?

Also, we realize the bottle pictured isn't beer, it's champagne. It was pulled from the same shipwreck and was the best picture we could find. In other news, we're off to buy a snorkel.

...researchers uncovered a small collection of bottled beer on Wednesday from the same shipwreck south of the autonomous Aland Islands in the Baltic Sea.

"At the moment, we believe that these are by far the world's oldest bottles of beer," Rainer Juslin, permanent secretary of the island's ministry of education, science and culture, told CNN on Friday via telephone from Mariehamn, the capital of the Aland Islands.

Get the full story at CNN.

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