The Beerbelly: Sexy AND Functional

The BeerbellyIf you ask us, and people often do, the beer belly gets a bad rap. What could be better than a spherical expression of your love for beer, peeking out from under your shirt? We think this was summed up best a by a t-shirt we once saw that said "When you have a tool like mine, you have to build a shed over it." And since the beer belly is a gift from nature, we all knew it wouldn't take long for man to synthesize it. Enter The Beerbelly.

Normally we wouldn't be that excited about buying a beer belly, especially since we've buying our own on the six-pack-by-six-pack installment plan for years. The Beerbelly isn't just a fashionable accessory, is purely functional too, as a way to smuggle your favorite drink wherever you go without being noticed. Here's what the Beerbelly site has to say:

Now you can take up to 80oz. of your favorite beverage wherever you go... Even where "they" don't want you to!

The Beerbelly is made up of a neoprene “sling” and a polyurethane “bladder” with a tube for dispensing. The bladder is held in an insulated pouch in the sling which is worn under your clothing for concealment. When worn, it looks just like a beerbelly.

So you're telling us we can develop the divine curvature of a Marlon Brando AND smuggle beer into movie theaters, sporting events, concerts and churches? We can't think of anything better than that. You can get the full Beerbelly package, including the product itself, cleaning tools and a spare ice pack, for $49.95, or you can get the Beerbelly alone for $34.95. Looks great on women too, as long as you don't mind people asking when the baby is due.

Learn more and buy your own Beerbelly at

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November 30, 2005

Kegbot v2.0 Integrates Technology, Beer

Kegbot!Remember Kegbot, the Linux-enabled kegerator we told you about back in September? Looks like it's finally starting to hit the big time, because we saw write-ups all over the Web this week. Guess people are starting to see what we've known all along - there's always room for a robotic kegerator. It does seem to be a sticking point for some that if Kegbot decides you've had too much to drink, it will shut you off, but that reeks of an optional feature.

Here's the write-up from Popular Science:

Since the first brew fan installed a tap on the spare fridge and stuffed a keg inside, one question has been paramount: "Who's been drinking all the beer?"

Mike Wakerly's keg fridge will tell you. It'll also estimate the drinker's blood alcohol level and post it to a Web page; log his consumption for the night, week or month (and cut him off if you like); and keep track of his tab. The Kegbot can even send you a text message when the beer supply runs low.

Wakerly, a software engineer, got the idea during a spell of unemployment just before grad school. He built a microcontroller that directs a valve and a flow meter, and spliced both into the tap line of an everyday keg fridge. Then he wrote custom software for an attached Linux computer that can look up drinkers in a database and post their pour total to the Web.

Bitchin'. Oh, and for the record we're pretty sure this is the same Kegbot we reported on before, but "version 2.0" just sounded cool. Plus, they've enabled two new 'bots since we first reported...a cheap, mass-produced commercial version can't be far behind, right?

See the full write-up from PopSci, and check out the kegbot site.

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November 27, 2005

He'brew: The Chosen Beer

He'brew Beer BottlesWe're not religious folks here at Liquor Snob, but for us, drinking has always been a spiritual experience. In fact, there has been more than one night where we've spoken in tongues and seen mystical visions right here in our offices after we prayed at the altar of beer. Some may call beer a false idol, but that's why we were excited to learn about He'brew: The Chosen Beer from Schmaltz Brewing. It's just the combination of hops and holiness we need.

Not only do we like the fact that they're invoking a higher power with their beer, but think of the marketing potential...while most beer companies have to rely on boobies to sell their brews, He'brew can tap the Big Bubelah Himself, God, to be their omniscient spokes-being.

Christ, That's Good Beer!The beer currently comes in two main varieties, Genesis Ale and Messiah Bold, and the company just released a new beer to celebrate their ninth year in business. Enter Jewbelation 5766, a brew that contains nine different kinds of malt and nine types of hops.

Apparently the number nine has some pretty huge connotations in the Jewish faith, and we can see why. According to the Schmaltz site, here are just a few reasons why nine is so important:

  • On Rosh Hashanah, nine blasts of the shofar howl our annual psychic wake-up call.

  • At Chanukah, only the ninth candle can ignite the miraculous eight.

  • Nine months of pregnancy incubate from conception to culmination.

  • Danielle Steele has nine children and releases a book every nine months.

  • Born Chaim Witz in Israel, Gene Simmons of KISS moved to Brooklyn at age nine.
Like we need any more had us at Danielle Steele. Learn more about He'brew at, and learn where you can buy all three He'brew varieties on their distributors page.

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November 24, 2005

BJ's Beer Pong Table Review

BJ's Beer Pong Tables
Folding portable beer pong table
Prices start at $69; Buy One Now

BJ's Beer PongThere's no excuse for how long it has taken us to post this review. Well, actually, there's a great excuse - we were busy playing beer pong. We've had our BJ's portable beer pong table for a couple weeks now, and if you've noticed a drop-off in our posts lately, it's because we've been having trouble tearing ourselves away.

BJ's makes tables in two sizes - "Dorm Room" which starts at $69, and "Classic House Party" which starts at $139. The Dorm Room model is 2'x7', and folds up into a 2'x3.5' briefcase that weighs about 25lbs. The Classic House Party is considerably beefier, starting out as a 1.5'x4' briefcase that weighs 45lbs, and folding out into a 3'x8' table. Both tables feature a cool, glossy finish, and they have raised foam-rubber skid plates to keep your cups from sliding around.

The thing we really liked about this table, however, was the customization option. You can replace the BJ's logo in the center of the table with whatever image you want. It obviously costs more for a customized table, but we figure it's short money for the chance to have yourself immortalized on your very own beer pong table. If your picture is on your beer pong table, people are going to know whose it is, and they'll give you the respect you deserve (and maybe give you a phone number? We haven't tested that yet). Or, if you're on a team and you put your team's logo right on the table, you'll put the fear of Jeebus into your competitors.

Learn more about BJ's beer pong tables, and pick up a stock or customized table of your own, at

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November 14, 2005

Carlton Draught Big Beer Ad

Carlton Draught Big AdWe're not in the ad game, so we wouldn't be able to tell you what makes a great ad great. But, like art or pornography, while it's hard to define a great ad we know it when we see it. The Carlton Draught beer Big Ad is great advertisement.

We don't know much about the beer, other than the fact that it's from Australia and is somehow associated with Foster's. We're not even sure you can get it in the states. But when we saw the Big Ad this weekend, we knew we had to share it with our readers. It's a really big ad. It's freaking huge. Watch it and bask in the grandeur at the Big Ad site.

Learn more about Carlton Draught (slogan: Made From Beer).

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November 9, 2005

Narragansett Beer: It Doesn't Suck Anymore

Narragansett Beer We've said it before, and we'll say it again - we love truth in advertising. We just found out that Narragansett beer, a beer we remember hearing about from our fathers and our fathers' fathers, is on the comeback trail after being more or less AWOL for the past few decades. And in the article about 'Gansett, what was the thing that jumped out at us? The fact that a Rhode Island drinker, when asked why he would get back on the Narragansett wagon at the beer's launch party, simply told the interviewer about the lack of suckage.

Described by patrons as a crisp beer with no "after-bite," the 'Gansett on this night flowed from the tap and poured from the tall bottles and cans which have been graced with a new, classic label. Trays filled with pepperoni and cheese were spread about. Old friends talked at the bar. It's not that they couldn't have chatted over any other beer, it's that they were happy to have their beer back.

For the longest time, as these guys put it, 'Gansett wasn't worth the can in which it came.

That was enough for us to take an interest in the beer. We've never tried the 'Gansett, but with a lot of domestic breweries, especially the big names, the launch party would have been a ridiculous affair full of reality TV "celebrities" and sound bites. It sounds like the folks at Narragansett know that you don't have to jump through hoops in these days when the bulk of young hipsters are trading in their microbrews for solid, dependable and cheap mass-produced beer. You just have to let them know that the beer in the can they're holding just plain doesn't suck.

Read the full article at, and hop on the Narragansett beer bandwagon at

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November 4, 2005

Friday Fun: Shotgun Beer Opener

Update: Check out our review of the shotgun opener, plus find out about the future of shotgunning...

Shotgun Beer OpenerIf you've ever shotgunned a beer before, you know that it can be a lot of fun, but it can also be a bit of a hassle. Fumbling with your keys or some other sharp implement, aligning the hole properly, bending back the metal so you don't cut your lips while you drink - it can be a pain, especially after you're a couple beers in. We've discovered a Shotgun Beer Opener specifically designed for all your shotgunning needs.

Shotgunning A BeerIf you've never done it before, shotgunning is pretty simple, at least on paper. Before opening the beer, you punch a hole in the side of the can near the bottom rim and clear out the jagged metal. You put your lips to that hole, forming a seal, and pop the tab on the beer can. This causes all the beer in the can to have nowhere else to go but your mouth.

It's usually done as a race, but it can also be done recreationally to measure your personal best (not that we would know). The Shotgun Beer Opener promises to take a lot of the fumbling and guesswork out of preparing the cans, and it comes with a keychain hook so you'll always have it when you need it.

For more information, go to the Shotgun Party website, and you can order your own for four bucks from

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November 2, 2005

New England Beer Fest Review

Finish Your Beer...We went to Beer Advocate's New England Beer Fest last Saturday, and we had a great time. Not only was it absolutely packed despite the snow (we went to the night session on Saturday), we saw great costumes, met great people and drank great beer. Not a bad night, all in all. We put together some thoughts on the beers we tried, and we've included ways to track them down if you're so inclined.

It should be noted that there were four of us at the Beer Fest, and while we started off with the best intentions of taking copious notes, things seemed to derail a bit as the festival went on. Where our notes from the beginning of the night might look something like "A rambunctious hoppy flavor with a malty kiss at the end," the notes from the end of the night were more like "Beer good. Drink more." We've included our favorites in order, exactly as we wrote them. Today's sober comments are included in (parentheses).

ArrowContinue reading: "New England Beer Fest Review"

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October 26, 2005

Bing Bong Portable Beer Pong Table Review

Bing Bong Table
Folding Portable Beer Pong Table
Stats: 8' Long X 2' Wide X 21" Tall
Typical Price: $149 (Buy One)

Bing Bong Beer Pong TableWe got our Bing Bong table last week, and we couldn't wait to test it out. We hadn't played beer pong in a while, but as soon as we reviewed the Bombed game we were hooked again. We checked out the Bing Bong table on a few criteria, including portability, durability and playability.

Portability: Thumbs up on this one. We like the fact that the Bing Bong table lives up to its claim of being "portable," folding up to about the size of a suitcase, 2'X2', and weighing in at 20 pounds. We actually walked about a mile carrying the thing, and while we had to switch hands a few times, that's mostly because the heaviest thing we've lifted recently weighed 12 ounces. We wouldn't want to take it backpacking, but it's the perfect size and weight to toss into the car.

Durability: We didn't exactly have Inspector 12 banging this thing around, but it seems sturdy and we didn't have any worries about the table collapsing as we played, no matter how rowdy things got.

Playability: We've read one complaint about the Bing Bong table that it was too short to play effectively. We call that hogwash. Standing at 21", this table is a few inches shorter than the ping pong table in the Liquor Snob offices. We had a lot of fun playing with this table, both with the typical Beirut rules, as well as with the Northeast regional bouncing rules. The only place it falls short (literally) is in length - the Bing Bong table is only 8' long where a ping pong table measures 9'. But honestly...would you rather show up at a party with a beer pong table that's a foot short, or with no beer pong table at all?

Cool Factor: As we mentioned when we first got our table, this thing is just damned cool. As soon as we unwrapped it, everyone in the office was clamoring to see it set up and itching to play immediately. Just imagine next time you're at a party and you're the guy who brought the Bing Bong table. Instant superstar anyone?

All in all, we think the Bing Bong table is bad ass. Plus, we talked to a man on the street (when we were doing our portability test), who lived with five other guys in a college apartment. He said they wouldn't mind paying $150 to have a beer pong table of their own, especially since they could split it, and mentioned it seemed like a better idea than their current table, which is a door they knocked down in their apartment. There you go...100% of the people we interviewed say Bing Bong tables are great!

Learn more about the tables and buy one of your own at

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Beer Ad Makes Airline Surly

Your Next Discount FlightHere at the Liquor Snob offices, we love Bud Light's Real Men of Genius ads. We listen to them and laugh and laugh, sometimes until Bud Light squirts right out our noses. That's why we perked up when we read an article from CNN stating the latest one, "Mr. Discount Airline Pilot Guy," has discount airline AirTran in a huff.

(The ad) includes such taunts as "Your minimal experience flying a plane will never land you at a reputable airline. Luckily, you don't work for one" and "You put the fly in fly-by-night operation."

The Wall Street Journal, which first reported the story Monday, said AirTran Airways is considering dropping Bud and Bud Light beer from its flights unless Anheuser apologizes.

Oh no, a discount airline might stop serving Budweiser products on its flights? How will Anheuser Busch ever recover from that? Listen up, AirTran, just like the ad points out, your customer base is willing take 12 extra connections to save nine bucks. How much beer could they actually be buying?

Read the full article at CNN Money, plus you can listen to Mr. Discount Airline Pilot Guy at putfile.

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