January 19, 2006

Guinness Ice Cream Recipe

Guinness PintThree words...Guinness ice cream.

1/2 vanilla bean, split lengthwise
1 cup whole milk
1 cup heavy cream
2/3 cup Guinness stout
2 tablespoons plus 2 teaspoons molasses
4 egg yolks
1/3 cup sugar
1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract

1. In a medium saucepan, scrape in the vanilla bean seeds. Add the pod, milk, and cream. Bring to a boil over medium heat. Turn off the heat, cover the pan, and let the flavors infuse for 30 minutes.

2. Meanwhile, in a small saucepan over medium-high heat, whisk together the stout and molasses. Bring to a boil and turn off heat.

3. In a large mixing bowl, whisk the yolks, sugar, and vanilla extract. Whisk in a few tablespoons of the hot cream mixture, then slowly whisk in another 1/4 cup of the cream. Add the remaining cream in a steady stream, whisking constantly. Pour the mixture back into the saucepan.

4. Stir the beer mixture into the cream mixture. Cook the custard over medium heat, stirring often with a wooden spoon, for 6 to 8 minutes or until the custard thickens enough to coat the back of the spoon.

5. Strain the mixture into a bowl and refrigerate for at least 2 hours or overnight. Process the custard in an ice cream maker according to the manufacturer's instructions.

Three more words...makes one quart.

via Boston.com - Guinness Ice Cream

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January 18, 2006

Results of the World Series of Beer Pong

Beer Pong ChampsRemember when we told you about the World Series of Beer Pong? Well, we kind of missed the boat on getting you the results, since it wrapped up over a week ago, but better late than never, right? It's come to our attention that after fighting their way through a series of teams with names like "We're Going to Own Your Face" and "Drunk Bitch," a duo called Team France battled their way to Beer Pong gold.

A pair of recent University of Michigan graduates are each $5,000 richer for being the best at a national tournament involving a campus drinking game popular among many college students.

Jason Coben and Nick Velissaris are the champions of the "World Series of Beer Pong," which took place earlier this month near Las Vegas. The two beat out more than 160 other competitors to split the $10,000 grand prize.

via Boston.com - Mich. pair wins beer pong championship

Ten grand for playing beer pong? Note to self...put together a team for 2007. You can learn more and plan for next year at the WSOBP site.

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Beerbelly Stealth Beverage Dispenser Review

The Beerbelly
Refillable bladder/sling system for stealthy beer consumption
Typical Price: $49.95 for the full rig plus a "Pleasure Extender" ice pack and cleaning kit. (Buy Now)
Original Coverage: The Beerbelly: Sexy AND Functional

We've been looking even more bloated than usual lately, with a beer belly that would put Homer Simpson to shame. We don't mind, though, because our expanded waistline is due to The Beerbelly. What is the Beerbelly, you might ask? Think Camelbak with beer in it, designed to be worn up front and simulate those extra pounds you usually pack on after the beer's already inside you. Actually, we've been wearing ours to the gym, and you should hear the compliments we receive about the weight we lose every time we go!

Before the Beerbelly - Empty CupThe harness is surprisingly comfortable, even when you've got the bladder completely full (it holds 80 oz, or 6+ beers) and it looks very realistic when you put it on, at least from a distance. We're not sure if it would survive a pat down from a suspicious security guard, but luckily the Beerbelly Tips & Tricks page offers some ideas for how to sweet-talk your way out of an uncomfortable situation with someone in a position of authority:

  • This is a medical device that I think we’d both prefer not discussing or viewing in public.
  • My wife is pregnant and, as part of our maternity class, I have to develop empathy by wearing this thing around in order to look fat and give myself backaches.
  • Department of Homeland Security. We’re testing a new stealth form of body armor to protect our undercover agents overseas in the Global War on Terror. Don’t make me shut this place down.
  • It’s full of urine, so step back or you’re gonna be sorry.
  • Want a beer?
Or, of course, you could go for the sympathy vote and swing your sling around to make it a "Beer Hunchback."

After the Beerbelly - Fueling UpWe think the Beerbelly is a cool product, especially if you're someone who balks at the idea of paying nine bucks a beer at a game, twelve bucks a cup of soda at the movies, whatever. The only trade off is the chance that you might be caught muling PBR into the Chronicles of Narnia...oh and you have to be OK with looking like Al Roker in the bad old days. But is it worth paying $49.95 for the kit?

Well, let's think about it scientifically. Let's say you're going to a football game, where beers tend to run somewhere in the neighborhood of $4-$7. If you're paying the average beer price ($5.50) for 80 oz of beer (5 of the 16 oz beers), the amount held in the Beerbelly, you'll pay $27.50 altogether. Plan to do that at more than one game, and suddenly things are getting expensive. If you buy the Beerbelly, you'll pay $49 for the rig, and let's say six bucks for the beer (we're feeling high-end today). That puts your total at about $55. So on a purely fiscal basis, if you plan to use it twice or more, it'll pay for itself.

And even better, going beyond the purely monetary aspect, the thing is just cool. It's comfortable, you always have a beer on you, and yeah you look a bit rotund but you feel like you're putting something over on the people around you. If you're smart about when you fill up your cup, you won't get caught, and since you'll be the only one with beer around at all times, you'll be the most popular guy around, even though you're sporting the Celebrity Fit Club physique.

Learn more about The Beerbelly and buy one of your own at TheBeerbelly.com.

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January 12, 2006

Beer Can Jewelry: Sterling Silver Brilliance

Beer Can JewelryWe're not big fans of jewelry unless you can use it as a bottle opener, but we've found the best way to accessorize for your love of beer this side of piercing your liver. An artist in Vermont (our home state...Green Mountains 4Eva) is making jewelry using real beer cans, and they look surprisingly cool...not like the crap we usually see that passes for "jewelry" on a lot of drinking sites. We were so excited about these we showed them to one of the interns, and her response was "Why the hell would you want a Pabst Blue Ribbon ring?" and our response was "Why the hell wouldn't you?" Of course, we fired her on the spot.

Here's what Dana Roth has to say about her beer can creations:

All of our Beer Can Jewelry is made of sterling silver & aluminum beer or soda cans that I (or a close friend) have personally drank from. The aluminum is secured to the jewelry with sterling rivets & protected from damage by ledges (on the rings) or caps (at the end of the bracelets).
Available jewelry includes rings, thin bracelets and large cuff bracelets, including labels from Bud, Rolling Rock, Miller High Life, PBR, Guinness and Boddingtons, among others. Oh, and you can get soda can ones too, but come on.

Rings are available for $30, thin bracelets for $60, and it's $80 for the cuff bracelets, but it's worth every penny for the beer enthusiast in your life. Go to D-LiciousMetal.com to find a list of retail locations, and if you can't find any nearby you can order online from Elsewares. If you're thinking about getting some of these for that special someone for Valentine's Day you should order soon, because they can take a couple weeks to be created and shipped.

via The Sporting Life: Beeracelets

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December 21, 2005

Octopus: Tap A Keg Six Ways From Sunday

Octopus Keg TapOK, so the title of this article is a bit misleading, because the Octopus beer tap can really only tap a keg three ways from Sunday. But hey, that's two more than that lame tap you rent with the keg. One beer line per keg...that's so Fall 2004. Actually, this thing kind of reminds us of the Ubertap, but without the foot pump and $50 cheaper.

Keg lines are killer. You stand there and stand there and when you get to the tap you notice someone has sucked the beer straight out of the barrel and puked Cheetos on the top of the keg. At least that’s how I remember my Confirmation. Anyway. This is a four-spout tap for kegs that encourages sharing and faster beer handling.
via The Sporting Life; learn more at OctopusTap.com.

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December 14, 2005

24 Hours In A Day... Beer Stein

24 Hours In A Day Beer SteinWe don't usually go for pottery, but we just found this amazing beer stein that pretty much sums up our attitude on the whole beer issue in 11 words. The stein is from the Our Name Is Mud gallery in New York, and here's what they have to say about this kickass crockery:

We consulted Oliver Stone on this design, and we think he´s on to something. Remind yourself even when you´ve had enough to forget: "24 hours in a day, 24 beers in a case. Coincidence?" We think not.
The best part is, this thing used to be $20, but it's on sale right now for $10. Just in time for the holidays. Coincidence? We think not. Buy this stein today to make sure it arrives for holiday gift-giving, or browse Our Name is Mud's other goblets and steins for all your beer and wine needs.

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December 10, 2005

Bottle Blaster Shotgunning Technology

Bottle BlasterWe're not exactly sure why we always seem to stumble across beer shotgunning devices around the weekend. We can only guess that it's because by the time the work week is over, we want to get as much beer as possible inside us as quickly as possible. We've got canned beer pretty much dialed ever since we discovered Shotgun 2.0, but sometimes the only beer you have around is in a bottle. While it's quite possible to chug a bottled beer very quickly, it usually gets all foamy and the bubbles make it tough to do it as quickly as a shotgun. Enter the Bottle Blaster.

How does the Bottle Blaster work, you might ask? We were curious too, and when we first saw the tube sticking out of the end, we thought you were supposed to put it down your throat, shooting the beer right into your stomach. While that would be some serious shotgun dedication, the tube actually goes up into the bottle, and we have to say we're pretty glad about that. Since we're obviously morons, we'll let the Bottle Blaster folks explain how it works themselves.

This is a pocket shotgun adapter for a beer bottle. It fits most 12oz bottles of beer and is quality made.
Basically this is how it works:
  1. Un-cap your beer bottle
  2. Insert the Bottle bong into your beer making sure the thin vent tube reaches the bottom
  3. Cover the outside end of the thin vent tube with your finger
  4. Put the mouth piece up to your mouth
  5. Tilt your head back and stop covering the vent tube
  6. You are on your way to being DRUNK!
It takes about 3 seconds for a beer to come out of the bottle, and it produces NO FOAM. It really is a wonderful product that will get you VERY drunk VERY quickly! This is really an essential party accessory and at this price, you can't resist it!!
Still confused? Watch the Bottle Blaster video. This little stroke of genius runs for $14.95, and you can get yours at the Bottle Blaster store.

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December 5, 2005

Sad? Lonely? Have some Beerhugs!

Beerhugs Beer Mug Depressed by the cold, wet hand that results from drinking from your normal, everyday frosted beer mug? Wishing you could keep your hands dry and warm while still enjoying your daily pint(s) from an icy cold receptacle? Sick of the lonely drudgery that is your pathetic life, from your solitary drinking schedule to your balanced diet of take-out and Hot Pockets? If you're looking for respite from two of those problems (we're not telling which two), try Beerhugs beer mugs.

What are Beerhugs? According to their website, they are the only glass mug with an insulated plastic handle. This means you can chuck the glass in the freezer to frostify it, and the glass will get cold but the insulated handle will stay warmer to the touch. It kind of puts us in mind of the old McDLT ads from the 80s ("keeps the hot side hot and the cool side cool), but they might just be on to something...we've got a ton of frosted mugs in our freezer but rarely use them. Maybe because we're afraid of frostbite and prune hands?

Learn more at Beerhugs.com.

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AI Bar Is, Like, Wicked Smart

AI BarWe're not sure what it is, but we're a bit creeped out by the concept of robot bartenders...maybe it's the herky-jerky movements, the stilted post-pour conversation, or the fact that they could go HAL on us at any moment if we spill our drink. We'd be a lot more comfortable with something between the beer-only Kegbot and the "I could crush your face with robot strength" of T-Rot and RoboBar. Luckily, thanks to the fine folks over at The Sporting Life, we may have found it in the AI Bar:

This modified refrigerator houses up to sixteen different liquor/mixer bottles and a keg, all powered by CO2. The real magic? It plays bartenders, too. On the left half of the unit, where you might normally find a water/ice dispenser, you’ll find a touchscreen running bartending software that allows you to select from a huge variety of drinks, cocktails, etc. After making your selection, the unit pours the drink for you–voila!
via TheSportingLife

According to the AI Bar site, this mechanized mixologist can make over 1,000 drinks, and there are plans in the works to commercialize it. Plus, the inventors plan all kinds of upgrades, like remote ordering through PDAs and cell phones, voice recognition software (imagine programming yours to say "Free Drink") and card readers for automatic credit card charges. Sounds like a vending machine from drunken heaven to us.

Learn more at AIBar.com.

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December 2, 2005

Friday Fun: The Chuggler Mug

Red Chuggler MugWhen we were in college, we had a lot of friends who were huge fans of funneling beer. They would set up these crazy, MacGyver-style funnels that were three stories long, offered five funneling tubes, and held 14 quarts of Natural Light or whatever cheap beer we were drinking at the time. The Liquor Snobs have never been big funnelers...we've always felt if we want to blitz our stomachs with too much beer too fast, we'll shotgun it in manageable doses, thank you.

That is, that's how we felt until we discovered The Chuggler, a funneling apparatus that may make us change our tune. Basically, the Chuggler is a 30oz mug that comes with a 12"x1/2" tube that sticks out of the bottom. If you're feeling like a normal-speed intake, sip out of the top. If you want to rev things up a notch, whip out the tube and run your own personal funnel. Seems like a win-win to us.

And the best thing is, the Chuggler usually runs for $19.95, but it's currently on sale for $14.95. Apparently there are only limited quantities available, however, so if you're getting one, get it soon. Learn more at Chuggler.com.

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