June 30, 2006

Physical Challenge: Strange Brew Drinking Game

Bob and DougSo this week's physical challenge is the Strange Brew Drinking Game, and no, we're not telling you to get plastered and listen to Eric Clapton noodle on the guitar. The point of the game is to get your hands on a copy of Strange Brew, the 1983 movie featuring Bob and Doug McKenzie. The rules are simple - gather up a bunch of beer (preferably Canadian) and watch the movie.

All you have to do is drink every time someone says "eh" or "hoser."

Play your cards right and you're going to be on beer eight before you're halfway through the flick. Read on for other ideas to spice up the game, including alternate rules.

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June 29, 2006

The Ultimate Beer Bottle Opener

Alley Oop!Our younger readers might not remember Thunder Bay beer...in fact, we don't remember much about it ourselves except we think it was Canadian and it had the best bottle design known to man. The bottle caps were twist-offs, and each bottle had an indentation in its bottom specifically designed to insert another beer and twist off the cap without having to use your hands. Genius.

We've found a great YouTube video of someone with a similar idea of using another bottle to open their beer, but without any gimmicks. It's pretty simple (hint: it's similar to the lighter trick), and once you watch you'll be wondering why you didn't think of doing it yourself. Our only question is how you open that last remaining beer...

Open A Beer Bottle With Another Bottle
Impossible you say? Nay, my friends, it’s quite possible. Watch the video, learn, and impress your boss at the 4th of July party. He may either give you a promotion, or think you’re a boozer.
YouTube Video via TheSportingLife

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June 28, 2006

Trailer Hitch Bottle Opener

Trailer Hitch Bottle Opener We generally drink most of our beer from cans, so the only bottle opener we use opens the side of the can, but there are those occasions when we come up short for a bottle opener. Our bottle opener fork story the other day made us realize we should look for more portable bottle opening options, and we believe we've just found the most he-man opener we've ever seen.

Don't have a bottle opener? Just pull your truck up close and let people have a crack at your trailer hitch opener. Everything about this sucker screams manly, right down to the uber-literate product description - "HTCH CVR TALGTR BTLE OPNR." Pick yours up at Amazon, and you'll be the most popular guy in the Nascar parking lot.

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June 27, 2006

Buzzard's Bay Brewery Visit

Buzzards Bay Brewery LogoWe made a visit to Buzzard's Bay Brewing this weekend, way down in southern Massachusetts. In fact, they're so far south (we consider the Rhode Island border the Mason-Dixon line) we might not have made the pilgrimage if we hadn't tried their beers at the New England beer fest. We're glad we did, because they had some beers on tap that we seriously dug.

We got there too late to take the tour, but the folks working were extremely nice and let us wander around a little bit and check out the man behind the curtain. They had four beers available for tasting - a pale ale, a black lager, a hefe weizen and a dopple bock.

Our standout favorite was the Dopplebock, which clocks in at 163 days of lagering time (whatever that is) and offers a hefty 8.5 percent ABV, and most importantly offers a tasty and chewy sipping experience. We were also impressed by the Hefe Weizen, a type of beer we usually don't cotton to, but this one goes beyond the usual "mask the taste with lemon" and offers a hint of cloves and a surprisingly clean taste. We ended up getting a 12 pack of the black lager, if that tells you how we felt about it, and we certainly didn't have any complaints about the pale ale. Check them out in your liquor store if you're local, and grab the address so you can visit the brewery yourself at BuzzardsBrew.com.

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June 24, 2006

Fork Bottle Opener: Y'know...for kids

Fork Bottle OpenerWe pretty much love anything with a bottle opener in it. Flip flops? Sure! Belt buckles? Damn right. Hats? Of course! Rings? Get there. Now we've come across the ultimate combination of eating and drinking power - the bottle opener fork.

It looks like it'd open bottles no sweat, but with that big old hole right in the middle...do you think it'd actually hold any food? Let's just say we don't recommend eating peas with it.

It’s a bottle opener, it’s a fork, it’s a dessert topping. OK we lied about the dessert part. Stainless steel, graphic display box packaging.
Pick it up for twelve bucks at shopmodi.
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June 23, 2006

Physical Challenge: Power Hour

Beer in a can!On paper, Power Hour doesn't really seem like it's that big of a deal. You take a shot of beer every minute for an hour. Sounds straightforward enough, especially for the drunkards in our audience. But if it was easy, we wouldn't make it a physical challenge, now would we?

In practice, the whole Power Hour thing is like trying to play chess while riding a rhino - or that's what it seems like about halfway through. First of all, you have to find someone willing to stay sober enough to watch the clock and tell you to drink...60 times. Either that, or you have to come up with some other system - we heard about some folks who create a CD with 60 second snippets of songs, and someone has even come up with a version of the game for your PC, DVD or cell phone. Whatever works - we do it the old fashioned way...count to 60 between each shot. That's because we usually play solo, though.

Beyond the timing of the shots (and actually pouring them, which becomes a bitch after about 35 or so), there are a just a few rules/factors to take into account.

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June 22, 2006

Beer Woes Drive Bud to the Hard Stuff

Down in the MouthThings haven't been going so well for the beer industry lately as more and more people put down their suds turn to hard liquor. As we reported last fall, Anheuser Busch is still planning a move into the spirits category to try to make up for some of their lost sales.

"The loss of beer volume to wine and hard liquor has accelerated in recent years," company president August Busch IV told a liquor industry group earlier this month.

"And if this trend continues, we at Anheuser-Busch will have to reevaluate our business model going forward in terms of expanding beyond beer and broadening our position within the total alcohol industry," Busch told the National Conference of State Liquor Administrators, according to a transcript of the speech.

Anheuser-Busch is simply trying to remain relevant with consumers that are constantly searching for interesting products, said Benj Stein, whose beer industry newsletter reported Busch's comments last month.

via MSN Money

So it won't be a total move away from that frothy, tasteless brew you drank in college - consider it more of dipping a toe in the hard liquor pool. Called "Jekyll and Hyde," Bud's first booze is two separate liquors designed to be mixed together and drunk, or apparently mixed with beer. All we know is we hope it tastes better than their trip into alcoholic energy drinks, because we still throw up in our mouths a little bit when we think about Tilt.

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May 26, 2006

Get Soused on the Diamond with Sloshball

I Love SloshballSummer is nealy upon us, and it's about time to start thinking about how you're going to waste...errr, spend...those hot, lazy days. How about a sport that involves a keg, but also involves a little activity so your legs don't atrophy while you're pouring yourself beer after beer? As far as we can tell, that's what Sloshball is all about - a bastard hybrid of softball and drinking. We know what we're going to be doing with our summers now, with Sloshball during the day and beer pong at night. God bless America.

Here's a little more about the sport:

Established in Southern California in 1995, Sloshball.org is the world's only organization dedicated to the global expansion of the great game of Sloshball. Its humble beginnings date back to the early 1980's and the sun-drenched ballfields of Boulder, Colorado. Today, it's become more than just a game--it's a state of mind. With organized Sloshball events spreading south to San Diego, Houston and Tulsa and east all the way to Toronto, North Carolina and Philly, it's clear that Sloshball is here to stay.

We're not big softball players, but we like any game where runners are obliged to empty a keg cup at second base before they can continue to third, and where a player who hits a home run is immediately joined by his teammates for a social drink. If we could figure out how to combine this sport with wiffle ball without ending up in rehab, we'd be in heaven. Check out an overall list of Sloshball rules and find out how to contact your local team or start your own at Sloshball.org.

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May 24, 2006

The Best 50 Places to Have a Beer

Beer!If you ask us, there's no bad place to have a beer. The very act of drinking beer makes your location, whether it's at a sporting event, in a coal mine, or your in-laws' living room, a treat. OK, maybe that last one's a stretch, but you know where we're going. In an effort to combine the nectar that is beer with actually desirable locations, Beer Advocate has come up with a list of the Top 50 places to fill your mustache with suds.

We've included the Top 10 here; for the other 40 and further info on all the watering holes, click on through to the Beer Advocate site.

There's nothing better than sitting in your favorite watering hole while enjoying a fresh pint of craft beer in the company of friends. And even more so when the place is known for its beer, service and atmosphere - be it a brewpub or beer bar.

Here are the top ranked Places to Have a Pint in America based on BeerFly reviews by site users. The list includes both brewpubs and beer bars. Click on any of the names to read the reviews or post your own.

# 1 = The Moan and Dove (Amherst, MA)

# 2 = The Publick House (Brookline, MA)

# 3 = Spuyten Duyvil (Brooklyn, NY)

# 4 = Toronado (San Francisco, CA)

# 5 = The Map Room (Chicago, IL)

# 6 = Cock & Bull Pub (Sarasota, FL)

# 7 = Papago Brewing (Scottsdale, AZ)

# 8 = O'Brien's Pub (San Diego, CA)

# 9 = Stuffed Sandwich (San Gabriel, CA)

# 10 = Capital Ale House (Richmond, VA)

Beer Advocate - Top 50 Places to Have a Beer in America (via The Sporting Life)

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May 16, 2006

Rofo Headgear: Foam Dome 2.0?

Rofo HeadgearAdmit it. Sometimes you lay awake at night and fantasize about wearing a hat in the shape of a giant hot dog, full of cold beer. Or maybe it was a hat in the shape of a miniaturized motorcycle - it's been a while since we've read your diary. Either way, your dreams have come true, because we've just discovered RoFo Headgear, the hat decanter for all seasons.

Just what is RoFo Headgear, you might ask? As far as we can tell, they're basically cooler hats that come in a variety of shapes and sizes, designed to hold any of a myriad of beverages. Think of it as a stylish way (depending on your sense of style, of course) to keep hydrated (or drunk) on the go. The RoFo holds just about a six pack's worth of liquid, similar to our other favorite stealth drinking apparatus the BeerBelly, but you wear it on your head. It weighs five pounds when it's full, but what's a little crushed spine when you've got a headful of Milwaukee's Best?

We'll let RoFo inventor "Mad" Randall Flann tell you more about his interesting product:

Like sports? We have all major sports models! More traditional? Try a bowler or barrel style! Our RoFo Headgear fit in anywhere. Some of the places where a RoFo Headgear can be used are at rallies, meeting, parties, and sports events and at an intimate soiree. Hubba, Hubba, Hubba!!! At $29.95, why carry around or entertain in an old conventional, predictable method when you can add that little extra something pen Nash that can repeatedly create remarkable memories that will last forever?

To posses a RoFo Headgear makes the statements: “I own the most original recognizable unique beverage bottle known throughout the entire world. I’m a free-spirited thinker and a pretty perceptive independent consumer. I revel -- revel in my defying traditional convention of behaving!”

We're not sure what pen Nash is, but Hubba, Hubba, Hubba!! All we can say is that at $29.95, this thing seems to be just about the perfect thing to force the guest of honor at a bachelor/bachelorette party to wear. Learn more and find out how to get your own fantasy hat at RoFoHeadgear.com.

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