October 5, 2006


Hops FireLadies and gentlemen, we're sorry to be the ones to report this to you but it appears there has been a fire. Don't be concerned for your safety...be concerned for your sobriety. Apparently this fire, in a warehouse in Washington, has consumed four percent of our nation's hops supply. What is hops, you might ask? Oh, just one of the things that makes beer taste beery.

Yes we know we still have the other 96%, but we're still overwrought with emotion so we'll let the fine folks over at The Sporting Life do the heavy lifting on more details:

As of yet, the cause of the fire in Washington’s Yakima Valley is unknown (although the fact it’s happened in Washington’s premier wine region must make some of us suspicious, no?), but local reports note the “pungent” aroma the fire released. Pungent? Again, these ‘reports’ must’ve come from wine types.
via The Sporting Life - The Beer Blaze of ‘06; also reported at Days That End in "Y"

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October 3, 2006

Obey Hangover Wallet with Bottle Opener

Obey Hangover WalletAs a drinker, it's in your best interest to always have a bottle opener handy. Yeah, it's cool to be able to open a beer on a random object - it proves you're handy. But if you always have a real, honest-to-goodness bottle opener on you, it shows that you think ahead. Plus, you can always pull it out with a flourish when you're looking to impress.

That's where the Obey Hangover Wallet comes in - it's sturdy and looks hip, and it features a bottle opener that snaps right in. Plus, it's made by the dude that came up with all those Obey Giant stickers people put all over the place - y'know, the ones that made you scratch your head and wonder "Why the hell is Andre the Giant staring at me from that street light?"

Obey Hangover Wallet is available on Amazon

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October 2, 2006

Nights in Black Velvet

Guinness 'N WineIf you ask us (and we know no one did), stout, and Guinness in particular, is the single greatest beer ever created. Sliding Guinness sales aside it's the perfect beverage, fine to drink alone or alongside any meal from Bangers and Mash to ham and eggs. While we usually drink our stouts straight, there's a long history of combining this black gold with other liquids, from Bass beer in a Black and Tan to a shot of Chambord in a Black Fog.

The redoubtable Wine X Magazine has opened our eyes to another Guinness concoction - the Black Velvet. A combination of stout and sparkling wine, the Black Velvet has a reputation of transcendence. Or, it has that reputation in the few places the bartender has heard of it anyway. A lot of bars around us in the Boston area serve them, but we've never sampled - we're going to make sure to fix that mistake after all the praise being lavished on the drink. Learn more about the Black Velvet, including tips for good stouts to try and choosing the wine to pair it with at Wine X; we've also found some other stout recipes at DrinksMixer.

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September 26, 2006

Behold the Beer Cannon

So, it seems the fine folks over at Milwaukee's Best Light have built a cannon. It's not your typical cannon, either...it seems to only fire salamis, paint gun pellets, and cans of Milwaukee's Best Light beer. Now, we know what some of you are thinking - that firing it from a cannon is the only thing you should do with MBL. However, this is a damn fine video, well-edited and well-scored...plus you get to see a beer can go through the picture tube of a TV. And isn't that what life's all about, really?

Check it out after the jump.

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September 15, 2006

How to Build a Kegerator

Pre-Kegerator FridgeYou know you've dreamed it, at least once. You know you've stood around that bucket on your porch, watching the keg lolling there in the icy water, thinking "Ye gods, if only I had a refrigerator mechanism to keep the beer cold so I wouldn't have to drink it all right now!" OK, so maybe you didn't start with "Ye gods" and you probably weren't looking for an excuse not to drink beer.

That's all beside the point, however...the most important thing is that you need a kegerator and you need it bad. We've found instructions for how to make one over at Kegerators.net, outlining everything you need from refrigerator specs to power tools. Of course, they're also assuming you're building your kegerator out of parts you bought from them, but that's not the end of the world is it? If you need more info, we've also found a "How to Build a Kegerator" FAQ.

Or, if that's too much trouble, you can buy a kegerator pre-made - you lazy bastard.

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September 14, 2006

Ladies and Gentlemen...The BeerClip

Sam_Adams_Beer_Clip.jpgWe have to say we're money clip guys. Our bodies are lumpy enough without being concerned about a wallet-shaped protuberance sticking off our booties. Here's the problem we have with our money clips, however...you can't open a beer on them. Well, you can - just not easily.

We just got an envelope in the mail that will change that, however. It contains a BeerClip, a bottle opener money clip. Now THAT'S what we call progress. As the name implies, the BeerClip is an ingenious device that brings together all the best parts of keeping your cash organized with the added bonus of being able to open beers with it.

Of course, you probably know 1,000 ways to open a beer, but there's something pretty kickass about being able flash your knot while you open someone's beer. Just make sure you have the big bills on the outside if you're trying to impress.

We put the BeerClip through its paces tonight, opening beer after beer with it. The clip is good, solid, springy metal that puts our pawn shop money clips to shame. The opener works great as well - one thing to note is the opener works best if you only have bills in the clip, but if you keep cards in there it gets a little tougher to work. We're finding it to kick ass overall, opening beers we have no right to open just because it's fun to do.

If you use a money clip or know someone who does, we recommend you get your hands on a BeerClip. It also would make a great groomsman gift, especially since you can customize them with laser engraved logos or initials - we wish we'd known about this a few years ago. BeerClips and more information are available at BeerClip.com.

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September 12, 2006

Octopus Beer Keg Tap Review

Octopus Tap
4 Port Keg Tap System
Price: $69.99 for basic tap
Other systems also available from Octopus Tap

Octopus TapWe've been singing the praises of the Octopus Tap for weeks now. Sadly, it was a one-note song, however, because even though we've had the tap we got in the mail for a healthy long time. That was because of a mixture of a crap summer and the fact that even we, the Liquor Snobs, need a special occasion to get a keg.

Well, we finally got our hands on a keg (a bachelor party - thanks for getting married Eddie), which gave us a chance to blow off some much-needed steam and review the Octopus Tap. We'll spoil some of the suspense and tell you we thought the Octopus Tap kicked ass in a normal drinking situation; but could it keep up the beer flow for seven thirsty dudes as they waded through a Power Hour? Read on to find out.

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September 5, 2006

You Need a Beer Keg Costume

Beer Keg CostumeThis thing has an actual place to store actual beer, and Halloween is just around the corner.

'Nuff said, really.

Product Description

Let's party dudeIncludes: cloth keg body cover, helmet with pump and cap piece. Keg helmet hold 400ml. Of drink and hand held dispenser allows easy sharing

via Amazon

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September 1, 2006

Guinness Sales Drop in Ireland

rightWe remember an old joke an Irishman told us when we were but wee lads:

Q: Why did the English invent Guinness?
A: To keep the Irish from taking over the world.

We're not sure how much truth there is in that, but it looks like we might be in for an Irish takeover soon. Diageo, owner of Guinness, has reported that sales of the black, frothy nectar of the gods...errr, beer...have taken a precipitous drop in Ireland. According to the BBC News, "the Diageo results statement said challenges in the Irish beer market had 'adversely impacted' on growth in Europe, with Guinness sales in Ireland down 3% over the year."

Diageo states they have no intention of selling Guinness and overall sales are actually up thanks to strong performance in the UK, US and Canada. At least that makes us feel better - those poor shareholders won't have to worry about selling their yachts anytime soon. But it brings to mind one question - what the hell are the Irish drinking now?

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August 31, 2006

Beerfest Update: You Should Still See It

Beefest PosterHere's a little shout out to all you turd burglars out there who haven't seen Beerfest yet - YOU SUCK AT LIFE. Yeah, we know earlier this week we yelled at you for not having seen it yet, then sheepishly admitted we hadn't made it either. We have now remedied that situation.

We went to a 10:20 showing last night and cried with laughter. It didn't start off with the bang Supertroopers had, but once it got rolling it was just as damned funny in a lot of places.

It was like "holy crap I just split my pants" funny. Like "I've been shitting pancakes" funny. Like "Get out and see it this weekend and keep it in theaters" funny. If you haven't seen it yet get your furry little palms on the steering wheel of your car and drive to the theater. If you've already seen it - do the same thing. That is all.

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