April 13, 2007

Physical Challenge: Beer Bottle Blowout

We haven't done a physical challenge in a while (we quit in shame ever since we got too girl drink drunk and then couldn't beat the flush). But, here we are, back on track and itching to dish out some more punishment. Our typical physical challenges include changing our drinking habits, or maybe playing some kind of crazy game. Today's is much more straightforward - we're going to teach you how to blast the bottom cleanly out of a beer using only your mind...and the palm of your hand.

Read on for instructions and a video of someone doing said trick from Youtube.

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April 11, 2007

Amazing Beirut/Beer Pong Trick Shots

billy-ball.jpgThere are a lot of Web videos out there, and a lot of them involve drinking. But sometimes you see a video that is so beyond the pale, you just have to share it. A friend of ours sent us such a video, with the mysterious name "Billy Ball." We almost passed on opening it - turns out we're very much glad we didn't.

The Billy Ball video contains some of the sickest, most improbable ping-pong-ball-into-keg-cup shots we've ever seen. There are props, behind the back hurls, multiple banks shots, and skateboards involved - and maybe it's all Hollywood magic, but we'd like to believe there really is someone out there who can make love to a beer pong ball that way. We think our friend JDK summed it up best when he said "don't watch it high or drunk because it will blow a hole in your mind."

Words to live by.

See the video at Suffer The Joy.

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April 5, 2007

The Beer Pager

beerpager_lrg.jpgMaybe we're doing something wrong here, but our beers usually disappear long before we have a problem with losing track of them. In fact, our beers are usually gone before you'd be able to get your can into this little high-tech coozie. Other than that though, this is a pretty cool danged invention. If they make one that fits on wine glasses, we're going to get them for the Cheap Fun Wines guys - and our moms.

Find it at PrankPlace; we found it via coolest-gadgets.

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March 30, 2007

Ain't That The Truth?

End of the Rainbow

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March 28, 2007

Jellyfish Beer Bong

It looks like a combination of a Portuguese Man O' War and Mr. Ed's condom, but it's actually something you can drink beer out of. Well, we suppose you could drink beer out of either of those first two things, but here's something you'd actually want to drink beer out of. It's called the Jellyfish (appropriately enough) and it's an inflatable beer bong. Just pull it out of your pocket, blow it up, fill it with beer, and chug.

We have one on its way to us so expect a review soon - learn more and pick one up at BeerSudz.com.

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March 19, 2007

Boston Bar Golf

We're sure the last thing you want to think about the Monday after a Saturday St. Patrick's is another bar crawl, but we've discovered something we just have to share with our New England readers. We've known for a while that the Faneuil Hall area was basically vat-grown for pub crawls, and we've even been on a few ourselves. What we didn't know about was the Boston Bar Golf Invitational, a yearly event where a large number of people get together to take the area by storm. We're not talking an intimate stroll with a few friends here - we're talking shock and damage (nearly 200 people had signed up for the crawl when we wrote this story).

Faneuil Hall is renowned as one of the best Bar Golf courses in the world. From its world class Irish pubs to its lively sports bars, each establishment provides unique challenges to a bar golfer. There is no better environment to meet new people or enjoy good times with old friends. Join us this April on a journey that will be talked about for years to come.

Sounds like fun - head over to BostonBarGolf.com to sign up and get more info. The Boston Bar Golf Invitational occurs on April 14 this year, and if you're still curious what the hell Bar Golf is, see below.

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March 13, 2007

Kegulator Makes Math Obsolete


There was a time when it was a complete pain in the ass to try to figure out how much beer to buy for a party. Usually, the only way to make sure you had enough was to buy too much, but at least with our friends, that became a self-fulfilling prophecy and everything in the house went into someone's gullet no matter how much we buy.

Thankfully, that's no longer a problem thanks to the Kegulator, a sweet Web widget that lets you enter how many folks are drinking and how drunk you expect each to get on a scale of Tipsy to Hammered. Not only will it calculate how much beer you need, it also factors for spillage and recommends the amount of ice, and cups to get. Guess we can get rid of our old Casio calculator watch now.

Check it out at Kegulator.com.

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March 7, 2007

BongXedo Beer Bong Review

Wearable Beer Bong
Typical Price: $39.99

The concept of the BongXedo is pretty straightforward - it's a beer bong system you wear like a tuxedo. We were fired up to test it out, so we took it to a party this weekend with visions of turning our friends into beer-soaked guinea pigs.

When we walked into the party, however, our friends got a load of where the beer comes out of the funnels (hint: it's in the nether region of the 'Xedo) and said "No way in hell I'm drinking out of that." Now these weren't our Intern lackeys, people we could browbeat and intimidate, they were our friends...

Read on to find out if we were able to convince these fine folks to drink out of our plastic johnson though the picture kind of gives it away, eh?

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February 27, 2007

Thongs 'N Beer Bongs

Girl Chugging BeerWe're diligently working on our review of the BongXedo beer bong right now after our strenuous testing this weekend. Well, actually, if by "working on our review" you mean "digging up pictures of girls chugging beer," then yes. We've found an excellent page of just that...nothing but girls doing beer bongs. Good God we love our job.

For the record, our headline might be a bit misleading - there aren't any whale tails evident in these pics...but that doesn't mean they're not there.

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February 21, 2007

BongXedo Arrives for Review

bongxedo.jpgWe've gotten our hands on the mythical creature known as the BongXedo, and we're oh-so excited to try it out to see if it has the mystical powers of other creatures of legend. It definitely has the physical aspect of myth - the drinking nozzle reminds us of a unicorn horn, the funnels rise above your shoulders like the wings of Pegasus, and the defoamer tubes drape over your shoulders like the hair of Medusa.

Wow, either we've been watching too much Clash of the Titanslately, or we've gotten a bit too deep in our absinthe reviews. Either way, expect a full review of this gadget coming soon, and check them out for yourself at BestBong.com.

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