October 29, 2008

Buckshot Shot Glasses

buckshot_shot_glasses.jpgTake your shots literally with these Buckshot shot glasses. Maybe you can shotgun a beer, before you do it. Now THAT'S the total package.

Buckshot Shot Glasses

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October 24, 2008

Margarators.com: Margarita Machines and More

margarator.jpgIf you'd asked us at this time yesterday what a Margarator was, we'd have shrugged our shoulders and mumbled something akin to "dunno." But today...today is a different day isn't it? And it turns out we want desperately need one of these bad boys. If you're as confused as we were, think of the margarator as the spiritual kid sister of the Kegerator - but instead of chilling your draft beer it only exists to have cool, refreshing margaritas and other icy drinks at your fingertips at all times.

We want to buy two and use one for a margarator and the other for a hurricanator. Or maybe we'll get one of those diesel multi-pitcher ones. Possibilities are endless. Head on over to Margarators.com to live the dream for yourself.

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October 20, 2008

Skull Cocktail Shaker

In our neverending quest to help you prepare for Halloween (you do realize it's a Friday this year, right?) we present to you the Skull Cocktail Shaker. Whether you throw the party or just bring your own shaker, we can't think of an accessory that will round out your evening better than a cocktail shaker festooned with a Jolly Roger. Seriously, we can't.

Skull Cocktail Shaker

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Jagermeister Tap Machine

jagermeister-machine.jpgYes, we realize it's Monday. We know the last thing you want to think about this morning is a chilly shot of Jagermeister sliding down, especially after all the evil stuff you did to your body over the weekend. But think about it for a minute...if you buy it today, there's a fair to middling chance you'll have it by Friday, when it will be EXACTLY the thing you want to think about.

Tap Machine Inc [via Uncrate]

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October 17, 2008

Drinking and Driving the Responsible Way

dream-arcade.jpgWe love to have the occasional relaxing night of sitting around, drinking beer, and playing video games. Actually, who're we kidding? We like to do that most nights - that's no secret. One of our darker secrets, however, is that we especially like to get liquored up and play driving games.

Why driving games? Well, it lets you test that age-old drunk's plea that you "drive better when you're a little buzzed," but without putting any lives at risk. Oh, and it's also a lot of fun to be able to drive 150 miles an hour with a beer in your hand (spraying machine gun fire out the window a la GTA is purely optional). Now, the Octane 120 Kegerator/Racing Simluator has arrived on the scene, giving us the ability to smoke the tires and drink in style.

This full-on racing simulator has a steering wheel, pedals, a kegerator in the back, two taps and a cup holder. Oh, and it also has over 200 games, a 122" screen, and home theater sound. Guess that's what you should expect for the $7,000 price tag. We also guess we'd better start saving our pennies now (and remind you all that Christmas is coming. Ahem.)

Dream Arcades [via UberReview and CrunchGear]

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October 16, 2008

Halloween Party Drink Cooler (now with Skeleton!)

skeleton_drink_cooler.jpgLet's face it - Halloween is quickly approaching, and you don't have ANYTHING skeleton-related from which to serve drinks at your party. Luckily, we've unearthed this great inflatable cooler, complete with blow-up skeleton hovering over it. This is the perfect thing to serve booze, beer, and plasma (for the vampire types) at your Halloween shindig. And, let's face it...you don't have to stick to Halloween. This cooler would be great for all sorts of events - bat mitzvahs, Arbor Day, and (most especially) Grandma's birthday.

Inflatable Skeleton Party Drink Cooler

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October 13, 2008

Let's Get Lit Liquor Bottle Candles

lets_get_lit_candles.jpgLooking for ways to class up your home bar? Thinking your dorm room needs another liquor-related item to really tie the room together? Sick of drinking in the dark? If any of these questions describes you, then "Let's Get Lit" liquor bottle candles could be right for you.

Let's Get Lit makes high-quality, gel wax candles in bottles ranging from Jack Daniels to Jager to Jameson's, and beer bottles too, in odors from "beer to vanilla." The only downside we see is that these candles cost as much or more than the hard stuff that originally came in the bottles, but when we look on the bright side - at least the candle will last longer than a Saturday night and you probably won't have a headache when you're done with it.

at Let's Get Lit Candles

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September 24, 2008

Church Key Bottle Opener by Suck UK

church_key_bottle_opener.jpgNowadays, everybody's got some kind of bottle opener hanging from their key ring, but they're usually chintzy little plastic things that aren't all that exciting. Plus, don't you have enough non-key crap hanging off your keychain right now? Why not pick up a bottle opener that actually looks like a key, so it blends right in until you need it? Of course, this key might not blend in with your others unless you're the caretaker of a cemetery or the keymaster for Zuul, but hey - at least it looks badass.

Church Key Bottle Opener

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September 22, 2008

Multiple Wall-Mounted Bottle Opener Set

multi_bottle_opener_set.jpgWe don't want much out of life. All we ask, really, is to have a wall-mounted bottle opener in every single room of our house. Ask and ye shall receive - one each of bottle openers sporting logos for Guinness (kitchen), Brooklyn Brewery (back porch), Miller High Life (master bedroom, of course - it's champagne after all), Honey Brown (living room), and Coors (bathroom - hey, you never know).

Beer Brand Bottle Openers

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September 18, 2008

Evolution Mobile Folding Bar

EMB-X-portBar-B1.jpgSometimes, we look at a product and just think to ourselves "Oh, man - we need this so hard." Today's candidate for our drooling affection is the Evolution Mobile Bar - a full-on bar that folds up so it's not much bigger than a rolling suitcase.

We don't have full control of ourselves right now, so we'll give you the product features right from Kegworks. If you'll excuse us, we have to go sell some organs or figure out another way to save a couple grand.

* Made of aluminum with a silver stainless finish
* Sets up and disassembles easily, in less than 5 minutes
* Versatile light weight construction allows it to be packed up and stored virtually anywhere
* Each bar can hold up to (10) 750 ml bottles and (6) 1 liter store and pour jugs
* Equipped with a speed rail
* Holds 24 pieces of stemware
* Built in garnish containers
You had us at garnish containers.

Kegworks [via Boing Boing Gadgets]

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