September 21, 2010

Bar2D2 Robotic Drink Mixer Gets Hardware Upgrade

Robotic-Drink-Mixer.jpgWe've been sifting the Interwebs for booze and robots for a while now, and we've just found a nugget that looks like pure gold. You might remember Bar2D2, a booze-serving robot that was pinging around the Internet about a year ago. That was cool as hell, but the idea of building a fully-functional robot seemed a bit daunting.

That's why we like the idea of just ripping out the robot's brain and hooking it up to a laptop, and forcing it to spit out drinks on our every whim. For one thing it seems a lot simpler for us to operate it. For two things, it seems much less likely to uprise against its human overlord and shoot me with some kind of laser. Check out the video of what the Robotic Drink Mixer is capable of below, and get the full instructions for how to build your own at Instructables.

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September 16, 2010

How to Open a Wine Bottle With Your Shoe

Maybe this isn't a problem everyone runs into, but we certainly have - you've gotten your hands on a bottle of wine, but you've forgotten or misplaced your corkscrew. This has been a frustrating experience for us - especially since we can open a beer on just about anything - but usually we end up pushing the cork down into the bottle and having to deal with a floating obstruction as we try to pour it.

Turns out there's a much better way, and you're probably wearing the only tool you need for opening that damned bottle - a shoe. Check out Dr. Vino for a whole slew of alternative methods for opening wine. (Thanks for sending the link to, Doug, but we couldn't figure out how to embed that shit in 30 seconds or less)

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August 30, 2010

NewAir AI-210W Countertop Ice Maker Review

ice_maker.jpgNow that we've had a bit of time to play around with the ice maker supplied to us by Air N Water, we've taken some time to put together our thoughts. We were impressed overall with the device and its output, and we were glad we were given a chance to play with it. It has a ton of features, is extremely easy to use, and put out ice like it was its job (which it is, we suppose). The AI-210W costs around $200 - and is currently selling for $190 on the Air N Water product page.


  • Quick & Easy Setup: We plugged this thing in, poured in some water, and had viable cocktail ice in less than 10 minutes.
  • Fast Output: We had more ice than we knew what to do with after the first batch. Of course, we ran much more than one batch, because we don't know when to say when - we didn't make it to the advertised 35 pounds, but we gave it a run.
  • Portability: This thing isn't pocket-sized, but it's relatively light and easy to move around, with comfortable handles on each side.
  • Easy to Clean: When we were done churning out ice, we just drained the water reservoir, wiped out the inside with a cloth, and put it in storage.

Things to Think About

  • Noisy: This thing makes some noise - it rattled the items on our countertop while grinding away during the creation process, and the sound of ice dropping can be jarring. It's not shockingly loud - it's not like you didn't know you would be making ice - but you won't want to run this thing in the baby's room during nap time.
  • Counter Space: The machine is big - that's part of the game we suppose when you're getting the throughput this thing does. Don't expect to tuck this away in a corner - you'll have to get it out to run it, and put it away we're guessing, or set it up somewhere outside the kitchen.
All in all we feel the machine works great, and so far it has met all our needs. If you're someone who has a home bar (or has other icy needs) we see this as a good investment, especially if you're sick of running to the corner store for bags of ice.

Check out a video showing all the features of the AI 210 after the jump.

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August 24, 2010

NewAir Countertop Ice Maker Arrives for Review

ice_maker.jpgWe've been on pins and needles waiting for our new ice maker to arrive, and it's finally been delivered. The folks at Air & Water sent us a NewAir AI-210W, a self-cleaning ice maker with an 18 hour timer. We're still in the midst of reading the operator's manual, so we'll let the Air & Ice folks tell you more about our model with a clipping from their product page:

The convenient NewAir AI-210W offers more features than most ice makers on the market, which makes it one of the best in its class. This portable ice maker features a convenient timer that allows you to choose exactly when the unit turns on or off. And with its quick 7-13 minute operating cycle, the AI-210W is able to deliver up to 35 pounds of ice per day!
You'll be the first ones to know when we get the review up; until then, check out all the ice makers available from Air & Water to see if one suits your fancy.

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July 13, 2010

AK Bullet Ice Tray: Make Killer Drinks

bullet_ice_cubes.pngSee what we did there? With the title? They're bullet-shaped ice cubes and we said "make killer drinks." We slay us. OH! We did it again! Hilarity!

This ice cube tray is perfect for those days when you're mixing guns with liquor (always a good idea) or maybe when you just want to send a stern message to someone. They're your trays - it's up to you really.

Ak Bullet Ice Cube Tray

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May 19, 2010

Cooper Cooler Rapid Blitz Chiller

rapid_beer_chiller.jpgTake your beer from pee warm to an icy cold 33 degrees Farenheit in just four minutes (for cans - a bit slower for bottles) with the Cooper Rapid Blitz Chiller. There's really not that much more to say about the thing is there? No. So get your ass down to Bed, Bath & Beyond to pick one up for forty bucks!

(Or you can get it through Amazon if you're down with the 1-2 month wait time, but seriously...what part of RAPID did you not understand?)

Blitz Chiller [via I Just Want to Fit In]

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May 6, 2010

EdgeStar KC2000 Kegerator on Sale at

edgestar_kc2000_kegerator.jpgWe've been on the lookout for a kegerator lately for the Liquor Snob offices (even we have to take a break from the hard stuff we're sick of wading through the bottles), and we just stumbled across a deal we might not be able to refuse. is offering the EdgeStar KC2000 kegerator which usually retails for close to $700, for $449 with free shipping through May 9.

In order to get the sale price and free shipping, just enter the promo code BACKINBLACK when you place your order. A quick search found the same kegerator for a few bucks cheaper at Amazon, but with no free shipping, so this looks like a pretty damned good deal.

EdgeStar Kegerator KC2000 at [via the blog]

We're also including a YouTube video runthrough of this particular kegerator's features so you can get a feel for whether it will work for you, after the jump. (Just don't blame us when Drowning Pool starts playing through your speakers when you start the vid).

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April 6, 2010

Gummy Shot Glasses

gummy-shots-pour.jpgWe have to admit, when we first heard about Gummy Shot Glasses, we weren't completely sold. They sounded weird and awkward, and had way too much potential for getting us sticky. Then we realized we originally felt that way about some of our favorite things in the in particular.

What changed our minds? Behold the power of AutoTune, Old Crow, sugar and gelatin:

Gummy shot glasses come in sets of six (either 2 each of blue raspberry, red cherry, and orange, or lemon, lime, and cola); you can get them at Vat 19.

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March 31, 2010

Keg Stool Makes Butts Happy

kegstool.pngDo you live in a house that is chock-a-block with empty kegs, but short on seating space? Sounds like a nice problem to have, but if so the Keg Stool might be the answer to your prayers. Keg Stool is a DIY kit that lets you add a seat and footrest to any empty keg, giving style and panache to your kitchen island, home bar, or formal dining area.

They offer two products - a partial kit where you supply your own keg for a hundred bucks, or you can pay an extra hundred for a full-blown kit where they supply the keg. Not for nothing, but as your Internet attorneys we suggest you drain the keg yourself before slapping a chair on it...y'know, for the sense of accomplishment.

More information at

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March 30, 2010

Aspen Bottle Holders: They Got Wood

aspen_wood.jpgWe realize that not everyone is into the rustic look, but for everyone who gags at the sight of a wagon wheel coffee table, there's somebody who thinks it's badass. We fall squarely into the latter category, and would love nothing more than to jam booze bottles through big chunks of wood and leave them scattered around our living and work spaces.

If you feel the same way, head on over to Aspen Bottle Holders' Etsy store and browse until your heart's content. Yeah, it's Etsy, but least they don't staple chicken parts or felted wool pebbles to their bottle racks.

[via Thrillist]

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