October 1, 2005

Quaffer Sampler Pack Arrives for Review

Quaffer Sampler PackLast week, we told you about the Quaffer, an interesting shot glass with a built-in chaser. We were so fired up to do a review we had some shipped right out to us. Our Quaffer sampler pack has just arrived in the mail, so we'll be reviewing it as soon as we can.

The sampler pack includes two glass Quaffers, two plastic Quaffers, two beer Quaffers, two pouring spouts, stickers and instructions. We can't see a down side to getting the shot and the chaser all wrapped up as one, so we're definitely looking forward to this review.

If you can't wait for our two cents, pick up your own Quaffer sampler and let us know what you think.

Update: Two minutes after posting this story, we realized that with all these cool shot glasses staring at us, we weren't going to wait to try them out. We did one with ginger beer and Jim Beam, and it worked like a charm - the layering was easy and so was the gulping. A more thorough review will follow, but we just had to let you know.

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Heineken Sues InBev Over PerfectDraft

Heineken BeertenderEarlier this week, we covered the PerfectDraft, a home draft beer system. This week, we heard that Heineken is suing PerfectDraft manufacturer InBev, for infringement of "intellectual property rights."

Apparently, Heineken is in a tizzy about the similarity of PerfectDraft to its own product, the Beertender. We don't know what intellectual property is, but we know we can get behind the idea of draft beer at home. We'll be monitoring this case to see how it works out, but all we can say is "Can't we all just get along?" We don't know who invented it first, but we don't really care. Our question is when we're going to be able to get one of these systems here in the states - currently they're only available in Europe.

Learn more about PerfectDraft, and compare it to the Heineken Beertender, and then somebody let us know when we can get our hands on either system.

Read more about the the lawsuit at Forbes.com.

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September 30, 2005

Refill Your Drink by Email with Smart Coaster

One Fierce Beer CoasterLast week we told you about Kegbot, a nifty kegerator contraption with a computer built in. Not to be outdone, German scientists have developed an electronic drink coaster that knows when a glass is nearly empty and automatically asks for a refill. Getting a drink refill by email? O brave new world that has such beer coasters in it!

Andreas Butz at the University of Munich and Michael Schmitz from Saarland University came up with the idea while out drinking with their students.

The disc-shaped mat can be attached to a normal beer mat so that it still soaks up spilt liquid and displays an advertisement. But it also contains a pressure sensor and radio transmitter to alert bar staff of the need for a refill.

The device weighs 110 grams and costs $100 to make, but Butz and Schmitz think the weight and cost would shrink if the mat were to be mass-produced.

Learn more at New Scientist.

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Liquor Lock Keeps Your Booze Safe

Liquor LockKeep would-be liquor thieves at bay with the Liquor Lock, a combination lock system you attach to the neck of your bottles. If you don't have a liquor cabinet, it can be tough to make sure no one's mooching your hooch, and marking the level on the bottle gets old really fast. Keep the kids (or your roommates) out of your liquor bottles easily...just enter a three-pin combination, then turn the top clockwise until the lock expands and is tight. Re-enter the combination and turn counter-clockwise to release.

You can get the Liquor Lock at Sportys.com for about $15, but if it keeps people from stealing your booze it should pay for itself pretty quickly. We also saw a similar bottle lock featured by the good folks over at ProductDose.

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IceOlate Cools Drinks With No Dilution

IceOlate GlassesLet's face it...there's nothing better than a drink in a chilled glass. If we had a meat locker-sized freezer, we could probably fit all the beer mugs and cocktail glasses we'd like to keep cold, but this isn't a perfect world. Sometimes we have to drink out of a regular old room temperature glass. That could change soon, with the arrival of IceOlate, a new drink cooling system we heard about this week.

Each IceOlate glass has a water-filled core at the center, so you can add ice to your drink without diluting it. We've seen glasses that operate on this principle before, but IceOlate adds a cool new twist. Instead of storing the entire glass in the freezer, the ice is stored in a small, removable plug. That means you can keep a bunch of them in the freezer while using minimal real estate, which you need for your bottles of frozen liquor. They only come in martini glass form right now, but maybe if they take off we'll see more types of glasses in the future.

It remains to be seen how well IceOlate actually chills your drink, but we think it's a pretty innovative idea. Learn more about IceOlate glasses at the Yanko Design website.

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September 29, 2005

Keychain Breathalyzer: Alcohawk Micro-Digital

Alcohawk Micro-Digital BreathalyzerAs strange as it sounds, it can be tough to find someone willing to be the designated driver. Sure, at the beginning of the night, it's easy vow that you'll sit around and drink soda while your friends get progressively plowed, but when push comes to shove not everyone has the willpower.

"C'mon, I'm fine to drive." You've heard it before, and maybe you've even said it, when the blood alcohol told a different story. Yeah, you feel fine to drive, but are you legal? The last thing you need is to see those blue lights spinning in your rear view. At the end of the night it's important to be safe, and now you can let people prove they're sober (or prove it to yourself) before getting behind the wheel.

We found the Alcohawk keychain breathalyzer at Amazon for just such a situation. Get your own Alcohawk keychain breathalyzerand always have a blood alcohol tester nearby when you're deciding whether a cab is in order.

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September 28, 2005

Ring Beer Bottle Opener: Handy and Portable

Ring Beer Bottle OpenerWe have a friend who opens his beer bottles with his wedding ring. He claims it does no damage to the ring, and it certainly makes for a cool party trick if you're hurting for an opener. We have our doubts that your typical gold ring should be put under such strain, and we don't feel like sleeping on the couch again, so we've dug up a ring bottle opener designed for the purpose. If nothing else, it'll go with your handy bottle opening belt buckle and sandals.

From the Amazon product description:

Be the life of the party with the bottle opener you wear! No more forcing open bottle tops with lighters or on the side of a table, just slip the ring on your middle finger, hook the ring on the bottle top and lift your wrist...Pssssshhhh. The bottle opens with ease!. Select from six sizes. To measure your ring size, place the thickest part of your middle finger (usually the middle joint) against a ruler, measure it and match against the closest size listed on the drop down menu. The ring works best when fitted snugly on your finger.

Buy your own ring bottle opener at Amazon, and stay out of trouble with your wife the next time you want to show off the beer-opening strength of your ring finger. It comes in two sizes.

We also found a similar product from ThinkGeek, via Gizmodo.

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September 27, 2005

Quaffer Shot Glass with Built-In Chaser

Quaffer Shot Glass - Jager BombWe saw the Quaffer online a couple years ago, but we forgot the name and we've been wracking our beer-soaked brains to remember ever since. On more than one occasion we've been known to assign the Liquor Snob interns the task of finding "that cool shot glass that holds the chaser," and bird-dogging them through the Liquor Snob offices when they came up empty. No longer...Quaffer is now burned into our hearts and minds.

The Quaffer shot glass operates on a demonically simple premise that we file in the why-didn't-we-think-of-that category. You put your chaser into the lower, larger chamber where it will enter your mouth last, rinsing away the taste of the alcohol.

You float your liquor, which has a lower density, on top of the chaser. Then you drink them both together. No more shot-grimace-chaser...it all goes in at once so it takes the bite right out of the booze. They also make an extra-large Beer Quaffer designed for beer drinks, like Car Bombs and Sake Bombs.

We have a legendary love for all things Jagermeister, so our favorite recipe from the Quaffer site was the Jager Bomb - Jager on top, Red Bull in the bottom (pictured). We'll be getting our hands on some Quaffers in the near future, and we'll let you know if they work as well as we'd like to think they do.

You can buy the shot glasses, plus find all sorts of Quaffer information and more recipes, at the Quaffer site.

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Brits Score Big with Airquee Inflatable Pub

Airquee Inflatable PubWe've always said, if you can't get to the bar, bring the bar to you. Now, the British have one-upped us on the concept by inventing an inflatable pub, which we would consider nature's perfect building. Where else can you drink until you fall down, then bounce back into upright position?

From Gadgetizer:

"Airquee, a company already renowned for its high quality air buildings and inflatable play equipment, are the geniuses behind this product. Completely portable and featuring only the finest faux stone siding and tin roof, the Inflatable Pub measures 40 x 19 x 22 feet and can be erected in a mere 10 minutes via its two pumps. It’s big enough to pack in 30 of your closest mates and the sturdy, internal aluminum frame can be used for hanging stereo speakers or tellies for the football and it’ll double as a safety-measure in the event that any of your drunken mates really sucks at darts.

No word that I can find on pricing, but come on, when it comes to getting smashed with the gang, cost is never a concern is it?"

We couldn't find pricing info either, but the prices on most of their inflatable buildings seem to hover around the one to two thousand pound range, so you can double that if you're paying American dollars.

Via Gadgetizer; plus, learn more about the Airquee Inflatable Pub.

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September 24, 2005

Gray Kangaroo Liquor Filter Review: Part 1

MH Gordons VodkaWe discovered the Gray Kangaroo Liquor Filter last week, and we knew we had to get our hands on one as soon as possible. After a full week of nearly tackling the mail man every time he approached the Liquor Snob offices, it finally arrived in the mail. We knew we had to put it through its paces. The site claims that the liquor filter will "take the stink out of your drink," so we knew we had to find the stinkiest, most foul booze around for the test.

And find it we did. If you're like us, when you think of quality vodka, you think of...Massachusetts. That's right. MH Gordon's, "distilled" and bottled in sunny downtown Somerville. Just looking at the bottle, complete with the $6 price tag, filled us with dread. It was perfect...if the Gray Kangaroo could take the stink out of this drink, we would be converted forever. We set up our testing apparatus, and the first thing we realized was that in order for the filter to work, you have to have a second, empty bottle. Sadly, our recycling had just been picked up.

We were able to cobble something together to aid in the filtering process, and the testing began. One note; when you test your Gray Kangaroo, don't make the same mistake we did. Make sure when you begin to filter that the Gray Kangaroo is right-side up, because there are two little holes in the upper half of the filter to make sure the booze can get into the filter quickly. If your filter is upside down, those holes will let the liquor miss the bottle. After we cleaned up the counter, we were able to get on with our vodka tasting.

Gray Kangaroo In ActionRound One: Unfiltered
Look: Clear, looks like water. But like some shark-infested sea, we knew it held hidden peril.
Nose: Edging close to the shot glass for a whiff, we're pretty sure we saw our nose hairs go up in smoke. After we regained our sense of smell, the first thing that came to mind was "paint thinner."
Swish: It burns! Oh, dear lord, it BURNS. We nearly called an old priest and a young priest for an exorcism. We dumped the rest of the glass through the filter.

Round Two: One Filtration
Look: Still looks clear and innocent, but we've been fooled before.
Smell: Far less pungent...now, instead of paint thinner it smells like watered-down rubbing alcohol.
Swish: We closed our eyes and sipped and...instead of demonic convulsions we only shuddered a bit. Looks like the Gray Kangaroo is working, but we reserve judgment. Once again, the rest of the glass goes through the filter.

Round Three: Two Filtrations
Look: No change.
Smell: Smells like...vodka? Could it be?
Swish: Still tentative, we take a swig. It's...vodka. It tastes like some of the good, solid mid-range vodkas we've had in the past. Still not convinced of the miracle, we take another drink. By Jeebus, it's true! This time we're not filtering anymore, and we sip the rest of the shot.

We'll be putting the liquor filter through some more testing, but the fine folks at Gray Kangaroo have us convinced. Their product really works. It was able to take the most evil swill of a vodka we could find, and make it drinkable. Keep an eye out here at Liquor Snob as we test it out more, including Pepsi challenges comparing filtered vodka to the high-end stuff. And if you want to pick up a Gray Kangaroo of your own, head on over to the Gray Kangaroo site and tell 'em the Liquor Snob sent you.
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