December 29, 2005

Ice Shot Glasses Are Frozen Genius

Ice Shot GlassesThere are some shots that need to be as cold as possible in order to be truly great. A certain herbal liquor springs to mind...we won't tell you the name, but we'll tell you it starts with "Jager" and ends with "meister." Sure, you can freeze the booze; you can even throw your shot glasses in the freezer. But if you want to achieve true Hoth-like temperatures, why not drink your shots out of an ice cube?

With the ShotRock ice shot glass, you can chill your shot, slam it, and smash it against the wall while you're still in the midst of a freezerburn headache, all without fear of reprisals or broken glass. Here's what the ShotRock site has to say:

A ShotRock is a shot glass made out of ice! Imagine lifting a solid block of ice to your lips and drinking a freezing cold cold and so good! ShotRocks are the best way to drink Jagermeister, Goldschlager, Aftershock, Southern Comfort, Cuervo, and more. Any shooter which should be served cold, tastes better and goes down faster when served in a ShotRock!
You can make four glasses at a time, and they take about 4-6 hours to fully freeze...not quite in time for New Years, but if you get your set now you'll have like 364 days to manufacture glasses for next year. Hope you have a big freezer. Learn more at

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December 21, 2005

Octopus: Tap A Keg Six Ways From Sunday

Octopus Keg TapOK, so the title of this article is a bit misleading, because the Octopus beer tap can really only tap a keg three ways from Sunday. But hey, that's two more than that lame tap you rent with the keg. One beer line per keg...that's so Fall 2004. Actually, this thing kind of reminds us of the Ubertap, but without the foot pump and $50 cheaper.

Keg lines are killer. You stand there and stand there and when you get to the tap you notice someone has sucked the beer straight out of the barrel and puked Cheetos on the top of the keg. At least that’s how I remember my Confirmation. Anyway. This is a four-spout tap for kegs that encourages sharing and faster beer handling.
via The Sporting Life; learn more at

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December 12, 2005

Bottlefly: The Bruce Lee of Bottle Openers

Bottlefly Bottle OpenerRemember that kid in your high school who thought he was a ninja? Like Napoleon Dynamite without the llama or the dancing skills, he was never without his nunchaku, his throwing stars, his butterfly knife. Yeah, that guy was totally weird, but you have to admit...butterfly knives are pretty damned cool. A few twists and a flick of the wrist, out pops the blade. Another flick, the blade's inside the handle again.

Now, some genius has had the amazing idea of combining the geeky panache of the butterfly knife with the utilitarian necessity of the bottle opener. Yes, the Bottlefly bottle opener is a true case of East meets West, and you can add the flair of a Kung Fu movie to every single beer you open. You'll be the Chuck Norris of cerveza every time you flick out the bottle opener "blade." Plus, you know everyone's going to want to play with this thing after they've had a few, and you won't have to worry about anyone cutting themselves when they show off their skills.

You can get the Bottlefly, AKA the Balisong Bottle Opener or the Bottle Ninja, at quite a few bartending shops on the Web. We found one site,, which claims to be the "home" of the Bottlefly, but their order form doesn't seem to work. Shoot them an email at the address on the page to find out about ordering one, or you can Google Bottlefly bottle opener or Balisong bottle opener to find the best place to get your hands on a Bottlefly of your own.

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December 5, 2005

AI Bar Is, Like, Wicked Smart

AI BarWe're not sure what it is, but we're a bit creeped out by the concept of robot bartenders...maybe it's the herky-jerky movements, the stilted post-pour conversation, or the fact that they could go HAL on us at any moment if we spill our drink. We'd be a lot more comfortable with something between the beer-only Kegbot and the "I could crush your face with robot strength" of T-Rot and RoboBar. Luckily, thanks to the fine folks over at The Sporting Life, we may have found it in the AI Bar:

This modified refrigerator houses up to sixteen different liquor/mixer bottles and a keg, all powered by CO2. The real magic? It plays bartenders, too. On the left half of the unit, where you might normally find a water/ice dispenser, you’ll find a touchscreen running bartending software that allows you to select from a huge variety of drinks, cocktails, etc. After making your selection, the unit pours the drink for you–voila!
via TheSportingLife

According to the AI Bar site, this mechanized mixologist can make over 1,000 drinks, and there are plans in the works to commercialize it. Plus, the inventors plan all kinds of upgrades, like remote ordering through PDAs and cell phones, voice recognition software (imagine programming yours to say "Free Drink") and card readers for automatic credit card charges. Sounds like a vending machine from drunken heaven to us.

Learn more at

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December 4, 2005

Holiday Gift Ideas: Decanter Sets

We don't usually stand on ceremony when it comes to serving booze. In fact, we've been known to drink directly out of the bottle when there were no clean glasses around. But sometimes you want to snazz up your booze and serve it with style. Whether you're entertaining foreign dignitaries or just having the family over for the holidays, nothing says class like serving your liquor from a decanter. We've searched around for some of the nicest decanter sets we could find, and rounded them up so you can buy them for yourself or as a gift.

Crystal Nightcap Decanter Set
Buy It at Amazon

Crystal Nightcap Decanter SetInvite someone back to your place for a holiday nightcap and wow while you woo them with this handcrafted Scottish crystal decanter and two shot glasses. The decanter holds 7oz, and each shot glass holds 2oz, plus they're all inlaid with Celtic knot work. The set comes in a satin-lined gift box, and you can buy it for $49.95 at Amazon.

Mikasa Motion Decanter Set
Buy it at Amazon

Mikasa Motion Decanter SetAdd some movement to your bar with the Mikasa Motion decanter set. This lead crystal set also comes in a gift box, and includes an elegant decanter and four double-old fashioned glasses. Not only are the decanter and glasses crystal clear, the lead crystal gives them a good heft when you hold them and a solid feel in your hand. The set usually retails for $120, but you can get it for $79.99 at Amazon.

Nambe Tilted Decanter Set
Buy it at Amazon

Nambe Tilted Decanter SetSpeaking of motion, give your bar the illusion of speed with this tilted decanter set. It will be interesting to see your decanter already appear tilted before you've even started drinking, and this is the kind of unique gift that will become a true conversation piece. Get the hand blown crystal tilted decanter and two double old fashioned glasses for $175 at Amazon.

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December 2, 2005

Holiday Gift Ideas: Leatherman Juice CS4

Leatherman Juice CS4There's something inherently cool about multitools, something that appeals to our primal nature. Any time we need to reaffirm our manliness, all we have to do is strip some wire, pry something open with pliers, or unscrew something and screw it back together. And if it all can be done with a single tool that hangs from our belt, all the better. Enter the Leatherman Juiceline of multitools, which has all the cool, manly tools you expect, plus offers some assistance for your mobile bar.

We love Leathermans (Leathermen?) in general, but we want more than just an opportunity to carry 14 knives, pliers and a saw on our belt at all times. We want to be able to open beers and uncork wine, as well as be able to make repairs and adjustments on our beer pong table. With our favorite model, the Leatherman Juice CS4, we can do all that and more. Here's the product description we found at Amazon:

Packing 14 individual tools into a remarkably compact, metallic blue, anodized-aluminum body, Leatherman's cool new CS4--a.k.a. the Glacier--is a midsize member of the company's exciting, new Juice line of multitools. Only 3-1/4 inches long, and weighing a mere 5-1/2 ounces, the Glacier really is small enough to carry comfortably in your pocket.

Like other Leatherman tools, the Glacier butterflies open, exposing the needle-nose pliers/wire cutters/wire stripper, with access to three flat-head screwdrivers, a Philips driver, and a lanyard attachment--the same tools you'll find inside Leatherman's KF4 Solar. The Glacier's handles, however, harbor a different combination of tools that are perfect for picnickers: scissors, a can/bottle opener, corkscrew, a saw, an awl, and a straight knife.

Like the entire Leatherman's Juice line, the Glacier positively snaps into the open position, and the individual tools are all made of high-grade stainless steel. The Juice multitools do lack the blade-locking mechanism found on Leatherman's Wave, but the blades click crisply into place and hold securely. Looking for a gift for your favorite technophile or gadget lover? You can't go wrong with the Glacier.

We're sold! You can pick up the Leatherman Juice CS4at Amazon, and it's currently marked down from $69.99 to $49.99. Or browse the full Leatherman Juiceline to find one that meets your needs. And remember, it makes a great gift for the man (or gadget-oriented lady) in your life, as well as for your friendly neighborhood Liquor Snobs.

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November 23, 2005

Envious Ounce Glowing Shot Glass Review

Envious Ounce
Battery-operated glowing shot glass
Typical Price: $9.99 each (or $7.99 each for 4 or more) plus $5 for shipping. Buy Now

Envious Ounce Glowing Shot GlassYou'd be surprised by the number of situations where a glowing shot glass might come in handy. Finding your glass after you've had a couple too many, gaining the element of surprise in a drinking game, escaping a mine cave-in...the list is endless. We've seen a few glowing shot glasses around, and may of them seem to be cheap plastic jobs with lighting mechanisms that are shady at best. Not so the Envious Ounce, a glowing shot glass we covered a couple weeks ago.

The Envious Ounce is made of frosted glass, with a little electronic doo-hickey attached to the bottom. It looks just like a regular shot glass until you whack it on a table (not so hard, Hercules). A nice, firm thwack of your Envious Ounce (not as dirty as it sounds) causes the glass to glow with a warm red light, opening up all sorts of possibilities. One thing they suggest on the Envious Ounce site is to use it to change up the game of quarters, and we can definitely see the posibilities in that, if everyone tries to get their quarter in before the lights go out. And don't forget about other possibilities, like convincing primitive cultures you're a god.

For $10 (or $8 each if you order four or more), you can get your hands on an Envious Ounce. It might seem a bit spendy, but money is no object on the path to illumination. We've enjoyed ours immensely, mostly as a way to torture the interns. We hide behind the couch, thwack our Envious Ounce and try to convince them we're the ghost of drinks past. They're not really buying it, but oh, the good times we have.

Learn more about the Envious Ounce and get your own at

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November 19, 2005

Vermouth Sprayer Makes Martinis Extra-Dry

Misto Martini Vermouth SprayerLately, we've become obsessed with the dry martini. As mentioned in our Level vodka review, we historically have liked our martinis the dirtier the better, but as we start to move to nicer gins and vodkas we don't need to mask the taste anymore. We'd been experimenting with ways to get the absolute least amount of vermouth into the shaker, but we hadn't been having much luck. Then, we discovered the Misto Martini Vermouth Sprayer at Amazonand suddenly it was a whole new ball game.

It takes the headache out of mixing a martini - you just pour your vermouth into the sprayer, pump it a few times, and give it a squeeze. With some practice you'll be able to control the dryness of your martinis pretty much down to the vermouth molecule. Plus, since it's a pump instead of an aerosol, there are no propellants to mess up the taste of your perfect martini. Below is the product description from Amazon:

Mixing an elegant, bone-dry martini is a snap with this stylish, non-aerosol vermouth sprayer. Just push the top with a manicured forefinger and mist the inside of a frosted glass or spray the top of your drink. The sprayer's glass vial holds 1 ounce of vermouth and refills easily with a tiny funnel (included). At just 3-1/2 inches high and less than 1 inch in diameter, the sprayer tucks into pocket or purse so it can accompany you to a cocktail lounge. There you can dazzle a bartender and get a conversation started by whipping out the satin-silver sprayer and adding your own benediction to icy gin. Sprayer, funnel, and drink recipes come in an elegant, charcoal-colored gift box.
What more do we have to say? Pick up your own Misto Martini Vermouth Sprayerat Amazon, or buy one for a friend, for less than $15.

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November 1, 2005

Modern Drunkard Book Review

Modern Drunkard: A Handbook for Drinking in the 21st Century
Vital Stats: 205 pages of tips and information that will touch your inner drunkard
Author: Frank Kelly Rich
Publisher: Riverhead Trade
Typical Price: $14.00 ($11.20 at Amazonplus free shipping)

Modern DrunkardIt's no secret that we consider Frank Kelly Rich to be the grandaddy of what we do here at Liquor Snob. Sure, we're more product- and news-oriented while his Modern Drunkard Magazine focuses more on the esoterics of boozing, but it was the spirit that got us interested in writing about spirits. That being said, we've got to say his Modern Drunkard book is one of the funniest, not to mention most informative and useful books we've ever read.

We've all heard the saying "it's funny because it's true," and when we got our copy of the Modern Drunkard book last night we couldn't stop laughing. It's not just because the book is full of witticisms and gin-soaked humor. It's because he offers real-life tips on how a drunkard can survive in a teetotaling world, and insights any drunkard can agree with.

The book is full of indispensable information for today's boozer. Read "Etiquette for Inebriates" for tips on how to make it through awkward drinking situations, like hitting on the wife of the host of the party you're attending. Smile knowingly at the "Know Your Bartender" section because you've seen them all in your travels, from the Mercenary to the Ladies' Man. Learn "Bar Signs" for when you've lost your speech in your local watering hole.

Issue yourself the personal challenge of trying to pull off the Modern Drunkard's "Best Bar Moves," like the unsolicited hug and drinking as war. Learn the "Zen of Drinking Alone," and pick up a few "Party Games for People Who Don't Like Party Games" - we know we'll be playing Your Favorite Band Really, Really Sucks the next time we're at a shindig.

But our favorite part of the book was the final section, entitled "365 Excuses to Get Loaded." We're not going to spoil them for you, but we're especially interested in February 21, which involves a Polaroid, and June 15, which is a great day to drink moonshine. Plus, find out why you should drink 15 pints every December 25.

The Modern Drunkard is a great read and a true boozer's bible, combining tongue-in-cheek humor with tried and true strategies and tips. In fact, we got more information out of flipping through its pages than we did in a decade and a half of school.

Buy your copyat Amazon today.

Plus, get the full experience, subscribe to the monthly magazine and browse the store at Modern Drunkard Magazine online.

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October 28, 2005

Friday Fun: Topless Bartending Academy

Topless Bartending AcademySometimes we find something on the Internet that is so stupendous, we're not sure how to cover it. The Topless Academy's Guide to Bartending is not one of those things. We know exactly what we want to say. But, our mothers read Liquor Snob, so we'll try to keep things relatively tame.

One thing we've put together in our...ummm...research is that this isn't some gimmicky video that puts the topless over the bartendering. L.A. bartender George Hobbs leads you through the proceedings, and while the buxom young ladies assist him, it apparently doesn't distract from the knowledge you'll gain. We'll put that in the "see it to believe it" category, and oh yes, we''ll most likely see long as our moms say it's OK.

Learn more about the video and get the DVD for $19.95 ($14.95 for VHS) at (Adult Content)

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