Carl Merten's Bar Briefcase

Carl Merten's Bar BriefcaseWe've covered a few portable bars in our time, but here's one that really has us excited. It's a fully functional briefcase, as in the kind you carry your computer and papers in, that has a full bar inside. And we're not talking just any old portable bar - it's got two shakers, a cutting board, a pestle (for muddling). We're all aquiver on the inside - seriously. We need this.

what can we say about the bar briefcase by carl mertens? this amazing aluminum case is fully functional as a briefcase with compartments for files, business cards, pens and even a cell phone. the bonus, if you will, is that the case comes with a 14 piece fully functional bar set included! nearly every bar accessory imaginable is contained within: strainer, ice tongs, cocktail spoon, jigger, 3 piece shaker, additional shaker with mixing glass, bottle opener, corkscrew, 2 liquid pourers, bottle cap, knife, cutting board and pestle. if you can't make any drink under the sun with this set, it's time to go back to bartender school! items are made of 18/10 satin stainless steel. briefcase has 2 combination locks, 13.5" x 5" x 18.5". we love this thing!
Unica Home - Carl Merten's Bar Briefcase [via The Sporting Life]

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December 1, 2006

Lighted Liquor Bottle Stair Display

Lighted Liquor DisplayAs you probably know, we're pretty sure liquor is a gift from God. And sometimes you want to give your nectar of the gods the display it deserves, complete with halo. We've never quite figured out exactly how to do that, but we've just stumbled across an excellent-looking option to give your bottles the full monty of lighted display.

The stair holds 12-15 bottles, depending on their size, and seems like it would fit in well with the decor of your bar room, your living room...hell, we're thinking about putting one in our bedroom. We can't think of a more comforting night light.

Amazon - Lighted Stair Liquor Bottle Display

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November 30, 2006

Liquor Rack with 6 Shot Glasses

Liquor Rack with Shot GlassesHere's a nifty little item that should have you and your family buzzed nice and toasty this holiday season. It's a rack for one bottle of liquor that also contains six multicolored shot glasses. That's enough to bring holiday cheer to you, Mom, Dad, Sis, Bro, and Grandma (or however your family, nuclear or non, shakes out) in good measure.

Amazon - Liquor Rack with 6 Shooters By Godinger

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November 27, 2006

Mahogany Liquor and Wine Cocktail Bar

Liquor and Wine Cocktail BarEverybody needs somewhere to keep their liquor. That is, you need somewhere to keep your liquor when you haven't had an opportunity to get it inside you yet. We've found a handy dandy mahogany cart that doesn't exactly look like it belongs in Buckingham Palace, but is way cooler than leaving your bottles on the living room floor next to the TV.

The cart has wheels so you can get mobilly drunk in your home, plus a storage drawer, racks for six bottles, and a nice little spot for your decanter and glasses. Does it get any better than that?

Amazon - Liquor and Wine Cocktail Bar - Mahogany

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November 14, 2006

Magnetic Bar Tool Set

Screwpull Magnetic Bar ToolsYesterday we waxed a bit poetic about the Screwpull lever corkscrew, and today we're taking a look at a bar tool set by the same folks. We dug the look of the thing right out of the box, all modern and sleek looking. There are a bunch of great tools in there, all high quality stainless steel - a bar knife, strainer, double-ended bar spoon (slotted and solid), a lemon zester, and ice tongs. The fact that they're steel is important, because the coolest thing about the bar set is that it's magnetic.

After you use a tool all you have to do to put it away is get it somewhere near the base and let go - it'll swing on in and stick. This is pretty crucial after you've used the tools to craft a couple rounds of drinks - you probably won't be too concerned with where your bar tools end up, but at least through the power of magnetism you'll have a chance to get them where they need to be. We thought the magnets were plenty strong, and while we couldn't get the spoon and tongs to magnetize to the side we were able to drop the spoon in the center of the console and hang the tongs off the side.

All in all we're happy with our bar tool set and we're looking forward to mixing up a whole lot of drinks with it. The tools are comfortable in our hands, and we're also secretly hoping the magnetic waves will also exude into our drinks and give us some kind of superpowers. Here's hoping. Learn more at Le Creuset and head over to Amazon to get a Screwpull Club Brushed Stainless-Steel 6-piece Magnetic Bar-Tool Setfor yourself or for a gift.

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November 13, 2006

Screwpull Lever Action Corkscrew

Screwpull Lever Action CorkscrewIf you had asked us 24 hours ago, we would have told you there's no reason to get a fancy schmancy corkscrew. We would have told you our four dollar plastic one works just fine. If you'd pressed us we would have asked you if an expensive lever-action screwpull would open a bottle quicker or otherwise enhance our drinking experience. Of course, that's before we tried out the LE CREUSET Lever Action Corkscrew (Amazon). Find out more after the jump.

ArrowContinue reading: "Screwpull Lever Action Corkscrew"

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October 25, 2006

Riedel H2O Whiskey Glasses

Riedel h20 whiskey glassIf you know anything about us, you know we're all about making our drinks doubles. Might as're pouring it anyway. What, does it strain your wrist to dump out an eight count instead of a four count? Poor baby. These Riedel H20 double old fashoned whiskey glasses are just what the doctor ordered, made of lead-free glass with lots of space for lots of booze, plus you even have plenty of room for ice, if you're one of those people who likes to minimize their grimacing by chilling their drink.

Amazon: Riedel H2O Whiskey/Double-Old Fashioned Glass, Set of 2

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October 5, 2006

We Want a Drink Tender

Drink TenderEverybody loves throwing parties, but sometimes being the host gets in the way of the actual partying. If you're not the type who likes to flit around freshening everyone's drinks, you're the type who'll be interested in the Drink Tender. Fill it up with beer or mixed drinks, add some ice to the internal cooling chamber, flip on the light, and suddenly everyone knows where they can get their own damn drinks.

It holds 80 oz of liquid, it sits on a lazy susan base for easy access, and it's available at Amazon.

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October 4, 2006

Pro Bar Accessory: The Liquor Spout

Liquor Bottles with SpoutsEveryone knows mixology is a precise science, and we've often been asked by bar newbies about how bartenders calculate the right amount of booze to put into a drink without using a jigger. It's not magic, and you don't have to be a Booze Whisperer to be able to get the flow down at your home bar.

Y'know those cute little silver spouts you see sticking up off all the liquor bottles? They moderate the rate of flow as the booze exits the bottle, and you can calculate exactly (more or less) how much liquor is exiting the bottle. Just remember that a four count gets an ounce and a half shot into the glass. With some practice you can get your Mississippis right and sling the right amount of liquor every time without having to break out the measuring cup.

Pick up a set of six chrome bottle pourers to get you started at Amazon.

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September 29, 2006

Novelty Liquor Dispensers

We'll probably be laughed right out the door of next week's Alcoholics Unanimous meeting for posting about this, but we just stumbled across some novelty liquor dispensers we thought would make great gifts. After all, Chrismukkah is right around the corner. Anyway, we know most of our readers like to drink directly out of the bottle, but who wouldn't want one of these crystal and silver conversation pieces around?

Fire Hydrant Liquor DispenserLiquor Fire Hydrant

Perfect for the fireman (or firebug) in your life, this contraption will let you pump flammable materials out of something that usually puts out fires. Alternately, you and your friends can set it flowing and run through it like inner city kids on a hot day. What fun! (at Amazon)

Gas Pump Liquor DispenserLiquor Gas Pump

Perfect for auto enthusiasts or any drunk on the go, this contraption lets you fuel up in style. But remember - don't smoke cigarettes or operate cell phones within ten feet of the pump. Oh, and don't give into your initial thought to mount this on the dashboard of your car - good idea on paper, bad in practice. (at Amazon)

Slot Machine Liquor DispenserLiquor Slot Machine

This has to be the best slot machine in the universe because every time you pull this old one armed bandit, you get a hot. Luck be a lady tonight - we're getting tipsy! (at Amazon)

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