September 29, 2010

It's BEAR Pong, Not BEER Pong

bearpong_players.jpgIf you're anything like us, your eyes went to the picture above and all you could think of was how awesome those giant beer pong cups are. No, you're not watching the filming of an adult-oriented episode of The Littles - those are actually Bear Pong cups, a bucket-sized twist on everybody's favorite game of Beirut. There's no table necessary, and no, you don't fill the buckets with beer to play...though we suppose it would be pretty awesome if you did. Probably wouldn't get too many games in, though.

We like the fact you can play it just about anywhere without the need for a flat surface, and we feel like the oversized rubber balls would be a lot more fun to whip at an opponent's head than a ping pong ball - making the game doubly awesome.

You can get your own set at the Bear Pong Shop for sixty bucks (includes 12 buckets, 2 balls and a carrying case) or spring an extra fiver for the deluxe set, which comes with a pump and an extra ball.

If you're still not convinced, check out the video below of the game in action and tell us you don't want to play at your next bbq, beach outing or tailgate party. We dare you.

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September 28, 2010

The Balvenie 14 Year Old Caribbean Cask

balvenie_caribbean_cask.jpgWe just got an email about The Balvenie's newest release, a 14 year old whisky called Caribbean Cask. It's called such because it's aged in traditional whisky barrels for 14 years, then transferred to rum barrels to finish. So what does that mean to you? It apparently means you'll be getting a bit of toffee and fruit flavor in your whisky, you lucky devil.

The full press release is after the jump, but we cut out the good parts and pasted them below. Learn more about The Balvenie, and if you're so inclined, friend 'em up on the Facebooks.

Tasting Notes
  • Nose: Rich, sweet and creamy toffee on the nose combines with fresh fruit notes
  • Taste: Rounded with vanilla and sweet oak notes, with a fruity character that develops with time
  • Finish: Soft and lingering

The Balvenie 14 Year Old Caribbean Cask is available nationwide starting in Fall 2010 with a recommended retail price of $59.99.

Based on the date of that press release (August) we're a little behind the eight ball, but Caribbean Cask is here to stay (it's not a seasonal release) so we suppose you'll forgive us.

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September 27, 2010

A Rainbow of Shots from a Single Shaker

We don't usually pay much attention to drinks of the "Bachelorette Party" variety (unless we're looking to get Girl Drink Drunk that is, which isn't often). Even with its flair-y nature, however, something about this video appealed to our What Does it All Mean? nature, and we figured we'd post.

Check out this short clip of a bartender pouring nine differently-colored shots from one shaker, and when you're finished scratching your head find out how it's done, hit the jump for the explanation. We feel like that guy from Magician's Secrets Revealed...hope the International League of Drunks doesn't repeal our membership over this.

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September 24, 2010

The Very Many Varieties of Beer

beer_rap_charts.pngAs you are well aware, there are many, many different styles of beers out there. What you may not have known is there is a poster cataloging those beer types, and offering sample brands for each various type. That description is pretty dry, but in execution the thing is frickin beautiful from brown ales to gueuze to weissbier.

Check it out in readable form here; you can also buy it in poster form for $25 at Pop Chart Lab; according to the site posters are on their way too.

If you're wondering about the other poster in the above picture, it's the Grand Taxonomy of Rap Names - not quite on topic for this site but massively appealing as wall art as well. Check out the big pic here, and you can buy it at the above link for $20 at the time of this posting. From Bobby Digital to Biz Markie (categorized as "digitality" and "markies", respectively - and yes there are multiple markies) it's also a must-have.

[via World Famous Design Junkies]

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September 23, 2010

Luge Cubes Modular Shot Luge

Luge_Cubes.jpgYou know all those times you've just sat around daydreaming about building a shot luge taller than Godzilla? Wait, you haven't? Why are we the only ones who have that dream?

If you want to have normal-sized drink luges with out all the muss and fuss of tracking down an ice company and carving out a track, Luge Cubes are the product for you. What are Luge Cubes, you say? They're a modular shot luge system that let you mix and match between three custom mold designs to build a rooty tooty icy shooty...errr, shot luge.

Luge Cubes have an MSRP of around thirty bucks, but you can get in on the ground floor (so to speak) and pick yours up for closer to $20. We honestly can't see how you could go wrong. Here's a little something from the product description:

- Durable ice luge molding system lets you customize your own ice luge design.
- Carefully-crafted tubular luge design allows the drinker to watch the liquor as it travels through the ice (read: easier to imbibe when intoxicated).
- Compact cube trays are split into two halves to save storage room in your freezer.
- Removable, reusable drinking spout allows you to give it a quick clean between drinks. Mom may not be proud your drinking habits, but she'll be happy to know you aren't spreading H1N1 around your frat house.
Your set comes equipped with an all-photo assembly instruction booklet -- no reading required!
You had us at "get drunk with no reading," Luge Cube.

If you're still not convinced, check out the drinking instructions below, which somehow ties in chainsaws and bears.


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Liquor Snob Tempted by Original Cinn

Hiram_Walker_Original_Cinnamon.jpgThe folks at Hiram Walker sent us a bottle of their Original Cinn cinnamon schnapps this week, and we have to say we're tempted. Our initial sip gave us a much mellower, softer cinnamon flavor than the "atomic hot ball" vibe we've gotten from other products, and we can see it as much more of a cocktail ingredient than a "DUDE LET'S DO SHOTS." Anybody have ideas for cocktails to mix with a cinnamon base - we're thinking we have to do something apple (in honor of fall and apple pie, as well as a play on the name) but that's as far as we've gotten.

We liked how Original Cinn came with a "pride" tag attached to the neck of the bottle, and it was accompanied by the six other cardinal sins, from gluttony to sloth (our pic didn't come out well so check out this one).

As for the Cinn itself, it comes in at 90 proof and ten bucks for a 750ML bottle, which is much more reasonable than certain cinnamon drinks with bits of gold in them. We're fans of the Walker brand for being reasonably priced and good alternatives to spendier brands - if you're not familiar, learn more about them at the Hiram Walker website.

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September 22, 2010

Corona Light Wants You to Like It

CL_Like.jpgToday we got an email from someone named Rubes. Rubes wants you to like Corona Light. And we're not talking about about "like" in some nebulous terms, like "do you like Corona Light or do you like like Corona Light." Rubes wants you to like the beer on Facebook.

This is because Corona Light has a noble goal (as far as beers can have goals) - to become the "most liked" beer on Facebook. So if you like to put Corona Light in your mouth, go like it on Facebook.

Plus, to make you feel even better about this public display of affection, you can win something for your efforts - a Corona Light t-shirt. All you have to do is let us know after you click that little "like" button by emailing us at jake [at] liquorsnob [dot] com. If you win the shirt we'll let you know by email and Corona will ship it to you. We hope you like the shirt.

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September 21, 2010

Bar2D2 Robotic Drink Mixer Gets Hardware Upgrade

Robotic-Drink-Mixer.jpgWe've been sifting the Interwebs for booze and robots for a while now, and we've just found a nugget that looks like pure gold. You might remember Bar2D2, a booze-serving robot that was pinging around the Internet about a year ago. That was cool as hell, but the idea of building a fully-functional robot seemed a bit daunting.

That's why we like the idea of just ripping out the robot's brain and hooking it up to a laptop, and forcing it to spit out drinks on our every whim. For one thing it seems a lot simpler for us to operate it. For two things, it seems much less likely to uprise against its human overlord and shoot me with some kind of laser. Check out the video of what the Robotic Drink Mixer is capable of below, and get the full instructions for how to build your own at Instructables.

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September 16, 2010

How to Open a Wine Bottle With Your Shoe

Maybe this isn't a problem everyone runs into, but we certainly have - you've gotten your hands on a bottle of wine, but you've forgotten or misplaced your corkscrew. This has been a frustrating experience for us - especially since we can open a beer on just about anything - but usually we end up pushing the cork down into the bottle and having to deal with a floating obstruction as we try to pour it.

Turns out there's a much better way, and you're probably wearing the only tool you need for opening that damned bottle - a shoe. Check out Dr. Vino for a whole slew of alternative methods for opening wine. (Thanks for sending the link to, Doug, but we couldn't figure out how to embed that shit in 30 seconds or less)

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September 15, 2010

101 Whiskies to Try Before You Die

101_whiskies.jpgWe're pretty sure the title says it all here. If you like to drink whisky, this should be your bucket list, and not in a pretentious way. Check this out:

Avoiding the deliberately obscure, the ridiculously limited, and the absurdly expensive, whiskey expert Ian Buxton has scoured the shelves of the world's whiskey warehouses to recommend an eclectic selection of old favorites, stellar newcomers, and mystifyingly unknown drams that simply have to be drunk.

This witty, focused, and practical guide is not an awards list or a list of the 101 "Best" whiskies in the world in the opinion of some self-appointed whiskey guru. It's simply a guide to 101 whiskies that enthusiasts really must seek out and try--love them or hate them--to complete their whiskey education.

How can you go wrong? In other news, this little baddie comes out just before Christmas (hint hint).

101 Whiskies to Try Before You Die at Amazon

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September 14, 2010

Liquor Snob is Foodista September 15 Featured Drink Blog

Foodista Drink Blog of the Day Badge
We're not sure if we're supposed to tell anybody yet, but Liquor Snob is going to be the Foodista featured drink blog for September 15. What's Foodista, you ask?

We didn't know much about it before this honor was bestowed on us, but apparently it's like Wikipedia for food and drink - and we're joining an esteemed crew of drink bloggers who've been featured. How bout'cha?

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September 13, 2010

Cruzan 9 Spiced Rum Arrives for Review

cruzan_9_spiced_rum.gifWe just got a package in the mail containing a bottle of Cruzan 9, the brand's foray into spiced rum. They already have all kinds of light, dark, and flavored rums, and 9 is their blend of "nine heirloom spices" with their Virgin Islands rum. According to the label, we're in for Allspice, Vanilla, Cinnamon, Pepper, Ginger, Nutmeg, Clove, Mace, and Juniper Berry. We're sure there's some kind of ROY G BIV mnemonic to remember all those, but all we really care about is how it tastes.

We'll be putting together our thoughts on Cruzan 9 ASAP, and until then you can entertain yourself with their press release and the Cruzan website.

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September 9, 2010

World's Oldest Beer Found Underwater

baltic_champagne.jpgWe're only like a week late with this one - the story was submitted last Friday by Liquor Snob reader Andrew (thanks man - you're an officially unofficial intern now), and we just sat on it. Why? Because the beer's already 200 years old...what's another week?

Also, we realize the bottle pictured isn't beer, it's champagne. It was pulled from the same shipwreck and was the best picture we could find. In other news, we're off to buy a snorkel.

...researchers uncovered a small collection of bottled beer on Wednesday from the same shipwreck south of the autonomous Aland Islands in the Baltic Sea.

"At the moment, we believe that these are by far the world's oldest bottles of beer," Rainer Juslin, permanent secretary of the island's ministry of education, science and culture, told CNN on Friday via telephone from Mariehamn, the capital of the Aland Islands.

Get the full story at CNN.

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September 7, 2010

Cold Remedy Cocktails (Or: How to Make Being Sick not Suck)

theraflu-beer.jpgSomewhere along the way during an extra-long weekend, we've gotten a cold. And it's not one of your piddly little nasal dribbles with a touch of malaise either. This is a full-on, four alarm, holy o'shit Captain Trips supercold.

Or, maybe it's just our first one of the season and we have no perspective. Either way, we've rounded up the best cold remedy cocktail recipes Google could find, so you don't have to go through what we're dealing with right now.

Check 'em out after the jump.

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September 3, 2010

PreTOXX Hangover Supplement v2 Arrives

pretoxx2.jpgWe'll come out and say it - we know something about hangovers. We'll also say we've tried a few different pre-boozing hangover remedies in our time, including PreToxx.

When we tried it last time we found PreToxx did a pretty good job of staving off the most vicious aspects of a hangover (headache, nausea) by master blasting our systems with vitamins and good stuff to fight off the bad stuff. As an added bonus, it didn't give us the green apple splatters (look it up) like a certain other brand did.

But the folks at PreToxx aren't resting on their laurels - they've updated the formula and dropped the price, and sent us a fresh new bottle. So, we decided to do what we do best - test drive a few of the pills and pour some drinks on them. Like right now. Here's hoping that new prickly pear and a whole lot of vitamins B and C can help stave off the effects of what we plan to do to ourselves tonight. We'll keep you posted.

PreToxx (available at Amazon for $15/60 pills)

EDIT: We got curious about what prickly pear might do for us, and according to WebMD it can help reduce the nausea and dry mouth associated with drinking, but not the headache. Thanks, science!

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September 2, 2010

Gilpin Family Whisky: URINE for a Treat!

pissky.pngTalk about a new spin on an old product - a gentleman in the UK has started making what is colloquially known as "pissky" - whisky distilled from the sugary urine of elderly diabetics. Let us say that again, slowly - whisky...made from the urine...of old people. And before you ask, no they're not selling it, but the linked story has details on how you can try it if you want to hop on a plane to London.

Here are some more details from the story over at

The source material is acquired from elderly volunteers, including Gilpin's own grandmother, Patricia. The urine is purified in the same way as mains water is purified, with the sugar molecules removed and added to the mash stock to accelerate the whisky's fermentation process. Traditionally, that sugar would be made from the starches in the mash.

Once fermented into a clear alcohol spirit, whisky blends are added to give colour, taste and viscosity, and the product is bottled with the name and age of the contributor.

Thanks for the link, Tool Snob - and would you mind peeing in this cup for us before you start that table saw?

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September 1, 2010

Liquor Snob Monthly Roundup: August 2010

liquor_snob_thumb_monthly.jpgWell, we suppose it's time to say goodbye to summer, and start thinking about where we're going to set up our permanent outdoor ice luge. While we do some measuring and pre-emptive drinking, why don't you go ahead and see what we did last month? (Here's a hint - it wasn't much, but expect a lot more from us this fall. No, seriously.)

Bar Accessories


Drinking Songs

Lush Lifestyle



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