May 28, 2010

The History of the Drunk Dial

This video, from the dudes who made Mystery Team, explains that the drunk dial is not as new a phenomenon as you might have thought. At least you don't have to learn Morse Code to say something embarrassing...

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May 21, 2010

Lost Finale: The Bingo Drinking Game

lost-bingo-instructions.jpgWe gave up on Lost years ago, somewhere around when it stopped being about a bunch of people stranded on an island and convinced us the writers were just making each episode up as they went along. If you've been in for the long haul and plan to watch the mind-blowing series finale, however, you may need to print out a whole bunch of these so you and your friends can get drunk enough to survive the mindfuckery. Vaya con Dios, and get the full Bingo card at Holy Taco.

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May 19, 2010

Cooper Cooler Rapid Blitz Chiller

rapid_beer_chiller.jpgTake your beer from pee warm to an icy cold 33 degrees Farenheit in just four minutes (for cans - a bit slower for bottles) with the Cooper Rapid Blitz Chiller. There's really not that much more to say about the thing is there? No. So get your ass down to Bed, Bath & Beyond to pick one up for forty bucks!

(Or you can get it through Amazon if you're down with the 1-2 month wait time, but seriously...what part of RAPID did you not understand?)

Blitz Chiller [via I Just Want to Fit In]

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May 18, 2010

Bacardi True Originals: The Apothecary

We've been following the Bacardi True Originals video series with some interest, as we see various bartending styles and their different ways of approaching the craft. This latest, The Apothecary (below), focuses on bartenders who are willing to experiment and break conventional drinks to rebuild them in a more delicious way.

To go along with this idea, the company is having a contest right now where you can put your own distinctive twist on the classic mojito recipe for a chance to win a first edition copy of the Savoy Cocktail Book, signed by Harry Craddock, Yarai seamless mixing glass from Japan and Japanese bar spoon. Learn more and submit your twist on the mojito at the True Originals Facebook page; no word on a contest deadline but the sooner the better, right?

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May 12, 2010

Tequila: A Guide to Types, Flights, Cocktails, and Bites

tequila_guide.jpgHola from Mexico, amigos. The Liquor Snob staff is on a much-needed vacation this week, drinking mucho tequila and murdering mucho Espanol. In other words, don't expect much from us this week, but we'll be back to our regularly-scheduled drunknness next week.

To tide you over, we found an excellent book about tequila so you can read about what we're drinking. Suckers.

Tequila: A Guide to Types, Flights, Cocktails, and Bites at Amazon

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May 11, 2010

Vesica Potato Vodka Arrives for Review

vesica_vodka_bottles.jpgLast week, the folks at the Liquor Snob offices were pleasantly surprised by the arrival of one of our favorite things in the world - a cardboard box gurgling with the promise of liquor for us to review. Upon opening the bottle, we found three bottles of Vesica, a luxury potato vodka - one of each of the sizes the spirit comes in: 750ML, 1L, and 1.5L. It was a happy day indeed.

Our interns were impressed by the interesting bottling (the 750ML is in a half-moon shape, different than anything we've seen before, and the 1.5 looks like two of those bottles welded together), but we are under strict orders not to open the bottles until our fearless Editor in Chief returns from his trip to Mexico, so you can look forward to that next week.

We couldn't find a specific Vesica website, so we'll send you over to, the website of its distributor so you can check out their other products.

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May 6, 2010

EdgeStar KC2000 Kegerator on Sale at

edgestar_kc2000_kegerator.jpgWe've been on the lookout for a kegerator lately for the Liquor Snob offices (even we have to take a break from the hard stuff we're sick of wading through the bottles), and we just stumbled across a deal we might not be able to refuse. is offering the EdgeStar KC2000 kegerator which usually retails for close to $700, for $449 with free shipping through May 9.

In order to get the sale price and free shipping, just enter the promo code BACKINBLACK when you place your order. A quick search found the same kegerator for a few bucks cheaper at Amazon, but with no free shipping, so this looks like a pretty damned good deal.

EdgeStar Kegerator KC2000 at [via the blog]

We're also including a YouTube video runthrough of this particular kegerator's features so you can get a feel for whether it will work for you, after the jump. (Just don't blame us when Drowning Pool starts playing through your speakers when you start the vid).

ArrowContinue reading: "EdgeStar KC2000 Kegerator on Sale at"

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May 5, 2010

10 Flaming Cocktail Recipes

flamebottle.jpgOne of our friends just sent along this cool article about 10 great drinks you can light on fire, and we've had some excellent times drinking Flaming Dr. Peppers and other flamey drinks over the years. We do have one word of advice for all you would-be drink flamers: by the time it seems like a good idea to be lighting your drinks on fire, you're probably drunk enough that you shouldn't be lighting ANYTHING on fire. Please let a bartender, a sober friend, or just about anybody but your bleary ass put the actual flame to the actual alcohol. Trust us on this one - otherwise you stand a good chance of becoming a:

Flaming Asshole (from Super Cocktails)
¼ Grenadine
¼ Green Crème de Menthe
¼ Crème de Banana
¼ 151 rum

This one is as bizarre as some of the most out-there drinks. Layer in a shot glass in this order: Grenadine, Crème de Menthe, Crème de Banana, Rum. Light the rum and then suck it down with a straw.

See all 10 flaming drinks at Matador. (Thanks for the link, Sarah)

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May 4, 2010

16 Mexican Drinks for Cinco de Mayo (or Anytime)

grapefruit_margarita.jpgAs we were surfing our favorite booze-related websites today, we noticed that Liqurious had featured a story about "16 Mexican Drinks." Not only did this catch our attention because tomorrow happens to be Cinco de Mayo, it also inspired us because our Editor in Chief will be down in Mexico next week.

So in honor of Cinco de Mayo (and our valiant EiC, heading to the land of tequila), we thought we'd let you know about these delicious-sounding recipes. You'll find anything from new takes on your favorite drinks (pictured above is the Grapefruit Margarita) to things you may not have tried before (we're interested in the Mango-Mint Agua Fresca)

Check out all the recipes at Sunset (via Liqurious)

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May 3, 2010

Romulan Corkscrew Not Just for Blood Wine

romulan_corkscrew_bottle.jpgBehold, the greatest corkscrew in the universe! Why is it the greatest? Because it's shaped like, well...a ship from Star Trek. We're not ones to call out ThinkGeek on matters, well, geeky, but they say on their page that this little guy is shaped like a Klingon Bird of Prey. We think it looks more like a Romulan Raptor, but we've been wrong before, and hey - if it opens your bottle, do you really care?

Pick it up at ThinkGeek.

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