April 30, 2010

Hotmixology 'Shake Up My Bar' Contest

hotmixology.jpgDo you have a home bar that needs a spruce up? Whether it's a junky corner in your basement with a sink and a fridge, or an outdated wet bar in the family room, you now have an opportunity to give your drinking space a face lift, thanks to Hotmixology and Customized Designs. Not only that, your newly-pimped out bar will be featured an upcoming episode of Hotmixology for all the world to envy. So what do you have to do to enter? Seems pretty simple to us:

Send in a few photos of your current home bar design to show why you need a facelift. Customized Designs and HotMixology staff will select the winner based on the person in biggest need of improvement.

The winner of "Shake Up Your Bar" will be chosen on May 30, 2010, and will be announced live on the May 31st episode of HotMixology.

Head over to the press release about the contest for more info, and check out their video below.

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April 28, 2010

Food Pairing: Match Your Booze to Your Food

food_pairing.jpgA while back we got really into a couple new books we picked up on food and drink pairing, and we've really enjoyed how those books have broadened our horizons. If you're looking for a quick online tool that will get you to a similar place, check out Food Pairing - not only do they offer foods with flavor pairings, but you can do the same thing with various and sundry liquors.

From bourbon to tequila and various liquors in between, figure out what's going to taste best whether you're matching up food or trying to impress your friends with spectacular drinks. The American Bourbon chart above is a bit tough to see, but it offers some flavors we would have never thought of, including cinnamon, roses, and popcorn. The closer to the center, the better the pairing, so keep that in mind as you're using it, and go nuts! (Preferably roasted peanuts with bourbon, apparently).

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April 28, 2010

How to Fail a Sobriety Test

As you most likely know, we usually take things very seriously here at Liquor Snob. Occasionally, however, we like to let the starch out of our collars and let our hair down, so to speak, and this video has certainly tickled our funny bones. This is probably NOT what you want to do when a cop asks you to take a breathalyzer test...we're guessing this guy got tazed the moment the cop stopped laughing.

In fact, you should probably pick up a breathalyzer of your own so you can practice at home. Just saying, is all.

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April 27, 2010

Liquor Snob Interviewed About Pickle Back

picklet.jpgLiquor Snob's Editor in Chief was interviewed a while back about liquor and hip hop, and we recently were tapped for another Q&A about our Pickle Back Challenge. We enjoyed talking about the trials and tribulations of that review, but if you take just one thing away from our site, please let it be this: stay away from pickled egg brine.

...liquor blogger Jake Jamieson has tried this with commercial brands, recently taste-testing several store varieties. "It kind of intrigued me because it sounded just so disgusting," he says.

The pickled egg brine was a tactical error. But other brines worked out fine. His favorite was Claussen New York Deli Style Half Sours, which turned out to be "pretty excellent."

Full article at ABC News, including info about the Picklet (pictured), another pickle juice-related libation.

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April 21, 2010

Man vs Sandals at Coachella

We don't usually pay much attention to the goings on at music festivals (we leave that to our friends at Music Festival Junkies) but this video brought a smile to our faces. No, it has nothing to do with music, or the festival even, really. It's just the struggle of one hammered man trying to put on his flip flop, and it's so epic we're surprised Hollywood hasn't optioned this guy's life story. Thanks for the link, Bill.

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April 16, 2010

Liquor Snob Quoted in The Atlanta Post

That's right, our very own Editor-in-Chief was interviewed recently about the connection between liquor companies and hip hop, and he's pleased as punch (not to get too street on you) to be included in the story. He also said that "according to Mos Def, Hennessy is runnin' this rap shit," but apparently that didn't make it to print.

To Jake Jamison, editor of the blog liquorsnob.com, these associations make perfect sense. "It started with [musicians] talking about what they're interested in. Then liquor companies got savvy," he said of the evolution. "It's like athletes sponsoring shoes. The name checks get the brand name out there."
[via Atlanta Post]

To celebrate, we'll leave you with our very favoritest moment of hip hop liquor sponsorship - Snoop Dogg dumping Landy cognac into Martha Stewart's mashed potatoes.

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April 13, 2010

The Hour: A Cocktail Manifesto

the_hour.jpgIf the Internet had existed in the 1940s, we imagine Bernard DeVoto would have had a very successful liquor blog. You know what we mean - the kind of blog you're so devoted to that you subscribe to its RSS and fan it on Facebook - and we would have frequented it on the regular. Don't believe us? Then perhaps you don't believe in The Hour - that holiest of holy moments when you get your first drink of the day.

One part celebration, one part history, two parts manifesto, Bernard DeVoto's The Hour is a comic and unequivocal treatise on how - and why - we drink properly. The Pulitzer Prize and National Book Award winner turns his shrewd wit on the spirits and attitudes that cause his stomach to turn and his eyes to roll (Warning: this book is NOT for rum drinkers). DeVoto instructs his readers on how to drink like gentlemen and sheds new light on the simple joys of the cocktail hour. Daniel Handler's introduction to this re-issue of the 1950s classic provides a humorous framework for the modern reader.
Pick up the reissued The Hour: A Cocktail Manifesto at Amazon, and help yourself to a nice little glass of history.

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April 7, 2010

Three Sheets Comes Back from the Dead...Again

Be afraid, be very afraid...for Zane Lamprey's liver. Yes, it's true, the man who has our dream job has pulled another Lazarus, and the excellent TV show Three Sheets has been picked up by the Travel Channel. Three Sheets has been on a few different networks now, and Travel channel seems like a good fit considering the show's an orgy of globe-hopping drunkenness. If nothing else, we're just excited it's on a channel we actually get now.

Episodes will begin airing on Travel Channel on Wednesday, April 14th, at 11 E/P. We are launching with back-to-back episodes, starting with Hawaii. Ever heard of beer made with cane? What about porter made with coconut? Next Zane heads to Tuscany, the birthplace of Chianti. Zane encounters a wine lover's answer to a pub crawl, and goes barefoot in a grape-stomping competition against the locals.
Get more info at the Travel Channel's Facebook page, and you can also check out the video below, from ZaneLamprey.com, for a little more flavor. If nothing else, now that they've hit the big time, they can afford a stunt man now.

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April 6, 2010

Gummy Shot Glasses

gummy-shots-pour.jpgWe have to admit, when we first heard about Gummy Shot Glasses, we weren't completely sold. They sounded weird and awkward, and had way too much potential for getting us sticky. Then we realized we originally felt that way about some of our favorite things in the world...one in particular.

What changed our minds? Behold the power of AutoTune, Old Crow, sugar and gelatin:

Gummy shot glasses come in sets of six (either 2 each of blue raspberry, red cherry, and orange, or lemon, lime, and cola); you can get them at Vat 19.

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April 5, 2010

Thatcher's Coffeehouse, Blood Orange & Yumberry Review

thatchers_flavors.jpgA couple weeks back, we took shipment of three Thatcher's Organic flavors - Coffee, blood orange, and yumberry to be exact. Now that we've fought our way through a cold the likes that God has never seen* we can actually smell and taste it, and give you our two cents on the proceedings. So...here we go!

Coffee is the flavor we're most familiar with among these three, considering the fact we suck down at least a cup of the stuff every day, and Thatcher's doesn't disappoint. It looks and smells exactly like a cup of real, honest to goodness coffee. When you hold it up to light it goes a bit amber, just like real coffee, and doesn't have the syrupy blackness we see in some coffee liqueurs. The smell is similarly on point - evoking a fresh-brewed cup of joe which smells even better because we know it has booze in it.

The mouth feel is light and not too syrupy, with a lingering coffee taste that's not too sweet and not too bitter. We can see ourselves mixing up a perfect Black Russian, or maybe even a White Russian, and saying to ourselves "You make a mean Caucasian, Jackie!"**

Blood Orange
The blood orange is a striking fruit, the sanguine tint of its flesh making it live up to its name. Thatcher's Blood Orange does so as well, with a scarlet tint when you hold the bottle to the light. The nose is delicate, with a tinge of citrus and fruit hinting at its mysterious flavor.

Thatcher's Blood Orange has a solid orange taste without veering into Tang territory, and the finish is incredibly long, with complex citrusy notes that lasted a long while after we tasted it. This would be excellent in any citrusy cocktail, and the Thatcher's website suggests mixing it into a margarita. Don't mind if we do!

Yumberry was the liqueur we were most eager to try, mostly because we haven't had much exposure to yumberries. In fact, we're pretty sure we wouldn't be able to pick one out of a lineup. Thanks to good old Wikipedia, we know it's a fruit that grows predominantly in Asia, and that it has some purported medicinal values. The liqueur is bright, just this side of hot pink...definitely on the racy side.

The nose is all berries all the time - the closest we could approximate is a more complex strawberry. Sweet without being syrupy, it's delicate full of berry punch. Delicate but long-lasting, we can see this in a slew of berry-based cocktails, and we're thinking about putting it into a gin fizz to see how it holds up.

More info at Thatcher's Organic; get the full scoop on all eleven flavors. We are incredibly impressed with what we've tried so far, and highly recommend you pick up a bottle if you can.

* You are the Kiwsatz Haderach if you picked up that Dune reference.
** Big Lebowski reference...we're throwing rocks tonight!

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April 1, 2010

Liquor Snob Monthly Roundup March 2010

guinness_april_fool.jpgAs you know, today is April Fool's Day. You might think we'd be all about it, merry pranksters that we are, but the whole thing just makes us tired (tho we did like the Guinness one pictured above). So, instead of sneaking into your house and changing your Google language to Klingon, all we can offer is a roundup of the stories we did in March. If you squint real hard, maybe you'll find a prank in there somewhere.

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