July 31, 2007

Giant Jellyfish 3-Tube Beer Bong

Q: What's better than a portable, inflatable beer bong?
A: A GIANT portable, inflatable beer bong with three tubes.

A while back we reviewed the Jellyfish, a nifty little contraption designed to let you take your beer chugging habit wherever you go. If being able to chug two beers out of a plastic tube isn't enough, those mad geniuses at Beersudz LLC have come out with the Giant Jellyfish, a three-tube monstrosity capable of holding more beer and allowing more people to nurse at the beer teat.

This thing is enormous, the Megalodon to the original's Great White (oops, we might be mixing nautical metaphors here) and we're excited to give it a try this weekend.

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July 30, 2007

Get Your Icerocks Off

One of the best pieces of advice we ever got about mixing drinks was about the unrecognized workhorse of the cocktail world - the ice. We were told that the ice often makes the drink, and we can understand that - do you want your Mojito to taste like like the coffee can of bacon fat you store next to your cube tray?

That's where ICEROCKS from the Water Bank of America (WBOA) come in. This specially-packaged imported French water should taste much better than whatever's coming out of your faucet or garden hose. At $5-$6 for .75L worth of water it's fairly spendy, but can you put a price on taste?

via Intoxicated Zodiac and Daily Candy

PS - If you haven't checked out the Intoxicated Zodiac blog yet, do yourself a favor and do it, especially if you're into astrology. Gwen has a knack for matching your horoscope with your cocktail, and her origin story is way better than ours.

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July 27, 2007

America's Hottest Bartenders Mark 2

We've been waiting like kids on Christmas morning for the second installment of AOL's "America's Hottest Bartenders" contest, and it's finally here. Choose among bartenders from your town or in others, and the main prerequisite is they be hot. We can get behind that.

We chose Tara for the pic because among all the Boston bartenders shown, she seemed to be the only one actually holding booze instead of just presenting from the rear. Go Tara.

America's Hottest Bartenders Season Two [via Martini Groove]

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July 26, 2007

PC5 Scotch is Coming to America

We just realized we haven't talked Scotch in quite some time, so let's get right to it. We just saw a story on The Scotch Blog about Bruichladdich's PC5 (Port Charlotte 5YO) coming to America. We're interested not only because it sounds like good stuff we'd love to drink a dram of, but also because of who is the importer. Wyatt-Zier, the folks who introduced us to Liquor Snob favorites Compass Box and Zygo, snagged the rights to this one. Good on ya, boys!

More at The Scotch Blog

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July 25, 2007

XO Vodka Review

xo-vodka.jpgIf you've ever accidentally wandered into an elegant party while wearing your gym clothes, you'll have an inkling of how we felt cradling the bottle of Jean-Marc XO Vodka we received for review. Coming in around $50 a bottle, this is probably the most expensive vodka we've drunk, and we were a bit out of sorts before we started the review. We felt like we were in the presence of royalty - were we supposed to bow to it, or thank it for pouring into the glass?

Luckily, our thirst overcame our confusion and we were able to get the review done - find out how it measured up below.

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July 24, 2007

Happy National Tequila Day

OK, we lied - we're not talking about the Tequila from MySpace (warning: not as much nudity as you're hoping for) - we're talking about the other tequila...the one that gets you drunk. That's right, today's the day to honor the oft-maligned and much misunderstood drink that's given the one-two punch to so many college students.

We got a press release about the day that includes some cool facts about the liquor itself, along with some blueberry-based cocktail recipes featuring Tequila Don Julio.

Read on for the details.

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Babicka Wormwood Vodka

babika.jpgWe've long maintained the buzz people get from absinthe comes not as much from the wormwood contained in the drink (and the reportedly psychoactive thujone contained therein), but from the absolute rocket fuel levels of alcohol in the liquor. We're talking 130, 140 proof in good bottles here.

The folks at Babicka Vodka are hoping to prove us wrong with their revival of a Czech witch's brew of vodka and wormwood.

The stuff was used as medicine, way back when, and we're hoping to get our hands on a bottle to cure our ills and test our theories.

at Babicka Vodka

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July 23, 2007

Diamond Ring Shot Glass...Y'know, for Bachelorettes


When most guys think of bachelorette parties, they probably think of the shrieking cacophony they often turn into. We, on the other hand, love the things - if you get in good with the bachelorette and crew, they can be a neverending supply of free drinks. Seriously, just make friends in a non-sketchy way, offer to get in the way of the Night at the Roxbury dudes trying to dance their way over, and suddenly you'll have all the booze you can suck down.

A good way to get the bride's attention is to offer her this giant Diamond Ring Shot Glass - she'll either love the idea or think you're creepy, but that was going to happen anyway.

at Bachelorette Superstore [via Nerd Approved]

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July 20, 2007

The Art and Science of Herbalism in Cocktail Creation

We've dabbled a bit in using fresh herbs in our cocktails, but we've always felt it's an area we haven't spent enough time on. One reason is we don't want to waste good herbs - or good liquor - if our tequila and mint experiments don't work. We've found a nice guide to using herbs in cocktails over at About.com, which has inspired us to try again.

Herbs and Spices in the Cocktail Mixologie via About.com

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July 19, 2007

Enormous Orvis Liquor Flask

Giant Liquor Flask

After years of complaining, someone has developed a liquor flask big enough for our tastes. Finally! Now we just have to save up a couple hundred bucks to get it...

at Orvis [via Acquire]

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July 18, 2007

Mojito Yeses and Nos

Jeffrey Morganthaler has put together a nice list of things you should and shouldn't do in relation to a Mojito, and he's onto something. Some of them are common sense for ordering them when you're out (don't ask for one when the bar is mobbed) and others will help you make your own (don't muddle the lime with the ice cubes). Check out the full list, and find Jeffrey's preferred recipe, at his site.

Well, it’s mojito season here in the northern hemisphere, which means it’s time for a little lesson for the novice and experienced mojito drinker alike. Follow these helpful hints, dear reader, and you won’t dare go wrong.

Lay 'em on us, Jeffrey

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July 17, 2007

Chocolate Cake Shot Recipe

Today's the birthday of someone near and dear to us at Liquor Snob (yeah, we mean you Kathleen). We've been racking our brains for drink recipes for the special day, and we've finally discovered one that'll fit the bill and we've decided to share the fruits of our labor with you. Introducing the Birthday Cake Shot, a combo of vodka, Frangelico, and lemons (?) rumored to taste exactly like chocolate cake when imbibed.

Read on for the recipe.

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July 16, 2007

Miller Chill: No Habla "Chelada"

We're usually huge fans of Miller products (Champagne of Beers 4 Life!) but we tried Miller Chill recently and were unimpressed. It's described as a Chelada and judging by all the Spanish on the site, it's being aimed at the Latino market. We hope they like the taste of salty, lime-flavored ass, because that's what they're being given.

Learn more at Miller Chill.

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July 13, 2007

Domaine Charbay Green Tea Vodka

Charbay Green Tea Vodka

Liquors that contain antioxidants seem to be all the rage nowadays, as distillers make everything from pomegranate to acai liqueur. The latest contender we've heard about is Charbay Green Tea Vodka. See below for Uncrate's take on its health benefits, and head over to Charbay.com for more info on this and the many other vodka flavors in the Charbay line.
This crisp and refreshing flavored vodka took nearly five years to create, and it shows — the infusion of flavor from first-growth green tea from the Anhwei Province makes it about as smooth as any flavored booze out there. Plus, thanks to its antioxidants, you'll finally have an excuse to drink during the week.
From Uncrate

Charbay Green Tea Vodka is available at Internet Wines & Spirits

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Smirnoff Urban Lifestyle Specialist Contest

what a country!We just got a press release about an Urban Lifestyle Specialist contest from Smirnoff, and to be honest, before reading it we wouldn't have been able to tell you what an Urban Lifestyle Specialist is. We probably would've said they're the folks who teach 50 Cent to shoot people, or consult with Puffy/Puff Daddy/P Diddy on his monthly name change.

Now that we've read the release, apparently the ULS contest has something to do with sending 10 people all over the world for a year to "retrace the worldwide journey of the Smirnoff brand." It's got all kinds of buzzwords about how those ULSs will use blog and video and photograph and fingerpaint about their journey. We have to admit, it got us excited about the contest and what being a ULS might be.

We're fully ready to sign up and we really think we're perfect for the Smirnoff Ten; find out more in the press release below or head to Smirnoff.com to throw your hat in the ring.

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July 12, 2007

Marilyn Manson Absinthe

mansinthe2_p1.jpgIt appears goth rocker Marilyn Manson is hopping on the absinthe train, with a new label called "Mansinthe" scheduled to hit the European market in August. The distiller, Matter-Luginbuhl, is well-known for their high end absinthes, so we understand we can expect it to be quality stuff.

We're just hoping they're able to capture the flavor of creepy androgyny Manson represents to us. Anyway, two pre-release versions will be available this month for you to try out and possibly even give feedback before the final release next month. Read on for a snippet from the Absinthvertrieb Lion newsletter:

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July 11, 2007

Kennebec River Brewery: Magic Hole and Summer Ale

magicIPA.gifWe got our hands on a few bottles of Magic Hole IPA and Kennebec Summer Ale from the Kennebec River Brewery back in June, and due to circumstances beyond our control we haven't been able to post our review until now. We're actually bummed it took us so long because we think Kennebec is actually a really interesting operation, and we had every intention of mentioning them on the site before now.

First, a few items about the brewery itself, and then on to reviewing the actual beer. The brewery is part of the Northern Outdoors whitewater rafting family, located up in The Forks, Maine. They make a whole bunch of different beers, including Big Mama Blueberry Ale, Arthur's Hazelnut, and Penobscot Porter along with the Magic Hole IPA and Kennebec Summer Ale we tried. The beers are available at various times of the year in bottled form, as well as on draft.

Now that we've gotten the introductions out of the way, read on for the full review of their Summer Ale and IPA.

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July 10, 2007

Hops and Beer Have Real Chemistry

We have spent many a sleepless night wondering what gives beer its delicious odor. Maybe you haven't, but that's just because you're not as dedicated to drinking as we are...slacker. Anyway, scientists have apparently isolated individual chemicals that give hops their hoppiness, which could be a technological breakthrough for flavoring beers...and allow us to sleep at night.

To identify more chemicals that give hops a spicy character, the chemists hooked two people up to a machine called a gas chromatograph. That machine would separate out every single chemical in an essential oil extracted from high quality hops -- allowing the evaluators to smell each chemical one by one. That’s right, they lean over a tabletop machine while it delivers odors directly to their nose through a long, straight tube. The same technique, gas chromatography-olfactometry, has been used to study the aroma of wine, coffee, and even manure.
from Wired News

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Tales of the Cocktail 2007

We wish we could make it to New Orleans next week, because we just found out that's when this year's the Tales of the Cocktail conference is happening (between July 18 and 22, to be exact).

What is Tales of the Cocktail, you ask? According to About.com, it's "a five-day event to celebrate and explore the history and spirit of the cocktail with great chefs, mixologists, best-selling authors and celebrities which takes place in New Orleans every summer." Sounds right up our alley.

If you're going to be in the Big Easy during that time period, or want to make the trek solely for TotC, read on for ticket info. Plus, we've included the recipe for the Starfish Cooler, official drink of TotC, to get your juices flowing.

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July 9, 2007

Tales of Colt 45

Colt 45 Malt Liquor is trying to hip up its image by setting up a hipster website and partnering with comic book illustrator Jim Mahfood to draw "Tales of Colt 45." One cool thing about it is you can submit your own Colt tales and possibly get them illustrated as well. Just think - your face eternally captured on a malt liquor website!

...you'll find things like an incredible paper bag/koozie combo, insouciantly mustachioed buddy icons, and graphic novel Tales -- like that of the nefarious Carl, who woos another man's woman with his 16oz cans. You'll also have an opportunity to tell stories of your own legendary nights, which're hopefully filled with friends, delicious beverages, and one deliciously beverage-soaked mustache.
Tales of Colt 45 [via Thrillist]

The art is cool but the tales didn't really resonate with us, at least not the ones we've read so far. All we can say is bring back Lando Calrissian. Only Billy Dee Williams can bring forth the true power of Colt 45.

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July 6, 2007

Lucid Absinthe Reviews from Fee Verte

We haven't had a chance to try out Lucid yet, but we're definitely intrigued by the first absinthe being sold legally on US soil in a very long time. We're looking forward to checking it out ourselves, but we thought we'd take some time on this lazy Friday afternoon to check out what other people had to say.

Of course, the first place we looked was over at Fee Verte, which we hold to be the first and last stop for absinthe info - see what we dug up after the jump, or if you can't wait you can buy it at Internet Wines & Spirits.

ArrowContinue reading: "Lucid Absinthe Reviews from Fee Verte"

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July 5, 2007

Woodford Reserve Sonoma-Cutrer Finish Whiskey

You got your wine in my whiskey! You got your whiskey in my wine!Change is often a good thing, especially if it makes your whiskey taste better. We're not sure that saying will ever make it into common parlance, but we stand behind it. One of the latest changes that's supposed to do just that is Woodford Reserve's aging of its bourbon (which we really dig) in wine barrels. What won't they think of next? It's a limited edition release that will cost about three times the typical $30 price tag of WR, but we're intrigued enough to think it might be worth a try.

“We certainly believe this has a nice connection back to Woodford Reserve, and it would have interest to people who are involved in premium whiskeys,” said Wayne Rose, Woodford’s global brand director.

He added that it could stir wine drinkers to “think a little differently about bourbon.”

MSNBC [via Luxist]

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July 4, 2007

Independence Day Drinking Game

Independence Day

Happy Fourth of July (or Independence Day, for those of you who don't like to tie the concept to a date) from Liquor Snob! We hope you spend your day eating and drinking in the sun. If you're looking down the barrel of a thunderstorm like we are, however, we've managed to uncover a fantastic waste...err, use...of your time. Yes, we're talking about the Independence Day Drinking Game.

The first thing you need is a copy of the movie (available at Amazonif you want a copy for posterity, or you can just rent it). The next thing you need is to read the rules after the jump - they're straightforward and right to the point. We like the "...And If You Really Want to Get Wasted" rule, ourselves.

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July 2, 2007

Liquor Snob Monthly Roundup: June 2007

KegeratorWe really kicked off June with a bang - what with the kegerator giveaway and all, and we really like to think we kept up our intensity. That's what we tell ourselves anyway. We uncovered some great booze to review, found a kickass Mojito recipe, and found out about new and legal absinthes on their way to the U.S. How's that grab you?

Read on to peruse this month's goods, but before you do go on and whip up a an iPhone martini to take the edge off.

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