September 29, 2006

Novelty Liquor Dispensers

We'll probably be laughed right out the door of next week's Alcoholics Unanimous meeting for posting about this, but we just stumbled across some novelty liquor dispensers we thought would make great gifts. After all, Chrismukkah is right around the corner. Anyway, we know most of our readers like to drink directly out of the bottle, but who wouldn't want one of these crystal and silver conversation pieces around?

Fire Hydrant Liquor DispenserLiquor Fire Hydrant

Perfect for the fireman (or firebug) in your life, this contraption will let you pump flammable materials out of something that usually puts out fires. Alternately, you and your friends can set it flowing and run through it like inner city kids on a hot day. What fun! (at Amazon)

Gas Pump Liquor DispenserLiquor Gas Pump

Perfect for auto enthusiasts or any drunk on the go, this contraption lets you fuel up in style. But remember - don't smoke cigarettes or operate cell phones within ten feet of the pump. Oh, and don't give into your initial thought to mount this on the dashboard of your car - good idea on paper, bad in practice. (at Amazon)

Slot Machine Liquor DispenserLiquor Slot Machine

This has to be the best slot machine in the universe because every time you pull this old one armed bandit, you get a hot. Luck be a lady tonight - we're getting tipsy! (at Amazon)

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September 28, 2006

Designer Liquor Bottle Caddies

Liquor RobotThese cool bottle caddies (they make them for wine and liquor bottles) put us in the mind of the kindly Tin Man from the Wizard of Oz. They're all handcrafted and unique, and pretty damned cool for a $70-$80 pricetag. The only downside we see is it looks like the caddy might make that bottle of Jack a bit inaccessible, but just think - get a bunch of them, attach them to you bottles and it'll look like you have an army of liquor-filled guard robots in your bar. Start your army now at OccasionsMP (via CoolBuzz).

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September 27, 2006

Citadelle Gin Keeps it Dry

Citadelle GinThere's been a spate of gins released lately that are trying to take the grimace out of your gin drink. It seems like no one wants to taste like good old juniper anymore, and everyone's making gin that tastes like something else, from Beefeater Wet (which tastes like pears) to Tanqueray Rangpur (which tastes like limes), Bluecoat (which tastes like oranges), and Hendrick's (which tastes like cucumbers). All of these gins are great in their own way, but sometimes we want a gin that tastes like gin the way we remember it - up front, evergreen, sharp and dry.

That's where Citadelle comes in. Developed in France and taking a swing at being the Grey Goose of gins, it comes in a haughty bottle, packs a hefty price tag, and was created based on a 1771 recipe. Now that's classic.

The brand's pitch claims it uses more so-called botanical infusions than any other gin, 19 to be exact, including savoury, cumin, violet root, almond and fennel. That compares with 10 for the popular Bombay Sapphire. It's full-bodied (at 44-per-cent alcohol) and complex enough to enjoy at room temperature, though it's much better in an ice-cold dry martini. We're talking classic, assertive gin flavour here, led by a wallop of juniper followed by a complex and nuanced mid-palate, finishing with a peppery kick.
Read on at the Globe and Mail.

Oh, and the Citadelle Website claims Citadelle makes the best gin & tonic in the world. That's a tall order - we hope they can back it up.

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September 26, 2006

Piet Hein Drink Cooler Balls

Drink Cooling BallsSo we just came across these Piet Hein drink cooling balls, and we're torn. Oh, we're not torn about the product itself, which is a stainless steel ball filled with liquid you store in your freezer to cool down drinks without watering them down. Nope, that seems pretty straightforward, especially since the balls are made with stainless steel and won't change the flavor of the liquid in any way.

The problem we're having is which movie to quote as we talk about it. The front runners are Glengarry Glen Ross (You know what it takes to cool down a drink? It takes BRASS BALLS to cool down a drink!) and Dune (Piet Hein reminds us too much of the planetologist Liet Kynes). We're leaning toward the whole Glengarry angle, but while we're soul searching, check out the Piet Hein coolers at Unica Home (via Uncrate).

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September 26, 2006

Pewter Star Wars Bar Set

Star Wars Pewter Bar SetAttention all fellow geeks...why the hell were we not informed?

Enjoy a slice of inter-galactic opulence with the Star Wars Pewter Bar Set. You get all four pieces: Darth Vader (corkscrew), Yoda (wine stopper), C-3PO (foil cutter), and R2-D2 (bottle opener). This bar set is solid pewter, and sturdy enough to withstand even a Wookie wedding celebration.
via ThinkGeek

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Behold the Beer Cannon

So, it seems the fine folks over at Milwaukee's Best Light have built a cannon. It's not your typical cannon, seems to only fire salamis, paint gun pellets, and cans of Milwaukee's Best Light beer. Now, we know what some of you are thinking - that firing it from a cannon is the only thing you should do with MBL. However, this is a damn fine video, well-edited and you get to see a beer can go through the picture tube of a TV. And isn't that what life's all about, really?

Check it out after the jump.

ArrowContinue reading: "Behold the Beer Cannon"

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September 25, 2006

BlogPire Podcast - Fall Product News and Guest Russell Neufeld from 09.25.06

Blogpire 144Special guest Russell Neufeld visits from and tells us about the latest shaving products. And of course, we have the latest news and views from around the 'pire including details on the new TiVo Series 3 and where to get great deals on the latest GPS devices. We also answer your questions from the past couple of weeks so keep sending them in to podcast at blogpire dot com.

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With Hosts: Russell Miner and Jay Brewer and guest Russell Neufeld

Program Details:

00:00:58 Introductions and Welcome to Russell Neufeld from
00:02:10 Excalibur Wine on Cheap Fun Wines
00:03:00 HD Tivo series 3
00:05:30 Upgrades for the Tivo Series 3
00:09:09 CBS shows in advance on all Tivos
00:11:00 with Russell Neufeld
00:13:00 Zirh Preshave Products
00:15:22 Zirh Scrub
00:17:05 Zirh Clean
00:19:17 Drink Liquor make more Money
00:22:48 The BeerClip
00:26:14 with Russell Neufeld
00:26:35 Shaving with Zirh Profucts
00:28:53 Zirh Prepare
00:30:57 Zirh Shave Gel
00:34:17 Zirh Defend
00:36:19 All about Keurig Including the B70
00:41:26 with Russell Neufeld
00:41:31 Menscience
00:43:03 Daily Face Wash with Brush
00:44:48 Menscience Shaving Cream
00:47:11 Menscience Post Shave Repair
00:48:52 Menscience Advanced Face Lotion
00:49:56 Spinach and You
00:52:28 Bamboo Dinner Plates
00:54:06 Edible Handmade Bracelets
00:55:12 Questions
00:55:21 Good Prices on GPSs
00:57:28 Non Shaving Products on
00:57:50 BY142 scar remover
01:02:20 Closing

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iVodka, You Vodka, We All Vodka

Vodka-splosionSometimes it seems like three quarters of new liquors that come out are vodka, and it's hard to keep them all straight. That's where iVodka comes in - they're a database of all kinds of vodka brands and types, from Absolut to Zytniowka. Plus, they organize their information on Russia's (or Poland's, depending on who you believe) water of life, organized by Brand, Country or Supplier so you can find new brands in multiple ways. Check them out at

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September 23, 2006

Shots Liquor Console by J.P. Meulendijks

Shots Liquor ConsoleThis seems like a damn cool product, but try saying that name ten times fast...the way we sound it out it reminds us of an after-hours show in Tijuana (Mule and what!?). Anyway, the table itself is just as cool as the name of its creator, with 10 angled recesses designed to hold wine or liquor bottles. Plus, you can either lay it down flat as a coffee table, or stand it up on its side so it's more like a little bar. The design's pretty damned futuristic looking, though we're not sure why they're associating their table with the old ultraviolence (check out the Clockwork Orange pic in the background). Must be a dutch thing.

The Shots Liquor Console is made of hard poly vinyl with a scratch-proof coating, and will set you back around 795 Euro, or just over a grand American. Learn more at

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September 22, 2006

Liquor in the Can

diageo-rtd-cans.jpgAll in all, we think drinking Ready to Drink cocktails (affectionately known as RTDs) is like riding a moped or making love to someone who's unattractive - it can be a lot of fun until your friends find out about it. After that, you're mercilessly made fun of and called "Mr. Hard Lemonade" until the day you die. Or at least that's how it is with our friends.

And it's not like you can be super stealthy about it usually - they're just so damned conspicuous. Everyone else in the bar is drinking beer out of a brown or green bottle, and you're there with your hand around a clear bottle full of something that looks like toxic waste.

That's probably why Diageo is finding so much success with their new canned RTDs. You shove the can in a coozie and suddenly you can pretend you're drinking Miller Lite just like all your friends, while you're really sipping down a pre-made Captain and Coke. That's real genius.

Mike over at Days that End in "Y" has the full rundown:

Rather than buying cases of beer, you may be buying cases of cocktails in the near future. Diageo has rolled out four ready-to-drink cocktails, which it's testing in Tampa: Captain Morgan and Cola, Smirnoff Vodka and Lemon-Lime Soda, George Dickel Whisky and Cola, and Seagram's 7 American Whiskey and Lemon-Lime Soda. The cocktails are 5% ABV in regular 12-ounce cans, so they sit right next to beer.
via Days that End in "Y"

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How to Make Yourself Throw Up

Driving the Porcelain BusEverybody knows they should drink responsibly, but sometimes you make a bad decision. A few too many shots, a couple extra mixed drinks, and suddenly things aren't looking as celebratory as they were a few minutes ago. There comes a point when liquor acts more like a poison than the fun fuel it usually is. That's when it's helpful to know how to safely pull your own trigger...we don't recommend doing it often, but it's a good skill to know if you're in the company of a skillful amateur drinker who accidentally ends up with a big league amount of booze in their gullet.

We found a few good tips for effectively and safely making yourself throw up at WkiHow, including drinking a bunch of water to dilute your stomach contents and the importance of brushing your teeth afterward. That's not just to get the taste out of your mouth but to keep your stomach acid from softening the enamel on your teeth (ewwww). And remember, we're not giving you this information so you can become a booze bulimic...this is something you should only do when it's really necessary. Believe'll know when the moment arrives.

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Beer Bottle Goblets

Beer Bottle GobletsWe've seen recycled beer bottles turned into glasses before, but this seems like a pretty interesting idea. Instead of just lopping off the neck of the bottle to turn it into a juice glass, they've Frankensteined together a goblet by solderig the bottom of the bottle to the neck. Seems like it'd be a bit top-heavy and tippy, but still a cool idea, plus it probably holds more than a typical wine glass. Plus you'll have the option of wandering around telling people "Hey look! I'm drinking WINE out of a BEER BOTTLE! Isn't that crazy?" We've always wanted to do that. Well, not really but we do now.

Available at; via Kitchen Contraptions

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September 21, 2006

Bartender Etiquette for Dummies

What did you say?We're all about trying to help you out when you're drinking, and drinking in a bar is where you have the biggest chance to make your faux pas (or is that faux pases? how about just "screw up?). Back in April we told you about 5 drinks bartenders hate to make, because they're too complex or irritating when they've got people lined up 8 deep waiting to be served.

Numbered lists are always fun, and we've found some other great advice from one Jeffery Morgenthaler, who touts himself as a "master mixologist and weblogger" from out in Oregon. Plus, he's actually a bartender, not just a professional drunk like us, so you can take his advice to heart.

Eight Things You Should Never Say to Your Bartender

I had a hard night the other night, and I thought I should impart some of my worldly wisdom to the bar-going public out there. Here are some of your bartender’s least favorite things to hear when you’re sitting at their bar. Read carefully!
From asking them what you should have to suggesting they make your drink strong, Jeffrey is full of great advice for not pissing off the person you rely on for booze.

Seven Things You Should Never Catch Your Bartender Doing

I’ve worked in a lot of bars, and I’ve been on the other side more times than I’m proud of mentioning. Long story short, I’ve seen a lot of shitty bartenders in my day and I feel there are certain things that you, the customer, have a right to demand of your bar staff.
If you see your bartender putting his hand in your drink or lighting something on fire, you might want to find yourself another bar.

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Bluecoat Gin: Ready for the Top Shelf?

Bluecoat Gin BottleWe've been hearing more and more lately that gin is making a comeback on the lips of discerning martini drinkers who are sick of vodka getting all the good press. One up and coming contender in the growing gin market is Bluecoat, an American gin that doesn't even try for all that London Dry BS.

In fact, they're swathing themselves in Revolutionary American terms to discern themselves, taking their name from people who fought the Londoners in that war way back when:

Its claim to fame - besides its Philadelphia (rather than London) pedigree - is that its botanicals are organically sourced and that, while the flavors of premium gins tend to emphasize the crisp juniper end of the spectrum, Bluecoat moves toward the kinder, gentler citrus end. In that pursuit, a sweet orange peel is in the recipe, rather than the traditional bitter orange or rind of lemon.

Bluecoat is so named to associate it with the home-grown colonists who battled the redcoats hereabouts. It comes in a square, cobalt-blue bottle ($25 a fifth) and, I'm assured, is craft-distilled in the only legally operating pot still in Pennsylvania, a rotund, onion-shaped copper rig tucked in an anonymous warehouse behind the National Guard Armory on the far-northeastern reaches of Roosevelt Boulevard.


What do you think is next, Brown Coat gin? Anyway, check them out at, and we're definitely going to have to get our hands on a sample bottle.

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September 20, 2006

Buy a Liquor Snob Hoodie, Dammit

Liquor Snob HoodieAs the weather gets colder, it's time to start thinking about how you can keep your extremities warm when you pass out behind a dumpster after a night at the bar. Our vote is the Liquor Snob Hoodie, which is sexy and functional and warm as a drunken, late-night hug.

We've been excited about these things for like a year and no one's bought any to speak of...maybe that's because we haven't promoted them right. It's not like we make any money off the damn things...we just want to keep you warm.

Plus, it has a kangaroo pocket for your empties! Buy a Liquor Snob Hoodie and check out the other items in the Liquor Snob store at Cafe Press, including the Liquor Snob Intern t-shirt. Plus, if you have any great ideas for other slogans we can put on a tee, send them to us at jake [AT] liquorsnob [DOT] com. We'll think of something cool to send you in return.

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Violin Bottle Carrier

violin-bottle-carrier.jpgThere are some days when you just want to get all gangster. And no, we're not talking gangster like wear a bandana, slap on some bling, hold your gun sideways while you shoot gangster. We're talking pin stripe suits, cigars clenched in teeth, carry your tommy gun around in a violin case.

Or, maybe you just want to smuggle a bottle of Southern Comfort into band practice. Either way, check out the violin bottle carrier we've found that will live up to either need.

** LIQUOR NOT INCLUDED ** Holds one bottle in a beautifully flocked velvet lined interior. The outside of the bar is covered in black leather with nickel metal fittings. It is complete with handle. This is a conversational piece with real utility. Available in black only.
Pick one up at Internet Wines.

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Cocktail Mist Flavor Spray Review

Flavor SpraySo we've been puttering around the lab for the last few days, mixing cocktails with our Cocktail Mist flavor spray. In case you don't recall, Cocktail Mist is a zero-calorie, zero-carbohydrate, zero-cholesterol, and zero-fat flavoring additive that was originally designed for food. With 35 flavors to choose from, how do these sprays make the transition to the world of booze?

Read on to find out.

ArrowContinue reading: "Cocktail Mist Flavor Spray Review"

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September 19, 2006

Get Drunk on Dessert with a Mud Pie Martini

Mud Pie MartiniHistorically, we haven't been huge fans of sweets and liquor combined. Hell, we've had a recipe for pudding shots for almost a year now and we haven't even made them yet. But for some reason this Mud Pie Martini really jumped out at us - we've included the recipe below.

Plus, if these kinds of after-dinner drinks are your cup of tea, so to speak, we found a book called Dessert Cocktails at Amazon.

Start by placing some finely crushed Oreos on a plate. Spin the rim of a martini glass in ice, then dip the rim into the Oreos.

Shake together 1 ounce of Three Olives Chocolate Vodka, 1 ounce Starbucks cream liqueur, 1/2 ounce Starbucks coffee liqueur or Kahlua, and 1/2 ounce Frangelico, then pour into the glass.

Finish with a flower of whipped cream and a few toasted almond slivers.

via AZStarnet

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Drink Liquor, Make More Money

We Drink and We're Rich!Freakin' finally. We've got validation of our deepest hopes, dreams and wishes. They're saying you can make more money if you're a drinker? We're waiting for our Brinks truck of money to show up any time.

Alcohol drinkers earn 10 percent to 14 percent more than nondrinkers, according to a study. Authors' theories: 1) Drinking helps you "socialize more with clients and co-workers, giving drinkers an advantage in important relationships." 2) Drinking "may also provide individuals with opportunities to learn people, business, and social skills."
Read more at Slate; thanks for the tip, Jason

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September 18, 2006

5 Ways to Drink Tequila (Other than Margaritas)

Tequila BottlesDon't get us wrong - we love margaritas. In fact, we've developed a taste for good tequila overall, and we've learned it pays to be a bit adventurous with how you drink it. We found some cool ideas for alternate consumption methods, but we're not going to include them all here (you can figure out to drink good tequila straight on your own, right?).

Con sangrita: A shot of tequila sipped with a shot of sangrita, a chile-hot, tomato-citrus juice.

Bandera: This version lines up three shot glasses--one with tequila (white), one with the reddish sangrita (red) and a third with the greenish juice of the key lime (green)--which are the colors of the Mexican flag (or bandera).

Submarino: Basically, a shot of tequila with a beer chaser. (Sometimes a shot of tequila is inverted inside the beer mug so when you drink the beer the shot glass tips a little letting tequila escape into the beer.)

Coscorron: This translates as a "knock on the head." Here's why: Add a bit of lemon-lime soda and a few drops of key lime (limon) to a shot of tequila. Then, with your hand covering the top of the shot glass, tap (gently, please) the glass on the table and drink it down.

via Chicago Tribune

Oh, and by the way? Don't forget about our good friend Mezcal (like Scorpion Mezcal) if you're looking to branch out.

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September 15, 2006

How to Build a Kegerator

Pre-Kegerator FridgeYou know you've dreamed it, at least once. You know you've stood around that bucket on your porch, watching the keg lolling there in the icy water, thinking "Ye gods, if only I had a refrigerator mechanism to keep the beer cold so I wouldn't have to drink it all right now!" OK, so maybe you didn't start with "Ye gods" and you probably weren't looking for an excuse not to drink beer.

That's all beside the point, however...the most important thing is that you need a kegerator and you need it bad. We've found instructions for how to make one over at, outlining everything you need from refrigerator specs to power tools. Of course, they're also assuming you're building your kegerator out of parts you bought from them, but that's not the end of the world is it? If you need more info, we've also found a "How to Build a Kegerator" FAQ.

Or, if that's too much trouble, you can buy a kegerator pre-made - you lazy bastard.

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September 14, 2006

Espresso Drink Recipes Give You a Buzz Squared

Espresso!Sounds like the folks over at our sister site Single Serve Espresso have been having a good time lately. Maybe too good a time, considering the fact they're mixing the already-buzzworthy espresso of their namesake with liquor. You might think we'd get jealous that they're treading so close to our territory, but we see it in the true spirit of a mashup, and we welcome the collaboration. Plus, we're no strangers to depth-charging some liquor in our coffee.

We've included our favorite recipes they developed below, a couple espresso martini variations. Head on over to the site for more drink recipes and espresso info.

Caramel Macchiato Martini
2 1/2 Ounces of Stomping Grounds Caramel Espresso Concentrate
1 1/2 Ounces of Vodka

Quick Espresso Martini
1 1/2 Ounces of Stomping Grounds Espresso Concentrate
1 1/2 Ounces Vodka
Top off with a floating espresso bean
(Note: This is fairly alcoholic/strong, add more Stomping Grounds Espresso concentrate if needed)

via Single Serve Espresso

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Ladies and Gentlemen...The BeerClip

Sam_Adams_Beer_Clip.jpgWe have to say we're money clip guys. Our bodies are lumpy enough without being concerned about a wallet-shaped protuberance sticking off our booties. Here's the problem we have with our money clips, can't open a beer on them. Well, you can - just not easily.

We just got an envelope in the mail that will change that, however. It contains a BeerClip, a bottle opener money clip. Now THAT'S what we call progress. As the name implies, the BeerClip is an ingenious device that brings together all the best parts of keeping your cash organized with the added bonus of being able to open beers with it.

Of course, you probably know 1,000 ways to open a beer, but there's something pretty kickass about being able flash your knot while you open someone's beer. Just make sure you have the big bills on the outside if you're trying to impress.

We put the BeerClip through its paces tonight, opening beer after beer with it. The clip is good, solid, springy metal that puts our pawn shop money clips to shame. The opener works great as well - one thing to note is the opener works best if you only have bills in the clip, but if you keep cards in there it gets a little tougher to work. We're finding it to kick ass overall, opening beers we have no right to open just because it's fun to do.

If you use a money clip or know someone who does, we recommend you get your hands on a BeerClip. It also would make a great groomsman gift, especially since you can customize them with laser engraved logos or initials - we wish we'd known about this a few years ago. BeerClips and more information are available at

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September 13, 2006

Zubrowka Bison Grass Vodka

Bison Grass VodkaWe don't spend much time thinking about bison. They're all humps and horns and chewing their cud - not really our bag. But we just found a story about bison that involves vodka, which definitely piqued our interest. Apparently there's a certain kind of grass in Poland that makes the local bison all - for lack of a better word - horny.

And apparently, you can get your hands on this bison grass in vodka form so you can find out if it how it affects you. The following story is about a bar that serves bison grass vodka in Toronto, but you can get your own bottle of the stuff at Internet Wine & Spirits; looks like we're going to have to get our hands on a bottle.

Hameed invented the Frisky Bison after chatting with a Polish co-worker about bison grass and the reputed ardour it encourages in the great humped beasts, along with the enduring popularity of bison grass vodka among Poles.

"It makes them frisky, which is why they have lasted so long," says Hameed. I assume he's speaking of the longevity of the bison breed.

A small amount of bison grass is used in the making of the spirit — about 10 blades' worth in each bottle, he says. And like the worm in a bottle of tequila, a single, long stem of green bison grass is slipped into each bottle.

Whether the grass acts as an aphrodisiac requires more research, but when sipped neat, the vodka is quite pleasant. It has a faint back note of vanilla; a hint of anise and a rising taste of cinnamon. Which is why bison grass vodka is popular mixed with apple juice, explains Hameed. "It tastes like apple pie," he says. And indeed it does.

via Toronto Star; more at the Bison Grass Vodka site.

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September 12, 2006

Octopus Beer Keg Tap Review

Octopus Tap
4 Port Keg Tap System
Price: $69.99 for basic tap
Other systems also available from Octopus Tap

Octopus TapWe've been singing the praises of the Octopus Tap for weeks now. Sadly, it was a one-note song, however, because even though we've had the tap we got in the mail for a healthy long time. That was because of a mixture of a crap summer and the fact that even we, the Liquor Snobs, need a special occasion to get a keg.

Well, we finally got our hands on a keg (a bachelor party - thanks for getting married Eddie), which gave us a chance to blow off some much-needed steam and review the Octopus Tap. We'll spoil some of the suspense and tell you we thought the Octopus Tap kicked ass in a normal drinking situation; but could it keep up the beer flow for seven thirsty dudes as they waded through a Power Hour? Read on to find out.

ArrowContinue reading: "Octopus Beer Keg Tap Review"

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September 11, 2006

Jell-O Shots: The Book

Jiggelo Jello Shot RecipesApparently, the Canadians have discovered Jell-O shots. Or, at least, Canadian grownups - we're sure the industrious college students of the Great White North have been slurping them down with the same voracity as kids in the US. The following article from the Toronto Star gives some overall info and drinking (eating?) tips for Jell-O shots, plus talks about an interesting-looking book of gelatin shot recipes called Jiggelo.

The shot comes to mind in September, as college students flock back to school and attempt to put the higher in education. Jell-O shots are portable and spill-proof, and coddle those who are uncomfortable with the taste of alcohol — the equivalent of those fruity, mixed drinks that marketers describe as "entry-level." No wonder they have become synonymous with wild campus parties. Their popularity, however, is slowly expanding to friendly grownup get-togethers, camping excursions and holiday events with colour themes, such as Halloween or St. Patrick's Day.
via Toronto Star

The author made his recipes from a book called Jiggelo: Inventive Gelatin Shots for Creative Imbibers (available at Amazon), which contains over 50 Jell-O shot recipes. Included ingredients are "chocolate, peanut butter, chopped nuts, Tabasco sauce, Twinkies and cooking spray all make appearances, as does practically every kind of hard liquor one can imagine." Sounds like a must-have for any back-to-school package.

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September 8, 2006

Roll'em Show'em Contest and Giveaway

Roll'em Show'emLast week we reviewed Roll'em Show'em, a drinking game designed to get you messed up and nekkid. We think it's a damn good idea for a game and more people should play it. We just so happen to have gotten our hands on an extra copy of the game (completely sealed and unopened; a $39.95 value), as well as a Roll'em Show'em t-shirt (priceless). We were going to be greedy and give it to our parents as their anniversary gift, but then we had a brainstorm - let's give 'em away to our loyal readers!

All you have to do is come up with a list of the people you'd want to play the game with - living, dead, real or fictional - and email us at news at liquorsnob dot com. First prize is the game itself, runner up gets the shirt - you have two weeks from today to enter. Our personal list is Keira Knightley, Scarlett Johansson, Tyra Banks, and Carlos Mencia the Swedish drinking team from Beerfest. What's yours?

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Cocktail Kick Extra Sour Mixer Review

Cocktail KickWhen we our bottle of Cocktail Kick first arrived we said it made us think of Mega Warheads, those crazy little candies that are so sour your face instantly crushes up like Tom Cruise after he's been squirted with water. Little did we know that the similarities between the two were so strong, or that we'd be making "Holy crap that's sour" faces for the next week.

We'll come out right up front and say we liked Cocktail Kick and what it did to our cocktails, but you'd damn well use it responsibly or you won't have any skin left on the inside of your mouth - we know from experience. Read on for more details, the recipes we tried it in, and even more vain attempts to get across just how sour this stuff is.

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September 7, 2006

Cocktail Mist Arrives for Review

Cocktail MistEver wish you could add a hint of flavor to your cocktails without overbearing them with all sorts of fruit juices and mixers? We've just received five bottles of a spray designed to add a touch of flavor to your booze without all the extra junk like carbs, calories, cholesterol, etc.

We'll be checking out all five flavors we received (Banana Split, Apple Pie, Marshmallow, Chocolate Fudge and Birthday Cake) and trying them in some cocktails as soon as we can. Of course, we can't remember the last time we had a hankering for a cocktail that tastes like a banana split, but who knows? We also know they do make these sprays flavored like fruits and whatnot as well.

While you're waiting for us, learn more about the food applications of these sprays at, and read on for more info from the press release.

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Pedrini 8-Piece Professional Cocktail Set

Pedrini Cocktail Tool SetGetting sick of shaking your cocktails in an old spaghetti sauce jar and straining them through your colander? Class up your drink making operation with Pedrini bar tools from Amazon - you'll have everything from a Boston cocktail shaker to a strainer to a lemon zester at your disposal, plus it all comes in a cool-looking wooden stand. Review
Ideal for either the professional or just the weekend bartender, this eight-piece cocktail set has everything needed to whip up some strong drinks. All eight pieces of the set are made from sturdy stainless steel and reside comfortably in a sturdy wooden base that would look great resting on a wet bar in the den or perched on an outdoor table in the backyard.

The set includes a cocktail strainer, a round mixing whisk, a bottle opener (or "cap lifter," if you want to be smart about it), a lemon zester, ice tongs with teeth perfect for gripping either slippery ice cubes or bothersome guests, a citrus fruit knife, a measuring glass, and a shaker. The measuring glass features recipes for seven favorite cocktails (margarita, alexander, martini, Tom Collins, daiquiri, manhattan, and whiskey sour) printed in both English and Spanish.

via Amazon

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September 6, 2006

Leblon Cachaca Review

Leblon Cachaca
Distilled in Brazil; Aged in France
80 Proof (40% ABV)
Typcial Price: About $30 for 750ml

Leblon Cachaca BottleWe've had our bottle of Leblon Cachaca for a couple weeks now, and it didn't really cross our mind to question what "Leblon" meant. A last name? An acronym? We weren't sure. But after digging around through their site for a while (a site that has an overabundance of mail nipples, if you ask us) we found out that Leblon is a "hip, upscale beach neighborhood adjacent to Ipanema in Rio de Janeiro."

Sounds like a cool place to be, but does Leblon live up to its hipster name? Read on to find out.

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Cheap Fun Wines on Fortified Wine

I'm Drunk! On Wine!We've been waiting for weeks, and those winos over at Cheap Fun Wines have finally stepped up to the mic and spit out something we want to hear. They've put up a story profiling five notorious fortified wines, including Cisco, Mad Dog and Thunderbird, and we think they're finally living up to their potential. Hopefully we'll see more stories like this from them in the future.

Some fortified wines can be classy - that would be your ports, your sherries, etc. But those aren't the ones we're talking about here today.

We're talking about the fetid liquids you think of when you think of winos - Cisco, Mad Dog 20/20, Night Train, Thunderbird, and Wild Irish Rose. We've had every single one of these wines, though not since college (or high school), but each has its own special kind of magic. Read on for pics of the bottles and full descriptions thanks to, along with notes about our own experiences with them, and feel free to chime in with your own.

via Cheap Fun Wines

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September 5, 2006

You Need a Beer Keg Costume

Beer Keg CostumeThis thing has an actual place to store actual beer, and Halloween is just around the corner.

'Nuff said, really.

Product Description

Let's party dudeIncludes: cloth keg body cover, helmet with pump and cap piece. Keg helmet hold 400ml. Of drink and hand held dispenser allows easy sharing

via Amazon

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September 1, 2006

Guinness Sales Drop in Ireland

rightWe remember an old joke an Irishman told us when we were but wee lads:

Q: Why did the English invent Guinness?
A: To keep the Irish from taking over the world.

We're not sure how much truth there is in that, but it looks like we might be in for an Irish takeover soon. Diageo, owner of Guinness, has reported that sales of the black, frothy nectar of the gods...errr, beer...have taken a precipitous drop in Ireland. According to the BBC News, "the Diageo results statement said challenges in the Irish beer market had 'adversely impacted' on growth in Europe, with Guinness sales in Ireland down 3% over the year."

Diageo states they have no intention of selling Guinness and overall sales are actually up thanks to strong performance in the UK, US and Canada. At least that makes us feel better - those poor shareholders won't have to worry about selling their yachts anytime soon. But it brings to mind one question - what the hell are the Irish drinking now?

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Super Simple Margarita Recipe

Simple Margarita RecipeLet's face it, time is running out on being able to enjoy summery drinks like Margaritas here in the Northeast. That's not to say you can't drink a Margarita when it's raining/snowing/frigid out, but it's just not as much fun. It's a summer drink.

In order to maximize your time with Margarita glass in hand before summer runs out, our friend Greg over at Urban Monarch sent over an extremely simple and quick recipe. Now get to blendin' before the sun disappears for 6 months or so!

Here's what you need:
  • 12 oz Frozen Limeade Concentrate (available at any grocery store)

  • 12 oz Sprite or carbonated lemon-lime drink of your choice

  • 12 oz Corona

  • 12 oz Tequila

So, a frozen limeade, a can of sprite, a bottle of corona, and tequila (use the empty limeade can to measure out your tequila). Mix it up, break out the margarita salt, and enjoy before the summer's gone!

A word of caution: don't put it in a blender and think you can use the low "Stir" setting to mix it. You'll lose half the margaritas as it spews out the top and all over your kitchen. Yes, I'm kitchen-challenged - even with blenders.

via Urban Monarch

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Liquor Snob Monthly Roundup: August 2006

Back to CollegeAnd so it begins - summer is almost officially over and the kids are on their way back to school. We had a good run in the summer months - barbecues, icy cocktails, maybe a few beers. But now we can look forward to Fall and then Winter - beer pong by a roaring fire, spiking our cocoa with liquor, and generally creating mayhem.

This month we reviewed high end Tequila Dos Lunas; we let you know about Roll'em Show'em, a drinking game that gets you naked; and we saw Beerfest, the funniest movie of the summer. Get there. But before you go, read on for all the stories we cranked out during the dog days of summer.

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