August 31, 2006

Beerfest Update: You Should Still See It

Beefest PosterHere's a little shout out to all you turd burglars out there who haven't seen Beerfest yet - YOU SUCK AT LIFE. Yeah, we know earlier this week we yelled at you for not having seen it yet, then sheepishly admitted we hadn't made it either. We have now remedied that situation.

We went to a 10:20 showing last night and cried with laughter. It didn't start off with the bang Supertroopers had, but once it got rolling it was just as damned funny in a lot of places.

It was like "holy crap I just split my pants" funny. Like "I've been shitting pancakes" funny. Like "Get out and see it this weekend and keep it in theaters" funny. If you haven't seen it yet get your furry little palms on the steering wheel of your car and drive to the theater. If you've already seen it - do the same thing. That is all.

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August 31, 2006

Pearl Black Vodka

Pearl Black VodkaArrrr, mateys. We're at a very piratey time right now, with a hugely successful Pirate movie at our aft and International Talk Like a Pirate Day on the horizon. What better time than now to talk Yep, we're talking about Pearl Black Vodka, the very same spirit that was by the cast and crew to toast the success of the latest Pirates of the Caribbean flick, Curse of the Black Pearl.

Seems to be getting some solid reviews - at least if you consider Spirit Journal calling it "without a doubt, the finest vodka available" a good thing. We know we're interested, and we might even walk the plank for a sip.

Pearl Black has won praise for its super-smooth taste, a result of a careful selection of ingredients and repeated distillation and filtering.

Now we just need to see some Snakes on a Vodka Bottle...

via Luxist; learn more at

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August 31, 2006

Bombay Sapphire Designer Glass Competition

Bombay Sapphire 2005 Contest WinnerWe've heard of people designing their own cocktail recipes before, but this is a new one - Bombay Sapphire Gin is running a contest where you can design your own cocktail glass. Pretty cool, and we're pretty fired up about this kind of thing after we covered Bong Vodka's bottle art contest earlier this year.

The Top 10 finalists seem to have already been chosen for 2006, but you're just in time to start honing your glass-blowing skills for 2007. Plus, don't worry if you don't have much experience. Just look what you have to live up to - the 2005 winner (pictured) looks more like a protective cup than a cocktail glass so apparently all you need is a love of gin (and maybe a fifth inside you). Oh, and there are some pretty cool prizes you can win, including Apple gift certificates, which you'll see in the press release after the jump.

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August 30, 2006

Roll'em Show'em Drinking Game Review

Roll'em Show'emPicture this - you're sitting around in your living room having a few drinks and socializing with friends and acquaintances. It's a mixed crowd, and there are a few peeps there you wouldn't mind seeing at least partially naked, maybe kissing up on a little bit. It starts to get late and people are thinking about going home but you realize there's an electricity in the air that's unmistakable. Instead of letting them take off, you pull out a risque party game, dim the lights, and proceed to get frisky.

Sounds great, doesn't it?

Unfortunately, those are not the conditions we had for review Roll'em Show'em, a dice and card-based game that promises a shot at that very situation. What we had was a group of drunk, surly and (more or less) hetero male interns we'd conscripted for the sole purpose of road testing the game. What can we say? All the chicks bailed on us for some reason. So what did we think about Roll'em Show'em under these decidedly non-optimal conditions? Read on to find out.

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August 30, 2006

Pickle Juice Sport: Make a Pickle-Tini

Pickle Juice SportWe weren't going to cover the Pickle Juice Sport email we just got from Thrillist - after all we've been giving them a lot of linky love in the past month or so. Then we saw the recipe for the Martini Sport, a cocktail made with the pickle-based sports drink, and it was crystal clear in our minds - we need to make a Martini Sport with Ivanabitch Vodka.

As you remember, Ivanabitch's gig is that you're supposed to enjoy it with a's that for synergy?

If your inactive lifestyle gives you no reason to drink a bottle of brine, here's another way to integrate PJ into your world of sloth:

Martini Sport
1 part Pickle Juice Sport
3 parts vodka
Garnish with a dill spear

via Thrillist; Available at at 12 bottles for $18 plus shipping. Ivanabitch Vodka is available at Internet Wine & Spirits.

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August 29, 2006

Go See Beerfest NOW

Beefest PosterYou haven't seen Beefest yet? How dare you! If you read this site, you're the target market and you haven't dragged your moldy ass to the theater yet? For shame!

OK, so we have a confession to make...we haven't seen Beerfest yet either and we feel horrible about it. Super Troopers is high on our list of favorite movies and we've been pumped up to see it, but we haven't made it. The thing is, every review (or every review we pay attention to) has said it's fantastic, and all the other ones have been shocked and appalled. Sounds like a recipe for awesomeness.

The Broken Lizard dudes, understanding the flick hasn't made as much money as it should, have released a list of things you can do (other than seeing the flick yourself seven or eight times) to help them out. Our favorite is "When a telemarketer calls you, instead of them selling you something, you sell them on BEERFEST." Read on for their entire open letter, and if you need more encouragement head on over to

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Casa Herradura Tequila Bought by Gringos

Casa Herradura BottlesThere seems to be a lot of traffic at our nation's southern borders, but it's not all Mexican folks heading north to find a new way of life. There are lots of American companies heading southward to buy out new and interesting products - including Tequila. Brown-Forman is the latest to do so and they've bought Casa Herradura, a widely respected Tequila brand.

While some tequila lovers were upset by the new acquisition, others said the knee-jerk reaction would quickly pass and that prices of the agave drink might come down in the long run.

"It doesn't bother me. The Americans generally do business better and that could lead to lower tequila prices," said Juan Camacho, a newspaper kiosk owner. "How many tequila drinkers are going to complain?"

We're not worried...we've had dealings with some Brown-Forman folks and they strike us as nothing but top notch - plus we liked their other tequilas. Casa Herradura Tequila is available at Internet Wine & Spirits - we recommend starting out with the Blanco and the Reposado.

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Riedel Ouverture Tequila Glasses

Ouverture Tequila GlassesWe keep telling you you shouldn't drink your tequila - especially the good stuff - solely out of a shot glass. Now you'll have another option. Bully for you.

Product Description
Shaped for extracting full enjoyment when sipping tequila, the four glasses in this set have narrow bowls on long, slender, stylish stems. Part of the moderately priced Ouverture series offered by world-renowned Austrian glassmaker Riedel Crystal (founded in 1756), they're lead-free.

That means they're not crystal like Riedel's premium glasses but are machine blown of potash glass and are dishwasher-safe. Their thin rims are cut and polished to Riedel's exacting standards, so tequila flows easily onto the tongue and flavor is enhanced. Each glass holds 6-3/4 ounces and stands 8-1/4 inches high.

via Amazon

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August 28, 2006

BlogPire Podcast - Summer WrapUp 08.28.06

Blogpire 144We talk about the summer "best of" from as well as other products and news from around the 'pire. We also answer your questions from the past couple of weeks so keep sending them in to podcast at blogpire dot com.

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With Hosts: Russell Miner and Jay Brewer


2:30 Best of
3:30 Best Razors
3:55 Best shaving cream
7:20 Best aftershave
8:30 Best shaving oil
10:30 Best shaving online stores

13:30 The Scotch Blog
14:15 Guest Review: Tanqueray Rangpur Gin
16:03 Home Composter
19:14 Organic Beer
21:10 Prefab Sunset Cabin
23:55 Tivo Series 3
28:25 Oppo Digital LCD/DVD TV
29:25 Samsung 70' LCD TV
33:02 Mix and Measure Bowls
34:44 Gourmet Basting Brush
36:01 Electrolux Cyber Fridge
39:27 World of Warcraft Collectible Card Game
43:37 Lost the Game
43:38 Gametap
53:06 Questions
60:00 Ending

Contact the BlogPire Podcast: podcast at blogpire dawt com.

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Gimlet: Gin Plus Lime Juice Equals Awesome

Gin GimletIf you ask us there's no better cocktail ingredient than the lime. It's the building block of everything from the Margarita to the Mojito, and for good reason. If you're looking for something a little simpler, a Gimlet is a great but underappreciated drink these days, which is too bad because it's so simple. It's basically booze plus lime juice, and while the traditional drink is with gin we've made it with everything from rum to tequila.

We've found a good recipe for a Gin Gimlet; it calls for Rose's Lime Juice but we make it with fresh after we took such a drubbing for recommending Rose's for our Soco Limes.


1 1/4 ounces of gin
1 1/4 ounces Rose's lime juice
Lime wedge

Stir the gin and lime juice in a mixing glass with ice. Strain into a chilled cocktail glass. Squeeze the lime wedge into the drink.


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Canada Cocktail, Eh?

Canada, Eh?Ever wonder what Canada tastes like? We've always had the sneaking suspicion it would be Pall Mall cigarettes, Molson Golden and back bacon, but apparently that's not the case. Thanks to the mixologist over at Smirnoff, we now know that Canada tastes like rhubarb. Who knew? We've included the Canada Cocktail below - click through to the press release for more drink recipes including Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver.

Canada Cocktail

1 1/2 oz Smirnoff Black Cherry Vodka
1 oz 1:1 Simple Syrup
4 oz Rhubarb Juice

Build all ingredients in a tall glass filled with cubed ice.
Garnish with sliced rhubarb stalk.

Rhubarb Juice
Peel rhubarb and juice in a juicer, or puree in a food processor and press through a sieve. The result will be a green juice high in sediment. It is easiest to prepare a day in advance and let the juice settle in the refrigerator overnight. The next day you will have a beautiful pink juice layered on top. Pour this slowly through a coffee filter or damp paper towels, stop once you reach the green sediment. Keep the juice and discard the sediment. Yield: 5-6lbs equals approximately one litre of the finished product.

via North Shore News [Update: Apparently we forgot to add the link...that's what we get for PUI - posting under the influence. Thanks for keeping us honest Syrrys.]

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August 25, 2006

Sweet's Brand Cocktail Kick Arrives for Review

Cocktail KickWe've always liked our drinks sour. In fact, usually when we mix a drink for someone that contains lime or lemon juice they end up making a face like they just sucked a Mega Warhead and make us add simple syrup before they can even drink it. So that's why we're all fired up to try Sweet's Brand Cocktail Kick, a type of sour salt you add to your cocktail glass.

We don't need any coaxing to sour up our drinks, and we'll be reviewing it soon. Check out Cocktail Kick and Sweet's other products at their website.

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August 24, 2006

Is it Friday Yet?

Days of the WeekThere are some weeks that are so hellacious - so face smashingly evil - you constantly find yourself asking Is It Friday? Just check out the website and you'll never be confused.

If the big picture isn't your thing, maybe you want to know if it's beer o'clock on a more granular level. If so, you'll want to check out Is It 5:30?

Don't say we never gave you anything - now you'll constantly know at any given time whether you can have a drink without society's pillars looking down their noses at you. Or, you could do what we do and just drink all day every day. Your call.

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August 23, 2006

...And a Bottle of Rum

And a Bottle of Rum Book CoverIf there's one thing we like more than drinking rum, it's reading about drinking rum. We'd heard about And a Bottle of Rum but hadn't gotten around to reading it yet, but we plan to pick it up at Amazon on the strength of the review we just found at American Heritage.

In his spirited new book, And a Bottle of Rum: A History of the New World in Ten Cocktails (Crown, $24), the travel writer Wayne Curtis enshrines rum in the pantheon of things American. “Rum,” he says, “is the history of America in a glass.”

Rum has a democratic personality that suits an American drink. Of all the spirits it is the least likely to forget its lowly origins. What were those origins? Sugar cane, which had come over with Columbus, thrived in the West Indies. At first planters discarded molasses, the tar-colored byproduct of their sugar refineries. Someone, probably on the island of Barbados, got the idea of letting the stuff ferment and then distilling the mash to produce a drinkable quaff along the lines of brandy. Rum began its life, Curtis notes, as “the distilled essence of fermented industrial waste.”

via; available at Amazon

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August 22, 2006

Guest Review: Tanqueray Rangpur Gin

Tanqueray Rangpur GinWe love guest reviews. And no, it's not just because we like it when someone does the work for us - if someone else tastes the liquor we don't get to, now do we? We just like hearing another voice on the site, and it makes the Interns happy to be able to edit stories that aren't full of misspellings, rants and curse words.

Anyway, today's guest review is by Kevin Erskine, the man among men who runs The Scotch Blog - he took a little time out of his busy Scotch drinking schedule to drink a little gin. Oh, the things we booze reviewers do for our readers. We've included the first paragraph below; read on for the rest of Kevin's thoughts this new Tanqueray gin.

Tanqueray Rangpur

This past Thursday I was lucky enough to be invited to the swank Washington, DC club Indeblue to attend the launch party for “Rangpur”, a new product from Tanqueray Gin.

Tasting strongly of limes, Rangpur is not, as you might first assume, a lime-flavored Gin. Rangpur starts out life like any traditional gin – a grain-based neutral spirit distilled in a “continuous still”.

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August 21, 2006

Leblon Cachaca Arrives for Review

Leblon Cachaca BottleWe've been drinking so much Cachaca lately we're thinking we might turn Brazilian. In fact, we wouldn't be surprised if we woke up one morning speaking Portuguese with that extra-shorn feeling in our bathing suit area, but that's beside the point. We've heard some pretty good things about Leblon Cachaca, but we haven't tried it yet. Luckily, we just got our hands on a cute little bottle of the stuff and we'll be reviewing it as soon as we can.

See below for some quick info from

Made in Brazil from the first pressing of fresh sugar cane for a lively fruity nose. Then lightly aged in cognac casks in France for an ultra smooth taste.

Leblon Cachaca is the perfect mixer for any cocktail, from the Caipirinha, the national drink of Brazil, to twists on classics like the margarita or cosmopolitan.

We'll let you know what we think; plus, keep an eye out for our head-to-head comparison of Leblon with other Cachacas we've tried.

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Dos Lunas Reposado Tequila Review

Dos Lunas Reposado
Super-Premium Tequila Imported from Mexico
Aged One Year in Oak Barrels
80 Proof (40% ABV)
Typical Price: Around $54.99
Dos Lunas Website

Dos Lunas Reposado TequilaFor a lot of people, Tequila is a drink reserved solely for shots or mixed drinks, and quite often people don't think of it as a sipping drink. That's been changing a bit lately thanks to an influx of higher quality Tequilas rather than that stuff you used to drink in high school, whose name rhymed with Shmosay Shmairvo.

Dos Lunas is the latest we've encountered, and while we enjoyed the first bottle we tried (read our Dos Lunas Silver review) we were really looking forward to the Reposado. We tend to like liquor that has been set aside to mellow out a bit, and putting it in oak barrels always makes us think of our favorite drink, Bourbon. We uncorked our bottle of Dos Lunas Reposado last week with high hopes - read on for our thoughts on the taste and quality.

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August 17, 2006

Preparing an Irish Wake

Irish WakeWe usually like to keep things on the lighter side, but if you've noticed our posts have been sparse lately it's because we've lost someone very special to us. She was a beautiful lady with a huge heart, a great teacher, a loving mother who let our less-than-reputable Editor in Chief marry her youngest daughter.

She was also Irish American, and we want to remember her by letting you know about real Irish wakes and how to hold one.

The Irish have always loved a good party and the wake, like any other gathering in the community, became an occasion to share food and drink, have music and dancing and to enjoy some physical games. At various times in the past there were efforts by Church officials to discourage the raucous events but they were generally unsuccessful.
via AllAboutIrish

You can also read a full list of steps for how to hold an Irish wake from Roots Web, and remember - go ahead and mourn the death, but don't forget to celebrate the life.

In Memoriam - We love you Maureen, and don't worry...we'll take care of the ones you've left behind.

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August 16, 2006

Spiegelau Whiskey Rocks Glasses

Spiegelau Whiskey Rocks GlassesWe really like the look of these rocks glasses we found at Amazon. Not only do the reviews say they offer the heft and sturdiness we demand from our glassware, the fact they're used in restaurants gives us an idea of their durability as well. Plus, they come in a set of six so we'll have enough for entertaining, or just for drinking alone for an entire week if you throw in a day of rest (or maybe just wash one).

Read on for more details.

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August 15, 2006

Dos Lunas Silver Tequila Review

Dos Lunas Silver
Super-Premium Tequila Imported from Mexico
80 Proof (40% ABV)
Typical Price: Around $49.99
Dos Lunas Website

Dos Lunas Silver TequilaWe've always been big "form follows function" proponents here at Liquor Snob, and that goes for everything, right down to our liquor bottles. We know the liquor market is competitive, and the often the first thing you need to do is make your bottle stand out enough for someone to pick it up and decide to buy it among the hundreds of other options. That's why we chuckle a little bit every time we look at our bottle of Dos Lunas, which kind of looks like someone accidentally filled a bottle of Vidal Sassoon (or maybe Suave) with booze.

Although, maybe they're on to something, because the bottle is distinctive enough that we're talking about it...which means we'll remember it. But is the tequila inside the bottle as memorable? We drank enough to find out, plus we compared it to Patron, one of our favorite premium tequilas - read on to find out how Dos Lunas measured up.

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August 11, 2006

1,000 Ways to Open a Beer Video

We don't think they quite get up to 1,000 ways to open a beer bottle in this minute-plus video, but you start to see the general themes. They open beers on everything from baseball caps to skis to phone books (pictured) and they give the general impression they're someone you'd like to have over at a party. Go team. The last method is interesting, but looks potentially painful and damaging.

Check out the video at YouTube for future reference and let us know if you give it a try.

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August 10, 2006

The Incredible Drinkable Egg White

Eggs!Sorry for the punny title - we haven't had our coffee yet. We were at a cocktail party this weekend and some friends of ours were waxing poetic about some drinks they had while down in Manhattan. They started rattling off the laundry list of ingredients in these extraordinary cocktails and we were nonplussed, until they said a word we'd never heard in relation to cocktails - egg whites. "Hold up," we said..."did you say egg whites?" and we had visions of salmonella poisoning floating through our minds.

In fact they had. We were mildly disgusted and intrigued at the same time, and when we were able to get home and check the Infernets we were able to confirm that yes, egg whites have been...well, not a staple cocktail ingredient, but at least a known one...for quite some time. Apparently it gives your drink a light frothiness you can't get from other drinks (it brings the egg white-heavy merengue on a lemon pie to mind). You can make some great recipes, from the Pink Lady to the Ramos Gin Fizz with the help of our good friend the egg, so we gathered some tips from the good folks at the Webtender to help keep you from fowling them up. Ouch...another pun.

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Boston Cocktail Shaker Set

Boston Cocktail Shaker SetWe spent a long time trying to find the perfect cocktail shaker, and for our money you can't go wrong with the Boston shaker. There's nothing wrong with those three piece shakers with the strainer built right in, but go into any bar and you'll see the bartenders frothing their little hearts out with a Boston shaker.

This set we found at Amazon is nice because it comes with a jigger and a strainer, but as you practice more you'll be able to strain your drinks just by pulling the two sections apart slightly. One thing to note - if you lose/break the included glass part you should be able to replace it with a pint glass...that's what we did.

Product Description
At your next cocktail party, impress friends with your talents and taste using this polished Boston shaker set complete with jigger and bar strainer. Get the perfect mix when you measure using the glass. It gives you measurements in U.S. or Metric. The stainless shaker holds enough for two or more drinks. Pair the Boston shaker set with a favorite brand of gin or vodka and you have a great gift!
Buy the gift set at Amazon, or if you just want a cheapy one for yourself check out Bar Supply Warehouse (you can make your own set with a 16oz and 28oz shaker, or a 28oz and a mixing glass.)

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August 9, 2006

Factotum: All About Bukowski

FactotumWe've been schoolgirl giddy ever since we heard the Bukowski flick Factotum was coming out, and we had to change our jumpers when we found out Matt Dillon was playing him. Sounds like it's more than just a booze-soaked blast, too - it's getting crazy good reviews everywhere we turn.

It comes out relatively soon (August 18 in NY & LA if we remember correctly, lucky bastards) and it's going to be more than worth seeing. We were going to recommend you use the Beerbelly to smuggle beers into the theater, but we'll go one better - go fully Bukowski and head for the theater with a full bottle of whiskey in your real belly.

Check out the reviews on Rotten Tomatoes (95% Fresh when we checked) and you can also find the trailer at

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Vodka Infusion Recipes from Thrillist

vodka-infusion.jpgWe've been hammering Thrillist pretty hard the past couple weeks, featuring all sorts of stories by them. There are two reasons. One, they cover cool stuff that relates to drinking. Two, we're lazy, and their emails (join up) hit our inbox every day just begging to be covered.

Today's installment of "Thrillist Snob" involves vodka infusion recipes so you can make your own flavored vodkas. We've included their tips on how to do infusions below, plus you should head over to their site for recipes - Pravda's Fig Vodka, Big Pepper Infused Vodka and Triple Citrus Vodka. Mmm-mmm good.

First, choose a neutral tasting vodka -- one that's been distilled more than three times and isn't made from potatoes or sold in unmarked plastic jugs . Pick your additive -- be sure it's organic, as pesticides will taint your vodka. Dump everything into an air-tight glass jar and let it sit at room temperature. Most fruits impart their flavors within a couple days, though more fibrous roots (horseradish, ginger, insert hysterical fibrous root joke here) can take a couple weeks.
via Thrillist

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Coffee Drink Recipes...Now with Booze!

Irish CoffeeWe've always been proponents of adding booze to your coffee, especially when you need that little pick me up in the morning. We've usually stuck with straight Private Eye coffee (a slug of bourbon in your Joe) and avoided drinks we thought were going to be too sweet, too cloying, too frou frou.

But, we've just received our very first single serve coffee maker, a Melitta One:One (thanks Russ) and we're in the mood for experimentating. (Yes, that's a word). Read on for coffee drinks you can make in the privacy of your own home, both old standbys and new ones we haven't tried (yet).

ArrowContinue reading: "Coffee Drink Recipes...Now with Booze!"

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August 8, 2006

Buffalo Trace Bourbons Win More Awards

buffalotrace.jpgTo be honest, we're not quite sure why we haven't reviewed Buffalo Trace yet. We remember getting a bottle...for Christmas we think. We remember drinking it, and we remember liking it a bunch. But for some reason those notes we scribbled never got translated onto the Web.

Oh well - we can tell you it was really good, and if you don't believe us maybe you'll pay attention to a little thing like the International Wine & Spirits competition where a whole slew of Buffalo Trace whiskeys cleaned up in the 2006 awards.

  • William Larue Weller -- Gold Medal & Best in Class
  • Sazerac Rye Whiskey, 18 year -- Gold Medal & Best in Class
  • Van Winkle Special Reserve -- Gold Medal & Best in Class
  • Blanton's Original Single Barrel -- Silver Medal
  • George T. Stagg -- Silver Medal & Best in Class
  • Eagle Rare Single Barrel -- Bronze Medal
via Yahoo! Finance

Learn more at, and check out the full award announcements over at the IWSC site. Plus, read up on a bunch of the varieties and buy them online at Internet Wine & Spirits.

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Dos Lunas Tequila Arrives for Review

Dos Lunas TequilasWe just got our hands on two bottles of Dos Lunas Tequila (Silver and Reposado), a new tequila that bills itself as super-premium and chemical-free. It's made of 100% Blue Agave, and the Silver is bottled right after distillation while the Reposado is aged for 9 months in oak casks. It all sounds like a standard setup for a solid tequila, but since we haven't tried it yet we'll focus the thing we can tell you now - it comes in a crazy bottle.

The typical comment when we show off the bottle is that it looks like a shampoo or conditioner bottle, then we remind them it's way better because it's full of hooch. The bottles are also interesting because they have "windows" in them that allow you to see through the tequila to back label photographs. Pretty cool, but it's one thing to have a distinctive bottle and another to make a memorable tequila. We'll let you know how Dos Lunas measures up as soon as we try it. Dos Lunas will be available in Colorado, Texas and New Mexico this summer, and it'll be released nationwide by the end of 2007.

Read up and get ready for our full review at

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Mako: Vodka With A Message

Mako VodkaIt seems like every Tom, Dick and Tito is taking a shot now that the gubmint has relaxed its iron grip on the opening of distilleries. There's nothing wrong with that and some of them make pretty damned good drinks (we're looking at you Tito). It is nice, however, to see a company that wants to do more than get you drunk and slide a little cash in their wallets.

We've just discovered Mako Vodka, a distillery that donates part of its profits to help the environment, specifically our waters. Plus, it starts at a $13.99 price point, so you don't have to worry about breaking the bank while you're getting tipsy - sounds pretty good for a triple-distilled, charcoal-filtered vodka. Read on to find out more, and go to to learn more about how you can feel the bite for yourself.

Our company is dedicated to the protection and preservation of our waters and all their wonders, so they can be enjoyed for many years to come. Wherever you find Mako Premium Vodka you will know we are helping conserve and restore the marine resources of that area; whether it’s the reefs of Florida, the waters of the eastern seaboard, or the wetlands of the Midwest. We have pledged to donate a percentage of our profits to individual organizations in each state where Mako Premium Vodka is available.

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Riedel Vinum Single Malt Whiskey Glasses

Riedel Whiskey GlassesDon't look now, but it might be time to stop sipping your whiskey out of an old paint can - it'll help the flavor immensely. All kidding aside, we tend to drink our whiskey (and whisky, for that matter) out of rocks or wine glasses, but we really like the look of these whiskey tasting glasses.

Product Description

Crafted with the help of master distillers in Scotland, this pair of glasses maximizes the sipping pleasures of top-quality single malt whiskey, malt whiskey, and whiskey. The shape is both charming and purposeful, with a squat stem and an elongated body, and the lip turns outward to allow for the best perception of sweetness and cream in the liquor. With a 7-ounce full capacity, each glass is 4-1/2 inches high. Washing by hand is recommended.

Available at Amazon

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Roll 'Em Show 'Em Arrives for Review

Strip Poker is so 2005Do you ever say to yourself "Self, strip poker is a great game and all, and I do get to see my opponents naked, but I just wish there was something more"? We say that all the time. In fact, we have declared strip poker to be a relic of 2005, and we are facing forward to all new gaming opportunities that involve heavy drinking, casual necking and the removal of clothing.

Enter Roll 'Em Show 'Em. As the name implies it's a dice-based game, though it also integrates cards and fake money, and while we haven't made it through all the rules yet we know it also involves drinking and clothing removal. In fact, while we haven't played it yet we're pretty sure we like any game that contains a warning against drinking too much while playing. We'll get a review up as soon as we can, and we'll be setting up a giveaway soon (details to be announced). If your curiosity is piqued already, don't be afraid to head on over to the Roll 'Em Show 'Em site.

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August 7, 2006

Mojito: Embrace Your Inner Cuban

Bacardi MojitoWe're calling it. 2006 is the summer of the Mojito. We can't seem to get away from them. Don't get us wrong - we like any drink that combines rum and lime juice, and when you throw mint in there you can't go wrong.

So, we're finally giving up and getting on the Mojito Boat, and what do we find out? After all, even though it's trendy now, this isn't some drink made up by Madison Avenue fatcats to up advertising revenue. It's a distinguished and delicious cocktail with a rich and long history, and rumor has it the Mojito was Papa Hemingway's favorite libation.

Lo and behold, just as we're celebrating our new embrace of an old drink, we get an email from Thrillist offering Mojito recipes and a chance to win a trip to Miami from Bacardi. What're the odds? Read on to find out more.

ArrowContinue reading: "Mojito: Embrace Your Inner Cuban"

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Introducing Reposado from XXX Tequila

XXX TequilasWe hadn't heard of XXX Tequila until recently, but apparently they've been around long enough to create a Reposado. As you know, Reposado Tequila is aged longer than your typical silver or gold, and this one is aged for nine months in oak barrels. The oak tends to mellow out and smoothen the flavor of "The Juice," making for a Tequila that's more of a sipper than a mixer. We've snooped around and heard good things about all three varieties of XXX (Silver, Gold and Reposado); if you want to give them a try you can buy a bottle of the Gold at Internet Wines or check your local liquor store.

Now they seem to be going after more serious drinkers with their 100% Blue Agave Reposado Tequila, The Reposado is more of a sipper than a mixer and i aged for nine months in white oak barrels. XXX Tequila was recently anointed by Time magazine as a "hot brand" and has received awards from the San Francisco World Spirits Competition.
via Luxist

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Grey Goose Liquor Lamp - Blue Shade

Grey Goose LampThe only thing that would make this lamp better would be if you could drink the Gray Goose before the bottle was turned into a lamp. Hey, that gives us an idea. If you don't hear from us over the next few days, it's probably because we've been electrocuted.

Product Description

Grey Goose Liquor Lamp Liquor Lamps are the newest functional & decorative lamps made from your favorite liquor, wine, or beer bottle. Liquor Lamps are the ideal decor to show off your choice liquor in your dorm, apartment, home, and commercial bar. Each Liquor Lamp is hand made.Usually ships within 2 business days.Product Features:Uses a 40 watt bulb (not included)Plugs into the wall like a regular lampMeasurements depends on bottleEach bottle is filled with a unique crystal-fill Made from the actual brand liquor bottle.

Available at Amazon

Also available: Jose Cuervo Liquor Lamp

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August 5, 2006

BlogPire Podcast - The Pilot 08.05.2006

Blogpire 144We've been working hard to get it together on the podcast front and can now officially say - we've got a podcast for the entire BlogPire! Hosts Jay Brewer and Russell Miner will take you through the best news and reviews from around the BlogPire. If you're not familiar with podcasts - they're basically a web based radio show and you can read more about them here.

The Pilot show features exclusive chat and banter about the launch of our new blog, a run down of the latest from,, and many others. We take a look at the latest in BBQ, Poker Drinkware, and of course high definition TV stuff. We hope you enjoy the BlogPire Podcast and expect it to show up on whatever BlogPire weblog you read every 2 weeks!

[RSS] Add the BlogPire Podcast feed to your RSS aggregator and have the show delivered automatically (MP3).

[MP3] Download the show (MP3).

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Alcoholica Esoterica

Alcoholica EsotericaAre you that guy who likes to spout facts and figures when he's drunk? You take a few drinks and all of a sudden you're a font of knowledge who makes sure everyone around him knows it? C'mon, admit it. It's OK. All we recommend is you read Alcoholica Esoterica so next time, your facts and figures are interesting - and by interesting we mean related to booze.

Did you know...
• that the word bar is short for barrier? Yes, that’s right—to keep the customers from getting at all the booze.
• that Winston Churchill’s mother supposedly invented the Manhattan?
• that the Pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock because the sailors on the Mayflower were running low on beer and were tired of sharing?
• that you have a higher chance of being killed by a flying Champagne cork than by a poisonous spider?
• that the Code of Hammurabi mandated that brewers of low-quality beer be drowned in it?
• that beer was so popular with medieval priests and monks that in the thirteenth century they stopped baptizing babies with holy water and started using beer?
Learn all this and more! Available at Amazon.

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Big Shots: The Men Behind the Booze

Big Shots CoverDon't be surprised if you start gazing at your bottles of Jack Daniels and Bacardi a little bit differently after you read Big Shots. It's OK - it's just because you'll know them a whole lot better. This is one of the funnier and better-written booze books we've read, but it's also well-researched and chock full of interesting facts about the liquors and their creators, as well as bonus general info on cocktails and boozes.

Product Description

You may consider Jack Daniel an old friend, Jose Cuervo a long-respected adversary, and Captain Morgan a trusted companion on many a foggy yet unforgettable adventure. But, as with so many drinking buddies, you probably don't know a thing about who they really are. Now, A.J. Baime, articles editor for Playboy magazine, offers a crash course on the men behind our favorite labels, including: Jim Beam * Jack Daniel * Jose Cuervo * Johnnie Walker * Baileys Smirnoff * Bacardi * Seagram * Captain Morgan * Dom Perignon Beefeater * Hennessy

Available at Amazon

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August 4, 2006

Learn the Art of Easy Espresso at

B00004Rbre.01. Ss400 Sclzzzzzzz V1099448119 Easy Ad-1Blogpire Productions is pleased to announce the addition of to its growing family of product and especially kitchen focused Web logs. will provide news, insights and reviews of espresso coffee, and espresso machines, especially the newer easy to use ESE Pod espresso machines and Super Automatic Espresso machines, both of which make espresso at the touch of a button that rivals the corner café.

" is the natural out-growth of that has seen great success in the Web log world," says Jay Brewer, founder of Blogpire Productions and editor of "While covering the explosive growth of single serve coffees, our readers kept asking us to cover the growing trend of espresso, and the newer easy to use E.S.E. machines that are becoming a lot more popular. With, we’ll be able to do a better job of helping our readers sort through the new espresso coffee market and help them enjoy great tasting espresso at home."

Please visit and also sign up for the mailing list.

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Cocktail Gear for Camping Out

Vortex Crank BlenderWe're all about hunkering down on the weekends, glued to the couch with the bottle of our choice. But, to quote Tenacious D, "Sometimes you gotta leave your zone of safety. You have to manufacture Inspirado. You gotta get out of the apartment. You've got to run with the wolves. You've got to dive into the ocean and fight with the sharks. Or just treat yourself to a delicious hot fudge sundae. With nuts." We feel the same way, if by "hot fudge sundae" you mean "cocktails." A good way to do that is to get your ass out there and go camping, but just because you're outside doesn't mean you can't have the comforts of home - namely, your bar tools.

GSI Outdoors makes all kinds of camp cookware and well, bar accessories for campers, and provides a link to peak62 where you can buy the products, often for less than the retail price, online. So you can find that margarita glass in stainless steel for $8.95, while plastic costs $4.95.

Of course, if you like frozen margaritas, you'll need a blender. GSI lists a hand-crank model called the Vortex that crushes the ice in your cooler to the right consistency for margaritas and other frozen drinks. It'll set you back $69.95 at peak62. For $34.95, you can get a small table that clamps to your trailer hitch, and holds your blender while you crank.

via; Vortex Blender is pictured

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Octopus Tap Arrives for Review

Octopus TapDon't be surprised if we seem four times as happy this weekend (or at least four times as drunk). Our Octopus Tap has arrived in the mail, and we'll be putting all four beer lines to use as often as possible for as long as possible. We're trying to figure out how we can pull off four keg stands at a time, and we may try to separate off into teams of four to play a version of that game where you squirt water in the clown's mouth.

Anyway, get the full scoop on this multi-tap monster at

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August 3, 2006

Drinking Beer is Good for the Planet

Beer in a GlassWe knew it! We knew there was an environmental benefit to the massive quantities of beer we drink, beyond the ability to recycle aluminum and glass!

Enjoy a drink with an environmentally clean conscience - beer bran, a by-product of brewing beer from barley, can be used to clean polluted waters

NOW there is another reason to enjoy that glass of cool beer on a hot summer evening. Beer bran, a by-product of brewing beer from barley, can be used to clean polluted waters.

via New Scientist

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Outdoor Swing Top Bar/ Liquor Cabinet

Outdoor Bar and Liquor CabinetTo coin a phrase, there's always room for drinking outside. We've found a nifty weatherproof outdoor bar with chairs from Brookstone that will look great on your porch, deck, or the sidewalk in front of your house. Just make sure you order it soon enough that you can enjoy it while it's still summer.

Product Description
Bar folds up and rolls against the wall for space-saving storage of your favorite beverages. Open, it reveals a large cabinet space with shelves for wine, liquor bottles, glasses and more, and two drawers for openers and accessories.

Smooth-rolling casters make it easy to move and position the bar where you want it. When not in use as a bar, it doubles as a liquor cabinet. Matching bar chairs fold for easy storage (Sold Separately). Arrives Fully Assembled. Open: 70 w x 19 d x 40 h. Closed: 30 w x 19 d x 41 h.

Outdoor Swing Top Bar/Liquor Cabinet at Amazon.

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August 2, 2006

Sexual Bottle Opener is Way Hot

Sexual Bottle OpenerTwo things that have always gone hand in hand are drinking and sex. Well, that's what we hear anyway. We're usually too focused on the drinking part. We just got a note about a bottle opener that seems to be at least somewhat sexy...and reading it made us feel like we'd been drinking.

Anyway, the bottle opener is shaped like a lady, see, and you can guess where the cap of the bottle goes, and...hell, why bother? We'll just let the email itself do the talking.


Oh yes. You can see it's a very sexual and beautiful women!

AND she can open beer bottle for you!! Can you see how she open the bottle for you? So funny! Right?

I know you can not believe that she can moan!!!
Every time you open bottle by she. She will moan louder and louder. Like you make she come.

It can be used in beer bar and coffee bar and hotel and home.
It's a so good promotion gift if your customer is young man.

Awesome. We were able to dig up a Web page for it here; anyone want to pitch in so we can afford the minimum order of 2,000?

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What Do You Remember About Sly Fox Wine?

Two Bottles, Please!We got an email from a gentleman named Terry who is looking for a for details for a brand of wine called "Sly Fox." We've got our compatriots over at Cheap Fun Wines doing some research, and we've been doing some digging of our own, but we thought we'd ask you, oh handsome and brilliant reader, if you know anything about it. Here's an excerpt from Terry's email:

I am looking for a product of growing up in the 60's and what a time/era it was. Back then we could get a wine called "Sly Fox" that was absolutely great!

In trying to relive the less harmful times of the 60's I started looking for it but I feel the company who made it is out of business. I have had a few Internet hits on it but it was mainly people who remember it like me but alas no product to find.

Do you know of Sly Fox and if it is available? If not do you know of a similar substitute? I guess it fell into a category of the Boons Farm,Thunderbird, Richardson "fortified wines".

We've found a site that calls it nasty stuff in a green glass bottle, a reference on another site called Bum wines, and even a poem that refers to it, but we can't find any particulars. If any of our loyal readers (or maybe your parents) know anything about Sly Fox wine and possible substitutes, please add a comment below or email us at news at

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August 1, 2006

On High End Tequilas

High End TequilasWe just found musings on some higher-end tequilas we thought you'd be interested in. This guy's all about Sauza Hornitos and Don Eduardo Reposado (check out our review of Don Eduardo Silver) but he also offers some interesting notes about the creation process, the reason why "tequila cruda" isn't the way to go, and why you shouldn't use your expensive tequila with a pre-made margarita mix.

My staple tequila is Sauza Hornitos (about $30 for a 750-milliliter bottle). It smells like a bouquet of spring flowers sprinkled with pepper, and it's easy on the tongue. But it's potent enough to punch through the sugar and citrus in a margarita. (You don't want to waste this tequila on a prefab mix; instead, mix the juice of 3 lemons and 3 limes, 1/4 cup sugar, 1 cup of Triple Sec, 1 cup of tequila and 2 cups crushed ice. Shake or blend and serve. Makes 4 drinks.)

At more than $50 a bottle, Don Eduardo Reposado isn't likely to find its way into a margarita (not at my house, anyway), but as a sipping tequila, it's a marvel, with an aroma as full of nuance as a single-barrel bourbon, and multiple layers of sweet, hot, sour flavors that call out for slow, meditative drinking.

While the prices may make you wince, these are tequilas that can be sipped solo with a smile, or turned into exquisite mixed drinks.

via Louisville Courier-Journal

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Liquor Snob Monthly Roundup: July 2006

Happy 4th of July!We've been trying to beat the heat here in the Northeast this summer with a liberal helping of air conditioning and some self-prescribed cocktail therapy. While we were at it, we came up with all sorts of liquor-related news and tidbits including cocktail recipes and reviews. We also dug up some interesting product info for you, for everything from a traveling martini shaker set to the Octopus keg tap. Last but not least we posted some stuff we thought was just plain cool, from physical challenges to drinking games. Here's looking to an equally interesting time next month, and we'll see you in August.

ArrowContinue reading: "Liquor Snob Monthly Roundup: July 2006"

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