June 30, 2006

Physical Challenge: Strange Brew Drinking Game

Bob and DougSo this week's physical challenge is the Strange Brew Drinking Game, and no, we're not telling you to get plastered and listen to Eric Clapton noodle on the guitar. The point of the game is to get your hands on a copy of Strange Brew, the 1983 movie featuring Bob and Doug McKenzie. The rules are simple - gather up a bunch of beer (preferably Canadian) and watch the movie.

All you have to do is drink every time someone says "eh" or "hoser."

Play your cards right and you're going to be on beer eight before you're halfway through the flick. Read on for other ideas to spice up the game, including alternate rules.

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June 29, 2006

The Ultimate Beer Bottle Opener

Alley Oop!Our younger readers might not remember Thunder Bay beer...in fact, we don't remember much about it ourselves except we think it was Canadian and it had the best bottle design known to man. The bottle caps were twist-offs, and each bottle had an indentation in its bottom specifically designed to insert another beer and twist off the cap without having to use your hands. Genius.

We've found a great YouTube video of someone with a similar idea of using another bottle to open their beer, but without any gimmicks. It's pretty simple (hint: it's similar to the lighter trick), and once you watch you'll be wondering why you didn't think of doing it yourself. Our only question is how you open that last remaining beer...

Open A Beer Bottle With Another Bottle
Impossible you say? Nay, my friends, it’s quite possible. Watch the video, learn, and impress your boss at the 4th of July party. He may either give you a promotion, or think you’re a boozer.
YouTube Video via TheSportingLife

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June 29, 2006

Compass Box Eleuthera Scotch Review

Eleuthera by Compass Box
Vatted Malt Scotch Whisky
92 Proof (46% ABV)
Typical Price: About $50 for 750ml - Buy it at Internet Wines & Spirits
Compass Box

Eleuthera by Compass BoxHow far would you go to get your hands on two 12 year olds and an 18 year old? Now hold on a second, we're not talking about anything that would earn you a room in the R. Kelly wing of your local prison - we're talking about Scotch here. Specifically, we're talking about Compass Box Eleuthera, a combination of three whiskies aged 12 and 18 years. It will come as no surprise that we like Compass Box Scotch, especially after the fondling we gave our bottle of Asyla. Read on to find out the difference between a blend and a "vatted malt," and see what we thought about this whisky in particular.

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June 28, 2006

Trailer Hitch Bottle Opener

Trailer Hitch Bottle Opener We generally drink most of our beer from cans, so the only bottle opener we use opens the side of the can, but there are those occasions when we come up short for a bottle opener. Our bottle opener fork story the other day made us realize we should look for more portable bottle opening options, and we believe we've just found the most he-man opener we've ever seen.

Don't have a bottle opener? Just pull your truck up close and let people have a crack at your trailer hitch opener. Everything about this sucker screams manly, right down to the uber-literate product description - "HTCH CVR TALGTR BTLE OPNR." Pick yours up at Amazon, and you'll be the most popular guy in the Nascar parking lot.

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June 28, 2006

Scorpion Silver Mezcal Review

Mezcal Blanco
Imported from Oaxaca, Mexico
80 Proof (40% ABV)
Typical Price: Around $35 for 750ml - Buy it at Internet Wines & Spirits
Website: ScorpionMezcal.com

Scorpion Silver MezcalWe've been excited about Scorpion Mezcal since the first time we heard about it, way back in January. We finally got our hands on it, and we weren't going to mess up the review - we put on our sombreros, mixed up some sangrita and sat down with the bottle.

In fact, we were so intent on doing a good review, we turned to outside help to make sure we examined the issue from all sides. We called in Intern Nicole, a well-known tequila enthusiast (and by enthusiast, we mean she's known to get into the tequila and start offering to buy rounds for everyone in the bar, from the band to the bouncer. Now that's an enthusiast!). She, along with interns Conor and Kathleen, settled down with us to pull our way through the bottle and see what we thought. Of course, the big question is "did we eat the scorpion?" Read on to find out.

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June 27, 2006

Buzzard's Bay Brewery Visit

Buzzards Bay Brewery LogoWe made a visit to Buzzard's Bay Brewing this weekend, way down in southern Massachusetts. In fact, they're so far south (we consider the Rhode Island border the Mason-Dixon line) we might not have made the pilgrimage if we hadn't tried their beers at the New England beer fest. We're glad we did, because they had some beers on tap that we seriously dug.

We got there too late to take the tour, but the folks working were extremely nice and let us wander around a little bit and check out the man behind the curtain. They had four beers available for tasting - a pale ale, a black lager, a hefe weizen and a dopple bock.

Our standout favorite was the Dopplebock, which clocks in at 163 days of lagering time (whatever that is) and offers a hefty 8.5 percent ABV, and most importantly offers a tasty and chewy sipping experience. We were also impressed by the Hefe Weizen, a type of beer we usually don't cotton to, but this one goes beyond the usual "mask the taste with lemon" and offers a hint of cloves and a surprisingly clean taste. We ended up getting a 12 pack of the black lager, if that tells you how we felt about it, and we certainly didn't have any complaints about the pale ale. Check them out in your liquor store if you're local, and grab the address so you can visit the brewery yourself at BuzzardsBrew.com.

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June 26, 2006

Two More Bottles of Compass Box Arrive

Compass...BoxA week or so ago, we got our hands on a bottle of Compass Box whisky, and proceeded to verbally fellate it. We just got our hands on two more bottles and we're getting our chapstick out just in case. So what are the bottles in question? Eleuthra, a bottle that's reputed to be smokey and peaty, and the Peat Monster, which sounds like it's smokey and peaty squared.

We'll be smacking some down later this week, and you can drink in some knowledge at the Compass Box site.

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June 24, 2006

Fork Bottle Opener: Y'know...for kids

Fork Bottle OpenerWe pretty much love anything with a bottle opener in it. Flip flops? Sure! Belt buckles? Damn right. Hats? Of course! Rings? Get there. Now we've come across the ultimate combination of eating and drinking power - the bottle opener fork.

It looks like it'd open bottles no sweat, but with that big old hole right in the middle...do you think it'd actually hold any food? Let's just say we don't recommend eating peas with it.

It’s a bottle opener, it’s a fork, it’s a dessert topping. OK we lied about the dessert part. Stainless steel, graphic display box packaging.
Pick it up for twelve bucks at shopmodi.
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June 23, 2006

Physical Challenge: Power Hour

Beer in a can!On paper, Power Hour doesn't really seem like it's that big of a deal. You take a shot of beer every minute for an hour. Sounds straightforward enough, especially for the drunkards in our audience. But if it was easy, we wouldn't make it a physical challenge, now would we?

In practice, the whole Power Hour thing is like trying to play chess while riding a rhino - or that's what it seems like about halfway through. First of all, you have to find someone willing to stay sober enough to watch the clock and tell you to drink...60 times. Either that, or you have to come up with some other system - we heard about some folks who create a CD with 60 second snippets of songs, and someone has even come up with a version of the game for your PC, DVD or cell phone. Whatever works - we do it the old fashioned way...count to 60 between each shot. That's because we usually play solo, though.

Beyond the timing of the shots (and actually pouring them, which becomes a bitch after about 35 or so), there are a just a few rules/factors to take into account.

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June 22, 2006

Beer Woes Drive Bud to the Hard Stuff

Down in the MouthThings haven't been going so well for the beer industry lately as more and more people put down their suds turn to hard liquor. As we reported last fall, Anheuser Busch is still planning a move into the spirits category to try to make up for some of their lost sales.

"The loss of beer volume to wine and hard liquor has accelerated in recent years," company president August Busch IV told a liquor industry group earlier this month.

"And if this trend continues, we at Anheuser-Busch will have to reevaluate our business model going forward in terms of expanding beyond beer and broadening our position within the total alcohol industry," Busch told the National Conference of State Liquor Administrators, according to a transcript of the speech.

Anheuser-Busch is simply trying to remain relevant with consumers that are constantly searching for interesting products, said Benj Stein, whose beer industry newsletter reported Busch's comments last month.

via MSN Money

So it won't be a total move away from that frothy, tasteless brew you drank in college - consider it more of dipping a toe in the hard liquor pool. Called "Jekyll and Hyde," Bud's first booze is two separate liquors designed to be mixed together and drunk, or apparently mixed with beer. All we know is we hope it tastes better than their trip into alcoholic energy drinks, because we still throw up in our mouths a little bit when we think about Tilt.

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June 21, 2006

Summer Drink Recipe: The Cuke

The CUKEGuess what, it's the first day of summer! Know what that means? All sorts of tasty cocktails, drunk outside on our porch instead of huddled around our computers like we do all winter, relying on the glow of our monitors for warmth.

We've stolen...errr, found...an interesting recipe for a drink called the Cuke from the New York Times. As an added bonus, it features our favorite gin on the planet - Hendrick's.

The Cuke
Time: 15 minutes, plus 30 minutes' chilling

6 limes, rinsed
1 cup packed mint leaves, no stems, plus 6 sprigs for garnish
3 unwaxed cucumbers
½ cup sugar
2 cups vodka or gin, preferably Hendrick's gin
Sparkling water.

1. Thinly slice 3 limes and place in a pitcher. Juice the rest and add juice to pitcher. Add mint leaves. Slice 2 cucumbers and add, then add sugar. Muddle ingredients. Add vodka or gin. Place in refrigerator to steep 30 minutes or longer.

2. Peel remaining cucumber and cut lengthwise into 6 spears.

3. Fill 6 highball or other large glasses with ice. Strain mixture from pitcher into each. Top with a splash of sparkling water, garnish each glass with a sprig of mint and a cucumber spear, and serve.

Yield: 6 servings.

Right, six servings...or one, if you play your cards right.

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Wine Woot Brings You a New Wine Every Week

Abandon all mope, ye who drink winePerhaps you've heard of Woot, the online store that offers a different, often ridiculously cheap deal every day? We check it every once in a while, but we'll be hitting their servers with a little more regularity nowadays, since they've started a service that offers similar deals on wine at wine.woot.com. They're doing a wine per week instead of a deal per day, but who are we to complain about cheap hooch from the Infernets? This week's selection is a Chardonnay...can't wait to check 'em out next week.

Sidling up to regular Woot, which offers great bargains mainly on electronics and gadgets, Wine Woot focuses solely on fermented grape juice.

Taking it slower at 'one week, one wine', Wine Woot came about by popular demand. After offering a Rinfrescante wine for sale, regular Woot was deluged with requests for more wine offerings. Which didn't seem at all a bad idea. So Woot partnered up with Wine Country Connect, and a new sales channel for discounted wine was born.

As Woot explains, wine isn't all that different from electronic gadgets: "Gadgeteers and oenophiles alike have strong opinions, so we let them sound off in our community forums. And because winemakers make marketing predictions far in advance of product release – just like electronics manufacturers – wine inventory is equally subject to overstock, excess, and end-of-life opportunities." Makes sense! What's next?

via Springwise

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June 20, 2006

Scorpion Mezcal Arrives for Review

Down the HatchBack in the old days, if you wanted a drink with a creepy crawly in it, you had to settle for a plain old worm in your Mezcal...or wait for a cockroach to fall from your ceiling into your glass. Then, way back in January, we told you about Scorpion Mezcal, a spirit that has something way cooler than your run-of-the-mill scuttling arthropod. Yes, as you can probably guess from the name, every bottle of Scorpion Mezcal contains a scorpion...de-stingered and harmless of course, but cool nonetheless. After much heartache and some pretty hefty maneuvering (thanks, Barbara) we've finally got a bottle in our hands, and we have to say...it's just as badass as you might think.

We're itching to review this, mostly because we can't wait to see what a Mezcal-soaked scorpion tastes like, but we're going to have to wait until the weekend for this one. Color us excited, and if everything goes according to plan, if you see us on Sunday morning we'll be the ones with bits of exoskeleton in our teeth. Anyway, take some of the sting out of the wait (get it?) by checking out the Scorpion Mezcal site.

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1,000 Bars in 2006, You Say?

1,000 Bars in 2006Everyone should have a hero - someone who stands for everything they hold dear, exemplifies a life lived well...and drinks every freaking day. We believe we've found that man in Matt Chimento, a young man who has made it his mission to visit 1,000 in 2006. Let's repeat that for the hard of hearing - he's going to visit one thousand bars in 365 days. Some quick math says that's an average of nearly three different bars per day...now that's some gumption.

We first heard about Matt's quest a couple months ago when we stumbled across his MySpace page, but we were convinced that boredom, scheduling problems or liver failure would put an end to it soon enough. Shows what we know - as we reach the halfway point of 2006, Matt is celebrating his 500th bar in Manhattan this Saturday, June 24th. Sadly, we can't make it, but if anybody makes it down to the Mad River Grille we'd love to hear about just how much he punishes his liver at each appearance.

Two (possibly) interesting facts:

  • Apparently, Matt got his idea from another visionary on a similar journey - a mysterious figure known only as The Beer Man. With a name like that, we should teach him the Liquor Snob secret handshake.

  • Speaking of secret handshakes, if you want to get to know the crazy crackers here in the Liquor Snob offices, check out our MySpace page and add us as a friend. You'll find us to be stalwart allies and generous lovers...or whatever it is you need us to be.

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Blogpire Productions Blogs Announce Investment in the Planet's Future with Green Tags

Green-Tag-Logo Type-Grn-1What can we say? We really thought our blogs should be a bit greener? As of today, we're going to buy enough Green Tags, also called renewable energy credits, from the Bonneville Environmental Foundation, to offset the environmental impact from our hosting and computer operations for the coming year.

Green tags are an investment in the production of renewable energy sources through wind and solar power. Using clean renewable energy reduces emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases that contribute to global warming. By purchasing green tags, Blogpire Productions hopes to lessen our dependence on burning fossil fuels.

We also hope you'll help out as well. Individuals as well any business can buy Green Tags. Please visit the Bonneville Environmental Foundation and purchase Green Tags to offset your use of fossil fuels.

Full Release at: PR Web

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June 19, 2006

Video: Does Chaser Hangover Prevention Really Work?

In the past few months, we've heard a lot about anti-hangover pills like Chaser and RU-21, which promise to let you drink what you want without feeling the effects in the morning. As intriguing as the premise is, we've resisted the urge to cover them. Why, you ask? Because hangovers are part of the circle of life, and nursing yourself back to health is as much a part of the ritual of drinking as monopolizing the jukebox at the bar or vomiting into a girlfriend's purse.

This weekend, however, we found a video of a very scientific experiment where a young man tries to test the validity of Chaser's claims using only wit, spunk and 15 Miller Lites, as well as some post-experiment margaritas. And all of this on a Tuesday! So how does our intrepid explorer fare against the dreaded hangover? Click on the image in this story or right here to watch the video. And don't you worry...we ran right out and bought a box of Chaser so we can conduct some experiments of our own.

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June 16, 2006

Drinking Coffee vs Getting Cirrhosis

COFFEEOur hippie friends keep telling us we should drink green tea instead of coffee, because it has antioxidants in it. We don't drink tea. We drink coffee. A lot of it. In fact, we like our coffee like we like our women - hot, bitter and full of bourbon.

Tea is supposed to be good for you because it fights free radicals. We just found out that coffee is good for you because it fights cirrhosis of the liver. Advantage: Coffee. Considering our lifestyle, we're considering starting mainline coffee injections instead of just drinking it.

Researchers reported on Monday that drinking coffee cuts the risk of cirrhosis of the liver from alcohol -- by 22 percent per cup each day -- but they stopped short of saying doctors should prescribe coffee for that reason.

Perhaps that's why our liver is in a perfect state of wine/coffee consumption. The report from the Kaiser Permanente Medical Care Program in Oakland, California, was based on a look at data from 125,580 people.

More at SingleServeCoffee.com - Coffee May Cut Alcohol Liver Damage

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BlogpireMobile.com and Weekly Email Updates

Criticalgamers Blogad-1This week we have a new, exciting program, affectionately called BlogpireMobile.com! We want to reward you for being Blogpire loyalists. This is one way for us to say thanks. BlogpireMobile.com provides online exclusive offers on the very best mobile service, Verizon Wireless. This online-only offer for you is for $50 Instant Cash Back. That means no rebates, no hassles, and no money out of your pocket when you get a plan and phone. With this offer, there are over 11 FREE PHONES currently available.

But we also know you have a busy life and a busy schedule, and that's why everyone here at BlogPire Productions wants to make it easier for you to get the latest news from any of our sites and not just the one you visit everyday. Just click the link - sign up and you'll get the list of headlines sent to you via email each Monday morning.

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June 15, 2006

Physical Challenge: Opposite Day

TomorrowA few weeks ago, we issued a physical challenge to our readers, to get Girl Drink Drunk. We certainly did, and we had a great time drinking flirtinis with those Hell's Angels we met. We also got some reader suggestions about other ways to punish yourself whilst imbibing. Our favorite is Opposite Day, which you may think involves imbibing drinks you might not otherwise consume. You'd be wrong - we've already covered that.

Opposite Day involves reversing the proportions in the drinks you DO consume. You usually drink gin and tonics? Tonight, you drink tonic and gin - a shot of tonic, fill the glass the rest of the way with gin, add a lime. Thinking about Jager Bombs? Today, you're dropping shot glasses of Red Bull into pints of Jager. You usually drink beer? Well - you're not really playing then, are you? Make yourself a screwdriver - easy on the OJ.

Now, we know what some of you are saying...this sounds irresponsible. You're damned right. Of course, we're all grownups, so there's no way we're going to take the heat for your stupidity. Thanks for the idea, Chad - anyone else have good Opposite Day recipes?

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Compass Box Asyla Scotch Review

Compass Box Asyla
Blended Grain and Malt Scotch Whisky
80 Proof (40% ABV)
Typical Price: About $40 for 750ml - Buy it at Internet Wines & Spirits
Compass Box Website

Asyla WhiskyThere are a lot of Scotch drinkers out there who scoff at blended scotches. We're not sure why - just like anything else, there are good blends and bad blends out there. We've tried our share of both, and our latest acquisition is called "Asyla" by Compass Box.

We were initially surprised by the packaging, which had a much hipper look to it than the stodginess you can expect from many scotches - in fact, it reminded us more of a wine label. Not that it matters that most scotch bottles look like they were designed to appeal to your grandpa, but it still caught us off guard. It's not the bottle, it's the contents, right? Well, we can say we know our way around a scotch bottle, and Asyla is probably the best blend we've ever tasted.

[Editor's Note: The following review is full of more drooling and fawning than we generally allow ourselves in our reviews - bear with us...we like the stuff.]

The Color: This is the lightest whisky we can recall seeing - it's a light amber that reminds us of gold and honey.

The Nose: It was a case of love at first whiff for us - the softness of vanilla, the sweetness of fruit, a waft of oak. The smell was light and rich at the same time, complex but not overpowering. We were salivating before we even got it in the glass.

The Taste: It's moments like this that make us happy to be liquor reviewers. Delicate and dry, Asyla was sweet without overdoing it. We detected vanilla and honey and fruit on our tongue when we sipped, and the finish was spicy and quick. We also realized we didn't grimace when we swallowed, which is kind of our habit when we drink scotch.

We took another sip and realized this was scotch we could drink in gulps if necessary, a purely drinkable and agreeably tasty spirit. Most people think scotch is something to put up on a pedestal, to overthink, to appreciate and covet - this particular scotch is one to drink and enjoy. Nothing wrong with that.

The Verdict:This is a great scotch for people who don't think they like scotch. It's not whisky with training wheels, because it can definitely be enjoyed by scotch lovers as well. It's competely accessible and enviably tasty, from sweet start to classy finish, we plan to keep a bottle of Asyla on the premises at all times. If you're going to introduce someone to scotch via Asyla, keep in mind this interesting note we found on their site, which we never thought of. Of course, that's why they're the experts...

And please, don’t try to get new people into whisky by giving them a glass of neat whisky. Let’s face it, 40% spirit HURTS the tongue! (And spirit that is more than 40% alcohol hurts even more!) Some of us grow accustomed to this "pain", but it can be tough going on the uninitiated. People accustomed to drinking just beer and wine don’t ever encounter pain when they drink their drinks because the alcohol levels of those drinks are below the pain threshold of the tongue. So offer whisky to these people cut with water-I recommend about half and half, whisky to water, to start them out. Good whiskies will maintain their core flavour characteristics at this strength, and it doesn’t hurt your mouth!
Just remember not to use your chlorinated tap water - get your hands on some filtered or bottled water to add to your drinks, which is a good idea for any drink you add water to.

Head on over to CompassBoxWhisky.com to learn more about our new favorite whisky, and find out where you can pick up a bottle for yourself.

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June 14, 2006

44 Degrees North Vodka Review

44 Degrees North Vodka
Potato Vodka Flavored with Huckleberry
Distilled in Idaho
Typical Price: Around $30 for 750ml

I'm Your HuckleberryRemember how cool Val Kilmer was in Tombstone? His three musketeers mustache, his quick gun hand, his dapper manner? We might never be as cool as Doc Holliday [Editor's Note: We definitely won't], but thanks to 44 Degrees North, we can at least tap into our unnatural fondness for huckleberries. In fact, we've been wandering around the Liquor Snob offices for the last two days, coughing blood into a little lace handkerchief and saying "I'll be your huckleberry."

Note: We're so excited about reviewing a huckleberry vodka, we're peppering our review with quotes from Doc Holliday.

The Color: "Very cosmopolitan"
Is clear a color? Cuz that's what color it is.

The Nose: "In Vino Veritas"
44 Degrees North leads off with a berry nose, and we're not exactly sure what a huckleberry smells like, but we'll trust them that this is it. It reminded us of blueberries and didn't smell overly sweet, and there was definitely a nice, clean alcohol whiff on the back end.

The Taste: "And drunk the milk of Paradise"
This stuff was less sweet, with a more aggressive tang of alcohol than the Zygo we reviewed earlier this week. It's a more traditional vodka, and while it is sweetened with berries, they're not overpowering. Drunk straight we found it to be, for lack of a better term, brittle, but as soon as we chilled it or added ice it loosened right up. We enjoyed it as a mixer, but we found ourselves sipping this most often on the rocks where the candy-like flavor of the huckleberries was most apparent.

The Verdict: "You're a Daisy if you Do"
While Poland is the place we think of when someone says potato vodka, this is definitely a high-end entry, clean and tasty. We figure it'd make a great bottle to keep around in your ski house, so you can sip it with friends and family while wearing turtlenecks by the fire. Actually, that's not really our style - we're thinking we'll fill up our Coldpoles and enjoy a berry boost while we're on the mountain. Anyway, we definitely recommend it if you can get your hands on it - we liked it just as much or more as any other berry-flavored vodka we've sampled in our long and storied history.

Learn more and find out where to pick up a bottle at RockyMountainVodka.com.

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June 13, 2006

Absinthe Gift Set for Under $50

Coffret Kubler Gift SetWe're big fans of absinthe, especially now that the hangover from our most recent tangle with the green fairy has worn off. Absinthe can be a tough sell for most people, because even though the buzz is famous, the price (and the spotty legality of getting a bottle) can be prohibitive. We've stumbled across a gift set that includes a 500ml bottle of Coffret Kubler Absinthe, along with two collectible glasses and a spoon, marked down from 59 Euro to 39 Euro, or about $50.

Not too shabby for real Swiss absinthe, and we've heard good stuff about the Kubler brand. Plus, compare the price to those of typical 750ml bottles that round out closer to $100, it's a good starter set to check out the green stuff, even when you factor in the shipping. Buy it for yourself, or pick it up as a gift for the adventurous drunk in your life, at Absinthevertrieb Lion.

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Zygo Energy Vodka Review

Zygo Peach-Flavored Vodka with Yerba Mate, Guarana, Taurine and D-Ribose
70 Proof (35% ABV)
Typical Price: $29.99 for 750ml

Zygo BottleWe've been walking on eggshells waiting for our bottle of Zygo vodka...jittery, on edge, a case of the shakes. We heard about the stuff a couple weeks ago, and it looked like the answer to our vodka prayers. A pre-mixed combination of vodka and caffeine, so we could mix it with whatever we wanted and not rely on energy drinks? Sign us up. Just add in the fact that that it's peach flavored, and it makes for an excellent addition to your breakfast regimen any day...or at least perfect for those nights when you need to stay up a few extra minutes before you pass out.

The Color: Bearable Lightness of Being
When we think of vodka, we think of a colorless, water-like liquid. Zygo offers more of a pale hue, kind of what you'd expect from a peach-flavored spirit - somewhere between the brightness of a liqueur and the clearness of vodka.

The Nose: Just Peachy
We knew going in that this stuff was flavored with peaches, but we weren't prepared for just how far into Georgia we'd be going. There was no alcoholic tang at all - straight up peaches, with a fruity smell that didn't strike us as too sweet.

The Taste: Real Peachez
When we drank it straight, it was a bit sweeter than we expected for a vodka, with a syrupy mouth feel. There was no alcohol taste to be found, really, and our first thought was that it would be great for shots, especially if chilled. That thought was reinforced when we tried it on ice, which took away some of the sweetness and made it completely sippable. All in all, the strong flavor reminded us of Orange V vodka - extremely fruity, but not overpowering, and damned tasty all around. [Editor's Note: There were a couple other flavors in there when we tasted it, but we couldn't quite place them - we've just been informed that Zygo contains "Mandarin Orange, Vanilla, and a touch of Juniper" on top of the peaches.]

The Verdict: Pretty Kickass
If we made it sound kind of wussy, with the talk of the peaches and light, don't take it wrong - we loved the stuff even though we tend toward liquors that make most people grimace (Jager anyone?). This is the kind of drink that's perfect for a long night of drinking, whether it's shots or mixing - just sweet enough for people who need it, just NOT sweet enough for everyone else. We recommend Zygo for benders that start at breakfast, rounds of shots while watching an extreme sporting event, or mixing a tasty cosmopolitan. Try to work it out so you can do all three at the same time - we imagine a fun game would be to drink half a bottle and see how long you can keep your eyes closed. OR - how about mixing peach vodka with SoCo, which is a peach bourbon? Thaaaat could make for a long night...

Check 'em out at FuelChange.com.

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June 12, 2006

Elevate Your Buzz with Altius Vodka

Altius VodkaWe're not sure what it is about high-elevation booze lately, but we've been seeing an influx of liquors from places we usually associate with skiing and riding. First, we found out about Stranahan's Colorado Whiskey, then we heard about some cool Idaho vodkas. The latest on the list is another premium spirit from the Rockies, Altius Vodka.

We don't know much about the stuff other than the fact that it's made in small batches, micro-distilled and hand crafted, and it's marketed as a luxury or ultra-premium vodka. In fact, according to the Altius site, "Altius Vodka is made in Colorado, by native Coloradoans, using only water and grain from Colorado. That is Colorado vodka. And
we’re damn proud of it."

That's the kind of product pride and jingoism we like to see from our spirits - plus, a good portion of our editorial staff once lived in Dillon, CO, so we have a bit of interest in Rocky Mountain booze anyway. Learn more about this mile high vodka at the Altius Website, and if you live in CO or in neighboring states, find out where you can pick it up.

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June 9, 2006

Father's Day Gift Guides from the Blogpire

Liquor Snob 125 Macnn-4We want to remind you that Father's Day is just around the corner. Actually it's next Sunday, but don't worry we've got you covered. Single Serve Coffee has a great Father's Day Gift Guide and so does Shaving Stuff with their Father's Day Specials. If you're really looking to impress Dad you might want to get him the ultimate TV remote. The Logitech Harmony Remote 628 - Universal Remote Control is nothing short of the best remote we've ever used and we think Dad will like it too. That's just some of the picks we've got for you from around the Blogpire. Visit our other sites below to find more deals and tales for your Dad on Father's Day.

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June 8, 2006

Bad Week Plus New Liquor Equals Good Week

Check Out Our Package!It's been a strange week here at the Liquor Snob offices. First, our fearless Editor in Chief hurt his neck in a drinking-related incident - we can't decide if it's completely punk rock or the signs of old age. Then, the Interweb connection at casa del Snob went out, and we weren't able to get it turned back on for almost a week...just goes to show you the kind of clout we have as a corporation. "But," you might well say, "don't you have a fleet of interns who could have taken the reigns of the juggernaut and kept things rolling during the course of the week?" We thought so too, but they went on strike as soon as the Web connection went down, drinking all the liquor in the office and muttering about mutiny. There's gratitude for you.

Then, in our darkest hour, as we were reaching the depths of despair, two things happened. One, the guy came to fix our Internets. Then, the UPS dude showed up with a mystery box, and it was one of those awesome mystery boxes we receive from time to time, the kind that gurgles when you shake it. Someone had sent us a box full of booze. You'd be surprised how the morale skyrocketed when we pulled three bottles of nectar out of the box.

The first bottle was Zygo Vodka, which we covered last week, and has had our hearts all pitter patter as the caffeinated breakfast vodka of our dreams. The second was 44 North, a huckleberry-flavored Vodka made in Idaho, also the home of our favorite orange vodka. Bottle #3 was from Compass Box, a blended Scotch Whisky called Asyla, which we've heard great things and we've been very excited about.

Check out Zygo, 44 North and Compass Box at their respective sites, and you can expect a review with relative soonness, especially now that our computers can serve as more than glorified paperweights.

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June 2, 2006

$150,000 for a Bottle of Tequila?

Target MarketWe don't have anything against spending top dollar for a bottle of booze...after all, what nobler purchase is there than the nectar of the gods? Sometimes you need to reach for that top shelf, and grin and bear it when the cashier asks for your money. Of course, there are some folks who are going a little crazy with the high price tags on their booze - as we've said before, liquor should be drunk, not collected.

However, If you're on the market for a high-end tipple, you might want to think about the Pasion Azteca from Ley .925, a limited edition Tequila that's going to have a $150,000 price tag on it. Yes, we said $150,000. We've been daydreaming all morning about what we would do if we got our hands on a bottle, and while we'd like to think we'd make a margarita in a pimp cup, we'd probably put it under lock and key and guard it like Scrooge McDuck.

What's so special about this stuff to make it worth the exorbitant price? Well, it's an ultra-premium, 100% blue agave tequila that's been aged for six years. It comes in a bottle made of platinum and gold, which has been decorated with unique art. It's being marketed as "the most unique & expensive bottle of Tequila in all history," according to the marketing material. All we have to say is that we don't know how you can be the "most unique," but it better be damned tasty at that price point. The tequila will be released on July 21, so if you want a bottle you'd better start selling organs or robbing banks ASAP.

Learn more about the most expensive tequila we've ever heard of by reading the product page, plus you can read about the other tequila varieties made by this company at the Ley .925 site

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June 1, 2006

Zygo Vodka: Time to Change Your Fuel?

Zygo Vodka Shirt LogoLast week we put up a post about p.i.n.k. vodka, and we have to say we had some mixed feelings. Yeah, it was about vodka infused with caffeine, but we had some reservations about the name and the color associated with it, because we're not usually feeling too pink. That's why we were ecstatic when we got an email about Zygo Vodka, another caffeine-infused spirit that seemed to be closer to us in, well, spirit. Here's why:

  • Not only does Zygo contain guarana, just like p.i.n.k., it also has taurine, the stuff that gives Red Bull its wings.

  • Also included is mateine, the stuff that gives us such a great buzz when we drink Yerba Mate tea, the world's greatest hangover beverage.

  • There was a Bear vs Sharksong playing on their website when we logged on.

  • Their logo includes a hand giving the devil sign. Nuff said.
Now this stuff's up our alley. Find out more about Zygo at the website, Fuelchange.com, and you can also check out their blog, 70 Proof Regime to find out what's going on with the crazy bastards who make the stuff. We're going to get our hands on a bottle come hell or high water, so you can expect a review sooner than later.

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