May 30, 2006

Advanced Drinking Gear from Cocktail Vibe

Test Tube Shot GlassesGenerally, it takes more than a cool shot glass or highball to make us sit up and take notice. In fact, we're much more interested in the contents of the vessel than the vessel itself, and nine time out of ten you can serve our drinks out of a chipped coffee mug or old tennis shoe if it's going to get us where we're going. But sometimes we come across some barware that really catches our eye, and the glasses over at Cocktail Vibe have done just that.

Not only does the site carry striking barware from cocktail glasses to highballs to shooters, it also accompanies each with a recommended drink recipe for when it's "down the hatch" time. From the "Bond. James Bond" that accompanies the Conical Martini glass to the Bronze Twilight you'll find with the Portofino Goblet, this is an idea we could learn to stand behind. Don't just sell us the glass...tell us how to fill it up!

We'd show you more, but they really don't make it easy to link to their individual product lines, so you'll have to check out all the different glassware varieties, from Martini Vibes to Bubbly Vibes to Shot Vibes, for yourself at Cocktail Vibe. Oh, and if you're wondering about the test tubey shot glasses pictured above, they're called the Laboratoria Shot'll have to do your own experiments to find them.

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May 26, 2006

Get Soused on the Diamond with Sloshball

I Love SloshballSummer is nealy upon us, and it's about time to start thinking about how you're going to waste...errr, spend...those hot, lazy days. How about a sport that involves a keg, but also involves a little activity so your legs don't atrophy while you're pouring yourself beer after beer? As far as we can tell, that's what Sloshball is all about - a bastard hybrid of softball and drinking. We know what we're going to be doing with our summers now, with Sloshball during the day and beer pong at night. God bless America.

Here's a little more about the sport:

Established in Southern California in 1995, is the world's only organization dedicated to the global expansion of the great game of Sloshball. Its humble beginnings date back to the early 1980's and the sun-drenched ballfields of Boulder, Colorado. Today, it's become more than just a game--it's a state of mind. With organized Sloshball events spreading south to San Diego, Houston and Tulsa and east all the way to Toronto, North Carolina and Philly, it's clear that Sloshball is here to stay.

We're not big softball players, but we like any game where runners are obliged to empty a keg cup at second base before they can continue to third, and where a player who hits a home run is immediately joined by his teammates for a social drink. If we could figure out how to combine this sport with wiffle ball without ending up in rehab, we'd be in heaven. Check out an overall list of Sloshball rules and find out how to contact your local team or start your own at

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May 26, 2006

Get the Latest Each Week from BlogPire Productions

Criticalgamers Blogad-1We know you have a busy life and a busy schedule, and that's why everyone here at BlogPire Productions wants to make it easier for you to get the latest news from any of our sites and not just the one you visit everyday. We've provided below a list of all our sites and a short description along with a link for you to use if you'd like to receive news from any of those sites each Monday morning. It's really easy - just click the link - sign up and you'll get the list of headlines sent to you via email.

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May 25, 2006

Stink Like Scotch with Whisky Perfume

mmmm...stinkyWhat would you say if we told you there's a new perfume in the works, designed to make you smell similar to a glass of Lagavulin? Thats the rumor we're hearing about the Spirit of Scotland, a new scent from the Highlands. We have to say we're intrigued, but we generally prefer to stink of booze the old fashioned way, by drinking it. Guess it takes all kinds.

Apparently, it has smoky, peaty notes with floral overtones. Honestly, it seems like you wouldn't want to walk around smelling like whisky all day, so it's probably just as well that the perfume is not an exact match for the spirit. Of course, if you already walk around smelling like whisky and are looking for a way to hide that, this could be the perfect product.
Slashfood - Get into the spirit with whisky perfume

Thanks for the tip, Super Weiss

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May 24, 2006

The Best 50 Places to Have a Beer

Beer!If you ask us, there's no bad place to have a beer. The very act of drinking beer makes your location, whether it's at a sporting event, in a coal mine, or your in-laws' living room, a treat. OK, maybe that last one's a stretch, but you know where we're going. In an effort to combine the nectar that is beer with actually desirable locations, Beer Advocate has come up with a list of the Top 50 places to fill your mustache with suds.

We've included the Top 10 here; for the other 40 and further info on all the watering holes, click on through to the Beer Advocate site.

There's nothing better than sitting in your favorite watering hole while enjoying a fresh pint of craft beer in the company of friends. And even more so when the place is known for its beer, service and atmosphere - be it a brewpub or beer bar.

Here are the top ranked Places to Have a Pint in America based on BeerFly reviews by site users. The list includes both brewpubs and beer bars. Click on any of the names to read the reviews or post your own.

# 1 = The Moan and Dove (Amherst, MA)

# 2 = The Publick House (Brookline, MA)

# 3 = Spuyten Duyvil (Brooklyn, NY)

# 4 = Toronado (San Francisco, CA)

# 5 = The Map Room (Chicago, IL)

# 6 = Cock & Bull Pub (Sarasota, FL)

# 7 = Papago Brewing (Scottsdale, AZ)

# 8 = O'Brien's Pub (San Diego, CA)

# 9 = Stuffed Sandwich (San Gabriel, CA)

# 10 = Capital Ale House (Richmond, VA)

Beer Advocate - Top 50 Places to Have a Beer in America (via The Sporting Life)

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May 23, 2006

P.I.N.K. Vodka: A Rush Without Red Bull

p.i.n.k. vodkaIn a world where you can currently only get a liquor buzz and a head rush by mixing your vodka with an energy drink, things are about to change. We've just stumbled across p.i.n.k. vodka, an interesting-sounding spirit that comes pre-infused with caffeine and guarana. What does this mean? It means we can now drink our vodka straight out of the bottle and have a wide-awake drunk, with none of that energy drink BS.

Of course, the stuff has a strike against it - the fact that the name makes it seem like it's made specifically for fabulous androids. We don't mind, though - we're not exactly the target market so we'll just keep it in a brown paper bag as we chug it down. Or, we'll just pretend we're doing a physical challenge every time we drink it.

Read on for more details:

This month, p.i.n.k, the first 80-proof super-premium vodka flawlessly infused with caffeine and guarana hits the shelves, filling a void in the spirits category. Made from the finest handcrafted vodka from Holland, p.i.n.k. contains a flavorless caffeine and guarana formula that does not disrupt the vodka’s exceptional quality.

The brand concept for p.i.n.k. emerged from the growing trend of mixing alcohol with energy drinks. Consumers wanted a completely versatile vodka that provides the intensity without the unwanted flavor of popular energy drinks. David Mandell, president and CEO, High Energy Holdings, LLC created p.i.n.k. to fulfill the need.

via Happy Hours Press Release

You can get your hands on it for $40, but just think about all the cash you'll save on Red Bull. Learn more at the pink vodka site.

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May 22, 2006

Dr. Koop Says Drink Diet Mixers

Not a low carb drinkerThat's right, Dr. Koop (as in C. Everett) has announced a study revealing that diet drink mixers and low carb alternatives might help you get drunk faster. Something about the burning of carbs or something, and now that we think of it, he might not have actually been saying that was a good thing.

We didn't end up reading the whole article because we were too busy mixing a fifth of vodka with Crystal Light, so if you want the full scoop you'll have to read on yourself at Koop's Korner:

In the study, Rayner and his colleagues tracked the blood-alcohol levels of eight men. On two different days, the men drank either an orange-flavored vodka beverage made with a regular mixer (478 calories) or a diet mixer (225 calories). In each case, the vodka included 30 grams of ethanol [alcohol] in a 600 milliliter serving.

Sugar content is important to how quickly alcohol enters the system, Rayner explained.

"Caloric load influences how quickly the stomach is emptied," he said, with lower-calorie beverages emptying more quickly than regular mixers. He theorized that drinks made with diet mixers would make it into the digestive system more rapidly.

via - Diet Drink Mixers May Make You Drunker

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May 19, 2006

Physical Challenge - Girl Drink Drunk

Drink Up!We were watching TVLand the other day and stumbled across a rerun of Double Dare. Remember that show? When we got to the physical challenge segment, we started reminiscing about the physical challenges we used to perpetrate on each other when we were in college. Some examples, you ask? There were quite a few, most of which involved climbing up on a roof somewhere.

A particular favorite was to wait for the hottest day of the summer, go for a drive, turn on the heat and roll up all the windows. Then somebody starts smoking a cigarette, and whoever rolls down a window first loses. We never said the physical challenges were actually fun.

Anyway, we started thinking about physical challenges we could inflict on our readers, and the first thing we thought of? Getting Girl Drink Drunk. Of course, when we say "girl drink," we're not being sexist. We're just talking about those goopy, oft-pink-colored drinks with a high sugar content, usually served with a tiny umbrella to ladies and . Not our typical straight Whiskey and Beer fare. So what's the challenge?

ArrowContinue reading: "Physical Challenge - Girl Drink Drunk"

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The Best of the Blogpire

Cheapfunwines-3Another week and another Best of the Blogpire. It's been a pretty amazing week of new wines, new coffee, and new appararel here at the Blogpire. Check out the latest GPS reviews at and you should also swing by for some Zia for men reviews. And if you're looking for some new exciting Spring wines - visit
Baronet Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee Pods
Nespresso Essenza C100 Espresso Maker
Italian Kitchen Range
Mini Kitchen Measure
Review of Zia for Men, part 2
ShavingStuff Pop Quiz!
Deal of the Day: RCA 200 watt 5.1 Channel Home Theater System with 5 DVD Changer
Go for a Job Interview and Maybe You'll be a Star
New Tees From Threadless
Flora Tank by Ella Moss
Geocaching Season is Here - Tips for the hunt
GPS Review: Garmin iQUE 3000
Coffee News: Folgers Offers Stomach-Friendly Coffee
Recipe News: Asparagus recipes
Rofo Headgear: Foam Dome 2.0?
Stranahan's Colorado Whiskey
Lazy Man's Side Dish: Alexia's Yukon Gold Creamy Mashed Potatoes and Sea Salt
A truly organic eating experience
Hold'em Drink Holder - Keep Your Table Liquid-Free
Review: G8 Game Timer
Next Wine Tasting
Bouvet Brut Signature (Sparkling Wine)

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Taborga and Melania Wine: Thank You Chile

Melania and Taborga WinesWe don't cover a lot of wine on our site, leaving the bulk of wine coverage to our sister site, Cheap Fun Wines. In fact, we don't know a whole lot about wine, though we do know two things - we're really liking South American wines, and we're not afraid of inexpensive bottles. That's why we're so excited about two Chilean wines we've discovered - Melania and Taborga. We've sampled a couple different bottles, and not only do they taste great, but we're in love with the price tags too - everything hovers around $10 for some fine-tasting wines. We recommend picking up a bottle the next time you're in the wine aisle.

Check out the write-ups below from International Beverage Network for more information.

Taborga Table Wine

($5 suggested retail)

Available in
Red (12.9% ABV)
White (13.4% ABV)
An economical Chilean Table wine made with the same care as our varietals but at significant savings. These medium-bodies vintages exhibit fresh and aromatic hints of wild flowers with exceptionally fruity flavors.

($8 suggested retail)

Available in
Chardonnay (2004; 13.3% ABV)
Cabernet Sauvignon (2004; 13.3% ABV)
Melania is the result of meticulous selection from among the best grape varieties produced in the region. From the hand-picking of the grapes to the 12 months of aging in Chilean Oak, we have created what may be the best Chile has to offer in an every day varietal.

MELANIA “Coleccion Especial”
($13 suggested retail)

Available in
Chardonnay (2004; 13.7%ABV)
Cabernet Sauvignon (2003; 13.0%ABV)
Merlot (2004; 13.9% ABV)
Elaborating on the idea of choosing only the most exceptional varieties, we have expanded one step further to bring you the “Coleccion Especial”. These 3 varietals are the absolute finest, non-reserve, wines we could bring you from Chile’s best vines. These exceptionally priced values are sure to win your affection.

Learn more about these tasty wines at

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May 16, 2006

Rofo Headgear: Foam Dome 2.0?

Rofo HeadgearAdmit it. Sometimes you lay awake at night and fantasize about wearing a hat in the shape of a giant hot dog, full of cold beer. Or maybe it was a hat in the shape of a miniaturized motorcycle - it's been a while since we've read your diary. Either way, your dreams have come true, because we've just discovered RoFo Headgear, the hat decanter for all seasons.

Just what is RoFo Headgear, you might ask? As far as we can tell, they're basically cooler hats that come in a variety of shapes and sizes, designed to hold any of a myriad of beverages. Think of it as a stylish way (depending on your sense of style, of course) to keep hydrated (or drunk) on the go. The RoFo holds just about a six pack's worth of liquid, similar to our other favorite stealth drinking apparatus the BeerBelly, but you wear it on your head. It weighs five pounds when it's full, but what's a little crushed spine when you've got a headful of Milwaukee's Best?

We'll let RoFo inventor "Mad" Randall Flann tell you more about his interesting product:

Like sports? We have all major sports models! More traditional? Try a bowler or barrel style! Our RoFo Headgear fit in anywhere. Some of the places where a RoFo Headgear can be used are at rallies, meeting, parties, and sports events and at an intimate soiree. Hubba, Hubba, Hubba!!! At $29.95, why carry around or entertain in an old conventional, predictable method when you can add that little extra something pen Nash that can repeatedly create remarkable memories that will last forever?

To posses a RoFo Headgear makes the statements: “I own the most original recognizable unique beverage bottle known throughout the entire world. I’m a free-spirited thinker and a pretty perceptive independent consumer. I revel -- revel in my defying traditional convention of behaving!”

We're not sure what pen Nash is, but Hubba, Hubba, Hubba!! All we can say is that at $29.95, this thing seems to be just about the perfect thing to force the guest of honor at a bachelor/bachelorette party to wear. Learn more and find out how to get your own fantasy hat at

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May 14, 2006

Stranahan's Colorado Whiskey

Stranahan's Colorado WhiskeyWe're huge fans of high-quality spirits distilled in places you wouldn't expect (like a Texas Vodka, for example), and we've just stumbled across a whiskey made in, of all places, the Colorado Rockies. Now we know most American Whiskey is made in the south, and we're intrigued by the idea of getting Rocky Mountain high off this new liquor, called Stranahan's Colorado Whiskey. They definitely get points for the simple and direct name, and they're generating all sorts of buzz, especially in the Colorado area.

The company just tapped its first barrel, and we're itching to get our hands on a bottle. Not only is it a unique whiskey, it's also got a pretty cool backstory:

The story behind the whiskey is the stuff of legend. When businessman George Stranahan's barn went up in flames seven years ago outside Aspen, (Jess) Graber was a volunteer firefighter who responded to the fire. After the blaze, Graber and Stranahan got to talking and discovered they had a mutual interest in the alcoholic beverage business. The idea began brewing there.

Stranahan, co-founder of Flying Dog Brewery, is a major investor in the whiskey business. The distillery relies on the nearby brewery to get its mash, a mixture of hot water and crushed grain that is an early step in the production of beer.

Thinking back to the fire at his barn, Stranahan, who attended Thursday's party, clearly is proud of the new venture that sprang forth from the ashes.

via Rocky Mountain News

The stuff retails for $54.95 per 750ml bottle, and good luck getting your hands on it. It's currently only sold in Colorado right now, and it's apparently so popular that liquor stores can't keep it in stock. Learn more at the Stranahan's site, plus find a list of stores that carry it for the next time you're in the Centennial State.

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May 13, 2006

Sambala Caipirinha Liqueur Review

Sambala Caipirinha Liqueur
Brazilian Rum and Lemon Flavored Alcopop
About 11 Proof (5.6% ABV)

Sambala CaipirinhaFor those not in the know, a caipirinha is a Brazilian cocktail typically made from Cachaca, limes, sugar, and ice. Sambala is a RTD (Ready to Drink) caipirinha cocktail, similar to something like a Smirnoff Ice or Bacardi Silver, but since it's made outside of the country, they can actually use real liquor instead of flavoring a "malt beverage." This drink is Rum-based instead of being made with Cachaca, but the use of real rum gives it at least a shot of tasting like the real drink. We don't know many details about this stuff since most of the info we can find isn't in English, but we gave it a taste and put together a few thoughts for you.

The Color: Mellow Yellow
We've usually heard of Cachaca being made with limes, but this drink is lemon-based. When poured in a glass, the look is cloudy and almost milky - it almost looks like a pale-colored lemonade.

The Nose: When Life Gives You Lemons...
...put them in a cocktail. Sambala smelled tart yet sweet, with an overwhelming waft of lemons on the nose. We didn't detect any rum smell at all, and it smelled about how we remember the smell of Mike's Hard Lemonade.

The Taste:Sweeeeeet
The first thing we thought of when we took a sip that this stuff is thick. That's the only way we can describe it. We took a sip and it coated our tongues with a syrupy, tart sweetness that was surprising at first. Sambala was actually a fair amount sweeter than the smell indicated, which isn't shocking since a major ingredient is sugar cane, and we tasted a hint of rum on the back end, but nothing overwhelming. This stuff is meant to be drunk ice cold, and we even liked it on the rocks to help thin it out a bit. We liked the lemon taste, and we're no experts, but for some reason it didn't seem quite right to have a caipirinha with anything other than limes.

The Verdict: Give it a Shot
Sambala was a bit too sweet for us, but we're not big alcopop drinkers either. If you're an RTD fan, this is something you'll probably want to give a try if you happen across it. Even if you're not a big RTD drinker, don't knock it until you try it. And hell, if you like it, pick up a bottle of Cachaca and whip up a caipirinha recipe of your own.

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May 12, 2006

Get the Latest Each Week from BlogPire Productions

Shavingstuff 150 Macnn-1We know you have a busy life and a busy schedule, and that's why everyone here at BlogPire Productions wants to make it easier for you to get the latest news from any of our sites and not just the one you visit everyday. We've provided below a list of all our sites and a short description along with a link for you to use if you'd like to receive news from any of those sites each Monday morning. It's really easy - just click the link - sign up and you'll get the list of headlines sent to you via email. Thanks again for reading us and check out some of the other great news from BlogPire Productions.

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May 10, 2006

The Poker Drinkware Collection

Poker Cocktail ShakerWe're not huge gamblers here at Liquor Snob, mostly because we like to keep a limited number of addictions. We do, however, like to play the odd game of poker, and we know quite a few folks who enjoy getting a little blind while they play Texas Hold'em. We've found an interesting set of cocktail implements with poker themes, so you can jazz up your next poker night or just spend your winnings.

Each piece is sold separately at Target, and you can also buy them at Amazonfor the poker player in your life. Read on to learn more about this interesting set:

Your monthly poker night started out with a folding table and some paper cups, but it’s grown into quite the snazzy event. Serve your full house of players with this Poker drinkware collection. The pieces are made of glass and embellished with red and black suit symbols. The set includes beer mugs, highballs, double old-fashioned glasses, shooters, martini glasses and shaker, olive picks, swizzle sticks and coasters. Each sold separately. Dishwasher safe. Imported. Bullet: Poker-theme drinkware Bullet: Glass with black and red suit symbols Bullet: Beer mugs, highballs, double old-fashioned glasses, shooters, martini glasses Bullet: Cocktail shaker, olive picks, swizzle sticks and coasters Bullet: Dishwasher safe; imported
Plus, if you're interested in mixing your gambling with your boozing, check out the Roulette Shot Glasses we found.

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May 9, 2006

Jack Tar Dark Rum Review

Jack Tar
Blended Dark Rum
Imported from Jamaica via South Africa
86 Proof (43% ABV)

Jack TarWe were inclined to lay off rum for a little while, especially after our Screech Rum experience, but all of the to-do about Cachaca lately has warmed up our taste buds for South American liquor. With summer coming, it's time to start thinking about frozen drinks, and rum is the building block of quite a few, including our personal favorite, the daiquiri.

We're big fans of all rums and dark rum in particular (love them Dark and Stormies), but how does Mr. Jack Tar line up against other dark rums like Gosling, Black Seal and Myers? Read on to find out.

The Color: Dark...Rum
Living up to its name, Jack Tar has a dark, molasses brown tint, reminiscent of Bourbons and other dark spirits.

The Nose: Molasses and More
The first whiff was smelled like sugar cane and brown sugar, with a slight smell of molasses. It smelled rich and complex and fruity, and didn't have too much of the alcoholic burn we associate with some lower-end rums.

The Taste: Robust
We swished it around in our mouths, and the first thought was that it was dryer than we expected. It was sweet, but not too sweet, and nowhere near as oily as we would have thought from the smell. Drunk straight, it left our tongue feeling dry and tingly, and it wasn't overwhelmingly "boozy."

The Recipes: Daiquiris Go!
We love daiquiris, and before you make fun of us, we're not talking about the strawberry-flavored ones your mom orders when you're at Applebee's. The original daiquiri was made with a shot of rum, a shot of lime juice (fresh, of course) and some simple syrup or superfine sugar, shaken over ice. They're usually made with light rum, but we mixed ours up with Jack Tar and loved the taste - we can't wait for summer.

We also liked Jack Tar on the rocks, with cola, and in Dark and Stormies (mixed with ginger ale). It made for a supremely good mixer, and we've found that rum, even dark rum, is a liquor just about everyone can agree one when you're milling around the liquor store trying to decide what to buy.

The Verdict: Thumbs Up!
We remember reading somewhere that the British Navy used to "impress" their new recruits - they'd get people drunk on rum, and throw them on ships while they were passed out. We were impressed with Jack Tar, and if left to our own devices with enough bottles of this stuff lying around, we can see how we might suffer the same fate. We wouldn't mind as long as they kept the dark rum coming.

The Site: Thar She Blows!
Learn more about Jack Tar at the Berniko site.

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May 8, 2006

Free Beer Makes Open Source Much Cooler

Open Source Free BeerWhat do you think about when you think of Open Source? If you're a programmer, maybe you think about Unix. If you're a blogger, you might think about Creative Commons. If you're a drunk, it might just mean Vores Øl.

Wondering what that cryptic mix of symbols means? It means a free beer recipe that anyone can use as long as they share it. Check it out below, and you're on your way to being the next brewing tycoon:

We are launching the open source beer FREE BEER (also known a Vores Vores Øl) version 1.0. We are applying modern open source ideas and methods on a traditional real-world product - beer. The recipe and the whole brand of FREE BEER is published under a Creative Commons license, which basically means that anyone can use the recipe to brew the beer or to create a derivative of the recipe. You are free to earn money from FREE BEER, but you have to publish the recipe under the same license and credit our work. You can use all the design and branding elements, and are free to change them at will, provided you publish your changes under the same license ("Attribution & Share Alike").
via Superflex - Learn more about the English version of the recipe at the Voresoel site.

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May 5, 2006

Happy Cinco de Mayo from Liquor Snob

Happy Cinco do MayoAs you know, we like any day where we don't have to make excuses to drink...err...find reasons to imbibe a cocktail or three. That's why we like big celebratory holidays where everyone else is sauced up too, and no one will notice that we're reeking of booze and pulling to the left when we try to walk.

To that end, welcome to Cinco de Mayo! Apparently it's a celebration of Mexico's victory in some battle against the French (is that something to brag about? Our interns could beat the French), but has turned into a reason to drink mas cerveza now that our fellow whiteys have discovered it.

Or, if you're not in a Corona kind of mood, maybe today is a day for tequila or some other agave-based liquor. See below for five great spots for tequila-based recipes so you can fritter away your day sipping margaritas. That's what we're going to do. Of course, that's what we do every Friday. And Thursday. And most Wednesdays...

If you're curious about what to buy, we've done a few tequila reviews to get you started, and don't forget about Mezcal, our other good friend from South of the Border. Our only word of advice - stay away from the worm. It'll seem like a great idea to eat it after a couple drinks, but any time we've tangled with it has only ended in heartache. Trust'd be better off putting a scorpion in your mouth.

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The Best of the Blogpire

Gps Lodge Findwhatyoulove-1Another week and of course another best of the Blogpire. We're very excited to have all of our web sites on new faster hosting along with shiny monthly roundups on many of our sites to catch you up.

Single Serve Coffee
Review: Timothy's Rainforest Espresso Coffee Pods for Senseo, Home Cafe, & Other Single Serve Coffee Makers
April 2006 Monthly Roundup for

Just The Chips
Palm Poker
Professional Poker: The Essential Guide to Playing for a Living

Kitchen Contraptions
Easy-Lock Corn Tongs
Monthly Roundup for Kitchen Contraptions

Shaving Stuff Has Moved to
Review of Billy Jealousy's Fuzzy Logic

TV Snob
Amazon DVD Releases Coming May 02, 2006
April 2006 Monthly Roundup for TVSnob

Shirt Snob
Busted Tees has new T-shirts
Sale at Threadless

GPS Lodge
GPS Lodge: Monthly Round Up for April 2006 Promotion: 5% off GPS units

The Cooking News
Recipe News: Taste of Home Recipes
Recipe News: McDonald's "Big Mac" and "Big Mac" sauce

Liquor Snob
Flaming Jell-O Shots, Anyone?
Liquor Snob Monthly Roundup: April 2006

Really Natural
Minute Maid All Natural Lemonade
Steaz Organic Green Tea Soda: Root Beer

Critcal Gamers
April '06 Roundup for
Battles of the Third Age Expansion - Tactical Gameplay Preview

Cheap Fun Wines
2002 Fife Redhead Red
Who Overrates Sauvignon Blanc??

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May 3, 2006

Flaming Jell-O Shots, Anyone?

Jello + Flame = AwesomeWe love watching science march along, making lives better for everyone. For example, a few months ago we covered a story about some dedicated scientists attempting to maximize the booze in their Jello shots. Not only did they expand our knowledge of the viscosity of booze and gelatin, they also led us to a discovery of our own - the pudding shot.

We didn't know if they were going to be able to top that experiment - but they have once again pushed the boundaries usually acknowledged by boozers and mixologists alike. So get out your flame retardant pants and your asbestos shot glass, and check out what those mad scientists are up to now.

We were overwhelmed with feedback to our original Jell-O shots experiment raising dozens of unanswered questions and new areas of research. Such as: What happens when you add unflavored gelatin to regular Jell-O shots? How much grain alcohol can you put in a Jell-O shot? And perhaps most importantly, What happens when you light a Jell-O shot on fire? We went back to the fridge, and in our next round of Jell-O experiments, found the answers to these questions, and many more that no one thought to ask.
From Lighting a Jell-O Shot on Fire at

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May 2, 2006

Zuidam Dry Gin and Zuidam Genever

Zuidam GinHistorically, we've been big fans of Dutch booze, and we've recently stumbled across some interesting Gin products from Holland, which we can't wait to try. Introducing Zuidam Gin, which comes in both Dry and Genever labels. We know what dry gin is, but we were unclear about Genever until we read the full press release. Read on to find more, plus click through to the release for a recipe for a Hi Tea highball.

Zuidam Dry Gin (suggested retail price $30/750 ml; $35/1L) contains nine botanicals: Juniper berries and iris root from Italy, coriander from Morocco, angelica root, fresh sweet oranges and lemons from Spain, real whole bean vanilla from Madagascar, licorice root from India, cardamom pods from Ceylon. Unlike other gins, which add all the botanicals simultaneously, Zuidam distills each ingredient or botanical separately and then marries the nine different distillates together according to their secret recipe. “Flavors peak at different temperatures and if you throw everything together in the still, you end up with a dominance of juniper and a gin that is out of balance,” Patrick van Zuidam tells “By distilling separately, we get the purest flavors from all our ingredients. We are the only gin that I am aware of that uses vanilla—and we use only pure vanilla beans—not extracts. It is by far our most expensive ingredient. The vanilla knits the flavors together it makes a smoother gin that is more ‘one’”.

After the individual distillations, the final blend is created having undergone a total of 14 distillations (5 for the base spirit and 9 individual distillations for each botanical. The gin is then aged 3 months before bottling. The nose is clean with fresh citrus and earthy juniper notes and a beguiling hint of spice and vanilla. Its layered flavors make it a perfect martini gin, yet the balance of flavors allows it to mix admirably with the fresh fruit flavors favored by today’s cutting edge bar chefs.

“For the Zuidam Genever Gin, we start with a whiskey-like base, and add the botanicals in one distillation,” explains Patrick van Zuidam. “For our Genever we use juniper, licorice root, vanilla, aniseed and marjoram. Zuidam Genever is more refined than most Genevers. It is elegant and provides a very different gin taste that is decidedly sweeter, yet still refreshing, with a malty undertone. Unlike some Genevers, Zuidam Genever Gin is crystal clear.”

Zuidam Gin - via press release at

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May 1, 2006

Liquor Snob Monthly Roundup: April 2006

Tax Day CocktailApril is a strange month. It starts off all laughs with April Fool's Day - at least if you're the prankster anyway - and next thing you know, you're turning your pockets out to the government on tax day. We didn't let the Man get us down, though...we even thought about mailing old Uncle Sam a bottle of hooch with our check to try to get him to lighten up, but decided against it.

As we come into May, we're looking forward to warm sunshine and cool drinks on restaurant patios, but before we get there, let's look back at the best stories April had to offer, from our April Fool's prank to news about the Modern Drunkard convention in Las Vegas.

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5 Drinks Bartenders Hate To Make

And the 2006 Whiskey of the Year Is...

Cachaca - Not Just For Peasants Anymore

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Buffalo Trace Releases "Experimental" Whiskies

Southern Comfort Whiskey Liqueur Review

Organic Booze? Drink Up, Hippie

Non-Traditional Packaging For a New Drinking Experience

Nouvelle Orleans Absinthe Review

Product Reviews and Info:
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Just Plain Cool:
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Pre-E3 Drinking Game from Game Daily

The Art of Drinking Shots

We've Moved Hosts! More Speed and Power!

Modern Drunkard Convention 2006

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The Complete Book of Spirits

Complete Book of SpiritsWe know this might come as a surprise, but we spend a lot of time in liquor stores. Sometimes we'll spend hours in the aisles of our local hooch vendor, lovingly caressing the bottles and even dusting them if they're looking like they need some care.

If you'd rather spend less time at the liquor store (for some reason), we've found a great book - The Complete Book of Spirits. Living up to its name, this book offers a ton of information on everything from Brandy to Vodka. The book offers comprehensive historical backgrounds and general pricing information on all kinds of booze, which makes it an indispensable reference when you're trying to decide what to buy. But the real value of the book is in the tasting notes, which give you a two-to-three sentence description of the quality and taste of hundreds of liquors, both common and rare.

Check out the Amazon book description:

An indispensable follow-up to his classic Complete Book of Mixed Drinks, Anthony Dias Blue presents The Complete Book of Spirits, a comprehensive collection of history, lore, and tasting tips, along with recipes for select cocktails. Here, in one concise and easy-to-use volume, is all the information a consumer needs to shop, mix, and sip like a spirits expert.

From bathtub gin to mojito madness, Blue brings the dynamic history of the spirits industry alive, demonstrating that spirit making is not only one of mankind's oldest pursuits but also perhaps its most colorful. In ten captivating chapters, readers are treated to everything they ever wanted to know about their favorite liquors, including vodka, aquavit, tequila, and whiskey. Blue also provides step-by-step instructions on how to host spirit tastings to educate your palate and to help you and your friends discover your favorite brands and blends. For every chapter and every spirit, there is also a handy tasting-notes section, with Blue's expert comments and his favorites, along with price points.

If you've ever wondered about the difference between potato and wheat vodkas, or between mescal and tequila or American and Irish whiskeys, or what makes single malt Scotch so desirable, look no further. With Anthony Dias Blue, America's leading wine and spirits expert, and The Complete Book of Spirits as your guides, you will take your enjoyment to a new level.

The cover price is $24.95, but you can pick the book up at Amazon for closer to $16, plus you'll can save yourself a ton of money if you're the type who buys bottles just to see what they taste like.

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