February 28, 2006

Distiller To Release 184 Proof Whisky

That's Some Strong Whisky!A Scottish distillery has announced that it will release an incredibly strong whisky (we're talking 184 proof, or 92 percent alcohol) and everyone in the world is all excited about it. Or it seems that way anyway - we've gotten tons of notes about this stuff, and there are stories about it all over the Internets. We can understand your excitement, but we were more than a bit nervous when we read that drinking more than two spoonfuls could end your life. We mean, who can stop after only a couple swallows?

Sounds like this is going to be another one of those crazy expensive Scotches we keep reading about - and don't expect a review from us any too soon unless you'd like to see us in a coma.

A distillery in Scotland is planning to produce the world's strongest whisky. The single-malt whisky will be distilled four times, while whisky is ordinarily distilled only twice. At 92 percent alcohol, the malt will have more than double the alcohol content of ordinary whiskies. The distillery is engaging in the project in an attempt to replicate the Scottish drink described in a 1695 travel book, The Western Isles of Scotland, which contains what is considered to be the world's oldest whisky-tasting note.

The book also includes a warning that the drink takes effect immediately, so by imbibing any more than two spoonfuls, "it would presently stop his breath and endanger his life". Despite the warning, the distillery manager believes that the whisky will have a floral note to it. They expect to produce approximately 5000 bottles.

via Slashfood: World's Strongest Whisky

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February 28, 2006

Henry McKenna Single Barrel Bourbon Review

Henry Mckenna Single Barrel
10 Year Old Bourbon Whiskey, Bottled in Bond
100 Proof (50% ABV)
Typical Price: About $30 for 750ml - Buy it at Internet Wines & Spirits

Henry McKenna Single Barrel BourbonThis second bottle we're cracking for the Whiskey Week festivities is 10 years old, but that doesn't take any of the aggressiveness out of it. This stuff is definitely on the assertive side, and one of our reviewers said it reminded him of "Maker's Mark in steel-toed boots." Now that's an assessment that makes us want to pour ourselves a glass.

The Color: Brown
This whiskey shows a very clear, light amber color.

The Nose: Sweet and Spicy
We smelled pepper and citrus and caramel when we held the glass to our nose, and we found a light, almost floral tone to the smell. There was no burn when we sniffed it, however, and we didn't get that "just pulled a nose hair" feeling we get from some higher-proof whiskeys when we put our nose to it. Very nice.

The Flavors: A Nice, Big Bite
This one was much smoother up front than we expected, based on the high alcohol content, and we detected a mixed bag of flavors. Once again we detected caramel or sugar, and we liked the complex spiciness and oily texture as the McKenna's coated our tongues. When we swallowed we felt the burn we had expected, but it was pleasant and warming, rather than wince-inducing. We liked it straight, but once we poured it on the rocks we really felt like we'd found our drink. Spicy is the watch word here, but you can reign in the bite a bit with judicious ice cube addition.

The Recipes: Keep It On The Rocks
We didn't mix any drinks, but we thought McKenna's would go well in any specialty whiskey drinks, especially an Old Fashioned, Manhattan, Julep, etc. If it ends up being too much, you can put out the fire on this one by dousing it with cola or something too sweet, but before you do, we recommend giving it a try on the rocks.

The Verdict: I'm Spicy!
We were great fans of this stuff, but we like some spice in our drink. You'll probably like Henry McKenna if you like your Bourbon kicked up and aggressive, and it's definitely a must-try for the enthusiast. We found the Maker's Mark analogy to be true up to a point, but Henry McKenna has a flavor all its own.

The Site: Check out the Bardstown Bourbon Society McKenna page for more information and reviews.

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February 27, 2006

Evan Williams Black Label Bourbon Review

Evan Williams Black Label
7 Year Old Sour Mash Bourbon Whiskey
Made in Kentucky
86 Proof (43% ABV)
Typical Price: About $10 - Buy it at Internet Wines & Spirits

Evan Williams Black Label BourbonSince we're reviewing our whiskeys in order of age, we'll open up the Whiskey Week proceedings with the Black Label. So what'd we think of this ubiquitous whiskey?

The Color: Brown! Surprised?
Yup, it's brown when you look at it in the bottle, and it's brown when you pour it in a glass. It's Bourbon...what did you expect?

The Nose: Fruit and Leather
As we went nose to glass, we could smell vanilla, spices, and...leather? There's a musky, smoky smell somewhere in that bottle, like a saddle or a big fat belt with a huge buckle. We also detected a citrusy smell, which we attributed to the sour mash.

The Flavors: Drunk straight, it was surprisingly oily on the tongue, followed by hints of pepper and wood. This is a young Bourbon, and it tastes that way - almost too young to drink straight, unless you're up for a fight. When we put it on the rocks, however, it mellowed out a bit and gained some of the sweetness of vanilla. All in all, we can compare this stuff to Jack Daniels, but offering a bit more bitterness on the back of the tongue.

The Recipes: We liked the Black Label in your typical Whiskey drinks - from mixing it with cola to whipping up a Old Fashioned. The Evan Williams drink recipe page offers some other cocktails that might be worth a try, including a Bourbon Margarita and a Bourbon and Cream Martini.

The Verdict: Don't be afraid to check this one out, especially if you're planning to mix cocktails. Compare it to Jack Daniels, and we don't think you'll be disappointed - especially since the Modern Drunkard says we're supposed to boycott Jack Daniels nowadays. [Update: All you Jack enthusiasts can save your angry emails - we're not rallying for a JD ban, we just linked to a story. Jeez...]

The Site: EvanWilliams.com

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February 26, 2006

Prepare Yourself For Whiskey Week

Whiskey WeekThis is going to be a good week at the Liquor Snob offices. Move over, Oscar Week - we're introducing Whiskey Week. We'll be sampling and reviewing a Bourbon each day for seven days, tearing through bottles like a tornado through a trailer park. It'll be a lot like Shark Week, except with slightly less flesh-tearing, and we'll be drunk. Wait, we're drunk during Shark Week too.

Oh yeah, and before we get too far into each bottle, we'll make sure to take some notes about what they taste like, too. If you're curious about the Bourbons we'll be turning our bloodshot eyes to, find out more about our Heaven Hill Bourbon selection.

Update: One thing we forgot to mention is that we'll be doing the reviews in order of age, from youngest to oldest. That means we'll start with the Evan Williams Black Label (7 years old) today, and ending with Elijah Craig Single Barrel (18 years old) at the end of the week. Now let's get cracking!

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February 26, 2006

Killepitsch Fruit Liqueur Arrives For Review

Killepitsch Fruit Liqueur GirlThe interns are all abuzz here at the Liquor Snob offices because of an interesting-looking fruit liqueur that arrived on our doorstep this weekend. It's called Killepitsch, and no, we hadn't heard of it either, but the nice folks who sent it along told us they thought we should give it a try since we like Jager so much. You'd think we would have learned our liqueur lesson after the amazing caffeine overload we got from drinking Agwa, but hey - we never said we were all that bright.

We don't know many facts about the stuff other than that it's made in Dusseldorf, Germany, but we were able to dig up a few things. One, it's a combination of 90 fruits, berries, herbs, and spices. Two, it's a whopping 84 proof, which is pretty heavy for a liqueur (Jagermeister comes in at 70 proof, for comparison's sake). Oh, yeah, and three - it's blood red. We're looking forward to staining our teeth with this stuff, and we'll get the review up ASAP.

Meanwhile, you can learn about Killepitsch at the distributor's site.

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February 24, 2006

Cell Phone Flasks and Guns, Oh My!

Cell Phone FlaskSo, yesterday we were reading OhGizmo!, and we saw their story about this scary new cell phone with a gun inside. After we got over the initial shock, we started thinking, "What else could you put inside a cell phone?" Turns out, you can go right ahead and put your booze in there. We've found an interesting cell phone flask over at Amazon if you want to pack the other kind of heat in your phone, and your Beerbelly isn't enough for your stealth beverage needs. See below for more information we pulled from Amazon.

Cell Cache Stainless Steel 4 .oz 'Cell Phone Flask'
Price: $24.00 Buy Now

  • Unique polished chrome and stainless steel 4oz cell phone flask
  • A fun gift for that hard to buy for executive, or for the person that has everything
  • The cell phone style flask comes with a high quality leather case
  • Appropriate for both men and women (of drinking age of course! )
  • Perfect for Social Events, Football Games, Basketball Games, Sporting Events, Parties, Conversation Piece, Meetings, or Nightclubs
Meetings? Whoever makes these things just skyrocketed in our esteem.

We're not exactly security guards, but we think it looks pretty realistic, especially when it's in the case. We're also not sure how far along such a small amount of booze will get you, but you never know when you'll need that four extra ounces. Oh, and for Pete's sake, don't use your cell phone flask and gun at the same time - that's just irresponsible.

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The Best of the Blogpire

Tvsnob 125 Macnn-2Another week and another Best of the Blogpire! Exciting things are happening at TV SNOB - we've just run a TVSnob Logo Contest so expect a new look and new stuff over at TV SNOB very soon. Also if you've seen the new Gillette Fusion Razor - Shaving Stuff has a review of the new Gillette Fusion Razor. Are you into Poker? If so and you've got your own home game going you may want to check out our review of the new Apache Poker Chips - Paulson Clay Poker Chips For Your Home Poker Game. Okay - now on with the Best of the Blogpire!

Single Serve Coffee
Review: Black & Decker Home Café One Cup Coffee Maker GT300 from Single Serve Coffee.com
Save 10% On All Single Serve Coffee Makers

Just The Chips
Casino Server for Poker Night
Beyond Tells: Power Poker Psychology

Kitchen Contraptions
Magnetic Fridge Clock
Fizz Keeper Pump & Pour

Shaving Stuff
The Art of Shaving - Now in Book Form
How To Say Moustache in Albanian
L'Oreal for Men

What's All the Racquet
Volkl's DNX Technology - Cool S#%&
James Blake is working with Prince to design a racquet

TV Snob
First Look: Toshiba's TDP-T95U XGA projector
TV-B-Gone: A Tool for the TV Vigilante

Shirt Snob
Wood Tank by Vince
New at Busted Tees

GPS Lodge
In-Car Navigation Systems; Dangerous?
Mio 350 and Mio 550

The Cooking News
Recipe News: Join the Mardi Gras fun with Cajun recipes
Coffee News: Coffee before exercise won't kill you

Liquor Snob
Are You Gonna Drink Vodka My Way?
Bar Bets You're Sure to Win

Really Natural
Is Organic Always a Good Thing?
Eating Organic Foods Eliminates Pesticides from Children's Bodies

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February 22, 2006

Are You Gonna Drink Vodka My Way?

Absolut KravitzThere are some rock stars that bring the word "Vodka" to mind. Among them are Slash, 1960s Keith Richards, any member of Motley Crue, and Pat Boone. OK, maybe not the last one, but he has about the same badass image as the guy Absolut has tapped for their latest campaign. Lenny Kravitz? We think they should have gone with Lenny Leonard.

VODKA brand Absolut likes to do things slowly: it's a Swedish thing. More than 20 years ago Andy Warhol painted a canvas inspired by the now iconic bottle. This time next week, musician Lenny Kravitz's efforts at bringing to life Absolut's brand values of clarity, simplicity and perfection aurally will be there for all to hear. Kravitz is the latest in a long line of artists and designers, including Jean Paul Gaultier and Gianni Versace, to step up to the challenge, not to mention the fee.
via Sydney Morning Herald - That's the Spirit

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February 21, 2006

Heaven Hill Bourbons Arrive for Review


Late last year, we did a little piece on some alternative American Whiskeys, including corn, rye and wheat-based, from Heaven Hill distilleries. We were impressed with the varieties we weren't used to, but sometimes it's important to go back to what you know. One of the things we know is Bourbon, and it turns out that those crazy Southerners offer about 200 labels. We weren't able to get our hands on them all, but we've gotten a nice sample of seven different bottles.

See below for the full list of bottles we've got in the cabinet - you can expect reviews in the coming days:

  • Evan Williams Black Label
  • Evan Williams Single Barrel Vintage
  • Evan Williams 1783
  • Elijah Craig Small Batch
  • Elijah Craig Single Barrel
  • Very Special Old Fitzgerald Small Batch
  • Henry McKenna Single Barrel
In the meantime, you can learn about Heaven Hill Bourbons.

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February 20, 2006

Breathalyzer Pen Shows BAC and UV So You Can TCB

Breathalyzer PenWe're of Scottish stock here at Liquor Snob, so if there are two things we know about, it's drunkenness and sunburns. You've probably already guessed that our livers are pale and poxy, but you might not know that our skin is so fair that sun exposure has been known to cause us to burst into flames like a Guy Fawkes dummy. Finally the gods have smiled on us and given us a tool to monitor both our alcohol consumption and our intake of UV rays from our greatest enemy, the sun:

So you’re at your favorite sports bar watching the big game with your friends. Before heading out and driving home, perhaps it’d be a good idea to make sure you’re not legally intoxicated. At this point, it’s just a matter of whipping out the Alcohol Breath Test Pen, blowing into the top and hoping that the green LED doesn’t turn red. If it’s red, hail a taxi, buddy, because you’re in no condition to drive. Also included in the pen is a UV indicator, letting you know whether or not you should be wearing sunscreen. Yes, this $35 little pen can help save your life and prevent a nasty sunburn.
via Gizmodo: The Only Pen a Drunk Could Ask For

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February 17, 2006

Bar Bets You're Sure to Win

Win Bar Bets! Impress Women!There comes a time in every man's life when he has to win a bar bet. Whether you're trying to scam a free drink, win cab fare home, or impress the current object of his affection, bar bets can come in handy. There are all sorts of fun ones to try, bets you can always win as long as you have a little bit of guile, a smidgen of charm, and a winning smile to deflect the anger of the guy you just rooked.

We found a bunch of great bar bet info at Ask Men, from Matchstick Magic to Mind Reading to Roman Math, which if executed properly will make you the King of the Bar, envied for your cunning. If so, you can say you learned your tricks from Liquor Snob. Or, you'll end up pissing someone off and have to make a break for it. If that's the case...um, well...good luck with that.

From Ask Men:
How to Be Popular in Bars: Includes Matchstick Magic, It's a Race, Trading Places, and Mind Reading

How to Be Popular in Bars 2: Includes A Penny for Your Thoughts, Roman Math, 3D Thinking, and Mental Mover

Oh, and before the ladies get upset with us about being exclusionary, we know we said "there comes a time in every MAN's life." We made it gender-specific because we know you're way smarter than we'll ever be, and would never stoop to such trickery and shenanigans.

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The Best of the Blogpire & ReallyNatural.com

Reallynatural Blogad-1We're pretty excited here around the Blogpire. Over the past few months we've been cooking up a new site to bring to you - ReallyNatural.com. If you need tips on living naturally (Birkenstocks not required) - then this is the site for you. ReallyNatural.com is your resource for product reviews of all of those consumer food, health and beauty, and household goods marketed as 'natural', 'organic' and 'environmentally friendly'.

You'll learn as Liesel and Mikko test the waters and offer tips on what it means to 'live naturally.' And where else are you going to find a review on Ecover Ecological Toilet Bowl Cleaner or a nice Organic Wine: 2004 Jelu Malbec and perhaps your didn't buy the right gift on Valentine's Day and should have looked into Chocolate Bars For Your Eco-Conscious Honey. Whatever you're need to be more natural - ReallyNatural.com will have it.

Now on with the Best of the Blogpire!

Liquor Snob
Don Eduardo Silver Tequila Review
Cocktail Parties 101

Single Serve Coffee
Review: Tully's French Roast & Kona Blend K-Cups from Single Serve Coffee.com
Four New K-Cups from Green Mountain Coffee

Kitchen Contraptions
Folding Cutting Board
Pig Baking Dish

Shaving Stuff
"Buzzed" - a Shaving DVD
It's The Microfins, Not The Blades

TV Snob
Philips RC9800i Touchscreen Remote Control Review
American Idol Crushes the Winter Olympics in TV Ratings

Shirt Snob
Kimono Top by Geren Ford

GPS Lodge
TomTom now #2 in US for Mobile GPS
Magellan eXplorist 210 Outdoor Bundle

The Cooking News
Wine News: Selecting the Perfect Red Wine
Recipe News: Heart-healthy recipes

Just The Chips
The Book of Bluffs - How to Bluff at Poker
Small Stakes Hold 'em

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February 16, 2006

Don Eduardo Silver Tequila Review

Don Eduardo TequilaTriple-distilled Premium Silver Tequila
Imported from Mexico (duh)
Alcohol By Volume: 40% (80 proof)
Typical Price: About $40 for 750ml

Historically, we haven't been big tequila drinkers. After a few typical "tequila moments" in college, ranging from blackouts to things much more sinister, we were pretty sure we'd never let the stuff pass our lips again, much less come to enjoy it. So here we are, years later, sitting down to review Don Eduardo Silver.

Our "lick it, slam it, suck it" days are far behind us (at least two Wednesdays ago), and this is tequila isn't meant to be put back that way anyway. So how does Don Eduardo measure up? Pull up a chair, we'll fill your glass, and let you know after the jump.

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February 14, 2006

A Valentine's Day Kiss From Liquor Snob

We don't want to come across as ogres, what with our coverage of the "I Hate Valentine's Day" contest and all. We love you very much, we really do, so much that we sometimes break down and cry in our bourbon, so we wanted to give you a very special Valentine's Day present. Here you go:

Some Law & Order SVU Valentine's Day cards, and a great big KISS.


Don't say we never gave you anything. We now return to our regularly-scheduled drinking.

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February 13, 2006

Cocktail Parties 101

a ROOSTER with a COCKTAIL!To be honest, most of our parties aren't your typical "pinkies-up whilst you sip your umbrella drink" affairs. In fact, usually when we throw a party it lands hard and something gets broken. But that's not to say we'll never grow up, and we think it's important to know how to throw a swanky party - who knows when you'll need to impress your boss, your S.O.'s parents or your parole officer.

Most of the tips we came up with on our own were along the lines of "make sure to have plenty of vomit buckets accessible," so we didn't trust ourselves to be your only resource. We've found some very basic tips to give you ideas for your next cocktail party, and we'll keep digging around for more.

  • Choose your guest list. Invite people with different interests who might not otherwise meet. Throughout the party, be sure to introduce your guests to each other and give them topics to discuss.

  • Send invitations via snail mail. Make your guests feel special when they receive something other than virtual mail. Choose invitations based on your theme. Don't forget to specify attire in the invitations. You don't want to make your guests feel uncomfortable by having one person show up in a party dress and another show up in jeans.

  • Select your party area. Whether the party will be held in your house or at a rented space, be sure you have areas designated for specific purposes. Set up a place for the bar, seating, mingling and a dance floor, if desired.

  • Prepare the appetizer menu. Ideally, you should have equal amounts of cold appetizers and warm appetizers. Throw in a few desserts for good measure.

  • Set up drink accessories. These are the memorable touches that will leave your guests "ooohing" and "aaahing." Have plenty of kitschy items like plastic swords and paper umbrellas on hand. Cut up different types of fruits and vegetables and place colorful toothpicks in them. Of course, have a wide array of funky glasses available. Bar towels, an ice bucket and tongs, and cocktail shakers are other good ideas.

  • Select music for the party. Choose tunes that will keep your guests grooving all night long. Again, keep your music in line with the theme. Think of the tone you want to set for your party and make sure the music will reflect it. Does your ideal party involve dancing? Do you want soft, mellow music so your guests can focus more on conversation?

  • Plan the drink menu. This is the most important step for a successful cocktail party. Select drinks that maintain your theme. If you're having a retro '60s party, serve Cosmopolitans. If your theme is tropical, serve Tequila Sunrises. Consider using pre-prepared drink mixes to simplify your job without compromising on excitement.
Check out Cocktail Parties 101 for more tips, plus you'll find recipes for drinks including Cosmos, Gimlets and Mojitos. The recipes call for something called Daily's Fruit Mixers, but you can use whatever ingredients you have around, of course.

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Build Your Muscles With Vitamin Beer

Beer MusclesWhen we're looking for a nice, healthy drink that'll also give us a buzz, we usually just depth charge some booze into our vitamin water and call it a day. But if you're looking for your healthy drink to be on the malt and hops side, the fine folks over at The Sporting Life have uncovered a news report about vitamin-packed beer that should fit the ticket. The beer contains folic acid, B vitamins and other vitamins as well, and in theory at least, tastes like a regular brew.

Vitamins are good for you, so if you shove a bunch of vitamins in a beer, the beer must be good for you, too…right? A Texan brewer is claiming so, marking his new beer “Stampede” as a healthy beer because of its enhanced contents. The real question is this: are hangovers from vitamin beer less severe?
Read the full article at The Sporting Life - A "Healthy" Brew
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February 11, 2006

'I Hate Valentine's Day' Contest Winner Announced

Happy Valentine's DayDon't get us wrong. We don't have anything against love. In fact, we LOVE love. Whenever we think about it we get all starry-eyed, with butterflies in our stomachs and unicorns frolicking in our heads. What we do have a problem with is factory-generated, candy-coated, pink-tinted, frilly-laced holidays that are manufactured by card and candy companies.

A couple weeks ago, we told you about the I Hate Valentine's Day contest sponsored by Amarula liqueur, and the contest results are in. So who won the trip to Chicago, the $500 in pocket money, and the prestige of being the biggest Cupid-hater since Romeo + Julietor Nick & Jessica?

We'll tell you now that the winner was Dea Boster - read her answer and the rest of the top 14 responses after the jump.

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February 10, 2006

Share a Beer with a Complete Stranger

Sharing a BeerHave you ever noticed you can have great conversations with a stranger in a bar? And no, we're not talking about the kinds of conversations where the end goal is getting in their pants, though we have nothing against those chats. We're talking about the random discussions that can be stirred up by two people who've never seen each other before, and the only thing they have in common is the proximity of their bar stools.

You can talk about anything - religion, politics, whether Michael Jackson is really the King of Pop, whatever you want, without being self conscious, and it can often be a freeing experience. Or, you can just walk away with some great stories about this crackpot you met in a bar.

Usually these kinds of meetings are spontaneous, the byproduct of riding the pine in your favorite drinkery for hours on end. Dean at FancyABrew.net is trying to change that, however, by encouraging people to find complete strangers and share a brew with them, kick starting those kinds of chats. Dean's dream is that more people will have a spontaneous brew with a random stranger, and document it for posterity.

At the very worst you will meet new people and become part of our little world we like to call Brewtopia. To join our world you must complete one very simple task, you must go and have a brew with a complete stranger, photograph said event for proof and then return to tell us all of your quest.

I will add the photo to this site and you will become an official Brewster and member of Brewtopia. Think of the envy of your friends and work colleagues, it is more than probable that the opposite sex will see you in a different light, you will become more productive, funny, witty, powerful and you will be added to the list of Brewtopia members for eternity.

That's what we like to hear! It should also be noted that Dean is British, and apparently the British call tea "brew," so you can get away with sharing a cup of that with a stranger if you want to give your liver a break. Learn more at FancyABrew.net, and don't be discouraged by the fact that Dean hasn't updated the site since November...even if he doesn't post your picture, at least you'll have memories of shooting the shit with a complete and total stranger.

via Cool Website Ideas

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February 8, 2006

Agwa de Bolivia Coca Leaf Liqueur Review

Agwa Coca Leaf Liqueur BottlesCoca Leaf Liqueur featuring Caffeine, Ginseng and Guarana
Imported from Holland
Alcohol Content: 30% (60 Proof)
Typical Price: Under $30 - Buy it at Internet Wines & Spirits

We don't drink a lot of liqueurs. Well, that's a lie - we drink a lot of one liqueur in particular (a little drink we like to call Jagermeister...heard of it?). Agwa positions itself as another ass-kicking liqueur, the kind you bring on a bachelor party weekend and get all juiced up on. So of course, when we got our bottle of Agwa, one of our first questions was how it was going to measure up?

Find out after the jump.

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February 7, 2006

Liquor Before Beer, NOT in the Clear?

Beer Before Liquor...We never put a lot of thought into the reasoning behind the old "liquor before beer..." saying, but apparently that doesn't matter because it isn't true anyway. What does that mean for our other sayings? Does a stitch in time not really save nine? Will or will not an apple a day keep the doctor away? Are a fool and his money soon parted? It's making our collective heads hurt enough that we need a drink to settle our nerves. The only question is whether we should start with liquor or beer?

Dear Yahoo!: Is the saying "Beer before liquor, never sicker, liquor before beer, never fear" physiologically accurate? Allyson Santa Barbara, California

Dear Allyson:

No. Portland's Willamette Week interviewed a nutrition expert and a pharmacologist; both nixed the theory. They astutely note that mixing different types of alcohol is generally a bad idea.

The reasoning behind the proverb is that it's easier on your body to absorb weaker alcoholic drinks, like beer, later in the evening. This probably holds some merit. It's also true that your body tends to process alcohol from carbonated drinks faster. But any piece of advice regarding alcohol consumption that contains the line "never fear" is obviously pretty suspect.

Read more via Ask Yahoo!

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February 6, 2006

Liquor Bottle Case Mod is Tres Geeky

Liquor Bottle Case ModCalling all booze geeks! Now you can have your booze and process with it too by modding your liquor bottles into PC cases. Enterprising drunk Janos Martin teaches you how to turn a bottle of Ballantine's into a computer. And the fact that he documents the entire process for posterity is pretty danged noble.

Of course, he doesn't really outline the part that really interests us, the actual emptying of the bottle, but the case mod stuff is pretty cool too, we guess.

I already had a powerful computer setup so I wanted something more quiet, small and low power consumptioning to function as a basic home server. I love to tinker with hardware etc. so I wanted to make something quite unique for a case. I have seen many nice and creative cases before but none of them were made out of a bottle. In November I bought an industrial 3.5" SBC board (with Socket370). For the project I selected a 1.5 litre Ballantine's bottle for case. That was the proper size and shape for the task at hand.
See the full step-by-step account at Metku Mods Whisky PC.

via Slashdot - Creative use for empty whiskey bottles

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February 5, 2006

Ivanabitch Vodka: Yes, It's Called 'Ivanabitch'

Ivanabitch VodkaWhat's better than going to your local bar and ordering a shot of vodka? Going to your local bar and ordering a shot of vodka with a swear in the name. We've recently discovered Ivanabitch Vodka, and not only do they claim to make a great vodka, they also say they're swinging around the biggest attitude. We did a little digging to find out more about both the vodka and the attidude, and here's what we came up with:

The Attitude: They certainly don't shy away from their name over there, with cocktail recipes have names like "Dirty 'Bitch," "Power 'Bitch" and "Twisted 'Bitch." The site has a funny pretty funny tone, where they're daring you to like their product. There's also a bio of Dmitri Ivanabitch, the half-crazy Russian who created the spirit in 1666, if he ever existed at all.

Ivanabitch also created a little stir last year when Viacom and Clear Channel banned their billboard and radio ads due to an overly suggestive pickle. Wondering what a pickle has to do with Vodka? So did we - keep reading to find out.

Oh, and they sponsored a lingerie fashion show last year called Teddies and Tinis - they're certainly not the first liquor company to sell with sex, but we had to throw them some props for the name.

The Drink: Ivanabitch is Russian Vodka by way of Holland, and it's charcoal-filtered and distilled five times. That's only one distillation less than our favorite, Tito's Handmade Vodka, and more than your typical two to three distillations.

According to the website, the distillation process makes Ivanabitch "one of the clearest vodkas in the world while, at the same time, giving it its singularly pure taste and trademark smooth finish." We guess that remains to be seen, but we like the sound of it.

Oh, and about that pickle thing - they say you should garnish your Ivanabitch on the rocks with a dill pickle instead of your traditional twist or lime. We couldn't make that up and it sounds a bit gross, but we won't knock it until we try it.

Learn more about Ivanabitch Vodka at Ivanabitch.com.

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February 4, 2006

Crazy Cocktail Recipe: Scotch and Milk, Baby!

Scotch and Milk PunchAs we were trolling the Web today looking for all things bright and boozy, we came across a cryptic mention of someone making a cocktail out of Scotch and milk. Yes, we're serious.

Not only that, we suddenly were hit with a memory from the liquor-filled crevices in the back of our brains of some poet or another we were forced to read in college mentioning the drink. It sounded like an abomination to us, but we were curious - what would Scotch and milk taste like, and why the hell would someone drink it?

According to our research, the drink is usually taken by people who have ulcers but don't want to cut down on their daily dram. While we find the idea of just depth-charging some milk into our precious Scotch to be a bit revolting, we did find a passable recipe for you ulcer-sufferers (or grown up babies) out there. It's called Scotch Milk Punch, and though we don't have an ulcer, we're preparing ourselves for the day our stomach gives out.

Scotch Milk Punch

2 oz. Scotch
6 oz. Milk
1 tsp. Powdered Sugar
Shake with ice and strain into a collins glass. Garnish with nutmeg.

We used White Horse Scotch and substituted our home-made simple syrup for the powdered sugar. The drink got quite frothy, and all in all it tastes like a poor man's eggnog or a milk shake for drunks. Also, keep in mind that you don't have to do it only with Scotch; try it with other whiskeys, or you can give it a go with brandy or some other liquor.

Recipe via BarNoneDrinks: Scotch Milk Punch

Update - FYI, we've been feeling more than a little nauseous since we drank this bad boy. And we're not talking "post roller coaster after too many hot dogs" nauseous, either. It's more like the "hey Kane, what's that coming out of your chest?" kind of nausea. We're hoping it's not attributable to the drink, but we thought we should warn you.

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February 3, 2006

February 2, 2006

Pavina Double-Walled Glassware


After seeing Admiral Adama on Battlestar Galactica have a nice toast of single malt scotch with his son Apollo using these glasses as "scotch props" on a recent TV episode of the series - we knew that these were the scotch glasses to buy. These double-walled drinking glasses made of insulated, heat-resistant Borosilicate glass keep cold drinks cold and hot ones hot. The medical-grade glass was made for lab use, and is actually lighter and thinner than traditional glass, and that's what makes them unique.

For scotch drinkers: Bodum Pavina Double Wall Double Old Fashioned/Tumbler Glasses

For beer drinkers: Bodum Pavina Double Wall Cooler/Beer Glass

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February 1, 2006

Liquor Snob Monthly Roundup: January 2006

Baby New Year 2006We made it through the first month of the new year, and while Baby New Year may not look so hot, 2006 is definitely looking up. We've discovered new liquors including one that features a scorpion in the bottle, we've found a new site that will keep you posted on all the freshest bottles as they hit the market, and we've set you up for the best "I Hate Valentine's Day" contest ever. We also reviewed Hendrick's, our new favorite gin, plus the Beerbelly and the Bottle Blaster. What more could you ask for from a month that usually just begins with hangovers and ends with tax forms?

On a sadder note, January also marked the passing of a liquor giant. Let's all take a moment to pour a little on the curb (and by curb we mean your tongue) for Mr. Sidney Frank.

Liquor Reviews and Info
Hendrick's Gin Review: Wake Up And Smell The Roses

Agwa de Bolivia: A Kiss of Coca

Beerbelly Stealth Beverage Dispenser Review

Scorpion Mezcal: Worms Are For Wimps

Make Jager Bombs Go Now!

Have A Beer For Ben Franklin

Scotch, With A Kiss Of...Strawberries?

Product Reviews and Info
Get A Shotgun 2.0 Beer Opener For Just $2.00!

Bottle Blaster Review

Beer Can Jewelry: Sterling Silver Brilliance

Pizza Vino: Wine That Goes With Pie

Why You Need A Mini Fridge

Liquor Snob Gear 2: Electric Boogaloo

Just Plain Cool

Belly Up To TheBar.com

Bottle Watch: Keeping An Eye Out For Fresh Booze

Jade Liqueurs Absinthe Arrives For Review

The Liquor Snobby Awards: Best of 2005

'I Hate Valentine's Day' Contest

Need Some Extratasty Recipes?

Guinness Ice Cream Recipe

Results of the World Series of Beer Pong

Drink Recipes On The Go With Drinknation

Friday Fun: The Book Bar

Scientifical Proof That Beer Goggles Exist

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