October 9, 2005

Tilt Energy Drink With Alcohol Review

Tilt Energy DrinkWe've been hearing a lot about the new spate of alcoholic energy drinks that are hitting the market, and we've been curious for a while. We've been fans of the old "mixing liquor with Red Bull" trick for a while, and new products like Anheuser Busch's B to the E (or B^E as the cool kids write it) and Sparks are hopping on the bandwagon for a little while now.

We hadn't tried any of the combo drinks, and the original point of this story was to do a comparative test of a few different kinds. The problem was, we couldn't bring ourselves to buy something called Bud to the Extreme, and the only other kind of alcoholic energy drink we could find was Tilt, also made by Anheuser Busch. We picked up a can of Tilt, and read the label which said the drink was a "premium malt beverage with caffeine, ginseng and guarana extracts, natural flavors and certified color." Certified color? What the hell does that mean? We shrugged and bought the can hoping for the best.

The best is not exactly the word for it. Where we were expecting something light and crisp along the lines of Red Bull and vodka, or our new favorite Red Bull and Tuaca, Tilt is sickly sweet and syrupy, with an oddly disturbing beer taste on the back end. In fact, it tasted like someone left an open can of Budweiser out in the sun for a few days, then stirred in a packet of Kool-Aid.

Anheuser is marketing Tilt as a happy hour drink, something you would drink right after work before a night of going out. And it will probably do well with young hipsters who want a rush from their beer...this stuff has 6 percent alcohol, more than beer, and more caffeine in it than Mountain Dew, another EXTREME beverage. Plus, in Tilt's defense, we have a friend who claims to really like it a lot, although what does he know? He just sits around and drinks coffee all day.

Rating:Two out of Five Liquor Snob Icon

Learn more about Tilt, B^E and Sparks at their respective sites.

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Posted by Jake Jamieson at October 9, 2005 10:05 AM
Recent Comments

"that the only thing you will be able to get is something called natty ???? I havent tried it yet but ......I guess we will see...."


Natural Ice braaaaaah

Posted by: Hippy at April 1, 2012 10:58 PM

These are great!! I like the watermelon but....my guy at the store tells me the company that makes them wont be anymore :( that the only thing you will be able to get is something called natty ???? I havent tried it yet but ......I guess we will see....

Posted by: Sharon at January 28, 2012 6:12 PM

i like tilt mostly the green 8.0 so i tell you what i would like it if all the ones being taken off the shelves get sent directly to my house cause i dont want to forget the taste ive come to like so much

Posted by: justin moon at November 18, 2010 9:00 PM

"I spent $3 bucks on this thing for a can and I can't get a third of the way through it."

Like they say, Can't stand the taste, Stay outta the convenience store =D

Posted by: Seth Muncy at November 11, 2010 4:59 PM

"Tilt is alright. I prefer "Joose" instead as its cheaper and has more alcohol content."

Tilt is now made with zero energy related products it is now made in 12% only and is only available in like four or five different flavors, Just figured this eneded an update.

Posted by: Seth Muncy at November 11, 2010 4:43 PM

HEY Im old school... Last time I drank hardy was bout 20 some yrs. ago. This summer my nephew, gave me a tilt?? Asked, "WHAT THE HELL IS THIS???
He said it was like an energy drink. I tried the silver can which the drink was green... Asked how I liked it, , Said it was okay. Then the next time he got me the red flavor which was 12% proof!!! Holy Smokes, after trying 4 16 oz cans I was wasted.
I liked it cause you don't have to sit and drink a 12 or 18 pack of beer. Like I said I am old school so alot of new labels, drinks and such, I do not have a clue what they are. I have been introduced to Tilt, which comes in a 4 pack. And that is all you need!!! No kidding.
Now days, people are coming up with new products that I never heard of! So from an old schooler, I had to look this product up on the internet, to find out what it is made of. Now days, you hear about alcohol poision, etc.... and to be honest I was kinda relucted to drink it cause I didnt know what it consisted of until now... Thank you from a person who is in mid 50's and this is absolutely new to me! enjoy!

Posted by: old school at November 2, 2010 10:11 PM

You're a man after my own heart, Jules. I gag just thinking about Tilt...

Posted by: The Liquor Snob at September 28, 2010 11:03 PM

This stuff is DISGUSTING. I just bought the "newer revamped" version (lemon line) at my local convenience store. It is raw, over-flavered and has a weird after taste that lingers. The gasoline probably would taste at least as good. The complete opposite of smooth and satisfying. YUCK.

Probably would be a hit for the crowd that has had a few too many to care what their beverage tastes like.

I spent $3 bucks on this thing for a can and I can't get a third of the way through it.

Aweful. My gosh....this is probably the most terible tasting liqor I have ever tasted in my life aside from a black brown ale beer I took a few sips of several years ago.

Posted by: Jules at September 28, 2010 10:38 PM

In Alberta we have a Vodka Energy Drink Called Thriller.. its actually pretty GOOD!! If anyone gets a chance to try it let me know what you think?

Posted by: Jay at September 18, 2009 12:08 PM

I Love Tilt. i drink it everyday. The orange one isnt so good the green 8.0 is just like having two beers in one, yea it may be sweet but it has the same amount of sugar that youd get from two beers as well. Try the green one!

Posted by: Nina at August 24, 2009 1:41 PM

Just had my first.[8.0] Buzzin baby!!! luvit like I luv yur mom.

Posted by: kevin at August 15, 2009 5:53 PM


Posted by: TAMLES at July 31, 2009 12:15 AM

I'm 26 female not a beer drinker at all a friend of mine came over brought a couple of Tilts the one thats green well my first sip wasn't so good so I decided to mix it with the only thing I had in the apartment Wild turkey 101 it was incredidable after three cans mixed with triple shots of turkey lets say I don't remember much about that night. Tilts is awesome.

Posted by: Erian Sig at July 10, 2009 3:30 PM

Yet I have a hard time believing that it (TILTS) shouldn't be at a 25 yr. age limit because KIDS are going to get WAY too far into the taste and trouble, children I have a 13 year old brother that loves Monster (greens) its only a matter of time....?

Posted by: bradley at July 7, 2009 10:42 PM

I ride a Green kawasaki ninja and for shits and giggles I got a couple of the GREENS and WOW.

Posted by: bradley at July 7, 2009 10:37 PM

Moved to San Antonio about 4 months ago. Haven't been able to find them,IT SUCKS!!! I have been drinking these other ones called JOOSE. They are not Like TILTS. I sure miss them somebody,Please tell me why I can't find them in Texas.

Posted by: Tracy McCoy at June 14, 2009 8:18 PM

Moved to San Antonio about 4 months ago. Haven't been able to find them,IT SUCKS!!! I have been drinking these other ones called JOOSE. They are not Like TILTS. I sure miss them somebody,Please tell me why I can't find them in Texas.

Posted by: Tracy McCoy at June 14, 2009 8:07 PM

I love the shit out of the orange TILTS. These fuckers are hell of fattening, I know I have put on weigh, but shit, I can drink 2 tilts and u can find me 4 wheeling my Tahoe around my house and property blasting my stereo and yelling out the window. Good thing I live out in the country where no one gives a shit. This girl thinks Tilts Rock!!!

Posted by: Lao at May 16, 2009 9:59 PM

Yea Tilt is the bomb but what I want to know is how much sugar is in one of these. I think I have gained a little weight in the last few weeks after drinking these. I like the orange but really can't handle the green ones. Everyone has their own taste. Anyone try the orange with a shot of vodka??? Pretty good with a little extra kick...lol...lol

Posted by: tanjrene at May 12, 2009 12:02 AM

345 calories per 16oz (orange). FUCK THAT SHIT! How about diet redbull or ? and vodka instead.

Posted by: SA at March 27, 2009 5:07 PM

I feel like I'm just another voice in the crowd yelling for the same thing, but I'll toss in my two cents regardless. I had these for the first time over the weekend, and you know what? It was good. Damn good. The green 8.0. Now, I know a lot of you might say things like this, but I'm a man who can hold his stuff. Three of these got me pretty friggin' tipsy, combined with the fact that they're inexpensive is a winning combonation in my book. This is definitely my new favorite alcoholic beverage. Anyone who disagrees with me has the right to their own opinion, even if they're wrong.

Posted by: Sel at February 15, 2009 11:15 PM

Im drunk on tilt right now Fuck Yeah! shit rockkks! start out with orange and then go green :) haha i hope it dont kill me lmao!

Posted by: cg at February 1, 2009 6:12 AM

tilt is bomb and underage drinking is bad unless you got a fake id!!! ha i use to get drunk off tilts all the time and party, did crazy stuff, got all the chics i wanted.... until i gota dui but its cool cuz i get my license back in 3 months then it back to this shit

Posted by: stan at December 27, 2008 9:13 PM

Damn Tasty Beverage!!! Livin Life Tilted. Hells ya!!!

Posted by: ty at December 1, 2008 1:49 AM

Damn that shit is bomb after one I felt fu@ked up after 2 I was gone damn tilt is the fucken shit son I dont know what I would do with out it it changed my life.................... :)

Posted by: nick at November 5, 2008 12:53 PM

I am a HUGE fan!! i love tilt!!, tilt is a good way to start the night, one or two and im good!! but i only like the orange one, the green one is NOT for me! i was alittle worried, i've had other brands (sparks) and didnt like them in the least

Posted by: Holly at July 3, 2008 8:10 PM

The orange tilt is the shit... it tastes great, and keeps you awake. I am disappointed that nobody here in pa sells it. Although i wouldn't recommend drinking more than a couple in a night it is definitely the best tasting energy drink i have ever tasted.

Posted by: Gary at June 14, 2008 5:19 PM

^^^Maybe you just think its a "chick magnet" because your brain is altered by the booze.

"Dude you gotta slam some tilts!" that was hilarious!

To: "Jeanette Ely", Just look at your reply. You obviously need to lay off the beer+energy drink.

Posted by: Notgivingmynameout at May 13, 2008 7:02 AM

TILT is da best shit ever. Nothing better than that. And for those who say that its nasty cuz u threw up off of it. It just means ur wack. Oh and TILT is a chick magnet when its in ur system. I THOUGHT U KNEW!!

Posted by: weezy at April 10, 2008 2:47 PM

good ass shit. i'm 6 foot 3 and weigh 230 and could feel it after just one. i'm bout fucked up as a football bat after 4 tilt 8.0's and for only $4.50.

Posted by: dude at February 27, 2008 4:41 PM

Dude you gotta slam some tilts. After a hard day of work, I deserve some tilts. We get our work done during the day so we can party all night dude bro. Tilts are so hellajive. In fact, I could go for one right now. Our frat is the shit bro, no one can out drink the KDR's. I got like a 1.7 last semester, but it doesnt matter bro

Posted by: Jake Steed at January 14, 2008 10:55 PM

I have actually come to enjoy the late nights of drinking 8.0% Tilt and playing WoW. Gets you drunk so you don't care about n00bs messing things up and keeps you wired and alert so you can carry out successful raids.

Tilt FTW!

Posted by: Anonymous at January 12, 2008 2:24 AM

I have actually come to enjoy the late nights of drinking 8.0% Tilt and playing WoW. Gets you drunk so you don't care about n00bs messing things up and keeps you wired and alert so you can carry out successful raids.

Tilt FTW!

Posted by: Anonymous at January 12, 2008 2:21 AM

These drinks have got to be the best energy/alcohol drinks I've ever had and they blow sparks away green are better than orange but I like them both. Depending on what you can deal with 2 gets me buzzed 3 slurred 4 tipsssyyy 5 drunk 6 im done
But they keep you going alll nite long. I suggest if you like sparks try tilts and you will never go back to sparks ever again because they taste like robitussin and green tilts taste like margaritass.

Posted by: Shannon at January 1, 2008 11:10 PM

Yeah i think the orange taste a lil like red bull. but the green gets you drunk faster. yeah i drink atlest 6 - 15 a day too hope this stuff lives forever/!@!

Posted by: Ryan at December 17, 2007 2:37 AM

LOL Yay Quad Cities! That's awesome :D

I think drinking Tilt on an empty stomach (just like drinking any engery drink) can put a little extra stress on your heart. The energy needs to break down the food you've digested, or otherwise it just sits there in your stomach by itself, which can cause you to get real shaky and can make your heart pump faster than normal.

I personally love Tilt! The flavor itself is amazing. Both Green and Orange rock, but I prefer Green.

Posted by: Jeanette Ely at November 16, 2007 6:18 PM

Tilt is alright. I prefer "Joose" instead as its cheaper and has more alcohol content.

Posted by: zepp at October 29, 2007 6:28 PM

I love BOTH Tilts!!! They are both so sweet and delicious and great energy boosts. I can't wait until Tilt 9% comes out soon!!! It's going to have RED color and a Hurricane flavor to it!!!

Posted by: Pedro at September 14, 2007 1:12 PM

I love the green tilt @ 8.0. I had the orange but the first can did have a heavy back end beer taste. Just not right for an orange beverage. The green is awesome. One can for every 3 holes of golf and I wanna play more and more holes as the day goes on. I poor mine over ice in a 20 oz. McDonalds coffee cup. I wish I could buy these cups. I end up buying the coffee then pouring it out to make room to run full tilt!

Posted by: Paul at August 22, 2007 3:59 PM

I just discovered the green Tilt 8.0 percent. I love it. It doesn't taste as good as sweet as the orange one.

Posted by: Sofia at June 27, 2007 2:12 PM

Is it us, or does it feel like the Tilt marketing department found our post?

Posted by: Liquor Snob at June 11, 2007 10:34 PM

Tilt is amazing, and in the quad cities in Illinois, its a hit.. kids are buying gas stations out, so now only walmart and the hyvee have them in stock because there selling out so fast.. ive seen 10+ kids spend 110 dollars on tilt in one night

Posted by: Clayton at June 11, 2007 6:44 PM

WARNING: Do Not Drink the green TilT! I want them all for ME! Mine! Having!

Posted by: TILTED CHRIS at June 10, 2007 10:07 PM

Honestly i don't care what anyone says. i love tilt! it is some of the best energy beer i've had. i personally tink it taste a lot like red bull...but ive been argued against. i still don't care...if im going out drinking, im drinking Tilt...i like Tilt 8.0 too..its the green beer!

Posted by: Jessica at April 4, 2007 11:33 AM

Well i like these drinks, tilt and sparks and tried rockstar 21. another one i just found that is getting alot of reviews is TORQUE. Its a whole different taste and i think will probaly stand alone. I guess check it out if you like these drinks.

Posted by: Chris at February 14, 2007 10:23 AM

damn good lookin out on dat TILT drink man when i first saw it when they came out like 2weeks ago i think. it was affortable and it got me drunk...and it taste bomb and so i recomended it to my friends and we just be drinkin that all day we made a pyramid of empty cans... but just wanted to say nice work...and keep it up dont change nothing during these years like some other liquor.....

Posted by: jess at February 9, 2007 12:18 PM

horrible...tastes just like how they say it does...had one around 9 pm then drank a few bud lights...went to bed at 2 am then woke up at 5am..now i cant fall back asleep and my heart is pounding

Posted by: matt at October 15, 2006 5:07 AM

All energy drinks are not safe alone with alcohol. It's a hazard to your heart.

Posted by: Alcohol counselor at April 17, 2006 4:41 PM

gross....just plain gross. too much sugar, drank one, not so bad, gross but not so bad, got half way through the next and blah forced myself to throw it up and threw away the other 2. not a good feeling buzz either. felt like i was hungover and drank alot of coffee... ruined my afternoon, i wanted to get drunk and go to the pool, now i feel hungover already and my mouth tastes like horse urine.

Posted by: Rob at April 2, 2006 7:54 PM
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